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Awakening - Chapter 196.2


Chapter 196.2

Chapter 196 Back To School Part 2

A week later, the students slowly put away they relaxed state, started to attend the class or goof like before .

While the Economic discipline, which usually gave people a dull feeling, received an unprecedented upswing in popularity . But strictly speaking, only the Economic structure's course has this popularity . Nothing changed in the other Economic courses, they all still lacked the interest from other people .

Many other students, or even senior students, as if by prior agreement, paid close attention to this course's lecture time . As soon as they have the time, they would rush to grab a position .

The goals of these people were all the same, not to earnestly attend the lecture, but to see the rumors of a se* goddess .

After the first day's class commotion, Myojin Sasako really stopped dressing so se*ily like the last time . But still, she seemed to have a special preference with a skirt so she would usually wear woman's suit with a knee-length skirt . Her blushing ears and se*y figure still caused the adrenal glands of many students to go crazy .

So, less than a week later, her classroom would always full . Her popularity skyrocketed . Soon, almost all people knew the campus has a very se*y beautiful teacher .

Because her class has become too noisy, Lei Yin seldom went to Myojin Sasako's class . This afternoon, when he came out from the library, a person walked to the front of him .

’’Can I talk to you .

Looking at the face that seemed angry and happy at the same time, Lei Yin grimaced and then nodded .

Narimura Haruko did not talk but quietly led him along the way . Lei Yin made a conscious effort not to ask anything, just silently followed behind .

While they walked, the new campus beauty attracted a lot of students attention . Many of them noted that there was a young man walking behind her .

Narimura Haruko soon led him to a cafe outside of campus .

Lei Yin did not order any coffee for himself but looked at her and asked: ’’Why are you looking for me?’’

Narimura Haruko looked at him at a glance and then pulled out a checkbook from her bag .

After writing something with a pen on it, she tore off that cheque and gave it to Lei Yin .

’’I don't want to owe someone something, this cheque is for you . ’’

Lei Yin received the cheque and saw the number on it . He then lightly said: ’’What a surprise, your life is actually worth so little money . ’’

Narimura Haruko's eyes flashed a trace of anger, ’’How much do you want?’’

Lei Yin gave her a thoughtful look for a while before saying: ’’If I say it, you won't be able to afford it, forget it, just consider it as you owe me one . ’’

’’Exactly how much do you want?’’ Narimura Narimura Haruko looked at him coldly .

’’Compared to receiving a substantial compensation, I prefer the feeling of being a creditor . In other words, if I don't ask you anything, you'll owe me a favor all your life . ’’

’’You... . ’’ Narimura Haruko clenched her teeth in anger .

Lei Yin stopped bothering with her anymore, stood up and walked toward the entrance of the cafe .

Watching him go further and further, Narimura Haruko's eyes emitted a complex look .

After he completely disappeared from her field of vision, Narimura Haruko read the cheque in her hand in a daze .


’’Masashi, what do you think about Sasako-sensei? I never thought there would actually be such a se*y teacher in our university . I now find that choosing the Economic major was a very wise decision . ’’ One day when they returned from their day in college, Takeda excitedly said .

’’But I heard that the one who chose your major was your old man . ’’

’’On the premise that I can get admitted to the Teikyo University . Don't talk about this, let's talk about Sasako-sensei, do you think she would like a guy like me?’’

’’How should I know?’’

Takeda was about to say again but suddenly felt the car in front of them was a bit familiar . After a careful look, he immediately said: ’’Isn't that Sasako-sensei's car? Why would it stop here?’’

Seeing the open car door, Takeda felt even more strange .

’’Strange, where did she go?’’

At this time, this time, Lei Yin suddenly said: ’’I think I hear the sound of someone calling for help . ’’

’’What? Where?’’

’’Let's go there, maybe it's Sasako-sensei . ’’ With that, he immediately pulled Lei Yin and ran to that side . In any case, he got this ’’human weapon’’ by his side so Takeda didn't feel any danger in doing this .

Across the alley, Takeda and Lei Yin came to the neighborhood park .

Led by Lei Yin, Takeda went to the quiet lawn . There, he finally saw the se*y Sasako-sensei .

But this time, she was lying on the ground being pressured by a man on top of her . Her mouth was tied and can only shout dull voice . Her skirt was opened by the man, revealing a large amount of her snow-white skin .

’’What are you doing!?’’ Takeda shouted as he darted toward the man .

’’F*ck off . ’’ That man lifted his foot to kick him . This kick was very fast . Takeda was unable to dodge in time and was kicked in the stomach . He immediately covered his belly and tumbled to the ground in pain .

The man was unable to kick again because at this time a burst of sharp pain came from behind, then a surge of great strength threw him out .

When he looked back and saw Lei Yin, that man immediately climbed up and ran away .

Lei Yin was too lazy to chase so he walked so he walked over and pulled Takeda up .

’’You're not dead, right?’’

’’B*stard, if I see you again, I will kill you!’’ Takeda screamed at the direction of the fleeing man while clutching his stomach .

’’He's already gone, what are you yelling for . ’’

’’It's easy for you, but that was really hurt . ’’

At this time, a small and timid voice sounded from beside them, ’’Thank you very much for what you did just now . ’’

Takeda saw Sasako-sensei stood before the two with hands on top of her torn clothes, trying to cover them .

Seeing her bare snow-white skin, Takeda's eyeballs almost fell out .

’’Don't mention it, it's our pleasure to help you, Sasako-sensei . By the way, Sasako-sensei, How could you run into that person?’’ Takeda asked .

Sasako-sensei said with red eyes: ’’My car broke down . When I don't know what to do, that man suddenly came over to help me . I thought he was a good man, Who knew, when I wasn't paying attention, he dragged me here .

’’Sasako-sensei, you are so pretty;you must be very careful in the future . ’’

Hearing Takeda's praise, Sasako blushed, ’’You are too kind . ’’

With that, she turned to Lei Yin and said: ’’Just now, thank you for hitting that man . ’’

Lei Yin lightly said: ’’It's nothing, he's just afraid of our numbers . ’’

Sasako-sensei bowed to the two of them and said: ’’In any case, thank you very much . ’’

Takeda scratched his head and said: ’’It's nothing . ’’


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