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Awakening - Chapter 219


Lei Yin said dryly: ’’That's not the point, the point is, why aren't you dead?’’ On the island before the explosion occurred, from his hiding spot in the forest, Lei Yin saw her and another man went into the pit. After the explosion when the remain was buried by lava, he clearly saw that no one had the time to escape from the pit. But now, how can he explain the woman sitting on the sofa here? Although the look was different, she was still the same exact woman that he saw that night.

Sasako said in a low voice: ’’Just like my first guest, it was indeed a setup. I have to say, that setup was perfect, now those guys, though still have some doubt about this matter, there was no way they could be sure that it was not an accident. Do you know how I found out about it?’’

’’This is another question that I want to ask.’’

’’Actually it's very simple, because of Rei Li's eyes. Women and men are different, rather than thinking rationally, they sometimes trust their intuition more. At the time, I found that Rei Li's eyes were very strange, the look of desperately trying to think of a way to escape did not appear in his eyes. How should I describe his eyes? Hmm, yes, he was like a man preparing to watch a show. Although he only revealed this look in a flash and nonchalant way, I already knew that there was definitely a problem. So, when we arrived at the bottom of the pit, I made up an excuse to stay outside and did not go with them. When I hear the voice ’’Compared to a long and tedious question, I prefer multiple choice, so it's better for you to explain.’’’’

’’You are as unromantic as ever. In my previous explanation, you must be wondering why those guys, knowing that you are Yan Yuxiao's disciple, did not come to trouble you? Actually, there's only one reason. And that is, I simply did not report your true identity to them. I explained to them that you are just a dedicated contact person on Black Dragon's Japanese division, so of course they won't waste manpower and resources to come here to trouble a small fry like you. In fact, I came to you this time just wanting to make a joke out of it. Now to answer your question, the reason why I want to fake my death is because my mission is completed.’’

’’Mission?’’ Hearing this word, Lei Yin's mind seemed to have caught something.

Sasako's expression suddenly became strangely serious, ’’General Yang Xiao wanted me to pass this on you, thank you very much for secretly sending to us the many years of the United States research data about the alien. He also said, if in the future, you need something, please feel free to inform him. As long as it is within our power, we will definitely try to help.’’

Hearing her words, Lei Yin could not help but inwardly shiver;He asked in a deep voice: ’’Who are you really? How did you know about this?’’ While speaking, his murderous aura surged up.

Sasako smiled and said: ’’I am affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Defence, a member of the Special Operation Department 27th, code-named 23. My mission was to investigate the top-secret military technology that was being developed by the United States. My mission is classified as top secret, but General Yang Xiao is very grateful to everything that you have done, so he makes an exception to show you my identity.’’

Lei Yin looked at her doubtfully, ’’Were you really being sent from there to the US as an undercover agent? What method do you have to prove your identity?’’

’’Didn't you once wish for General Yang Xiao that you hope he can send some Espers to protect Rei Li? I am that Esper he sent for you. In my top left pocket, there is a letter for you from him. His full explanation is in that letter.’’

Lei Yin opened her top left pocket and, sure enough, there was a sealed letter.

After carefully read that letter with his free hand, Lei Yin slowly let go of her.

’’Your real name is Zhang Qian?’’ Lei Yin sat in front of her and said.

’’Yes.’’ In Zhang Qian's eyes, there was not the previous kind of seductive obsequious look, leaving only a smile that was as tranquil as clear water.

’’How long have you been undercover?’’ Lei Yin said while using a lighter to burn the letter.

Zhang Qian's eyes revealed a trace of painful expression. ’’Since I was 18 years old. Looking back, it has been more than nine years. To be honest, if it wasn't for surviving the fusion experiment, it would have been impossible for me to reach their inner circles. They would only use the selected few in this top secret department.’’

Lei Yin went silent. While the other eighteen-year-old girls were busying themselves in falling in love or studying, she was living in a crisis-ridden, struggling for survival environment. This pain definitely cannot be said clearly in just one or two words. If she were to be discovered, no country would acknowledge her existence.

’’Besides you, are there other people like you?’’

’’I am sorry, I cannot answer this question without the permission from the top.’’

’’Forget it, I was just casually asking. Can you tell me, how did you know about the alien information?’’

’’Yes, General Yang Xiao said that I can tell you as long as its concern about the alien information. Since fifty years ago after the UFO crash in New Mexico, almost all countries were paying attention to this matter. Paper cannot wrap up the fire, and after so many years of investigations, we finally confirmed the existence of the aliens. Moreover, we also know that the US have developed technologies based on the weapons that they recovered from the crashed UFO. For this reason, I have been assigned by the above to infiltrate inside them to get more data, or if necessary, to destroy it.’’

Because this thing has been very clear, Lei Yin no longer asked, so he asked another question, ’’Then how about the research study?’’

’’That is the work of the research department, I am not very clear about it. But, I do know that those things are far beyond today's civilization technological capability. It is impossible to completely understand and use it in a short period of time. But no matter what, you gave us hope.’’

Lei Yin paused for a moment and then said: ’’To be honest, I still don't know whether that decision is right or wrong. Because those things are not suitable for use in the current era.’’

Zhang Qian said softly: ’’Who knows what would happen in the future. Tomorrow I am going to perform my new mission to protect Rei Li, tonight can you let me have a rest here?’’

Lei Yin nodded his head.

’’Thank you, can I use your bathroom? I want to take a shower.’’

’’There are some new towels inside, feel free to use.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Zhang Qian slowly walked to the bathroom.

Hearing the ringing sound of rushing water from the bathroom, Lei Yin smiled, Never thought this woman is actually a double agent. But by now, it seemed like he was safe. As long as those people did not know his true identity or came up with a new one, they will no longer look for ’’Gennai Masashi’’ to give him trouble. He was not afraid that others will look him for trouble, he was afraid they would lay their hands on the people around him, that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

After a while, the sound of water from the bathroom stopped. It seemed like she was about to come out.

’’Masashi, can you come here for a moment?’’ Suddenly, from the bathroom came her screaming voice.

Lei Yin came to the bathroom door and asked: ’’What's the matter?’’

Suddenly, the lights in the bathroom and the living room flickered a few times and all of a sudden went out. The whole apartment went dark.

At the same time, the bathroom door was opened, and then, a warm body went into Lei Yin's arms. At the same time, a pair of slender arms clasped around his waist tightly.

Lei Yin did not say anything, just quietly standing there. In the dark, it seemed like one could hear the beating sound of the two people's hearts.

After a wordless silent, Zhang Qian who was still in Lei Yin's arms gently said to him: ’’Tonight can you hug me?’’

Slowly, Lei Yin completely put his arms around her seductive body.

’’You know what? I am really really tired. In there, I actually volunteered to participate in the fusion experiment. In addition to wanting the chance to get into their inner group, at the time, I actually wanted to die. But the irony is, in the face of mortality rate as high as ninety-nine percent, I actually survived. The one who wanted to survive died, but the one that wanted to die survived, things are always so unexpected.

You should know, being a female spy, my body is frequently used as a tool. In so many years, I had se* countless of times with numerous men. Sometimes I feel really dirty, like a cheap whore.’’ She said, slightly quivered.

Lei Yen felt a warm liquid on his chest.

Gently stroking her hair, Lei Yin said softly: ’’The dirty ones are those men, I don't think you're dirty at all.’’

’’Do you really mean it?’’ The woman whispered in his arms.

’’Yes.’’ Lei Yin gently kissed her forehead.

Zhang Qian tremblingly said: ’’Then, do you want me? Once is enough, could you?’’

Without much thought, Lei Yin picked her up and walked back to his room.

Zhang Qian put her arms around his neck, pressing her face against his chest and listening to his steady, strong heartbeat.

After putting her on the bed, Lei Yin slowly took off her clothes.

Hearing him taking off her clothes, Zhang Qian felt her body turned hot, her heart thumped faster and faster.

Sitting on the bed, Lei Yin pulled her into his arms and then starting her from her forehead, to the bridge of her nose, his kiss got lower and lower.

When he kissed her lips, Zhang Qian actively opened her cherry lips, Lei Yin also unceremoniously invaded her territory.

After the constant tease from Lei Yin, Zhang Qian finally unable to resist and welcome his tongue. The two people's tongues constantly tangled inside their mouths like two conjoined creatures.

After an unknown amount of time, when the two parted their lips, Zhang Qian almost came to the point of choking.

At this time, Lei Yin's hands reached into her back and started to slowly caress her smooth skin.

With his hands constantly on the move, Zhang Qian's breathing became more and more rapid. After a while, she finally could not help but gently moan.

Moving forward, his hands finally reached the most feminine position of a woman and he slowly began to play with her proud twin peaks.

’’Do you know why most men especially prefer this area?’’ Lei Yin continued to rub, kneading the two most sensitive points and said in her ear.

’’W, why? Ah....’’

’’Because many men, in their deep consciousness, all want to go back to being a baby in their mother's care.’’ When speaking, Lei Yin's hand slowly moved down.

Moving to her lower abdomen position, he suddenly stroked her smooth rounded thighs.

’’Your legs are really beautiful.’’ His hand continued to climb upward.

’’Do you like it?’’

’’Such a beautiful pair of legs, no man won't like them.’’


’’Don't want me to touch them or don't want to stop?’’ Even when speaking, his fingers did not stop moving.

’’Please....Don't do that, I can't stand it anymore....’’ She felt that all the spot that was traced by this man's hand would leave a kindling sensation that was hard to extinguish

’’This is my revenge for all the teasing that you previously gave me, Sasako-sensei, and the night is still very long.’’

’’D*mn, ah....Don't go there....’’

The next morning, when Zhang Qian opened her eyes, she did not see Lei Yin.

He's gone? Her eyes showed a disappointed expression.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming from the outside. Then, the door was opened and a neatly dressed Lei Yin came in.

’’I thought you had already gone.’’ Zhang Qian looked at him in surprise.

Lei Yin smiled, ’’This is my apartment, where else can I go? Get up and eat your breakfast.’’

’’You can make breakfast?’’ Zhang Qian said, somewhat surprised.

’’Besides having a child, I can do a lot of stuff, but usually I am too lazy to do it.’’ Lei Yin put her clothes on the bed.

Zhang Qian was about to take it, only to find that Lei Yin was looking at him with a smile. Her face reddened, she cannot help but charmingly scold: ’’Still not go out of the room?’’

’’A dressing beauty is a rare beauty, so of course I want to stay and have a look at it. Hurry up, or the breakfast will get cold.’’

Knowing that this rogue will not go out, she had to get dressed under the bed sheet.

When she got down from the bed, she felt weak in the legs, as if she had no strength left. After turning her head to give him a stern look, her face could not help but flush. This guy was like an old rogue who had held himself for more than ten years, if it not for her desperately begged him to stop, she would not have known when he would stop. Thinking of this, her heart was filled with a burst of inexplicable shame.

Unexpectedly, the man's breakfast turned out surprisingly delicious. After breakfast, she quietly picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash them.

After washing the dishes, she said to him: ’’Can you buy a newspaper for me? I have not read newspapers for days.’’

’’Sure.’’ After deeply glancing at her, Lei Yin slowly walked out.

When Lei Yin came back holding the newspaper, Zhang Qian has already left.

Looking at the deserted living room, Lei Yin sighed softly.


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