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Awakening - Chapter 218.2


Chapter 218 Voice Part 2

Suddenly, Takeda's scream came from the side, ’’Is, is this the legendary limited edition dual-gun fuel lighter?’’ The rebellious youth cannot believe the exquisitely designed cigarette lighter in his hand.

’’Sure enough, you know the value of things. According to the sales staff, this is one of the earliest pearls series, only 3000 in the world. But the value of this lighter can only be appreciated by a smoker.’’

Takeda immediately clicked the lighter to open the lid and, after a while, said: ’’It really is the dual-gun lighter. Masashi, you are too kind.’’

Seeing that he was about to rush over to hug him, Lei Yin immediately held him back into his seat, ’’Sit down. If you dare to come over, I'll take back that lighter.’’

Takeda obediently sat, not daring to get up;His hands clasped that lighter, playing with it. While playing, his mouth continued to send praise, he has completely forgotten the that he just criticized his friend a moment ago.

Yoshikawa and Akira Shiraishi respectively got a beautifully-etched-with-pattern pen and a Swiss army knife. Meanwhile, Take Asasei got a gold brooch from him.

After the meal, Lei Yin and the others stood up and were about to leave.

After leaving for more than two months, the college did not seem to have any change, only that Sasako-sensei, who was the object of obsession by so many male students and male teachers, has resigned. Apart from Lei Yin, no one knew where she went.

For this beautiful woman's sudden departure, Takeda was one of the most unwilling. But strictly speaking, this guy was only obsessed with Sasako-sensei's beauty and hot body, let alone the so-called true feeling, so not long after she left, he soon returned to normal.

But for Lei Yin, although Sasako-sensei has gone, the issue that was left behind by her cannot be solved yet. That problem was like a ticking time bomb, he never knew when it would explode, so Lei Yin was trying to find the way to solve this problem to eliminate the trouble in the future.

Perhaps he needed to use their power.

Looking at Lei Yin's thought-filled eyes, Kazumi cannot help but worry and quietly asked: ’’Brother, what's wrong?’’

Lei Yin said with a smile: ’’It's nothing, don't worry about it.’’

’’Em.’’ Kazumi replied with a sound, but her two hands unconsciously held his arm. She was

afraid her brother would go out and do some dangerous things.

’’Yasuda, why you seem so cold to me recently and never ask me out? Did you get acquainted with other girls?’’ A hundred meters away in front of them, a beautiful young girl was tugging the hand of a physically attractive man like a spoiled brat.

’’Do not bother me.’’

’’’’What's with that attitude? When you chased me, didn't you treat me very gently? Why do you become like this? Do you really like another girl?’’

’’This has nothing to do with you, Ka, Kazumi....’’ Ogata Yasuda was surprised to see Kazumi that was walking closer and closer to him.

’’Kazumi, is this your friend?’’ Lei Yin turned his head and asked.

’’No, don't mind him,’’ Kazumi whispered some words and then continued to walk forward.

Ogata Yasuda broke away from that girl's hand and arrived in front of her: ’’Kazumi, hear me out....’’

Kazumi coldly said: ’’Your things have nothing to do with me, please move aside.’’

But Ogata Yasuda did not seem to hear her, just tightly staring at her clinging to Lei Yin's arm.

Watching this guy's action from the start, Takeda found him not pleasing to his eyes;He immediately went over and loudly said: ’’Hey, she told you to move aside, didn't you hear it?’’

Some time ago, he heard the rumor of a famous playboy who was pursuing Kazumi, but because of the distance between the two faculties, he has not had the chance to meet him, and now he can finally see him himself.

’’Kazumi, is he your boyfriend?’’ While talking, Ogata Yasuda stared at Lei Yin like he was his father's killer, he recognized the guy as the one that Kazumi hugged last night.

Kazumi looked at him coldly, ’’Your things have nothing to do with me, likewise, you have no right to interfere with my business.’’

’’Kazumi, how good is this guy? Is it because of him that you always refuse me?’’ Ogata Yasuda excitedly looked at her. The scene last night where Kazumi cried and flew into this man's arms re-emerged in his mind, the inexplicable tingling once again showed up.

At this time, the girl seemed to have understood, she immediately came and loudly said: ’’Yasuda, your attitude toward me changed because of this woman?’’

’’Shut up.’’ Ogata Yasuda was irritated and impatiently shouted.

That girl was shocked. After a while, she cried and said: ’’You actually become like this because of this woman? You are too much.’’

Not wanting to look at this farce, Kazumi pulled Lei Yin to sidestep Yasuda.

Seeing her wanting to leave, Yasuda immediately reached out, wanting to pull her.

Just as he was about to pull her arm, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist tightly. Then, from the side came a young male voice: ’’Although I am not aware of the details of the situation, a playboy like you, who is entangled with other girls, is not eligible to pursue my sister.’’

Initially angered by the man, when Ogata Yasuda heard his words, he suddenly froze.

’’Did...Did you just say, sister? You are Kazumi's brother?’’ His eyes were wide open as he looked at Lei Yin.

Kind of gave him a disgusted look, Kazumi said to Lei Yin in a low voice: ’’Brother, ignore him, let's get out of here.’’

Lei Yin let go of his hand.

Standing at the rear, Take Asasei briefly gave him a complex look and left with the others.

Ogata Yasuda did not try to catch up, he has an odd smile on his face.

After a long time, seeing that Yasuda did not come to coax her, the girl was angered. But when she came close, she heard him murmured.

’’Did she just called him brother? So, they're actually brother and sister. I remember now, she seems to have a brother who also studies in this Teikyo University, how could I forget this kind of thing....’’

’’Yasuda, you bastard!’’ After listening to Yasuda's murmur, the girl ran away in anger.


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