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Awakening - Chapter 75


Awakening: Chapter 75-Change

’’Alice, you see....Lei yet?’’ At 8 in the morning, Amy went to the hall dressed with her cartoon pajamas, right hand rubbing her eyes as she asked Alice who was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper.

’’Amy, you woke up so early? Quick come and eat breakfast.’’ Alice said softly.

Amy nodded, went to the table and sat down on a chair.

Drinking milk, Amy turned to Alice said: ’’Alice, Lei...where?’’

’’He's out. Wait for a while should come back soon.’’ Alice explained.

Hearing her answer, Amy no longer spoke, just quietly eating her bread.

Being with her for a long time it was natural for the mixed-race beauty to know that she was unhappy. In her heart she couldn't help but curse a bit at that presumptuous guy.

At the highway where the shootings took place in the afternoon, the teenager after answering the phone, suddenly said that he would go out for a walk.

’’Is your brain broken? As soon as you go out, you may soon be killed by Adams's man.’’ After being shocked with what he said, Alice stood up and shouted.

’’But I'm a tourist, where can you find tourists staying in home all day long. I'm going to the alpine ski resort, and go boating at the Lake Zurich. And Again, I'm a tourist!’’ Masashi rouse himself up with his arm to shout loudly.

The nearby Amy looked at him interestingly, but learning his patterns she raised her two small hands and came to him as she struggles to stop him.

’’Come on, which part of you resembles a tourist?’’ the Mixed-race beauty snappily gave him a look.

’’So, I'll prove to you, that I'll be a good tourist.’’ Masashi smiled and said.

’’do you honestly tell me, that you want to go out?’’ Alice looked at him seriously.

’’Of course that's what tourists do.’’ Masashi lazily said.

Then he knelt down next to Amy said: ’’Kid, I'm going out now. Stop, don't show such a happy look, I'm not taking you with me. But I'll come back, probably at night. And I want this little darling to be obedient until I come back.’’

Amy listening to this, immediately became worried, and went closer to him pulling his clothes with no intention of letting go.

’’Hey kid, you behave or I might spank you.’’

The little girl pitifully looked at him. But her hands still had no intention of letting go of him.

Masashi couldn't do anything, and without any other option turned towards the still angry mixed-race beautiful lady, giving her a meaningful glance to help break it up.

Alice glared at him, but still came to help soothe Amy.

She didn't know why this guy wanted to go, but one thing she knew, was that this youth would never do anything stupid, he must have a reason to go out. This guy just didn't want to say anything, as it would be very annoying.

After the two did a lot of explaining, the little girl finally let go of her hands, but her face also revealed a feeling of sadness.

Masashi stood up, as usual, gently pinched her cheek, then motioned to Alice as he walked out of the door.

Alice sighed, and with her previous agreement with him, she took out her mobile phone to inform the dispatched undercover officers not to follow him.

At 10pm, Masashi really kept his promise and came back. But the next morning, he went out again. For the next three days, he would leave early in the morning, and then come back late in the evening, treating this place like a hotel.

In the several days that he went out, Rolando and Murphy would also come here to visit Amy. And they also thought that the matter of Lei going out, felt very strange.

Moreover because of the recent road shooting incident that was more serious than the sniper incident, made the Swiss police startled and furious, immediately adding more manpower, to track and seize the murderer as soon as possible. If possible, the high levels of the Swiss Police hopes to finish and simply work in the police station, as that at least didn't give them a headache.

The day after tomorrow was the day of the reading of the will, would something also happen at the appointed time? Alice anxiously looked at Amy who was eating breakfast.

’’Not eating? Just eat a little bit.’’ Alice, seeing that Amy stopped eating after only eating a piece of bread, walked towards the table to persuade her.

The little girl shook her head, but still drank all of the remaining milk in her cup and stood up.

Alice didn't want to force, so she instead helped her pack up the dishes.

Coming out from the kitchen, she noticed that Amy was hugging a rag bear doll peacefully watching TV.

Amy who doesn't like to talk and make contact with people usually only watch TV to pastime. But ever since that boy came, the favorite thing that wanted to do changed and instead wanted to hang out with him.

Now that she thought about it, since the death of Mr. Meng Zhuoer, Amy had not attended to any classes. Perhaps it was because of there was too much going on recently.

Thinking of this, Alice walked over and said to her: ’’Amy, we haven't had classes recently, do you want to have a class right now?’’

The little girl nodded, obediently put down the doll in her hands.

Because of Amy's autism, she simply couldn't go to school like a normal child. During Meng Zhuoer's lifetime he had requested a few family teachers to come and give her lessons, but because of Amy's resistance there was finally no way for it to continue. Alice seeing this, took the initiative to propose to Meng Zhuoer that as long as there's time, she would go and have a class with Amy.

Regarding this proposal, Meng Zhuoer felt very grateful. Thus, Alice for the entire three years taught Amy.

The class was not too long, in order to allow Amy to gradually get used to it, making it only a two-hour lesson, at that time Alice had finished class ahead of time.

’’Amy, are you not feeling well?’’ Seeing that the little girl didn't have any spirit, Alice sat at her side and asked.

Amy shook her head.

’’Is Amy thinking of Brother Lei Yin?’’

Amy looked at her and nodded.

’’Can you tell me why you like Brother Lei Yin so much?’’ Alice had been very puzzled why Amy who had never allowed a stranger to approach to her became so attach with the teenager who she had never met before.

Amy thought for a moment, her face seemed a bit distressed and said: ’’I...No, I have no idea. All in, is like him.’’

Hearing her answer, Alice smiled, and didn't say anything.

’’Today the weather isn't very good, just like my mood.

That fellow hasn't come back. It's been nearly two weeks, where did he actually go?

Is he still mad at me? Hateful, the person who should be angry is me right. Not informing anyone where he goes, causing me to everyday wait for him to appear at the school gate.

Today, I met his sister, who wore a very old fashioned black-rimmed glasses. I didn't know that there was still people wearing that type of eyeglasses, it was ugly. It seem like it's not only that fellow that's an odd person, even his sister's odd. However, that female student beside her was actually very attractive, heard that, that girl was a relative of their family, and is now living in his family's home. So there's not a day that goes by that those two meet?

Maybe it's just an my imagination, but it seems like his sister seems to hate me. I asked her for a long time but still didn't say a word.

But the most pathetic thing is, that I always unconsciously think of that nasty guy.

Ryoko and Asami said that I've changed, which I know. Since that day, as long as I'm with him, I thought that I wasn't myself anymore.

Other male students would unceasingly try to find a way to make me happy, today I received a gift from the student association's vice-president, which only made me unhappy.

Hateful fellow!’’

Aiko gently closed her diary, then yearningly looked outside the window.


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