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Awakening - Chapter 210.2


Chapter 210 The Third Layer Part 2

General Matt calmly said: ’’This underground lab was designed to withstand the nuclear explosion on the ground. Unless they use hundreds of kilograms of TNT explosives, otherwise they would not be able to blast their way in.’’

But before he finished, all of a sudden, they heard several ’’bang’’ sound and the air vents were forced open. Subsequently, seven or eight can-like stuff dropped from above.

The Lieutenant General, seeing that the thick concentration of smoke continued to emerge from that can-like stuff, immediately went pale and shouted: ’’It's a sleeping gas, quickly throw them out.’’

When several soldiers rushed over to pick those can-like things, suddenly a semi-elliptical object was thrown at them.

’’It's a grenade, take cover.’’ One of the soldiers shouted and jumped to the side.

With a loud ’’bang’’ sound, the explosion forced all the people to roll to the side. Several soldiers near the explosion were covered with blood and horribly mangled.

Seeing the experiment room was like a battlefield, the Lieutenant General knew that it was all over for them.

As the anesthetic gas continued to spread, his people soon lost their movement. But at this time, nobody called out for help, they were just waiting with fear of what happened next.

Five minutes later, several men in black wearing gas masks jumped down from the vents. Armed with assault rifles, they coldly watched the people sitting on the ground.

’’We surrender, please don't kill us.’’ Feebly leaning against the wall, the Lieutenant General weakly said.

One of the men in black signaled the others, who then immediately started to collect the weapons from the Lieutenant General and his soldiers, and then guarded them.

That man in black then bent down and asked one of the researchers who was sitting on the floor: ’’How to open the door?’’

Looking at the pistol that was against his abdomen, the researcher immediately spelled out the password in quivering voice.

When the door slowly rose, a large group of similarly dressed men came in from the outside.

The one commanding the men in black said to the man in black who was walking in: ’’Do according to the plan.’’

That man nodded and immediately called several of his men to grab one those researchers.

’’Don't kill me, I am just a researcher here, this has nothing to do with me.’’ That fellow loudly begged for mercy.

’’As long as you cooperate, I will not kill you. Now take us to the archive and storage area.’’

Hearing this, the Lieutenant General's face suddenly changed, They really come for those things.

However, even though he knew that, he has absolutely no way to stop them.

At this time, the commander of the men in black walked over to Dr. Seth and said: ’’Now take me to your lab. Remember, don't play any tricks, my gun is very easy to fire.’’

With a pale face, Dr. Seth took the several men in black to the laboratory.

Just before leaving, that man in black said to the other men in black: ’’If there is any suspicious movement, immediately execute on the spot.’’


After opening the electronic door using his fingerprints, Dr. Seth took them to the central laboratory.

The lab was large. It has the size of a half football field. The inside was filled with all kinds of devices and biological specimens soaked in formalin.

The leading man in black carefully looked at those specimens and saw that there were several orangutans, apes, and monkeys.

Among them, chimpanzees have the largest number. But in the innermost row, there were ten samples, and all of them were human bodies. There were men and women of all colors and races. The most shocking were the two Asian and Black teenager's bodies. Floating inside this anti-rot liquid with a strange color, their eyes were slightly opened, seemingly wanting to tell about something. He also found that their surface tissues were abnormal, but he did not know if those were from births or not.

Turning around to look at Dr. Seth, that man in black said: ’’Immediately turn on the central computer, we need to copy some data.’’ He knew that the data here was encrypted. If they did not open it by using the identification system, even if they forcefully took the hard drive, they would have no way to open it.

Hearing this, Dr. Seth's face became even more ugly. He was very clear how confidential the data here is. If other people knew that he was the one who leaked it, even if he was being forced, he could not escape the responsibility.

Seemingly knowing what he was thinking, that man coldly said: ’’You have no choice. If you don't cooperate, we will kill you and simply ask another person.’’


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