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Battle Emperor - Chapter 13


Knowing the story behind Xie Gan and Xie Kun's grudge further added proof that Xie Kun was the culprit. This made Xie Ao Yu wildly cultivate, even when he was exhausted, he refused to rest.

He remembered that he had also suffered constant ridicule from Xie Kun's son for the past three years.

Before, every time he had thought of Xie Kun, there had also been a feeling of respect and thankfulness towards him.

All these thoughts were driving Xie Ao Yu crazy.

’’Not good, if I don't vent a little, I'm going to go crazy.’’ Xie Ao Yu leapt up from the ground, and then woke up the sleeping Xiao Bai. ’’C'mon, let's go over to Xie Kun's place to play!’’

As soon as he walked out of sixth elder's house , he discovered that the Xie home had already become a heavily guarded fortress.

Xie Ao Yu began to walk around randomly, and after looking carefully, discovered a less guarded area. The truth was, Te Luo Si only killed those of his generation. That fact had already revealed that Te Luo Si was lacking in strength, without any way of fighting with the older generation. Naturally they wouldn't worry too much about him intruding to attack.

Finding this opportunity, Xie Ao Yu slipped into the fourth elder's house.

In the past, Xie Ao Yu had come here more than once, and could be considered to be familiar with the place. Ao Yu was very skilled at sneaking around and soon arrived in the house's backyard.

This was the place that Xie Kun grew his herbs.

Once he had entered, there was a refreshing aroma wafted through the air.

There were flowers and herbs of all sorts of colors.

Then, behind these plants are Xie Kun and his son's residence. It was currently late at night, the moon was obscured, sometimes visible, other times not, and the residence was brightened by lights and shadows could be seen moving inside it.

Relying on his familiarity with the father and son, Xie Ao Yu immediately knew that it was Xie Kun and Xie Zhe.

Xie Ao Yu stealthily crept in towards that direction.

Reaching here, he made a flying leap and reached the roof, took off some tiles, and peered in. As he did so, he heard a loud slap on a face.


Xie Kun slapped Xie Zhe very hard.

’’Idiot. You actually worked with Te Luo Si to kill family members.’’ Xie Kun lowered his voice fearing others might hear;however, his face was full of rage and emitted killing intent.

’’That can't be blamed on me though, who told them to bully me all day, humiliate me, call me useless scrap. Otherwise I wouldn't have...’’ Xie Zhe tried to excuse himself, but seeing Xie Kun raise his hand again, he quickly shut his mouth.

Xie Kun's face was livid as he paced back and forth across the room.

Seeing the father son couple arguing, Xie Ao Yu the feeling in his heart could be called happy. He told Xiao Bai to stay down and prepare to create a fire at any time.

’’What's the story with Xie Gang?’’ Xie Kun coldly said.

’’Even I don't know about that. I only let Xie Gang go to Te Luo Si to contact him. Who knew that Te Luo Si would kill him. That idiot Xie Gang definitely annoyed Te Luo Si.’’ Xie Zhe said.

Xie Kun squinted his eyes together and stared at Xie Zhe. He discovered that his son was really ruthless. That Xie Gang was his sworn brother, but as soon as Xie Gang had died, not only did he not feel remorse, but was already insulting the dead.

’’Father, you, don't look at me like that.’’ Xie Zhe began to worry for his life due to the frightening aura Xie Kun emitted.

Shaking his head, Xie Kun said, ’’You are so ruthless. If you weren't my son, I'd kill you right now.’’

Xie Zhe was terrified as a shiver ran down his spine, but he muttered, ’’If you're so strong, you would have killed Xie Gan instead of sending him into a coma.’’

’’What did you say?’’ Xie Kun suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Xie Zhe by the collar, raising off the floor, ’’How do you know about this matter? Speak!’’

Xie Ao Yu who was still on the rooftop immediately pricked up his ears.

Xie Zhe grabbed Xie Kun's hand and trembled as he said, ’’Father, I'm your son! Please don't kill me! I heard it by chance! I'm telling the truth!’’

Xie Kun's face muscles twitched and twisted into a hideous face, fiercely swung his hand, throwing Xie Zhe onto the ground, ’’This matter, do not let anyone else know, otherwise...’’

’’I won't say anything, I definitely won't talk.’’ Xie Zhe yelled.

But it seemed a little strange to Xie Ao Yu.

Because he felt like Xie Kun actually wanted to kill Xie Zhe.

’’Remember, if this matter becomes known, your death will be very miserable. If it's like that, it would be better if I gave a pleasant one now.’’ Xie Kun's face was livid.

’’Father, could it be...’’ Xie Zhe asked.

Xie Kun coldly said, ’’I don't have a divergent flame, and I don't have any special recipes, how could I refine a poison that even Master Ziyan can't cure. It was given to me by someone else.’’ He said in a breath, ’’You go back and rest. Remember this, from now on, unless I give you permission, do not go outside.’’

Xie Zhe wanted to ask for clarification, but seeing Xie Kun's angry face, he closed his mouth again and quietly returned to his room.

’’Unleash the flames!’’ Xie Ao Yu yelled down to below after seeing this situation.

Long since finished with preparations, Xiao Bai immediately began to extravagantly wave it claws around.

In an instant, the skies were filled flying fireballs.

Individually, each one of these fireballs was weak, but by the number of them was amazing.

’’Hong hong hong...’’

The flowers and herbs were ignited on fire and burned fiercely.

Xie Ao Yu picked up Xiao Bai and began running away, knowing that the Xie family members would notice, especially since they were currently in high alert.

’’Thief! Stop!’’

Xie Kun saw Xie Ao Yu's outline in a glance and cried out, and then he leapt to follow.

Once he had thrown Xiao Bai out, in order to avoid being seen, after all, in the Xie Family, the only person with a white spirit beast is him. At the same time he understood, since he was being pursued by Xie Kun, if poison was used, his life would really be in danger.

Then he ripped off a piece cloth to cover his face, took out the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword, and fiercely slashed.

Under the moonlight, the Lightning Spirit Holy Sword left a trail of purple light in the sky.

During the sharp whistling sound before the first had found its mark, Xie Kun had already pulled out a cane knife.


The cane knife was cut in half.

Xie Kun was knocked away by the blow.

Xie Ao Yu had cut the knife into two in an instant, giving Xie Kun no way to continue chasing. He then turned and leapt out of Xie Kun's residence, and melted into the night.

Only after he had reached a safe spot did Xie Ao Yu let out a breath of air, with the blackness of night as his insurance.

At the same time, he understood Xie Kun's real fighting capabilities. He really was useless scrap, already few decades old person, but still only a middle advanced level.

If he hadn't been an alchemist, Xie Ao Yu would have used the thunder spirit knives and Dragon Overlord Boxing to already kill him.

But, hearing Xie Kun and Xie Zhe's angry argument, his heart felt a breeze of pleasantness.

After securing his safety, he immediately began to pretend that he had just seen the light from the fire, and blended in with the others as they went into the fourth elder's home. Seeing that raging temperamental Xie Kun's pain-stakingly grown plants were burned to nothing, his heart felt very happy.

As for the flowers that could help him with the Medical Spirit Finger, it didn't really matter.

Medical Spirit required herbs that were of the highest quality. These were all common ones.

You two, father and son, just watch and wait until I've successfully cultivated the Medical Spirit Finger, and then I will definitely take care of you both personally, Xie Ao Yu secretly vowed.

After venting, Xie Ao Yu finally felt relaxed.

After finally releasing the built-up frustration, he then returned to his own home, made the servants leave, and said to the unconscious Xie Gan, ’’Father, I know the identity of the person who poisoned you. Today I burned the plants that he pain-stakingly grew. Wait until I've cultivated the Medical Spirit Finger, then I'll get revenge!’’

The following days, Xie Ao Yu began to cultivate in a frenzy.

Other than the every other day when he would go to Ziyan to practice Medical Spirit Finger, he spent at the mountain crazily cultivating his qi, gradually he found something was strange.

It was Ziyan's Shadow Demon Spirit Fire!


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