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Awakening - Chapter 101


Awakening: Chapter 101-Rooftop

’’I want to ask you about some things.’’ At the stairs, the transfer student Nagasaki after coming back from his long leave, stood before Masashi and asked.

’’Rumi, Kazumi, you go back first.’’ Masashi said to the two girls.

’’Brother, you be careful.’’ Kazumi looked coldly at the transfer student, and then said.

’’I know.’’

Kazumi then took Rumi's hand and walked to the classroom.

’’Well, what matter do you have looking for me?’’ On the rooftop, Masashi looked at him.

’’Is it not you're doing?’’ Nagasaki asked.

’’I don't understand what you mean.’’ Masashi said with a shrug.

’’My house has been maliciously set on fire, I want to know, was it you who did it?’’ The transfer student asked again.

’’Do you think a high school student could do this kind of thing?’’ Masashi asked.

Nagasaki glanced at him, then coldly snorted, ’’you must be very happy now, right? But don't you get too comfortable, my house was just burned with my family's financial resources, it's not even worth the attention.’’ He said codly.

In face, her felt that it was impossible for the ordinary high school student Masashi to do this thing, it was likely that his bastard father provoked some trouble. The reason for asking was just to determine it.

’’Worthy of being rich, tone is certainly not small.’’ Masashi laughed.

Nagasaki didn't want to hear his voice again, then turned around and walked towards the stairs.

’’Yes, Nagasaki student. I would also like to ask you a question.’’ Masashi from behind him suddenly spoke a sentence.

’’What's the matter?’’ Nagasaki said without looking back.

’’Do you know that there's a strange substance called diethyl aluminum chloride, I heard that as long as it's exposed to the air even for a very short time it would explode, does Nagasaki student heard this kind of thing?’’

’’It really was you!’’ Nagasaki shouted, then suddenly turned around and looked fiercely at Masashi.

’’It appears that Nagasaki had heard of such a thing.’’ Masashi said with a smile.

’’I will never let this matter go.’’ Nagasaki tightly clenched his fist.

’’Nagasaki Naichi, male, 26 years old, a genius boy with an IQ of 140. His father Nagasaki Masao, 56 years old, owns an export corporation called Nagasaki Business Organization and is now the head. His wife Mieko, 40 years old, has been divorced with Nagasaki Masao for three years already and is now single.’’ Masashi said slowly.

’’You actually had someone investigate me?’’ Nagasaki said angrily.

Masashi didn't pay any attention to him, continued: ’’Your elder brother, Nagasaki Kyoshi was a surgeon. He was Nagasaki Masao with his passed away former wife's child, and is your half-blood brother. But I don't know why, three years ago, Nagasaki Masao suddenly announced to terminate their parent-child relationship with Nagasaki Kyoshi. Although the outsiders don't know the real situation, but I heard some strange rumors. I heard that Nagasaki Kyoshi, and his stepmother Mieko, usually seems to look too close, workers even say that, once in the morning they saw your mother coming out of your mother's room. That's weird, your mother had been long divorce for three years, while this matter was also three years ago, your father terminating their parent-child relationship. You say, isn't this a little too coincidental?’’

’’You son of a bitch, I'm going to kill you!’’ Nagasaki's veins were exposed, while his whole face twisted up.

’’Since my two younger sister's being surrounded by hoodlums previously, my first thought that it was you. Afterwards, after I've sent someone to investigate you, I've discovered that your related to these matter and gave told your middle-aged butler to give them money. But at that time I was a little bit busy, so I couldn't talk to you. But then something happened, do you what it was?’’ Masashi looked at him.

Knowing that he wouldn't answer, Masashi went on and said: ’’I met the Tokyo Ripper Chojiro.’’

Hearing the name, Nagasaki was shocked.

’’Then he said something very strange, he said that he had a very capable younger brother, who by hacking the Metropolitan Police line was able to find my report. Also, the one who arranged his place was his so-called younger brother. But ironically, the one who informed the police to surround and capture him at that place was that same person. I had a strange feeling at that time, his so-called younger brother perhaps is someone who I know. In order to confirm this, I started to investigate every suspicious people that I know, of course, that also includes you.’’

Masashi lazily leaned on the barbed wire at the roof, ’’In the report, I found that it had something to do with you, the investigation informed about a strange place. Your half-blood elder brother Nagasaki Kyoshi mysteriously went missing one year ago. Not only did he disappear from the hospital he works, he also wasn't at the place he lived in, and no one saw him again. There is, Nagasaki Kyoshi's mother, Nagasaki Masao's wife who had passed away, before she hadn't married your father, her given name was Maruo Kiku.

You should know that by today's cosmetic technology, it's actually very simple to become another person.

If the above peculations are true, then the answer is apparent.

In fact, Nagasaki Kyoshi is Maruo Chojiro.

Perhaps because of the relationship between your mother, Nagasaki Kyoshi seems to be good to you. But it's also because of her relationship, that in fact, you really hate him, or that you're afraid of him, because he was a madman. You helped him arrange the place to gain his trust, until finally, you finally found the opportunity to kill him.

If my guess is correct, you transferred to this school perhaps because of me. In fact, you wanted to know what kind of person I really am. Since it was my advice that allowed the police to successfully ambush him.

Am I right, Nagasaki student?’’ Masashi turned around and looked at him dismissively.

At this time, the transfer students face turned white and green, while having a bitter and complex look at Masashi.

’’So in retaliation, you set my house on fire?’’ After a long time, Nagasaki said darkly.

’’Sorry, I'm not going to answer any of your question. Don't forget Kazuo that idiot was dismissed because I recorded him, so you'd better be careful.’’ Masashi shrugged and walked in front of him.

’’Gennai Masashi, don't get too comfortable, I....’’

Before he could finish, Masashi suddenly grabbed his neck with his right hand and ruthlessly smashed him to the wall.

’’Boy, don't annoy me, if my two younger sisters were really hurt last time, I'm going to make you wish you were dead. If you dare think about harming them again, there will be no second warning.’’ The youth said as he tightened his grasp on the neck.

’’Uh...’’ Nagasaki was struggling in pain, desperately wanting to get away from his hand.

After a while, the youth released his hand, while Nagasaki knelt down on the ground constantly panting.

’’If I really wanted to deal with you, it would be easier than crushing an ant.’’ Masashi stepped on his heaving chest, while looking down at him.

When Masashi went down stairs, Nagasaki's whole body was still trembling uncontrollably for a long time ....

’’Lei, I'm really happy that you're staying with me, but I'm worried that you'll miss your lessons.’’ Naoko-sensei sitting on the teenager's thigh a little worriedly said.

’’Really some just like to worry, just look when I show you my final exam grades.’’ The youth said, while he put his head on neck heartily smelling her fragrance.

’’Lei, you seem to be a little unhappy today, what happened?’’ Naoko affectionately stroked his face.

The teenager laughed a little, ’’I know how all those guys are, my intuition is different than that from an ordinary person. In fact, it's nothing, just felt a little tired of fighting, and suddenly feel that those things are unnecessary.’’

Although she didn't understand what the teenager said, but a wise woman isn't talkative, so Naoko-sensei didn't ask, and clung on his waist with both of her hands, while tenderly pressing her face on his shoulder.

The two quietly cuddled together, although nobody spoke, but the air was as if filled with the warm feeling and aroma of coffee that made it feel very comfortable.

Being together with the woman, the teenager more and more liked her unique flavor.

Suddenly, Naoko-sensei's phone on the desk rang.

She couldn't help but be a little resentful while looking up, and stood as she answered the phone, the youth also suddenly stood up, walking towards her and hugged her beside the desk.

Naoko-sensei shyly looked at him, then let him hold her, as she picked up the phone on the desk and pressed the answer key.

’’Hello, may I ask who's calling?’’

’’Mr. Junichiro, what do you want?’’

’’You want to invite me for dinner? I'm sorry, I've been very busy recently, thank you very much.’’

’’You're kidding, I don't have time. If there's nothing else, I'll hang up.’’


After closing the line, Naoko-sensei playfully stuck out her tongue at the youth.

’’Does that guy often bother you?’’ The teenager asked.

’’Not too often, but sometimes just like today he would invite me to dinner, watch movies and the like, Lei, you have to believe me, I really have nothing to do with him, I've never accepted any of his invitations.’’ Naoko-sensei looked at him a little anxious.

’’Fool, don't be cranky.’’ The youth lowered his head and kissed her delicate lips.

Naoko-sensei immediately gently responded.

After a while, the two's lips separated, the youth's heart beat as he looked at Naoko-sensei's complexion becoming bright red, and was extremely captivated.

After he sat down beside the bed, the teenager's left hand played with her two beautiful jade-like feet.

Seeing the teenager's intimate action, Naoko-sensei was both happy and shy, and could only shiver as she held his neck with her arm, letting him do what he wants.

’’Naoko, your feet are beautiful, I love the way you wear sandals, really lovely. However, it would be best if you don't wear miniskirt on the streets, otherwise those pervert would look at you, and I'll feel jealous.’’ The youth said in her ear.

’’Um, later I'll only put it on for you to look.’’ Naoko-sensei blushes as she smiled bashfully, it was the first time she saw him with this kind of expression.


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