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Awakening - Chapter 207.1


Chapter 207 Restaurant

’’Ding!’’ A door bell rang, a blonde girl from a few shelves filled with auto parts came over.

She said to the young man who had just entered the door: ’’Welcome, what can I do for you?’’

’’I want to speak with your boss, Robin. Is he here?’’

’’He is repairing a car inside the garage. Wait here for a moment, I will inform him.’’ With that, she poured him a glass of water.

’’Thank you.’’ The young man sat on the sofa inside the reception room.

Not long after that, a young American man whose hands stained with oil came from the inside along with that blonde girl.

Seeing the smiling young Asian man sitting on the sofa, Robin was stunned for a moment, and then rushed over to him in a pleasant-surprise-look.

Seeing the boss was about to hug the man, the blonde girl could not help but kindly remind him: ’’Robin, you still have oil in your hands.’’

Hearing this, Robin immediately took back his hands so as not to touch his friend's clothes.

’’When did you come?’’ Robin excitedly said.

The Asian man smiled and said: ’’I came to the US to handle something. Along the way, I decided to visit you.’’

’’Wait a minute, I will take a quick shower and then I will take you to eat.’’

’’Will it affect your work?’’

’’No, it won't. You sit here first. Mary, you help me greet my good friend.’’ With that, Robin rushed out the room, wanting to take a quick shower and change clothes.

Seeing him happy like a child, the blonde girl cannot help but smile.

Soon, after he took a quick shower and changed into casual clothes, Robin walked out, ’’Mary, please handle the store for me. Lei Yin, let's go.’’

’’Okay.’’ The blond girl called Mary replied.

The Asian youth quietly smiled from the side, haven't seen him in a long time, he's more mature now. He didn't dye his hair with strange colors anymore and like fancy dress. He also a lot calmer now. It seems like time really can change a lot of things.

Knowing his friend's dislike for ostentatiousness, Robin did not take him to a fancy restaurant, but to a place he previously took him, a middle-sized Italian restaurant that has a distinct flavor.

Listening to a full of rich Italian music and each tasting a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, plus a bottle of wine, the two young man with different nationalities and colors felt very carefree and comfortable.

’’How is your store business recently?’’ After taking a sip of the red wine, Lei Yin asked.

’’Not bad. I have some friends who helped me pull a lot of guests to come over.’’ Robin said while eating.

’’You still visit the church?’’

’’Once a week or so at a time, sometimes when I am helping Father shopping, I'll go there two or three times.’’

’’What about Father, sister Jill, and the others?’’

’’Father's waist is a little under the weather recently, after all, he is old. I've tried to talk to him to reduce the number of times he went out to preach, but you also know that he is a very stubborn man and won't listen to my advice. As for sister Jill and the other nurses, they are good. What about you, how are you recently?’’

Lei Yin smiled, ’’At least, I am still alive, right? That's enough for me. Let us toast for being alive.’’ With that, he lifted his glass filled with red wine.

Robin was teased to smile by him. He also picked up his glass, made a toast, and drank it in one gulp.

’’That girl you called Mary, does she have a boyfriend?’’ Lei Yin suddenly asked.

’’Not yet, why, do you like her?’’ Robin unexpectedly smiled.

’’Not me, it's you. I think she is a good girl, don't you ever think about it?’’

’’To be honest, I am not in the mood.’’

’’Because of sister Jill?’’

Robin did not deny. He smiled a bit, ’’Liking a person is a very easy thing to do, but to forget the people that you like is very difficult. Sometimes, I also think that I am a fool. I know that it is impossible for me and sister Jill to be together, but every time I see her, I cannot help but start to indulge myself in flights of fancy.’’

’’Time, time will dilute everything. Take your time, you have much of it anyway.’’

’’You still like to preach.’’

’’Strange. Why have so many people told me that same thing?’’

Robin laughed, ’’It seems like if you don't become a priest, it would be a waste.’’

’’No, I am not suitable for such a serious work.’’

’’When will you leave?’’


’’So soon?’’ Robin was surprised.

’’There's something I need to do. I am just stopping by to see you.’’

Robin showed a disappointed expression, ’’We rarely meet each other, I never thought it would be so soon to say goodbye. Tomorrow, I am going to send you out.’’


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