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Awakening - Chapter 196.1


Chapter 196 Back To School

The long Summer holiday has ended. Whether they were elementary, junior, high school students or college students, all have returned to school in droves.

After having such a long holiday, almost everyone has not recovered from the aftermath of the Summer holiday. Many people still happily gathered around and talked about their vacation time. While others simply lying on the table, asleep.

Lifelessly glancing around, Takeda weakly said: ’’Masashi, did Amy go back already?’’

Lei Yin replied while reading a book, ’’She went back last week.’’

’’Did she cry when she left?’’

Remembering when at the airport she was so dead set on holding him and not wanting to let go, Lei Yin subconsciously put down his book.

Seeing his thoughtful look, Takeda did not ask again.

After a while, he said an oath-like sentence, ’’I have decided that this semester, I have to find a girlfriend.’’

Lei Yin smiled, ’’What a lofty goal.’’

’’Hey, what do you mean by that?’’

’’Nothing, I just admire you for having the courage to challenge the impossible.’’

’’Bah, don't think you're having a girlfriend is so great, Watch me, I will definitely have a girlfriend first before Yoshikawa.’’

At this time, a burst of crisp high heels stepping on the floor sounded from outside the classroom. And then the door was opened, and a figure walked in.

Students who saw that person immediately became high in spirit, their eyes unblinkingly staring at that person.

The clear sound of high heels continued to ring in the classroom. That person did not sit down on the nearby vacant seat but went straight to the platform.

’’Who is she?’’

’’So beautiful!’’

’’Is she a teacher? But why I have not seen her before?’’

’’I have not seen her either, maybe she is a new teacher.’’

’’She should not be a teacher, right? You see her dressed like that?’’

’’So se*y. My god, I am dying.’’

After arriving at the podium, that person, who became the object of conversations among the students, turned around to face the students and said with a clear and sweet voice: ’’Students, hello. I am a new teacher responsible for teaching you the economic structure. My name is Myojin Sasako. Please advise.’’

This one was a stunning woman, with beautiful facial features, bright smile, and elegant style. On top of that, she wore a pink tight miniskirt. As long as she bent over, the underneath of her miniskirt would be exposed. Her astonishing curve can make most men's eyes red and mouths dripping with saliva. All of the boys were focused on staring at her impressively stretch out twin peaks and the smooth rounded pair of slender legs below her skirt.

Although Teikyo University did not impose any kind of clothing restriction on campus, very few female students dressed so se*ily. Not to mention the teacher.

Hearing her introduction, many male students believed she was really a teacher. Moreover, she will be their teacher. Suddenly feeling a burst of pleasant surprise, all of them vigorously clapped.

’’Thank you very much.’’ Myojin Sasako expressed her gratitude.

But the female students were not all that enthusiastic, a few of them cursed in a low voice.

At that moment, a male student stood up and asked: ’’Teacher Sasako, do you have a boyfriend?’’ As soon as he finished, the classroom immediately filled with laughter.

Sasako answered with a smile: ’’I haven't worked long enough so I currently do not have a boyfriend.’’

The male students immediately cheered up.

That student continued: ’’Teacher, what kind of guy do you like?’’ The other students immediately stopped making any sound, all carefully listened.

Sasako thought for a moment and then said: ’’Teacher like a strong guy, because it feels more secure.’’

A girl cannot help but scold the word ’’Slut.’’

The boys continued to raise all sorts of questions, such as her age, blood type, horoscope, and so on. Some even also directly asked for her phone number and her measurements size.

Except for not answering some of the questions that were too excessive, regarding phone number and measurements size questions, Myojin Sasako deftly handled them with ease.

Seeing the boys' non-stop questions, a bespectacled girl finally can't hold back anymore, stood up and said: ’’Teacher, don't you think that your dress is quite inappropriate?’’

Myojin Sasako somewhat strangely asked that girl: ’’The student, do you think there is a problem with my dress?’’

’’Of course, you are a teacher, is it necessary to put on that dress to teach in the class?’’

Myojin Sasako thought about it and said: ’’Because I have just come back from overseas, I am still accustomed to wearing this. But since you think that this is a problem, then teacher will pay attention to it the next time.’’

The male student at the front immediately said: ’’Teacher, no. You look great in this dress, we have no problem with that at all. Do not listen to her nonsense.’’

’’That's right, teacher, don't care about them.’’

One of the boys cursed that girl: ’’You dead 38 need to shut up, you're obviously jealous of teacher Sasako that is prettier than you.’’

The other boys immediately echoed loudly.

That girl's eyes immediately reddened, seemingly about to cry. Seeing this, several other girls immediately stood up and started to curse the other boys, not wanting to be outdone by them.

For a time, the classroom was very noisy, even people who stood outside the classroom can hear their cursing voices.

Upon seeing this, Myojin Sasako immediately urged: ’’Stop the quarrel, this time, teacher is indeed wrong, you all quiet down please?’’

A boy loudly said: ’’Teacher, no matter what, we will support you.’’

As soon as he finished, some other boys immediately expressed their support.

’’Thank you, but please do not quarrel, okay?’’

Seeing her delicate and charming look, those guys were immediately seething with excitement, wishing that they could hug and protect her.

Seeing this farce performance on the first day of school, Lei Yin, who sat at the rearmost, could not help but laugh.

Truly a femme fatale. In less than ten minutes, this woman already caused so much trouble, I don't know what will it become in the future. When he turned to look at Takeda, he found him no different than the other boys, fiercely staring with red complexion at Myojin Sasako's hot figure.

Thinking that the noise in the classroom has become too harsh, Lei Yin took his book to walk pass in front of the unconscious Takeda and then all the way to the door.

As if hearing the sound of someone walking, Myojin Sasako turned her head to look and, sure enough, saw a guy opened the door ready to go outside.

Because he walked too fast, Myojin Sasako can only see his side.


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