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Awakening - Chapter 184.1


Chapter 184 Digging

After returning to the beach, when Akira Hiroshi and those girls saw the ever-rising thick white smoke from everywhere, they thought the scene was quite spectacular, just like a big forest fire. Seeing this obvious distress signal, even they knew that someone would soon find them here, and became even more impressed by Lei Yin who taught this method to them.

Looking at the position of the Sun, Lei Yin determined that it should be around 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Feeling a little hungry, he walked back to the huge campfire where the elderly couple resided.

Seeing the little girl was carrying a hare, the old couple looked somewhat surprised.

’’This is....’’

’’Tonight's dinner, we just caught it when we fetched the water.’’

As soon as he finished, the little girl immediately looked up and asked: ’’Lei, do you want to eat the little bunny?’’

Lei Yin suddenly felt bad, for a moment he forgot the little girl was beside him, listening to what he said.

Seeing her nervous face as she looked at him, Lei Yin immediately smiled: ’’Just kidding.’’

He thought in his mind, As long as I roast that rabbit after Amy fell asleep, I can always say it run away tomorrow.

’’Are you really not going to eat the rabbit?’’

Seeing the little girl's full-of-skeptic face as she looked at him, Lei Yin remembered her ability to sense other people's emotions. If I really eat the hare, maybe she will notice my lie to her.

After weighing this thing a bit in his heart, he finally decided to let it go. There was no need to make her sad just so that he can have a wild game as a meal.

He smiled a bit and patted her little face, ’’I promise you not to eat it.’’

Seeing him finally agreed to her, the little girl very happily jumped onto his arms while still holding the hare.

The old couple cheerfully laughed at them.

After eating, Lei Yin, like usual, went on to check the Captain that they kept lying under the shade.

Looking at the increasingly sunken cheeks of the middle-aged Captain, he knew that if the man did not get the treatment in a couple of days, the man will die for sure. These days, he asked the old couple to crumble some scallop meat and mixed it with water and then dripped it into his mouth. Although this can temporarily suspend his life, after all, this was not a long-term solution.

But he can only do that much. In the end, live or die, it will depend on the Captain's good fortune.

Looking around at those students sitting under the shade enjoying the cool air, as well as taking their turn to add the twigs to their fire, Lei Yin suddenly wanted to go to that place to take a look.

Thinking about this, he gently shook the sleeping Amy leaning on his shoulder.

’’Lei, what happens?’’ The little girl rubbed her eyes to look at him.

’’Kid, there is something I have to look at the jungle. Wait here until I come back, ok?’’ Lei Yin initially did not want to shake her, but he was afraid she would be scared when she woke up and can not find him, so he had to tell her clearly.

’’I want to go with you.’’ Her eyes revealed a hopeful look.

Lei Yin thought for a moment and finally nodded. After all, the jungle is not that dangerous in the day, unlike in the night. Moreover, he still remembered the previous memory, where he left her on the beach and almost being stepped on, deep in his mind.

After giving the hare for the several female students to look at, he casually said an excused to Akira Hiroshi and then brought Amy to the jungle.

Because he was the only one to go, he quickly arrived at the location of the pit.

After looking at their surrounding environment, he told Amy not to be afraid and then jumped down directly to the pit.

He then put her on the ground near the edge of the pit and said, ’’Stay here and don't wander around, okay?’’

The little girl nodded her head.

Lei Yin walked to the middle of the pit to find his previous digging site. And then he continued to expand the digging area outward from the center by using the tree branch to dig the dirt.

After digging for more than ten minutes, the metal plate has been exposed to nearly two meters in area. Lei Yin carefully looked at the exposed part and found this piece of metal was unlike ordinary iron because, although its surface was covered with damp soil, it has not undergone oxidation process. In contrast, its gray-black surface appeared to look dull-gloss, somewhat like an alloy.

Lei Yin did not really know how big this thing was and has to poke the ground in the nearby area with the branch. Finally, he found that the entire bottom of the pit was on top of that thing. In other words, he still can't find out how big this thing was just by sizing up the pit. In addition to the bottom of the pit, he still needed to dig the area around the pit in order to know it. But, according to his estimation, the size of this thing should be huge.

Unless he mobilized all the students to dig the area, otherwise, there was no way for him to dig such a large area in such a short time by himself. But his intuition told him that this thing must be something he did not want other people to know. Therefore, finally, Lei Yin decided to leave it alone for the time being, at least, until he left the island.

After he buried the part he just dug, he picked up the little girl who was squatting on the ground playing with the ants by teasing them because of bored. He then said to her: ’’Kid, don't tell anyone about this place, okay?’’

’’Ok.’’ The little girl did not seem to understand but she still nodded her head.

Lei Yin smiled with satisfaction, and then walked to the edge of the pit and jumped. His whole body suddenly jumped out of that earth pit.

When he walked back, he made some not so easily recognizable mark at the bottom of the tree trunks.

As he arrived at the beach, Lei Yin saw from afar the students, for some unknown reason, were huddled up in one group.


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