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Awakening - Chapter 138


Awakening: Chapter 138-Laughter

’’Good, it's the lunch bell, I'll take you to the school's cafeteria. Don't be polite, it's my treat. I'll also introduce you to a friend.’’ Takeda Hidetoshi patted Lei Yin's shoulder and said.

Unexpectedly towards this guy, Lei Yin didn't feel any hatred. Although he dresses weird, but at least he wasn't like other people pretending to be kind.

Putting the novel into his bag, Lei Yin together with Takeda came out of the classroom.

’’The meal is on me, but my sister might be coming to look for me.’’ Lei Yin said.

’’Your sister studies here? What does she look like?’’ Takeda Hidetoshi asked, very direct.

’’Is it really important?’’

’’You misunderstand, I don't mean anything about it. It's just that the person I'm introducing you to, is a typical se*ual harasser. If your younger sister looks good, you'd better be careful.’’

The dining room in the school looked more expensive than the typical cafeteria, but the environment is also good, patronizing many of the students, especially couples. One can see pairs sitting together everywhere. Some were even feeding each other in the presence of everyone.

’’Bitches.’’ Takeda Hidetoshi looked at the couples making out despised.

After grabbing a seat by the window, Takeda immediately pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

’’Hey, where are you?’’

’’What, class isn't finished? You liar, you must be flirting with girls again, hurry up, I have a friend to introduce you to. Really.’’

After ending the call, Takeda Hidetoshi implicity said to Lei Yin: ’’That guy will come. I'll tell you about him, his name is Yoshikawa Jiro, we had played together since childhood. That fellow is a lecher, just by seeing a beautiful girl for the first time, he would already want to have se* with them. He originally studies law, but after two weeks he quit, seeing that there were more beautiful girls in the literature section, he simply enrolled in a US and Britain language and culture course. I'll tell you a secret, but don't tell anyone. That guy's university entrance exam scores were not enough for him to study in Teikyou university, and was only able to enter because his old man had knocked him in the school with money. Oh remember, never tell anyone, or he will never let me go. Hey, why aren't you talking, it isn't too good for a young person to be too silent.

His mouth was like a machine gun, so Lei Yin found it hard to insert words.

When Lei Yin was about to speak, his cell phone suddenly rang.

’’Kazumi? Where are you?’’

’’In the cafeteria, together with a classmate, we haven't begun to eat. It doesn't matter, if you can come over with us or not.’’

After he hung up the phone, Takeda sked, ’’Was that your sister?’’


’’I would also like to have a younger brother or sister, but after my old man made me, I was the youngest one. I was always bullied by my older brother and sister.’’ Takeda Hidetoshi said.

’’A myriad of love, what else do you want?’’ Lei Yin said with a smile.

’’You just said myriad of love, I didn't catch that.’’

’’Nothing, just a Chinese proverb. You go first and order food.’’

Takeda wasn't polite with him, and picked up the menu and started to order food.

Shortly after ordering food, two youths suddenly walked towards them.

Looking up, Takeda said to one of the youth: ’’You finally came, making it hard on me. And this is?’’

The youth said to him: ’’He is my classmate, called Shiraishi Akira. You definitely don't know this, but in high school he was a celebrity in their kendo club, often participating in various types of tournament, and has won numerous prizes where he entered. He had just entered the Teikyou university Kendo club, and was designated as third best. Isn't that awesome?’’

’’How did you know these thing? I've never heard you being interested in kendo.’’ Takeda asked curiously.

’’What's strange? Let me tell you something that you don't know. I am now a member of the Teikyou university's Kendo club.’’ Yoshikawa Jiro curled his lips to say.

’’Weren't you in the photography club, why did you suddenly decide to join the Kendo club? Let me guess, you took a fancy on a young girl in the Kendo club. I won't say anything else, but let me introduce to you. This is Gennai Masashi, and had just registered in class today. His a good fellow. Masashi, this is Yoshikawa Jiro.’’

After they met, they made a brief introduction.

Lei Yin carefully sized up the two man.

Yoshikawa Jiro was a typical playboy. Tall, appearance filled with some wild flavors. Coupled with the potential for excellence, but some men still think that his a disgusting guy, using sweet words and honey filled phrases that women actually likes listening to, in private, according to Takeda that at the age of 13 this guy was not a virgin any more. Listening to this, Lei Yin turned cold.

As for Shiraishi Akira, he was a silent man with few words. After sitting down for so long, he hadn't even opened his mouth. However, he also looked quite handsome, he was a very cool male student that should also be welcomed by many female students.

’’Will you older sister come?’’ After Yoshikawa ordered food, he asked Takeda.

’’She's busy right now, but sometimes she would accompany me to eat.’’

Without even letting him finish, Lei Yin suddenly stood up looking at the front of the cafeteria.

He noticed two girls walking towards them.

Seeing her elder brother, and three other male student, Kazumi wasn't able to respond for a while.

’’Kazumi, come, sit down.’’ Lei Yin pulled out two chairs, and called Kazumi and Wu Qianjing.

From the time they came, Yoshikawa had already started eyeing the two. Looking at the old-fashion dressed Kazumi, he quickly considered her not within his scope. As for Wu Qianjing, though she wasn't a top-level beauty, but she still looked good, giving off a very sweet feeling, should be worth the effort.

Seeing Yoshikawa stare at Wu Qianjing like a wolf, Lei Yin began to regret to invite Kazumi and Wu Qianjing together. Hoping that it would good that if she won't be affected.

Sure enough, during the meal, Yoshikawa began to look for opportunities to start a conversation with Wu Qianjing, inquiring about her situation. Seeing his enthusiastic manner, the girl felt at a loss.

’’Brother, are you renting a house?’’

Because Teikyou University doesn't provide lodging for its students, Kazumi had asked.

’’Not yet, accompany me to go look for one.’’

’’Good, after eating, we go.’’

’’Masashi, you want to rent a place? I also have a spare room at my place, would you care to share with me?’’ Takeda interrupted.

’’No. I'm used to living on my own.’’ Lei Yin liked tranquility, so it would be fine living with Kazumi, however, living in the same place as this fellow who doesn't even know how to stay silent, he would absolutely suffer.

Seeing that Lei Yin didn't agree, Takeda appeared to be a little disappointed.

’’Elder brother, how's the first day of class?’’ Kazumi asked with a smile.

’’It's okay, not too bad.’’

’’I hope Rumi can come here, so that we can meet every day.’’

’’That kid is studying hard every day, I think it shouldn't be a problem.’’

Kazumi who wasn't able to talk with her brother for a long time was at ease, feeling very comfortable being beside him, revealing another smile on her face.

When the sibling were talking, Takeda suddenly let out a cry: ’’Yoshikawa, your Namera Tetsuno came.’’

Yoshikawa raised his head to look, and saw three beautiful women talking to each other walking towards the cafeteria.

’’Masashi, check it out, that's the school flower of this year's new student, Narimura Haruko. You really having a treat, seeing her on your first day.’’ Takeda said, hastily pulling Lei Yin.

’’Which one do you mean?’’

’’Idiot, the middle one, of course, can't you see that she's the most beautiful one among the three?’’

Lei Yin looked at the female student, who looked really attractive. The female student was beautiful, letting out a faint arrogance.

Lei Yin calmly recovered his vision. Kazumi had been observing his reaction, when she saw this, she immediately asked: ’’Elder brother, isn't that girl very pretty?’’

Looking at the other two young men staring at the female student, Lei Yin went nearer and whispered to her ear: ’’Flower pot.’’

Kazumi laughed while covering her mouth.

When the three girls sat down at a table, Takeda said, ’’Really very attractive, but isn't as beautiful as my sister.’’

’’If it weren't for her attitude, I would have already given your sister a love letter and some flowers. Your older sister is very attractive, but usually so serious. Lacking with feminine qualities.’’ Yoshikawa said.

’’What do you understand? Only liking those naughty prostitutes, you don't understand at all.’’ Takeda refuted.

’’It's at least much better than a certain fellow who has a serious sister complex.’’

’’Bastard, if you dare say that again, I'll let you see what happens.’’

’’Do you think I'm afraid of you? Ever since childhood, have you won a fight against me even once?’’ Yoshikawa curled his lips to say.


Looking at them getting more and more louder, Kazumi was a little worried, and said: ’’Brother, you need to stop them.’’

’’Don't be afraid just wait, if they really fight, we'll just sit at another spot, and pretend that we don't know them.’’

Hearing Lei Yin, Kazumi burst out laughing. While Wu Qiajing looked as if she was going to faint.

Soon, Two weeks passed by. Lei Yin got used to his life here.

University was indeed a very free environment, when a student falls asleep in class they don't wake them up, no matter what the teacher generally didn't care. But in some courses, it's require to attend at least 45 hours in class, otherwise they won't receive the credit for that class. In addition, each year they two big test;a midterm exam and a final exam.

Because Lei Yin majored in Economics, which was neither a cold nor hot class. Usually teacher would talk about economic theories, economic policies, and the industrial policy as well as globalization, only having the students to this types of topic making some students in class sleepy.

For these courses, Lei Yin too weren't able to resist. It only took him two days to flipped over the whole text. After reading, and listening to the instructor's slow lesson about the contents of the chapter, and began to unable to bear it any longer. And just like in high school, skipping classes became an ordinary activity.

Takeda Hidetoshi also had the same idea. And noticed that Lei Yin was the same, unable to sit through the class lectures, immediately seeing him as a real friend. And started hanging out with them, frequently taking a stroll and looked at beautiful woman.

Lei Yin began to think that Yoshikiwa Jiro was like them frequently skipping classes, but he surprisingly discovered that he would go to class every day and get there in time. Lei Yin certainly didn't believe that he was a person who would be diligent in his studies, so afterwards he had asked Takeda, and found out that Yoshikawa's father was very strict with him, ever since high school, every semester, he would come to school and see the teacher asking about his son's studies. If he find out that his son was absent for one day, his son would meet the club.

One day, when Takeda heard the that the first year school flower Narimura Haruko was taking a history class, he immediately took the half-asleep and half-awake Lei Yin and flew towards the literary class to find out if it's true.

Sitting in the huge classroom, he saw more and more girls coming in and sitting down, Takeda began to regret why he didn't find such a nice place. No wonder the literary department was known as the paradise of beauties. Even if he couldn't see Narimura Haruko this time, he would still come and have a look.

Many male students had the same goal as him, following close by, a substantial amount of male students sat behind the female students. Some of them were new and some weren't. But all had the same ulterior motive.

Quickly attending class, Takeda saw that Narimura Haruko didn't come and was a little disappointed. Turning his head to look at Lei Yin, he discovered like magic, Lei Yin took out a novel from his body.

’’It seems like Narimura Haruko can't come.’’ Takeda sighed.

’’Is that so?’’ Lei Yin casually replied.

Knowing that he at heart wasn't listening to what he says, Takeda was searching for something to entertain himself, looking around he suddenly saw a sublime beauty.

When Takeda was about to give up, all of a sudden, some fine footsteps came from outside, then opening the classroom door, three beautiful women panting sweet fully came in.

’’Is the seat taken?’’ One of the girls who was the nearest to Takeda asked.

’’No, please sit.’’ Takeda quickly replied.

’’Thanks.’’ Then one of them sat in the middle, followed by two others also sitting at the other girls side.

When several boys who were sitting in the front row saw Narimura Haruko sitting at the back, they began to regret not choosing the location at the back.

When Takeda Hidetoshi was just about to talk to Narimura Haruko, at that time, the classroom door opened, a 40 year old, middle aged man wearing gold-rimmed eyeglasses walked in.

Knowing that the instructor was about to start teaching, Takeda shut up.

When the middle-aged teacher started teaching, Takeda didn't have the mood to attend the lecture, his eyes unceasingly looking at Narimura Haruka who was sitting not far away.

It seemed like that fellow Yoshikawa Jiro had said was ture, this young girl was not any worse than his elder sister. Without knowing how to get her phone number. Takeda started to rack his brain.

Half the class passed by, Takeda was still thinking and was unable to think of a good way to get it. Girls like her, one must line up to pursue her, generally there was a rule in pursuing a girl, it was important for the person to think that the other people pursuing the girl were useless, and that the first impression was important.

After thinking for a little longer, Takeda finally gave up. This one just couldn't think of any good plan. Suddenly, he remembered the guy next to him has a girlfriend, and that person may have a good plan, after all, he is a seasoned person.

Thinking of this, Takeda hurriedly turned towards Masashi.

When he was about to asked him in a low voice, Takeda suddenly discovered that Lei Yin at this moment wasn't his usual self.

He didn't know when, but the novel left Masashi's hand and was placed on top of the table, without blinking, he stared at the platform, looking at the middle-aged teacher, a hint of laughter appeared on his lips.

He had never seen him look so serious in class, Takeda was a little curious, and couldn't help but focus his attention on the instructor.

’’The night of July 7, 1937, the Marco Polo Bridge on the outskirts of Beijing, the Japanese army invaded. The next day, China fire back, making it into a state of war. However, the event itself was caused by a small friction, although the people hoped for it to be resolve, but the Chinese and Japanese side actually repeatedly clashed, resolving it became difficult. In regards to this provocative behavior, our army had forced China to open fire....’’

’’A country in war doesn't kill and maltreat those who are not in the military, Japan is no exception. The Tokyo War Trials recognized the Sino-Japanese war, and that the Japanese had occupied Nanjing and had also killed many Chinese citizens. However the actual situation about the event, was found to have a lot of doubtful informations, there were various opinions, and is still in dispute even now...’’

’’The end of World War II, the United States and other countries indiscriminately raided Tokyo in the air, dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Moreover, the Soviet Union had torn the treaty with Japan, and invaded Manchuria, continuous atrocities happened, killing several Japanese citizens, forcing Japan to pull back including the 600,000 Japanese forces that captured Siberia, and was forced into harsh labor, killing 10% of them. This war brought Japan an excruciating pain.’’

’’Our Imperial Japanese army temporarily stationed in Taiwan, had tremendously contributed in the construction of Taiwan. For example, our country's irrigationist Mr. Yoichi Hatta, went to investigate the Wushantou Reservoir and made the Chianan Irrigation Plan, completing the design after two year, and began in 1920. Hydraulic engineering he had made included the exit of water in the east using a diversion in the Wushantou reservoir. The Chianan Irrigation system controlled the flood, moisture-proof levee, and was region wide, was a arduous project, the scale was the biggest reservoir in Souteast Asia, and ranked third in the world. The completion of the Chianan Irrigation, had allowed the completion of a thousand hectares of the barren plain, the field became fertile turning green, which is very respected by many farmers. And was finally completed in 1930. The local Taiwanese people greatly benefitted. It's known as the Li of diplomatic relation between the countries the splendid man Mr. Yoichi Hatta who was born in Ishikawa Prefercture, regarding this are very grateful.....’’

Hearing this, Takeda was not interested in listening. It was just a mere platitude, finding it strange, and was unable to understand why Masashi was so enthralled.

Suddenly, he saw Masashi laughed loudly.

Takeda Hidetoshi was surprised, What was this guy doing? Doesn't he know his in class?

Masashi laughed revealing a smile on his face, which made him feel that the guy was really crazy. Without any time to think, he quickly rushed to cover his mouth.

But the man suddenly pushed him aside. Takeda didn't think that he'd be so powerful, and was all of a sudden pushed down to the ground.

Getting on his nerves, Takeda was angry and annoyed, he got up and glared at him.

At this time, it wasn't only Takeda Hidetoshi, but also everyone in the class was surprised, looking at the young man laughing all the time.

’’What are you doing?’’ The history instructor loudly asked. Loudly echoed throughout the classroom.

Lei Yin slowly stood up, and then slowly stopped laughing.

’’Today I heard a joke that I've never heard of.’’ Lei Yin said dismissively.

’’What are you trying to say?’’ Inuo Kento coldly looked at the guy who had interrupted his lecture.

’’After hearing your lesson, I finally understood a very important fact.

That is, the reason why robber needs to steal other's stuff. It's actually very simple, that's because you have something that's worth for him to steal. And the reason why a robber must kill the person, that is because, the robber, when stealing from you, felt you trying to fight back, if you don't fight back, he would only steal from you, but if you fought back, the robber would inevitably kill you. So, everything is the fault of the people who have been robbed.’’ When it came to the last sentence, Lei Yin sneered.


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