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Awakening - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Nightmare

Edited by Black Knight

As if waking up from a very scary nightmare, Naoko slowly opened her eyes.

She felt as if her whole body being pressed by a very heavy thing, so heavy that she can't even move a finger.

Her head was still a little dizzy, a bit like the hangover feeling.

Three minutes later, a trail of tears silently ran down from her eyes.

She clearly remembered the things that occurred before she fainted, especially that devil-like face.

Seeing her clothes were different than the one she wore before, her heart was broken. A deep sense of despair covered her whole soul.

Lei, I'm sorry, I'm not clean anymore.

Like suffering a heart attack, Naoko felt a crushing pain in her heart.

I'm such an idiot, a hopeless fool. I should have listened to him, he had told me not to talk with Hinatsu Junichiro alone. Why I didn't even have a bit of vigilance.

Naoko deeply reproached herself, wishing she could immediately die.

She now knew, when one in an extreme grieve, one couldn't cry out loud. Although the tears kept pouring down, she was unable to send out her voice.

She was like a wounded reindeer, tightly curled up the body with sorrow.

Not long after, she heard the sounds of footsteps coming from outside the door, and then, the door was opened.

Hinatsu Junichiro came over and put a hand on her forehead to check her temperature.

Naoko finally broke out, she suddenly turned to grab that hand and maliciously bite down.

That hand's muscle was very strong, but she deeply bit into it. When she tasted the liquid full of flavor, she has the pleasant sensation of revenge.

Suddenly, his other hand gently stroke her face. That strange touch unexpectedly made her has an indescribable feeling.

’’Fool, I'm Lei Yin.’’ A clear and familiar voice sounded in her ears.

At that moment, Naoko could hardly believe her ears. She unconsciously loosened her tightly biting teeth to look at the owner of this hand.

It's not Hinatsu Junichiro, it's him, it's really him!

When looking at his pair of deep and clear eyes, Naoko almost got into a shock.


’’Really? Hinatsu Junichiro didn't....that on me?’’ Naoko closely looked at his eyes and asked.

The right hand gently stroking her back, Lei Yin kissed her face and said: ’’You are my woman, of course, I will not let people take advantage of you. In fact, there are some things you didn't know, I've arranged a few people to protect you around the clock. Only when I'm around you, they will temporarily leave. When Hinatsu Junichiro made you get on the car, the person that I arranged to protect you has actually been following from behind. On that same day, when Hinatsu Junichiro drove through a no man's area, they intercepted him. And then they saved you. That's it.’’

’’Then why are my clothes being replaced? Lei, I beg you to tell me the truth, okay? Please don't lie to me.’’ Naoko said while crying.

’’You this fellow didn't even believe my words. Listen, I'm the one who changed your clothes. Because your original clothes were wet with sweat, so I helped you to change. Forget it, even if I go on, you will still think I'm lying to you.

Fool, you are a woman, can't you feel something if you have been done by a person? Go look at your own body at the bathroom and you'll know.’’ Lei Yin a bit reluctantly said.

Hearing what he said, Naoko immediately came to her senses. Just too excited, even such a simple thing she was unable to think of.

Can't manage her shy, she quickly went to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she came out red faced.

Seeing her happy expression from the angle of her eyebrows, which can't be concealed, Lei Yin opened his arms with a smile.

Naoko full of shame walked over to sit on his lap.

’’I'm sorry, letting you frightened, I should've got rid of that guy.’’ Lei Yin said, kissing her temple.

Thinking about the previous thrilling experience, Naoko can't help but cringe.

Shaking her head, she tightly held the gauze on his right hand, feeling guilty.

’’Lei, I'm sorry. It must have been very painful, right?’’ She said while bursting into tears.

’’I'm fine.’’ He gently stroked her hair.

Hearing this, Naoko cried even more.

Previously, when he was being bitten, he instinctively wanted to unleash his true qi to his hand, but because he was afraid that would hurt her mouth, he had to bear down hard.

’’Although I was bitten, I also sort of took advantage of you. Naoko, your body is so beautiful.’’ In order to distract her attention, Lei Yin suddenly said a sentence in her ear.

Sure enough, after hearing this words, all of Naoko's exposed skin turned pink.


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