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Awakening - Chapter 182.2


Chapter 182 Jungle (Part 2)

People who have never been to a jungle would never know the danger within it.

There were many deadly dangers in the jungle. The most common dangers were poisonous snakes, mosquitoes with malaria parasites, fleas which caused typhoid and rash, poisonous spiders, fierce wild animals, dangerous insects and so forth. Besides the animals, there were also toxic plants, as well as the deathtrap of the bottomless swamp.

For those beasts and so on, those were easy to handle. What one need to fear the most was the thing that appeared save only to belatedly find that it was actually lethal. That was the reason Lei Yin previously did not want to bring Amy to the woods with him.

But because he has learned a lesson from this mistake, now he had to bring her with him to go find drinkable water. The elderly foreign couple was responsible for keeping the smoke on the sand as a distress signal.

The more they entered deep into the jungle, the more they encountered insects, plants, and other animals. Some were harmless, and some were intolerable. So then, almost every few steps they will hear a scream from a student.

For these continuous fake cries, Lei Yin ignored them all. And continued to move forward.

At this time, the already tired Akira Hiroshi could not help but say to him: ’’Student Gennai, let's take a break okay?’’

’’No, we must find the clean water today, and we also need to get back, we have no extra time.’’ Lei Yin said without turning his head.

Hearing this, he knew that it was useless to raise this matter again. Therefore, Akira Hiroshi had to continue to walk.

The students who thought they could take a break were suddenly dismayed, but they also did not dare not to keep up.

Murai at the back purposely raised his voice and said: ’’Why do we have to go with this guy? Why should we listen to him? He take us to nowhere.’’

Murai originally thought the other students would chime in to echo his resentment. But after a while, no one said anything, nobody listened to him. In the end, he had to unwillingly follow them. Although he really did not want to go, he would never dare to wander alone in this barren wilderness.

After walking for a while, Lei Yin stopped and stood still.

’’Student Gennai, what happens?’’ Akira Hiroshi walked up and asked him.

Lei Yin suddenly put out a hand, ’’Don't talk.’’

Akira Hiroshi looked at him in bewilderment.

After a moment, Lei Yin suddenly put down the little girl and then put his ear on the ground. After carefully listening for a moment, he picked Amy up and walked to the left.

Seeing him began to walk again, the other people immediately followed.

’’Student Gennai, exactly what happened?’’ Akira Hiroshi noticed that his expression was a bit different than before.

Lei Yin said while walking: ’’If I heard it right, we may have found the water.’’

’’Is it true?’’ Akira Hiroshi looked at him with a face full of surprised.

Lei Yin did not answer him but continued to increase his walking speed.

After another ten minutes, the students found that the terrain began to elevate like walking up a mountain.

When Lei Yin brushed aside the man-high weeds, he finally saw that so-called water source. It was in an area of a dozen meters in size. Water vapor constantly moved up from that hot springs. As for the sound of gurgling water he just heard on the ground, they came from the boiling water rising up from below unceasingly.

Lei Yin quickly ran to the hot spring to scoop up some water into his mouth to taste it. Fortunately, although there was some sulfur in it, they should be able to drink it.

At this time, those students behind him also saw this hot spring. All of them could not believe their eyes. After determining that they were not in a dream, they all loudly shouted out and called out or hugged the nearby person, like a group of just released refugees.

’’Student Gennai, can we drink this water?’’ After Lei Yin finished testing the quality of the water, Akira Hiroshi nervously asked right away.

’’It should be fine.’’

’’Great.’’ Akira Hiroshi immediately cheered loudly.

After pulling out the large leaves that he used to prevent mosquitos bites from Amy's body, Lei Yin scooped up some water from the hot spring to wipe off some stains from the little girl's face.

’’Lei, this is like a dream.’’ Amy naively said.

Lei Yin could not help but smile, ’’This is actually a bit extravagant. From drifting on the sea, to survive on a deserted island, and finally a trip to a hot spring after having a seafood meal. It seems like this trip is too great.’’

The little girl did not really understand his words, staring at him with her big and round eyes.

As long as there was a hot spring, another hot spring should be in the vicinity. After drinking enough water, Lei Yin took the little girl to find a hot spring with moderate temperature so that they can bathe. After many consecutive days without ever taking a bath, even if he was not a clean freak, he also felt uncomfortable with his body, not to mention the tender skin of Amy. But the little girl was very obedient and sensible, so all this time, she never made a fuss about it.

After walking around to check their surroundings, he actually found a hot spring with medium temperature. The reason why he knew this was not because he felt it with his hand, but because he saw there were several monkeys soaking in that hot spring.

Because there were so many hot springs in Japan, human beings were not the only one who liked to soak in it, the local monkeys also liked to enjoy the hot spring, which was regarded as Japan's special characteristic.

Although expelling the local monkeys from comfortably soaking in the hot spring seemed a bit unreasonable, in order not to scare Amy, Lei Yin can only scare them away.

Although some of the girls aged 11 or 12 have already well-developed, obviously Amy was not among them. Because of this, Lei Yin can still take a bath together with this kid.

When Lei Yin tried to help the little girl wash her hair, she very happily splashed him with water.

Seeing the two red marks on her arms which caused by the grass cut, a burst of heartache could not help appear in Lei Yin's heart. Since she was a child, this should be the first time for Amy to endure this suffering. Apart from having to endure the hunger and thirst, she almost being trampled on by those students, as well as risking her life to move into the Jungle. Perhaps she did not feel any of these dangers, but Lei Yin was fully aware.

Thinking about this, he guiltily stroked her little face.

The little girl unblinkingly looked at him.


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