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Awakening - Chapter 33


In just about half a month it would be Masashi and Kazumi's spring break, but Rumiko was going to work.

Thinking that it would a long time to see her son and daughter made Rumiko very sad. In front of them, she didn't show it.

A morning two days before she needs to get back to work, she suddenly received a phone call. After listening to the call, this thirty-year-old middle-aged woman cheered like a child.

’’Mom, did anything happen?’’ Making breakfast in the kitchen Kazumi was startled, and quickly rushed out to ask her.

’’Kazumi, I got a job here in Tokyo.’’ Rumiko excitedly grabbed Kazumi's hand.

’’Is that true?’’ Kazumi couldn't believe it and said.

’’It's true, I've just received a phone call, beginning this year, I'll get transferred to a Tokyo branch to work. We can live together now.’’ Rumiko said as she broke into tears.

Kazumi was also excited and couldn't say anything, and clung to her mother in tears.

Coming out from the bathroom, Masashi saw the mother and daughter embracing each other, mouth revealing a warm smile.


’’Masashi, where are you taking us?’’ In the taxi, Rumiko asked puzzled.

After eating lunch, Masashi suddenly told Rumiko that he wanted to take her and Kazumi to a place, then put on a mysterious look.

’’Mom, you'll find out soon,’’ Masashi said with a smile.

Rumiko was in a good mood today and went with him.

Sitting for about ten minutes in the taxi, they finally got out and arrived at the front of a two-storey building.

This was a typical house, there were walls on the outside, inside there was a large garden, a green lawn, filled with all kinds of plants and flowers under the shining sun, looking full of vitality.

’’Masashi, who are you taking me to see?’’ Rumiko couldn't remember any relatives or friends living here.

Kazumi didn't say anything, and just stared at the wall outside the house's entrance.

Masashi smiled and readily opened the door to go inside the house.

’’Masashi, you're too rude, you have to notify the owner of the house before you go in.’’ Rumiko was a little angry.

’’Mom, Kazumi, go in.’’


Not allowing her to finish talking, Masashi quickly took her hand and went to the front of the house, the pushed the door with his and went inside.

Seeing her son's rude behavior made Rumiko both angry and anxious, and was about to speak, but Masashi spoke first.

’’Mom, do you like this house?’’

’’What?’’ Rumiko didn't think her son would ask this question.

’’Come on, let's a look in this house.’’ Masashi took her around the house.

’’Masashi, did you bring me here because you wanted me to rent this house?’’ Rumiko finally understood a little bit.

’’Of course not, This is our house, why do you want to rent it?’’ Masashi said with a smile.

’’What? What did you just say?’’ Rumiko couldn't believe what she heard.

Masashi pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and showed it to her.

Rumiko looked at it and suddenly felt dizzy.

She grabbed the paper and carefully looked at it for a long time, looking at the top of the page she could see several character that showed: House book contract, and then at the bottom of the contract showed the house owner;her name was clearly written there: Gennai Rumiko.

’’What's going on?’’ Rumiko finally managed to speak.

’’This is our house now, it clearly says that you're the owner of this house, do you understand now?’’

’’I'll ask you, where you got the money to buy this house.’’ Rumiko slowly calmed down and looked at Masashi very seriously.

’’What I'm going to say will be a bit long, so let's sit down first then talk, okay?’’

Rumiko had sat down;her eyes looked at him closely.

Masashi originally wanted to make a pot of tea to have a drink while talking, but seeing Rumiko's freaked out expression, he obediently sat down to explain.

’’That's what happened, do you get it now?’’ Speaking for a full twenty minutes, Masashi was finally able to explain the situation clearly.

Rumiko looked at her son, then looked at her hand that held a thick pay record, it made her feel like she was in a dream.

’’You mean, you paid the house using the money you got from the stock market, is it?’’ Said Rumiko a little weakly.

’’Yes, in fact, you don't have to be worried too much, this house was used before, so it's not very expensive.’’

Rumiko still couldn't believe it, but in her hands was the secured transaction, making her have no choice but to believe.

’’Where did you get the money for the stocks?’’ Rumiko suddenly thought of a problem.

’’A friend lent it to me.’’

Rumiko opened the first transaction, pointing to the information, said: ’’Your friend lent you five million to buy stocks?’’

Masashi's heart smiled bitterly;this was indeed the only mishap in the plan.

’’My friend's family is very rich, five million in his opinion was a small amount. I've just mentioned, that I met him online with a few rich kids, I borrowed money from one of them. Because these people had their own company, they thought me how to learn more about the company using their financial record, so that I can make money in the stock market, of course, in return, I wouldn't tell anyone these trade secrets. So please don't worry, mom, the money I earned is absolutely clean, I will not do anything that would make you disappointed.

Looking at his son's clear and calm eyes, Rumiko's heart slowly settled down.

’’Do you still have the 5 million?’’

’’I had already paid it a long time ago, and I'm now using my own money to buy stocks.’’

Rumiko felt relieved.

Masashi took out a yellow cheque from his pocket and passed it to Rumiko, ’’Mom, here's three million, I'm giving it to you.’’

’’I, I don't.’’ Not done yet, Rumiko's mind was numb.

’’If you don't, I'll feel troubled. I had wanted you to take a break, since you don't, that's why I had to work for some time now.’’ Masashi shook his head and sighed.

Rumiko immediately grabbed the cheque in his hand, ’’You daring brat, don't you ever do this again, and focus on your studies.’’ Rumiko hissed.

Masashi laughed loudly.

In fact, what he just told Rumiko was only half-true, he did use five million to buy stocks. But he didn't have much patience and time to wait for the five million to slowly increase, so he threw down several hundred million dollars to fry up the stock price.

When he was the boss of the Black Dragon, They also have done such a thing, but each time was because Black Dragon's internal funds were in a very tight situation and was forced to do so. Because every time they use their funds, it would always be at billion, and if they're not careful they would be finished.

Now it was a lot easier because there was nothing that is burdening him, making it very handy.

No one wanted to use hundreds of millions of dollars to only one company and then lose it, just for a mere sum of ten million dollars of profit.

’’Kazumi, I'll take you to your room.’’ Masashi pulled Kazumi away, leaving Rumiko behind to slowly digest this unexpected surprise.

Masashi took her to a room on the second floor and first opened the French windows inside. The bright sunlight was coming through, scattering the winter cold.

Kazumi looked around the room and saw that it was spotless, there was a single bed on the left, on the right there was two large bookcase, against the wall was a desk, and an LCD computer desktop was on top of it, which was next to a lamp. Then facing the bed is a big wardrobe. Although there was a lot of things inside, it still didn't seem like it was crowded.

Suddenly, a fragile sound was heard, and Kazumi looked up the thing hanging on the window sill which was a very beautiful wind chimes, which was where the sound came from.

’’Do you like this room?’’ Masashi asked.

’’Like it very much.’’ Kazumi fell on Masashi's arms crying.

’’Little fool, you don't have to cry.’’

Finally letting her family reunited, Masashi let out a satisfied smile.


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