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Awakening - Chapter 49


When Masashi turned, Maruo said to him: ’’Gennai-san, do you have anything else to say? Otherwise, you'll have no other chance to do so.’’

’’I have two bad news for you.’’ Masashi suddenly said something incomprehensible.

’’Oh, what's the bad news?’’ Maruo said wanting to see what tricks he had left.

’’The first bad news is that you may not have the opportunity to hold your boring ritual.’’

’’What do you mean?’’ Maruo looked at him coldly.

’’Don't you hear it?’’

’’Hear what?’’

’’Police sirens.’’

’’What?’’ Maruo's face suddenly became pale, immediately ran to the window to see whether it's true.

After a while, he turned around and looked at Masashi, and sneered, ’’Do you really think that someone will come and save you? I've already said before, no one will find out where we are.’’

’’Really?’’ Masashi said calmly.

Seeing Masashi's confident appearance, Maruo began to waver. He turned to the window and listened attentively.

Time past, the room was silent as if it became peaceful.

No one dared to speak, listening attentively for any movements outside.

After a long time of waiting, Maruo's face became very ugly. In contrast with him, the others were making a joyful expression.

It's true, they really heard it. A police car siren, becoming more and more clearer. These boys and girls for the first time found out how wonderful the sound was. If they weren't tied up and made to shut up, they wouldn't have help but cheer.

’’Impossible, impossible, how did they find where we're at? There should be no one besides me that knows this place. Him....’’ Maruo clearly saw a few red lights approaching the place his at.

’’Yes, it must be him, I should have thought of him.’’ Maruo's face became pale again.

If it was elsewhere, he could have thrown everything that he could to escape from here. But not here, since the house was surrounded by mountains. The only way out was the way they got in.

This building was the old house ’’he’’ helped him to find. And it turned out that it's been so long since ’’he’’ has helped them make an arrangement for a place to stay.

Seeing these boys and girls were very excited, Maruo suddenly laughed, with a pale expression made a smile that would make a person shudder.

’’You're very happy, right? But don't forget, your life is still in my hands. If I can't escape, no one can.’’

The students were initially hopeful, but hearing this, they immediately became pale. Maruo looked at them with a smile, and everyone felt a cold chill as they thought that they're about to die, the terrors in their eyes appeared yet again.

’’Dying alone is too depressing, that's why you all have to accompany me.’’ Maruo holding a knife went towards the nearest person.

And the person closest to him was Rumi.

Seeing Maruo getting closer and closer, Rumi looked at Masashi making her feel an indescribable nostalgia, then looked at Kazumi, and finally slowly closing her eyes waiting for her doom.

Rumi's body was twitching, tears continuously flowed out as he got nearer to her.

’’Hey, do you want to hear the second bad news?’’ Maruo was only a step away from Rumi when he suddenly heard Masashi's voice.

Maruo stopped, turned around and looked at him, and suddenly laughed, ’’I've been waiting for you to open your mouth. It seems you're very nervous when it concerned to this girl;that's great. I have to admit I really hate you. That's why I'm going to kill her right in front of you, then, kill your sister next. You will be the last one to die. I will make you suffer the most painful death.’’

’’Do you think I'm saying this in order to buy some time until those idiotic cops arrive?’’

’’Aren't you?’’ Maruo looked at him coldly.

’’I'm sorry, but you've guessed wrong.’’ Masashi suddenly made an evil smile.

Seeing Masashi's smile, Maruo was immediately wary.

But it was too late.

One hand, a hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere, gently striking at Maruo's right wrist where he was holding his knife.

’’Snap!’’ A sound can be heard, as he had no time to react, Maruo's wrist bent in an unnatural way.

Immediately feeling great pain, Maruo made a face full of grief.

Suddenly, he felt his chest was hit by a hammer knocking him back several step, and heard several of his ribs breaks, in the end, he didn't know what happened.

’’The second bad news was, that the rope was unable to restrain me.’’ Masashi kicked Maruo making him pass out, sneering at him.


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