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Awakening - Chapter 186.1


Chapter 186 Teacher And Student

’’So, she is your brother's teacher?’’ Take Asasei uncontrollably called out.

Kazumi nodded her head, ’’Strictly speaking, she used to be. Then for some unknown reason, she left the school.’’

Take Asasei's eyes were green with envy, ’’So it's actually a love between a teacher and a student? Oh, that's so romantic.’’

Kazumi has a bitter facial expression, ’’I don't think there's anything romantic in that. I just recently heard this from my brother, that guy actually hid this thing from me for two years, really hateful.’’

Seeing her like this, Take Asasei couldn't help but laugh, ’’Seeing your most important elder brother being robbed away, your heart must be really uncomfortable, right?’’

After giving her a glare, Kazumi no longer bothered her.

Take Asasei lightly smiled as she teased Amy, who was wearing a life-saving jacket, by splashing her with water.

After a while, Take Asasei suddenly said: ’’What a pity that we have to return tomorrow. The truth is, I still want to play for several more days.’’

’’Don't be too greedy. Don't forget, there are still a lot of students who are being treated by the doctors. We are very lucky that we are able to safely go back.’’

’’Of course, luckily we took the right ship. I still can't believe such a thing could happen. Fortunately, little Amy is alright.’’ Take Asasei kissed the little girl's face once again.

When the two of them were still talking, the door suddenly opened, and a woman dressed in a bathrobe and hair coiled on top came in.

’’Hey Kazumi, look, your brother's girlfriend is here.’’ Take Asasei saw at a glance that the one who came was Naoko.

Although there were many girls soaking in the onsen, as soon as Naoko saw Kazumi and the other two, she immediately went toward them.

Watching the approaching Naoko, right now, Kazumi has a very complicated mood.

Although the woman was really beautiful, because she was also a female like her, Kazumi only saw her as an ordinary teacher. But she still can't accept the fact that this woman would be her future sister in law. This sudden identity changed was too difficult for her to adapt.

In Kazumi's mind, the only girl who is acceptable for her to be with her brother was Rumi. And she was still considering whether she should tell this new situation to that simple girl.

’’Hello.’’ Naoko smiled at the edge of the onsen to greet them.

’’Hello, miss Hase.’’ Take Asasei immediately replied.

But Amy, who was in Take Asasei's arms, flattened her mouth and turned her head to the side, refusing to look at her.

’’Hello, Kazumi.’’ Naoko greeted her lover's younger sister.


Seeing the indifferent look from Kazumi, Naoko's look became somewhat dejected. But she immediately cheered her spirit up, and said with a smile: ’’How long have you been here?’’

Take Asasei said: ’’Not too long.’’

’’That's good because I'm not used to dipping in the onsen alone. If would be nice if someone can accompany me to talk.’’ Naoko said, took off her bathrobe, and slowly walked toward the onsen.

Seeing her body, Take Asasei could not help but blush. This was the first time she saw a mature female body who could make her heart beat fast. Even though she was also a woman, her heartbeat couldn't help but accelerate.

After wiping her face with a wet bathrobe, Naoko asked: ’’I heard from Masashi that you guys are going back to Tokyo tomorrow, is that right?’’

Take Asasei replied: ’’Yes, in addition to the other students who need to be hospitalized in the hospital for further observation, the rest of the students are going to go back. But this can't be helped because we have to find the missing students for several days. We have passed our schedule here for several days. Originally, before the start of our boat tour, the plan is for us to go back a week ago. We were just talking about this, I really want to stay and play for a few more days here.’’

Naoko smiled and said: ’’Since it has been decided, no need to feel regret. Your family must have been very worried about you. Don't worry, in the future, you will certainly have the opportunity to play again.’’

’’Miss Hase, can I ask you about something?’’ Take Asasei suddenly asked.

’’About what?’’

’’Why do you like Kazumi's brother?’’

Naoko never thought she would ask this question, and can not help but become a bit embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

Seeing her like this, Take Asasei immediately said: ’’I am sorry, that was rude of me, just forget it.’’

Naoko thought for a moment before haltingly said: ’’Actually, it's not something that can not be said.’’

Hearing this, Take Asasei immediately became high in spirit, her eyes glittered with lights as she stared at Naoko.

Being looked at like that by her, Naoko became a bit shy, lowered her head and whispered: ’’Actually, in high school, I was Masashi's English teacher.’’

’’I know about this, and then?’’ Take Asasei hurriedly urged her.

In fact, Naoko truly worried about what other people would think when they knew she was once Lei Yin's teacher. But now, seeing Take Asasei did not seem to care about that, she was slightly relieved.

Under Take Asasei's full of expectation look, Naoko slowly recounted the story of how she and Lei Yin, from a mere acquaintance to become madly in love. At first, she seemed a bit nervous and shy, but later on, by slowly recalling her experience with him, bit by bit, she became fully immersed in her own story. At this time, she had forgotten everything around her, as well as the presence of other people. It was like she was having a dream about their laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness together.

This was the first time for Kazumi to hear this thing. She truly can not think that so much has happened between Naoko and her brother. When she learned that Naoko was suffering from congenital heart disease, she could not force herself to be angry with this woman anymore.

After that, when Kazumi heard her story about her unforgettable memory when Lei Yin disappeared for more than a year, Kazumi finally could not resist anymore. She slowly went to her side and wiped her rolling down tears.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Naoko finally woke up from her memory lane. She saw Take Asasei, who was in front of her, was crying in tears. And then she turned her head to the side and saw the warm smile from Kazumi's face. At that moment, she had no idea what just happened.

On the men's side of the onsen, Lei Yin and Takeda was soaking in water.

At this time, Takeda suddenly said: ’’Masashi, your girlfriend seems older than you by a few years. She looks really feminine.’’

’’She is my English teacher when I was in high school.’’

’’What?’’ Takeda's jaw almost fell off.

Lei Yin dismissively said: ’’Do you think there is a problem with that? For me, these are not a problem at all. I don't care if she is a few years older than me, or she was once my teacher. What I know is, she is my woman.’’

Takeda gawked. After a while, he slowly recovered, ’’This is the first time I see someone who takes his teacher as his lover and is so frank about it.’’

’’Thank you for the compliment.’’

’’Hey, that is not a compliment. Forget it, let's get back to the original topic. If there is such an attractive and se*y female teacher who is willing to be my girlfriend, even if I have to live ten years shorter, I am still willing. I don't understand how could you be so lucky to always encounter such a good thing.’’


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