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Awakening - Chapter 172.2


Chapter 172 Shopping Mall Part 2

Watching Take Asasei fierce meaningful glance and the blank expression from Amy in her bosom, Lei Yin felt somewhat painful. Too lazy to care for her, he pulled Kazumi into the mall.

’’Hey, do you agree or not?’’ Take Asasei quickly caught up half a foot behind him.

’’Kazumi, can you make her shut up?’’

Kazumi chuckled: ’’I cannot believe my brother would finally suffer a headache.’’

’’Your friend is qualified to be a sacred person because she has a potential for exorcism.’’

Kazumi could not help but laugh.

The four people laughingly came directly to the children's clothing department inside the mall.

They want to buy several sets of swimsuit for Amy to use in the educational trips.

Facing a variety of cute children's clothing design, Take Asasei made a big fuss as she picked each one of them to compare to Amy.

’’This gown is so cute, if little Amy wears this, she will certainly look beautiful.’’

’’This piece is also very beautiful.’’

’’The current children's clothing are all pretty, this one even has a lace. If I have these many beautiful clothes when I am young, that would be nice. Little Amy you are so lucky.’’

’’Kazumi, see this, this little pants has the same pattern with my pajamas. Come here and see.’’

Lei Yin dryly coughed a bit, ’’Hey, we are here to pick out swimsuits for Amy, please get down to business okay?’’

’’All right, little Amy, let's pick out the swimsuit.’’ Kazumi has to nod and then pulled Amy to walk toward the swimwear spot. Although she sometimes squabbled with Lei Yin, subconsciously she was still afraid of him. Maybe because she was a loyal reader of the college magazine, therefore she was greatly impressed by Kazumi's brother tales of terror. Although they have known each other for quite a while and thought that there was nothing to it, the shadow of this stuff was still not easy to eliminate.

The children's swimwear and adult one were different. Perhaps because there was no curve issue, it was alright as long as the important parts were not exposed. After picking up three sets of swimsuit for Amy, Take Asasei calmly pulled her to look for the other clothes.

’’You stay here with Amy to try the clothes, I want to take Kazumi to the other place. Remember not to wander around aimlessly, wait for us here and we will come to pick you up in a minute.

’’Ok, no need to hurry.’’ Take Asasei replied without turning her head.

Seeing Amy's expression seemingly wanted to go with him, Lei Yin said to her: ’’Kid, you stay here with 'many hands' sister, I will be back. Understand?’’

The little girl obediently nodded.

After walking out from the Children's clothing department, Kazumi looked at Lei Yin, ’’Brother, where are you going?’’

Lei Yin mysteriously smiled, ’’You will know soon.’’

Within a few minutes, her question was soon answered.

’’Do you want to buy swimsuits?’’ Kazumi was a bit surprised.

’’Fool, this is woman's swimsuit department. I am not a pervert, so, of course I am not buying for myself. I want to buy it for you.’’

’’No need, I have a swimsuit.’’

’’If other people said that, I would believe them, but base on your character, your so-called swimsuit are probably those few sets that you got from the swimming lesson in high school. Please, you are a grown-up now, wearing that kind of swimsuit to swim, fifty percent of the time it will stretch open. I believe you don't have a swimming-naked habit right?’’

’’Brother, you are too meddlesome.’’ Kazumi blushed.

’’Who told you to be so passive? Yet, you still dare to blame me? Come on, the kid is waiting for us.’’ With that, ignoring her protest, Lei Yin pulled her toward the ladies portion of swimsuit area.

’’Welcome. Sir, do you want to buy your girlfriend swimsuits?’’ When they just stepped in, a uniformed lady immediately came up to ask.

’’My sister want to buy a few sets of swimwear, please help her choose.’’ Lei Yin knew that Kazumi may not want him to pick for her, and had to call the lady for help.

’’Miss, please come with me.’’

Looking at the self-satisfied smile from Lei Yin, Kazumi angrily and funnily followed behind that uniformed lady.

Because he felt a bit awkward just to stand there, Lei Yin did not follow them, instead, he just waited for them outside.

Less than five minutes later, Kazumi came out with two sets of swimsuit.

’’So soon?’’ Lei Yin's seat has yet to get warm.

’’Do you think every woman is slow?’’ Kazumi refuted.

Lei Yin pretended not to hear her complaint and said to the uniformed lady instead: ’’Please help me pick out two sets of moderately se*y swimsuit according to this miss' size.’’

’’What is moderately se*y swimsuit?’’ The uniformed lady froze for a moment.

’’It's somewhat revealing but not too much. And it must be able to show the female curve.’’ Lei Yin gestured with his hands.

The uniformed lady covered her mouth to smile, and then nodded at him and walked inside.

’’Brother!’’ When that lady turned to walk away, Kazumi stared at him, ashamed and angry at the same time.

’’Kazumi, I am you older brother, this is what I should do, you do not need to be so touched like this.’’ Lei Yin evilly smiled as he pinched her face. Since Amy came, he became accustomed to pinching someone else's face.

’’Hateful!’’ Kazumi had no choice but to resentfully rolled her eyes at him.

After they came out from the Women's section, Kazumi's phone suddenly rang.

After answering the phone, Kazumi's eyes were somewhat uneasy, ’’Brother, just now little Take called me, she said that Amy has wandered off away from her.’’

Lei Yin was taken aback, but soon calmed down, ’’Where is your classmate? Let us meet her first.’’

Kazumi could not help but admire her brother's judgment, who quickly deduced that Take Asasei was not in the Children's Clothing Department.

’’She is in the Toy Department, that's where she was separated with Amy.’’

When they came to the Toy Department, they saw the panic looking Take Asasei still stood at the doorway and looked around.

’’Kazumi.’’ Seeing the two of them, she immediately rushed over.

’’I am sorry, I do not know when she is gone. I just wanted to help her pick some toys, but did not notice that she was gone, I am sorry....’’ While saying these, she could not help but tear up.

’’Do not cry, children missing inside the mall is a very common thing. Em, you Asasei, go to the information and tell them to broadcast a missing child. Remember to ask them to broadcast in English because Amy only understands English. I will be responsible for looking around along with Kazumi. If there is anything, call us and we will meet at the Information room.’’

’’I, I know.’’ Take Asasei immediately ran toward the information room.

After she left, Lei Yin said to Kazumi: ’’We will split up, I will search in the first, third, and fifth floors, and you will search in the second and fourth floors. Call me if you find her, if not, then keep looking.’’

’’I know.’’ Kazumi nodded her head.

With that, Lei Yin immediately ran to the first floor.


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