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Awakening - Chapter 181.1


Chapter 181 In The Middle Of The Crowd

In Kagoshima City, just South of the port there was a five-story building, the total area of the whole floor of the building was 500 hectares. This was building was the Japan Maritime Safety Administration Office in Kagoshima.

At this time, in an office on the third floor, several men were watching a detailed annotation of Kagoshima map and the surrounding waters as they discussed.

Suddenly, a knocking sound came from the door, then the person who knocked opened the door and came in. That person was a 30-something-year-old man, behind him, there was a middle-aged man in a gray suit.

’’Hello, Deputy Head Yama.’’ A man, who recognized him as the Deputy Director of Tokyo Maritime Safety Administration Yama Akirajiro, immediately bowed toward him. The other two men also followed suit.

’’I came over as soon as I received the news, what is the current situation, Department Head Eguchi?’’ After his young secretary closed the door, the Deputy Director of Maritime Safety Administration immediately asked.

The one called Department Head Eguchi immediately replied: ’’Because of the seasonal storms, there are a total of three ferries that went missing. A total of 124 tourists, including 98 Teikyo University students. The rest are common tourists. After days of continuous search and rescue operation, we have found two ferries, and a total of 83 people. Besides the more than ten people who have complications because of lack of food, the other conditions are not life-threatening. And now, all of them are in the hospital for treatment and recuperation. As for the other ferry, we are stepping up our search and rescue effort, and we should be able to find them soon.’’

Hearing his reports, the Deputy Director frowned, ’’How could there be such a serious situation? There is actually more than ten tourists who have complications because of lack of food.’’

’’It's like this. From the three missing ferries, one went to Yakushima Island, and the other two went to Amami Archipelago. Those students who have complications were in the boat to Amami. The reason for this to happen was because the distant to Amami is twice as far as the distant to Yakushima. Since the distant is far, the search and rescue area is too large, and it took us almost three days to find that missing ferry. Moreover, strictly speaking, we found that ship near the International waters.’’

’’What? The storm actually took them near the International waters?’’

’’Yes, the intensity, as well as the duration of the storm is very rare, second only to the one happened a decade ago. We also have a headache due to the oversized search and rescue area.’’

’’No matter what, you must find the last boat as soon as possible. We absolutely cannot let any visitors to have any accident. The top is very concerned about this thing, so they especially send me to understand the situation. I will immediately notify the Administration. I will ask them to send additional search and rescue helicopters over here. In addition, before you find that last ferry, try not to let the journalists know about it.’’

’’I understand.’’

Unexpectedly the situation is so severe, the Deputy Director's eyelids could not help jump a bit.

Kagoshima and Okinawa are Japan's well-known seaside tourists attraction. Although every year there will be multiple small Maritime Issues, they were generally not too serious. But this time, unexpectedly, many students and tourists were missing, moreover, they still cannot find some of them. If there were students who died in accidents because of this, the impact would be very large. He almost can see the scene where those reporters, who always took things out of context, standing in front of the Maritime Safety Administration Office to question why they did not notify the individual shipowners about the storm before it happened.

After walking to the Hotel room, Take Asasei failed to find Kazumi.

Where is she? Take Asasei made a call to her phone. But she found out that her phone was next to the headboard.

Did she go there? Thinking of this, Take Asasei immediately went out of the room.

Arriving at the beach on the Eastern front of the Hotel, sure enough, she saw the familiar figure of her friend quietly sitting on the beach.

She did not know if it was because of a mood swing, but she felt that the back of her friend showed some kind of 'wrecked with guilt' sign.

After quietly went behind her, Take Asasei suddenly covered her friend's eyes with her hands.

’’Guess who I am?’’

She first thought that her friend would scold her for doing such a childish action as usual, but after a while, the girl whose eyes were covered by her hands was still motionless.

When she was surprised by this, suddenly, she felt her palms were wet.

Take Asasei did not dare to look at her tears stained palms and immediately went to the front to see her friend's face, and then said something silly: ’’Are you crying?’’

’’No, I was careless and the sand went into my eyes.’’ Kazumi lowered her head and whispered a sentence.

Hearing her voice which was very different than usual, Take Asasei did not dare to ask anymore. This was the first time she saw her usually calm and rational friend behave like this.

Gently sitting next to her, Take Asasei did not know anything good to say to her.

After a while, she managed to say some words, ’’Kazumi, rest assured, your brother will come back safely.’’

Kazumi stayed silent, just resting her face above her knees.

Take Asasei thought that the atmosphere was a bit too depressing, but she did not know how to comfort her friend other than to sit there with her.

After what seemed like a long time, Kazumi suddenly whispered a sentence, ’’I really regretted it now.’’

She seemed to be talking to herself, so Take Asasei was not even sure if that sentence was directed at her or not. But she still asked, ’’What do you regret about?’’

Kazumi slowly raised her head, ’’If at the time I insisted on being together, maybe I can still be with my brother, and we can face everything that happened together. Unlike now, where I can only wait for his news.’’

’’Kazumi, don't think too much, your brother will be fine.’’ Take Asasei saw that her friend's face was still stained with tears.

’’Two days ago, I thought so too. But now, it's already the fifth day. I've been telling myself that my brother will come back, but as time past, I could not help indulge myself in flights of fancy.’’

Take Asasei had never seen this kind of expression from Kazumi. Her eyes were red as she tightly hugged her, and then said aloud: ’’It's gonna be alright! Kazumi's brother will come back safely. He is so fierce, so nothing will happen to him.’’

Kazumi silently sobbed.


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