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Awakening - Chapter 194.1


Chapter 194 Mood

Watching the seemingly a bit absent-minded girl, Kazumi stopped her tutorial and asked, ’’Are you tired? Let's take a break first.’’

Rumi nodded her head.

’’What's wrong, something on your mind?’’ Kazumi held her hand and asked.

’’Nothing, maybe a little tired.’’

’’You little fool, still trying to pretend in front of me. Is it because of brother?’’

The kendo girl finally faintly nodded.

Actually, the reason why she wanted to spend her summer in Tokyo was to attend the cram school, but another reason was she wanted to spend some time with him. Although Kazumi told her the ship that he boarded did encounter a storm, he was fine. But even so, she was still very worried, and not until she saw him back with her own eyes would she finally at ease.

Half a month later, she finally managed to wait until he returned from the College educational trip. But since coming back, he was always out for several days and spent very little time at home. He did not even back for two night's straight, which made this young girl very frustrated and worried.

After bowing her head to think for a moment, the girl looked up and asked: ’’Kazumi, in University....Does senior have a girlfriend?’’

Looking at her deep in the eyes which harbored a sense of loss which she greatly repressed to not come out through her nervous look, Kazumi's heart could not help but ache.

Caressing her hair with her right hand, Kazumi said with a smile: ’’Don't think about it, brother does not have any girlfriend in the University, this I can guarantee.’’ His girlfriend is not in college. But of course, she did not say this sentence.

Hearing this answer, the kendo girl suddenly relieved, and she gradually restored the smile on her face.

Pulling Kazumi's hand and head resting on her shoulder, the girl said in a soft but firm tone: ’’Kazumi, I will give my best so that I can be admitted to Teikyo University. I want to be able to see him every day, just like in high school.’’

Listening these words through her ears, Kazumi felt sour in her nose, and when she wasn't looking, her hand casually wiped something in her eyes and said: ’’Let's end today's review now, how about we go sit in the living room?’’

’’I am fine, you go. I want to do some practice questions.’’

Kazumi somewhat helplessly said: ’’I don't know what to do with you. Forget it. There's no use for me sitting out there alone, let me accompany you again.’’

The young girl very happily grasped her hands, ’’Kazumi, you're really good.’’

Watching the bright smile on her face, Kazumi secretly made a decision in her heart.


Opening the front door to see the one who knocked was indeed Kogure Ryoko, Aiko emphatically said in a strange voice: ’’So it's actually Miss Ryoko, oh such a rare visitor, I thought you were going to stay with your boyfriend and couldn't get away even for a moment.’’

Kogure Ryoko rolled her eyes, ’’You miser. I just missed our appointment once and you still remember it until now. What about Asami and the others? Are they here?’’

’’They're all here, and we're just waiting for you. You are always late.’’

’’I know, you're really becoming wordy you know.’’

’’Hateful, the one who is late is you, and you dare to say I am wordy?’’

While bickering, the two people walked into the living room.

They saw Asami and Ai sat beside the table playing poker with a young man. Kogure Ryoko could not help but pause, and then asked Aiko in a low voice: ’’Aiko, who is he?’’

’’Fool, he is Gennai Masashi.’’ Aiko snappily said.

’’What? Gennai Masashi?’’ Kogure Ryoko almost cried out.

Looking back, the last time she saw this old-school fellow was two years ago. She carefully looked at him from the side and realized that he was indeed him. However, compared to two years ago, he seemed totally different;he has a flavor of a mature man so she was unable to recognize him for a moment.

Seeing Ryoko, Asami smiled and said: ’’Asami, you're here. Long time no see.’’

Ai with a quiet personality also greeted her, ’’Hello, Asami.’’

Seeing these many familiar faces, Asami felt as if she was back in high school.

Adding one person to play the card game, the atmosphere became more lively. However, Ryoko's mind was somewhere else. She was curious about what this wacky guy did now after not seeing him for two years.

In the conversation, after hearing he was a college student at Teikyo University, Ryoko looked at him with a look of disbelief.

’’You've got to be kidding me, aren't your grades in high school very rotten? How did you get into Teikyo University?’’

Lei Yin teased her by saying: ’’I am the kind of guy who usually bad at grades but have extraordinary performance in exams;It's called explosive power. How about it, want an autograph?’’

Kogure Ryoko indignantly said: ’’Ghost believe your words. A guy like you can actually get into the elite Teikyo University, this is so unfair.’’

’’Hey, what's with these words, what 'a guy like you?' It seems like a jealous woman is really unreasonable.’’

’’Bah! Who is jealous of you? Let me tell you, my boyfriend is the vice president of the student council. Very powerful, right?’’

’’What does it have to do with you?’’

’’He is my boyfriend.’’ Kogure Ryoko could not help but say out loud.

’’You mean, if one day you violate the University's regulation, he can cover you and help you hide the crime, right? If that's the case then it does have a little use.’’


Aiko discontentedly said: ’’Hey, you still want to play cards or not?’’

Asami smiled at them while Ai secretly watched that person.

At this time, Naoko came down from the second floor.

Lei Yin looked at her and said: ’’Did the kid fall asleep?’’

Naoko sat down next to him: ’’She did.’’

Lei Yin warmly asked: ’’Are your wounds still hurt?’’

’’No, just feel a bit itchy.’’

’’That's good, it means the wounds have already begun healing.’’

From his full of concern tone of voice, Kogure Ryoko remembered that two years ago he and Aiko's sister were a couple, but two years later, with six years age differences, the two of them were actually still together. And between them, there was a very comfortable warm feeling.

Suddenly, Kogure Ryoko realized something and asked: ’’Aiko's sister, are you injured?’’

Naoko replied: ’’It's nothing. Just accidentally scratched by glasses by last week's earthquake. It's okay now.’’

’’Scratched where?’’ Ryoko did not see any visible wound on her.

’’On the back.’’ Naoko pointed her shoulders area.

When Ryoko looked at her back, she can clearly she the small bump under her clothes, which was obviously a gauze.

Aiko was haunted by the memories: ’’I came back only to see blood on the ground. It scared me to death, thinking about what might happen. If sister did not call me from the hospital, I would have called the police.’’

Lei Yin could not help but feel a bit guilty. At that time, he was still on the island helping the others to fill the pit. Although no one can predict this kind of thing, if he was still in Tokyo he could have at least half the chance to come here. In other words, at least he would have had half the chance to protect her from injury.

As if realizing what was in his mind, Naoko reached out her hand to grasp his hand, and then shook her head gently.

Seeing no one paid attention to the card game anymore, Aiko said: ’’Let's stop the game. How about we go out shopping?’’


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