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Awakening - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 Guilt

After coming out from the mall, Take Asasei kept on apologizing to Lei Yin.

’’Kazumi's brother, I was wrong, please forgive me. I promise it won't happen again. No, it will absolutely never happen again. Would you please forgive me?’’

Seeing that Lei Yin did not answer her, she immediately put on a sad face, ’’Why won't you speak? You can scold me a couple of times if you want. I really knew I was wrong, please say something, okay?’’

Lei Yin whispered a few words to Amy, and then turned around and looked at this somewhat boisterous girl, ’’Help me hug Amy for a moment, I want to buy a bottle of water.’’

’’Ok, Ok.’’ Take Asasei was pleasantly surprised and immediately held the little girl in her arms.

After gently patting the little girl's face, Lei Yin walked toward a retail store right next to the square.

Watching Lei Yin go away, Take Asasei whispered to her friend: ’’Your elder brother is actually very good, previously I have always thought that he is quite mean.’’

Kazumi said with a smiled, ’’You can appreciate him, but you cannot like him, because he is already taken.’’

’’Crazy, how could you suddenly say this.’’ Take Asasei peevishly said, and then apologized to Amy in English.

Amy did not understand why she suddenly apologized and looked at her with puzzled eyes.

Seeing the little girl's eyes, Take Asasei suddenly did not know what to say. Her level of English was insufficient to clearly explain why would she apologize.

Watching them from the side, Kazumi could not help but laugh.

Holding the bottle of water as he walked out from the retail store, Lei Yin suddenly pulled out a black wallet from his body.

He then pulled out a driver's license from the inside. Looking at the photo of the middle-aged man, Lei Yin revealed a chilling smile.

After he took out that driver's license, he threw the wallet into the nearby trash can.

After he returned to them, Take Asasei said to Kazumi after she saw the bag in her hand: ’’Kazumi, what did you buy?’’

’’A few pieces of swimsuits.’’

’’Swimsuit? Didn't I accompany you to buy two pieces yesterday, why would you buy the same item again?’’ Take Asasei felt somewhat strange.

’’I have said that to someone, but he did not believe, so he actually bought me several pieces,’’ Kazumi said from the side as she looked at someone with a faint smile.

But that someone's face seemed to be thicker than she imagined. At this time, he was looking at the sky with great focus, seemingly impervious to any distraction.

’’Today's weather is good.’’ Finally, someone made such a summary.


At ten o'clock in the evening, Lei Yin, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes.

After a while, there was a few gentle knock coming from the outside.

Lei Yin opened the door and saw that Amy was standing on the outside holding a pillow.

’’Kid, what happened?’’

’’Lei, can I sleep together with you?’’ Amy looked up at him.

’’Cannot fall asleep?’’ Lei Yin smoothly combed her slightly tilted hair.

’’Em, I want to sleep with you, can I?’’ The little girl once again looked at him with full of pleading eyes.

Normally, Lei Yin might reject her request. But thinking that she has suffered a shock today, her heart softened, and he finally nodded.

Seeing that he agreed, the little girl was very happy and immediately jumped to the bed, still hugging her cartoon patterned pillow.

Seeing her so happy like this, Lei Yin could not help but laugh.

When Lei Yin lied down on the bed, the little girl immediately squeezed herself into his arms.

After covering the bed sheet on her, Lei Yin gently stroked her hair.

Amy tightly pressed her head on his chest.

After a while, she suddenly whispered a few words, ’’Lei, Amy is afraid.’’

Lei Yin was silent.

He remembered the thing that happened today and was somewhat scared. If she was simply lost in the mall, then it was not too bad, but if that middle-aged man actually able to take her outside of the mall, then, even if he was able to find the guy's house, it would probably several days later. At that time, even if that guy was cut to pieces, what's the use?

Lei Yin full of guilt said: ’’Kid, I am sorry.’’

The little girl shook her head, ’’Amy knows Lei will come and save me, Amy always think so.’’

Hearing her words, Lei Yin felt as if something blocked her heart, making him unable to say a word. He can only closely hug the little body in his bosom.


Exams. Most of the students were filled with tension because of exams.

Although Yoshikawa usually gave people the appearance of a playboy, his exam results were actually very good.

And the rarely spoken Akira Shiraishi turned out to be a top rank honor students.

After knowing about the two men's test results, Takeda was depressed for several days.

As for Takeda himself, just like what he previously said, although his test results were not high, they were passable. So, for him, each subject can be regarded as low-altitude flying.

And even the particularly indifference to all things Lei Yin also easily passed the exams.

After the last scene in the history class, Takeda knew that Lei Yin has a strong sense of disgust toward the Japanese modern history textbook. But thankfully, Economic department did not have any compulsory courses on modern history, otherwise, Takeda really did not know what trouble this noisy guy would create.

After the test, they were waiting for the remaining results announcement. At this time, they have no compulsory course, so everyone became extremely relaxed. Many people began to prepare for their Summer vacation activity.

In a quiet afternoon, an unexpected guest disturbed Lei Yin's peace.

’’Can I talk to you?’’ In the University Library, a conspicuous person walked toward Lei Yin's table.

Looking at that person, Lei Yin somewhat reluctantly nodded.

’’Help me borrow these books.’’ Lei Yin pushed a few books in front of Takeda.

Looking at the glamorous beauty waiting outside of the library, Takeda, seemingly eating a stimulant, grabbed him and asked: ’’Who is that beautiful woman?’’

’’A woman who I do not want to see, every time I see her something bad will happen.’’

’’You are joking, right? A woman with this level of beauty is very rare, even among the entire Teikyo University students. How could you know so many beautiful women? This is too far, why didn't I get the chance to meet some of them.’’

’’You go back yourself, do not wait for me.’’ Lei Yin was too lazy to say it. He gently put the already asleep Amy in his arms and went outside.

’’Truly valuing girl over friend fellow.’’ Takeda scolded, full of envy and jealousy.


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