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Awakening - Chapter 93


Awakening: Chapter 93-Moonlight

A wei, is what I'm doing right?

Late at night, a man sitting on the rooftop, a teenager was looking at the heavenly moonlight spellbound, at his side were a few empty beer cans.

He couldn't help but think of the scene in the coffee shop today.


After a long reflection, the youth looked at Naoko-sensei.

’’Naoko, as I said before, there's basically no man who can resist a beautiful woman like you, I am a normal man, for your request, if there's no heart, then it's absolutely self-deception.

I admit that you have a considerable degree of goodwill, otherwise I wouldn't be so concerned about you. A long time ago, there was a woman who told me the same thing, but later she died. She died, but I didn't even go to her funeral, however on several occasion in the middle of the night, I woke up and found out that she was actually been living in my heart.

Compared with you, my feelings for you may not even one-tenth of all. Do you really want to stay with a man's side whose heart is filled with another woman?’’

Looking at the teenager's clear eyes, Naoko-sensei burst into laughter, ’’I am willing.’’

’’You really are silly;with your circumstances you can find a better man.’’ Said the boy a little reluctant.

’’Nobody, except for you, I think I can't accept other people. I don't intend to take her place, but I'll make up and reach you with my feelings.’’ Naoko-sensei gently stroked the youth's face.

’’If that's the case, it's up to you.’’ The youth found that her hand felt very comfortable while touching his face, so he didn't stop her.

’’Masashi, I am really happy.’’ Again tears fell from her eyes.

’’Actually, I have another name, if no one's around, you can call me Lei Yin.’’ The youth gently wiped the tears from her face.

’’Lei Yin? I really like the name.’’ Naoko-sensei smiled while tears were hanging on her face.

’’Come on, I'll send you back.’’

’’Ah.’’ Naoko-sensei tenderly complied.


The youth's heart was thumping fast, at this time he suddenly remembered a few words in a book: When you see the girl you like, you'll know her position in you with your heart.

’’Brother, what are you doing here?’’ A voice pulled back Masashi from his thoughts.

’’it's so late Why aren't you asleep yet?’’ Masashi said to the figure.

’’Aren't you the same. What up with you, do you have a matter on your mind?’’ Kazumi in pajamas came towards him.

’’I'm an old man so I'll have many concerns, just looking at the moon tonight is pretty nice, just came out to appreciate the moon's beauty nothing more.’’

’’Deceiver, but even if you don't want to talk about it, I've already gotten used to your quirky personality anyway.’’ Rumi smiled and leaned on his shoulder.

’’What character of mine is odd?’’ Masashi managed to knock her head.

’’Still what you say is odd, you speak as if there's a boy in school that resemble such a person as you.’’

’’Who would want to be like those little demons?’’ Masashi yawned.

’’Brother, it seems like we haven't had this kind of chat together for quite a long time.’’ Kazumi said, a little fondly remembering the past.

’’It's obvious that you dislike my pesky and unexpected yap that's all.’’ Masashi said with a smile.

’’You even dare say that, always quietly away, and often go for half a month, and didn't even tell us.’’ Kazumi annoyingly pinched his arm.

’’Next time prior to my departure I'll notify you alright. Ah, do you want my venerable life?’’ Masashi cried out.

Seeing that he didn't respond to her pinch, Kazumi bit him. Hearing him call out in pain, she couldn't help but laugh.

’’Why do you kids always like to bite people.’’ Masashi bitterly said as he rubbed the place he was bitten at.

’’So, there are other people biting you too? Who is it?’’ Worthy of being born to go to a first-rate school, hearing and even immediately understanding what he meant.

’’Hey, aren't you too sensitive?’’

’’Well, I know, it must be that Naoko-sensei's sister. Brother, do you honestly tell me that you don't like that girl?’’ Kazumi stared at his face.

’’I refuse to answer such silly questions.’’ Masashi stood up to go.

’’No, you must answer.’’ Kazumi fiercely pulled his clothes.

Masashi didn't understand why she was so persistent on this issue, having no choice but to talk: ’’I'll say it the last time, I'm not interested in that kid. I'm don't want those guys to say that I'm an old cow eating a young grass, alright? Really you little demons, thinking of love all the time, to like this kinds of talks, can't you be reserved a little bit?’’

’’Brother, you can't fool me.’’ Kazumi frowned. If what he said is true, then Rumi should have a chance.

’’Go back to sleep, it's very late.’’ Masasahi no longer talks to her, and simply went downstairs.

’’Hateful, wait for me.’’ Kazumi runs and grasped his arm while going downstairs together.

’’Oh, that's right, Brother, do you know the thing about that transfer student Nagasaki's house caught on fire a few days ago?’’ Kazumi walked side by side and asked.

’’I've heard in school.’’

’’It seems like it really is retribution. I heard from a schoolmate saying that his family doesn't know the reason, but on midnight it just suddenly caught on fire. Moreover, the fire was very fierce, burning many places right away. When the fire fighters arrived at the scene, the entire house had been mostly burnt down.’’ Kazumi said with a little anger.

’’Oh, that serious? Is there no one injured?’’

’’I heard that it seems nobody was injured in the fire, everyone escaped in the house of Nagasaki escaped. He really has good luck.’’ Kazumi continued to say.

’’It seems like his luck is indeed good.’’

Without looking at Kazumi, in the darkness, the corners of the youth's mouth gently twitched.

About 3:00 pm, Naoko-sensei was sitting in front of the computer in a daze. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell from outside.

Looking at it with her cat's eye, she immediately opened the door at top speed.

’’You...Why did you come?’’ Naoko-sensei for a time was astonished and happy.

’’Not welcomed?’’ The teenager said with a smile.

’’Of course not. Come on in.’’ Naoko-sensei almost dragged him into the room.

Surprisingly, Naoko-sensei actually took him to her room.

Looking at this elegant and full of mature feminine flavored room, the teenager smiled and said: ’’Bringing me in, aren't you afraid?’’

Hearing thse words, the face of Naoko-sensei immediately turned bright red.

’’Fool, I'm joking.’’ The teenager walked up to her, pulled her arm and gently caressed her beautiful hair.

Naoko-sensei quietly laid down his arms motionless, and really liked his unique taste.

’’What do you want to drink?’’ After a while, she lifted her bright red face and asked.

’’If it's not troublesome, I want to drink a cup of tea.’’

’’Then you wait here, I'll be back soon.’’

’’Don't worry, I'm not very thirsty.’’ The youth said, sitting down at the bedside.

When Naoko-sensei was going out of the door, she suddenly went back, and said: ’’Lei, if it's you, I....won't refuse it.’’

Then she hurriedly ran out....

Ah really terrible, does she not know that being direct is a crime? If not for her present physical condition, I possibly wouldn't be able to bear it and rush to capture her on the spot. The youth smiled bitterly, surprising his body that turned up and is welling with courageous vigor.

After five minutes, Naoko-sensei with a flushed face and came with a good brewed tea

After she handed the cup to the boy, Naoko-sensei sat next to him and asked: ’’Today is Monday, don't you have to attend class.’’

’’I wanted to see you, so I came to hang out.’’ The youth picked up the cup and drank it.

Hearing such a simple sentence, Naoko-sensei burst into tears.

’’Next time don't do that anymore, you're still a student.’’ She held his hand and said softly.

’’You're just like my family, like that kid, always worrying about these little things. Don't worry, as long as I like to, I can get as many points as I want. How about you, what are you doing? Did you just wake up? The teenager asked.

’’No, was just helping an English magazine translating things, moreover usually if I have free time I write some articles to send to the magazine company and submit a piece of writing.’’

’’Looking for something to do is good, but shouldn't be too tired.’’

’’Ah, I know.’’ Naoko-sensei leaned her head on the youth's shoulder and quietly watched him at his side, and couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed.

’’Mr. Moriki, can you recall, if you have offended anyone before.’’ A 30-year old police asked a middle-aged man.

Sitting at the man's side was a handsome man and a jealous teenager. At this point the boy has gloomy eyes and looked at the opposite wall, without saying a word.

’’I'm sorry officerI don't have any impression. My lord is an honest and kind businessman, and should have offended anyone. Moreover, our young master has excellent conduct and a good academy student, which is more impossible. Therefore, I really don't know anything.’’ The butler-Moriki said a little embarrassed.

’’Nagasaki student, Mr. Moriki, there's something I want to tell you. After analysis the scene, we determined that the fire is most likely caused by an artificial thing.’’ The police put a plastic bag on the table, having a dark like soda can filled with something.

’’Excuse me, what's this?’’ The butler asked.

’’After testing it, we found that It contained a diethyl aluminum chloride. As long as the substance is exposed to the air for more than a minute, it would immediately burn. We've found several similar cans at the scene, so we have a reason to believe, that this is entirely deliberated, arson.’’

’’Who did it?’’ The butler asked, surprised.

’’We're investigating this, so if Mr. Moriki and Nagasaki student remember anything, please notify us immediately.’’

’’I know. If I have a clue, then I'll contact you immediately. I've troubled you.’’ The butler bowed towards the police.

’’You're too polite, this is what we do. If there nothing else, you can go.’’

Without waiting for the butler to reply the delicate and handsome youth stood up without making a sound.

’’I'm sorry, this was too stimulating for my master, please forgive me for that.’’ The butler was a little embarrassed to say.

’’I can understand that.’’ The policeman nodded.

Going out of the police station, the young master's figure was getting further and further away, the butler sighed, ran and followed behind.


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