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Awakening - Chapter 185.1


Chapter 185 Cooling

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The student named Akiyama who suffered diarrhea, as well as systemic bone pain, finally came from the woods. After Lei Yin examined him, it was determined that he also got the dengue fever.

In order to prevent more people getting infected, Lei Yin lit a plant that he previously found, and placed them on their surrounding, smoking them with an unpleasant smell. Although the smell of the smoke was a bit pungent, it has a better repellent effect than just simply applying the plant juice on the skin. In this critical life and death moment, as long as no one is infected, no one would bother with the unpleasant smell. Thus, the rest of the students started to look for this plant and emulate his method on their respective firepit.

As for Narimura Haruko and Akiyama, after applying the herbs, as well as cold compressing them, their high fever was temporarily suppressed.

At 12 o'clock in the evening, a student came over and told Lei Yin that those two students were having high fevers again.

At their resting spot, Lei Yin saw both were in a semi-comatose state. After carefully checking each of them, he found that parts of the lymph-node in Narimura Haruko's body was swollen. As for the student named Akiyama, his situation was slightly better than her, but there were rashes on the soles of his feet and palms. The reason why their conditions appeared to be different were mainly because of the time difference in the onset of their symptoms, as well as their physical strength.

’’Student Gennai, what happens now?’’ Seeing their struggling appearance, Akira Hiroshi who came together with him somewhat cannot bear it.

Lei Yin thought for a moment, ’’Continue to mix those herbs with water and apply it to their forehead to reduce their temperature, I'm going out.’’

After he went outside, he used a thick branch to put the pot-like signal receiver on top of a fire pit. Afterward, he put some plants he found in the day in that signal receiver, as well as some hot spring water, and then boiled them.

After a while, not long after the water was boiled, he separated the water from the herbs and then brought back the water.

’’Let them each drink half of this.’’ Lei Yin said to a girl.

That girl immediately took the ’’pot’’ and brought it to them.

’’Student Gennai, what is that thing?’’ Akira Hiroshi looked at the green water inside the pot and asked.

As he watched the girl made the two people drink the water, Lei Yin answered: ’’Those are some heat-clearing and detoxifying herbs, though this will not necessarily cure them, it should be able to temporarily control the development of their disease. Actually, those herbs should be dried first before using it, but because this is a critical time, we can only let them drink it, even though it will likely cause diarrhea. This is better than just letting them die in the open because we have no other way to treat them.’’

Although he didn't quite understand what ’’detoxifying’’ mean, Akira Hiroshi has some kind of inexplicable trust toward him, so he did not ask again.

Under dizziness, Akira Hiroshi slowly woke up.

She did not know how long she slept and just remembered that she seemed to have a very long dream. Although the content of the dream was already forgotten by her, she knew that it was definitely not a good dream. She even thought that living on a deserted island was part of her dream. But when she opened her eyes and saw the top of the tall trees, she knew that was not a dream.

She wanted to sit up like usual, but found out her body lacked any strength, is if her body was not her own. She then remembered about the high fever that she suffered last night.

Why does this happen to me? Why would an ordinary trip become like this? If this thing did not happen, she may, as usual, enjoyed the service of her servants at her home, rather than, as of now, dying of illness on this deserted island. All along, she thought that she already understood those male students who always tried to flatter her, but now, she knew that was untrue. Here, no one cared about her identity, no one cared about her life and death, all of them would only care about how to survive until they can leave this place.

At this time, she suddenly heard the constant friction sound of the footsteps that were coming toward her. Then she saw him again.

The little girl was playing with the hare next to him. Then, Lei Yin put his hand on Narimura Haruko's forehead to check her temperature. After checking her temperature, he opened her eyelid for another check.

’’Am I going to die?’’ After he finished checking her, Narimura Haruko faintly asked a sentence.

’’The fever has gone. Get up and eat something.’’ Lei Yin helped her up, sat her on a tree trunk, and then walked away.

After a while, he walked back with the signal receiver in his hand. A female student followed behind him.

’’Feed her this broth.’’ Lei Yin handed that ’’pot’’ of soup to the female student. The female student immediately took the ’’pot’’ from his hand and went in front of Narimura Haruko.

’’Thank, thank you.’’

’’No problem.’’ That female student said with a smile.

If this was a normal situation, Narimura Haruko would have never noticed such an ordinary-looking girl like her. But now, in her eyes, the girl's smiling face seemed glowing.

Lei Yin walked to the nearby Akiyama who was lying on the ground, crouched down, and started to check his conditions.

It seems like the herbs are working. Both of their fevers are gone.

’’Since last night, did he ever woke up?’’ Lei Yin asked the girl who was holding the pot to feed Narimura Haruko.

’’He woke up around 2 o'clock last night, said he was thirsty. After I gave him some water to drink, he slept again and never woke up.’’

’’No diarrhea?’’


’’You've worked hard last night. You certainly had not had a good sleep since last night. Why don't you take a break, let me take care of them.’’ Toward this sole Medical Department student, Lei Yin's attitude was surprisingly good. Because when she took care of these two people, she went all out.

’’I am alright. I am very happy that I am able to help student Gennai.’’

’’In the future, you are going to be a good doctor.’’

’’Thank you.’’ That female student smiled.

Watching their conversation, Narimura Haruko's eyes revealed a complex look.

’’Excuse me, what time is it now?’’ After Lei Yin walked away from there, Narimura Haruko suddenly asked the female student.

’’About two o'clock in the afternoon. Hopefully, someone will notice the distress signal today.’’ That female student said, somewhat in distress.

After eating enough broth, Narimura Haruko felt her strength has restored a bit. She could not help but gratefully said: ’’Thank you for taking care of me.’’

That female student smiled and shook her head, ’’Actually, student Gennai is the one who saved the two of you. He looked for the herbs to reduce your fever, I am just helping him on the side. Moreover, without him, all of us would've died on this deserted island.

Narimura Haruko was silent.

At this time, the two of them suddenly heard a burst of noisy sound coming from the outside, which then mingled with the continuous scream.

As the noise and the yell continued to get louder, the female student who was with Narimura Haruko loudly said to her that she was going to take a look.

After a while, that girl ran back.

Seeing her whole face was filled with a pleasant surprise, Narimura Haruko was somewhat stunned.

’’There is a helicopter flying over here. We are saved.’’

Hearing this sentence, Narimura Haruko felt the whole blood in her body suddenly rushed to the top of her head.

’’Is this true?’’ She suddenly forced herself to stand up.

’’It is. I saw it myself. There really is a helicopter.’’ The eyes of that female students were completely filled with tears.

Narimura Haruko slowly sat on the ground. And then she covered her face with her hands as she burst into tears.


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