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Awakening - Chapter 41


Around 8 am, as usual Ai took the subway to go to school.

Ai is a very normal girl. She had good academic grades, scores in sport are not high but not low, and the dress she wore was nothing special.

Even though some elders often told her that she looked beautiful, no boy has still confessed to her. It might be because of her introverted personality, she thought.

Although she wasn't very concerned about such things, but at heart still felt somewhat regretful.

Girls like her, if it's in the general public high school, she might be seen as a person with an outstanding appearance. But in a private high school, her appearance can be seen as common.

In high school where most students had a very wealthy family, or a family in politics. There would still be a person in a small family to enter depending on their own academic grade. These people would usually be called a nerd, she can be considered a part of them.

She had planned to go to a general public high school and had never thought on going to a private high school. Because of her parent's high expectations, her father would even repeatedly make her continue reading.

She was dissatisfied with her school life. But so long as she can be admitted to a good university, she things would be alright.

She has a very good friend, called Aiko.

She wasn't jealous of her friend, but still felt very envious in her heart.

Cheerful, enthusiastic, popular, and lovely looks, plus a very good family. No matter where she would be the focus of everyone. In the annual Valentine's Day, she would receive countless chocolates. Countless of boys even confessed to her. This girl, is maybe the so called the beloved child of God.

Even though she was unremarkable and a introverted person, she was still very lucky to find good friends. Although she felt that way, there would still be times when Aiko's brightness would make her feel a kind of burning sensation that can't adapt to her.

She was really annoyed, every day there would be so many people. Ai was then pushed to the side by a large group of people inside the train.

The train was still slowly moving forward. Thinking that there would be a quiz in English this morning, she took out her English textbooks from her bag, and quietly memorized the words.

Not long after, a man suddenly leaned over close to her back. Ai wasn't familiar with the person, so she then moved forward a little bit to pull away from him

But the man immediately leaned up, not only that, the man also put his hand on her buttocks, gently using his two hands to grab it.

My God, it's a lecherous man. Ai was very scared. She immediately took another step forward, trying to keep away from him.

But the man immediately took a step in forward, but also relied on the critical situation.

In a panic Ai took a step forward. But because there was too much people inside, she accidentally stepped on the man's foot. The man cursed: ’’Don't you have eyes?’’

’’Yes, I'm sorry.’’ Ai was frightened by him.

People around heard the man's voice, turning their head and looked at them, then immediately looked away unconcerned.

’’Don't you know my shoes are expensive? Look there's footprint on it. Damn kid!’’ The man still cursed.

’’I'm sorry, really sorry.....’’ Ai continued to bow towards him and begged for forgiveness.

Seeing this girl cry out, gave this middle-aged men pleasure.

’’Well, be careful next time.’’ He didn't want make an event, so he waved his hand pretending to be generous.

’’I'm really sorry.’’ Ai was relieved.

A small disturbance like this finished, making the atmosphere in the train peaceful.

Not long after the event was settled, the pervert again touched her buttocks with his hand.

Afraid of stepping on people Ai didn't dare to move.

’’I beg you, don't do this.’’ Ai lowered her head down and whispered.

The pervert seem to have heard her words, but not only didn't he stop, but he also put his other hand that was on her waist, slowly moving towards her chest.

’’.....Don't, I beg you......’’ Ai put her head down and wept. Fearing the some people might hear, she bit her lip afraid of making a sound.

The pervert not wanting to let go of the situation, looking at her afraid to speak, made him touch her more.

Suddenly, the pervert pulled her hand, forcefully pulling her to the left direction. Ai was suddenly pulled aside.

She looked up, to see what the pervert wanted.

Then she saw not only the back of the pervert's hand, but also a teenager, seeing this she couldn't react, as she saw an unbelievable scene happen.

In that moment the boy went towards her, raised his leg and kicked the man standing behind her.

’’Ah!’’ Immediately afterwards, he kicked the man lying on the ground who was clutching his privates screaming loudly in pain.

Ai just stood there, completely overwhelmed.

Everyone was surprised, but no one dared to speak out.

’’You, why did you kick me?’’ After a while, the man was finally able breath, then clutched his pants while watching the young man.

The youth looked at Ai, then softly said: ’’I'm sorry, my foot cramped.’’

The whole people in the train looked at the teenager stunned. When the men's gaze fell on to the lying man, many of them felt there thing were also aching.

’’You, I'm going to kill you. I won't let you off, I will....’’ The man struggled to his feet. Although his mouth was saying ruthless things, he still clutched his lower body feeling that he lost some dignity.

’’Shut up, I can't guarantee that my feet will not cramp again.’’ He then took one step forward.

The man immediately took two steps back, and didn't dare to speak.

But the teenager didn't stop, but instead went a few more steps.

’’You, what are you going to do? I, I'll call the police.’’ The man was frightened and continually drew back.

People were afraid of making trouble, and didn't dare to go near the man and the teenager.

The youth arrived near the door of the train and came to a halt.

At this time, the speed gradually began to slow down and after a while finally stopped.

When the door opened, the youth sneered against the man: ’’What do I want to do? I've naturally arrived in my destination of course I'll get out.’’ Finishing his words, he suddenly rushed quickly in front of the man, he was unable to react, and before he knew it his thing was kicked. He's whole body flew back.

’’Trash.’’ The youth curled his lip, like before the man screamed pitifully and under this situation, many also went out of the train.

Ai wasn't able to move until the door was about the closed. She bit her lip and finally went out.


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