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Atelier Tanaka - Chapter 18.1


Alchemist Edita 2

Morning of the second day in the dorm.

’’Tanaka-san, it's morning.....’’

I was awoken by the sound of someone's voice. Sophia-chan was standing beside my bed dressed in her maid uniform. Is this real life? Is there a beautiful girl dressed in a maid uniform waking me up in the morning?

I got up in an instant.

By the way, my bedroom was separate from the living room. This dorm has three bedrooms including mine and the maid's room. Although the number of bedrooms isn't extraordinary, the size of these rooms can't even be compared to those in Edita Sensei's house. There's even a toilet and bath here.

’’Ah, good morning.’’

’’Breakfast is ready, you can come get it yourself.’’

’’T-Thank you....’’

Her attitude was still unpleasant. However, she still seems to do her job properly. I'll be sure to take advantage of that. She's definitely cold compared to the maid I met earlier, but this is still nice.

With a small bow, she quickly left my room.

I quickly changed clothes and hurried after her into the living room.

The freshly prepared breakfast was set out on the dining table.

There was a small metal, two-tiered cart next to the table. Just like everything in this dorm, it had a beautiful design. It looks like there are hot water and empty cups for tea on the lower shelf.


This isn't good. I can feel such strong emotions welling up inside me.

I'm just too happy. I can feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

Such a great morning banquet made just for me.

I never thought something like this would be possible in my life.

’’.....Is there something wrong?’’

’’Eh? Ah, no it's nothing. I'm fine.’’

I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and took a seat.

I looked at the food laid out before me and suddenly felt a sense of doubt.

’’Did you make this, Sophia-san?’’

’’This meal was prepared by a professional chef. Though each room has its own kitchen, so some students have their maids or a chef they brought from their family home cook for them.’’

’’I see.’’

The personal wealth of each individual student plays an even bigger part in school life than I thought. Even if a commoner were able to, somehow, pay the enrollment fee to enter this school, they'd still be treated poorly by most of the other students.

Still, I'd like to be able to eat Sophia-chan's homemade cooking at some point. For that to happen, we'd need to start getting along.

’’By the way, is this meal only for me?’’


’’Then, Sophia-chan's meal is.....’’

’’I will eat in my room after Tanaka-san finishes eating.’’

That sounds like what every maid would say.

Or does she really hate the idea of eating with me that much?


In a normal situation, it would be the former, but based on how she reacts to me, the latter seems to be the case.

A delicious meal prepared by a beautiful maid is every man's dream. It is something I hope to experience several times in my new life. Ah, there's nothing that can equal this.

However, this dream would only be possible if I had a maid that had received a proper education.

For someone like Sophia-chan, who was born into a lower class family, I'm not sure this dream can become a reality. As I'm just about to start eating my meal, Sophia-chan is staring at me with dead eyes. I'll honestly feel more guilty than hungry if this situation stays like this.

That's why I came up with a plan. This would also, hopefully, reduce the distance between us.

’’If it's not too inconvenient for you, would you like to eat with me?’’

’’I was told that is not part of a maid's job.....’’

’’Then, you can just consider this to be part of your work.’’


Sophia-chan looked as if she were growing more and more impatient.

’’Are you against doing that?’’


’’If we eat the same meals together, it will be easier to clean up. I also feel like it would be troublesome for you to have to always bring your meals into your room. And, more than anything, I feel uncomfortable enjoying this meal while you just have to stand there.’’


After trying to explain somewhat, Sophia-chan's expression froze. I don't know why she reacted like this, but I think I can see her face twitching somewhat. Was she at a loss for words?

She must be thinking, ’’I'd never want to eat with an ugly old man like you.’’

But I won't give up. I want to eat a meal with Sophia-chan.

’’How about it? We ate together on the airship.’’

’’If that's the case.....Umm, if it's with you....I'm sorry.....’’

’’No, I don't think it's anything you need to apologize for.’’

Sophia-chan ran off into the kitchen while pushing the metal cart with her. She must have gone to grab her own meal.

She soon returned with her own meal that was similar to my own. I guess she already had her meal ready.

She quickly set out the dishes opposite me and sat down at the table. She started eating but would frequently glance up at me. It seems she can't fully enjoy her meal because the middle-aged man's soy sauce face is being reflected in the plate.

By the way, the meal today is something like bread, fried eggs, a salad, chicken sauté, and soup. Very extravagant. The reason I said it's 'something like' is because I don't really know much about the food of this world, but it closely resembles those foods from Earth.

’’It's very good, isn't it?’’


’’The dressing on the salad is delicious....’’


’’......T-The soup is also seasoned nicely.’’


The time passed with almost no conversation between us.

I'll try to talk with her more during this evening's meal.

Someday, I will eat a meal with Sophia-chan while we talk comfortably with each other.


After I finished eating, I left to visit Edita Sensei.

I had to walk there on foot all the way from the student dormitory. The warm temperature didn't help and after walking for some time, I was sweating a little. I decided to take a short rest at a cafénear her house.

After catching my breath, I went straight to her house and knocked on the front door. My sensei that was now living in my old home stared at my face. It was the face of the middle-aged man that she only met yesterday. She didn't say anything as she let me in through the familiar front door. She then led me to my old living room.

I'm glad she let me in so easily. I honestly thought she'd refuse me.

And like that, we were now sitting opposite each other in the living room. There were two cups of tea on the table in-between us. The steam from the tea Sensei prepared gently rose into the air.

’’So? You want to know how to make the elixir of youth?’’

’’Yes. If you wouldn't mind, can you please teach me?’’

The only reason I came to visit her was to learn this.

It was the only reason I decided to even learn alchemy.


I want to be young.

If I can be young, I'm sure I can find a girlfriend.

’’Sensei, among all of your writings, that was the only page missing.’’

’’......You read through everything?’’

’’I'm sorry. At the time I didn't think you were alive.’’

’’Fu~n, so you want me to tell you?’’

Sensei, the blonde lolita, was acting haughty with her legs crossed in the chair.

Today, as well as the other day, she's wearing a robe with a mini skirt. I can clearly see her panties.

I can see her exposed thigh and if I follow that up, I can see everything clearly.

It truly is a beautiful sight.

Someday, I want to give her a black garter belt as a present.

It would absolutely suit her.

’’Though, it is possible I've forgotten a lot of what I read. I would like to go through it once more if possible.’’


The panty flashing alchemist showed a cruel smile.

That cruel expression is a strangely good fit for her face. It's so cute.

’’What is the neutralizing agent used when preparing the sulfema solution?’’

It's an alchemist's riddle.

Luckily, this was something I remembered.

’’There was something about that written in one of your works about the Zanme solution, but another work, wrote two years later, said that if you mix the oil from the raffe fruit in a ratio of 2:1, you can greatly improve the efficacy of the solution.’’


’’How about that?’’

’’.......Decent, for a human.’’

Her expression now changed to show I had piqued her interest.

Sensei's face like this is also cute.

I don't know if I can control myself when it comes to this loli and her plump thighs.

I want her to smother my head in-between those healthy legs.

’’You're not as good as me, but at least you have some education.’’

She doesn't think I'm amazing, but she also doesn't think I'm stupid.

I'm normal. Average.

’’It certainly is as you said. There is a page missing with the recipe.’’


’’.....It's not like there's any special reason for it.’’

’’If you don't mind, I'd like to know more details.’’


I asked this, but Sensei seemed to hesitate.

It looked like she was worried about something.

Of course, there is always one or two things a person wants to keep secret. Maybe it's hard for her to tell me if I ask so directly. However, the only way for me to reach my goal is for me to create this elixir of youth.

’’I'm sorry.....I apologize for looking through your notes without permission, but I just want to know if there are other conditions I need to meet. Please, tell me.’’

’’You don't need to apologize.’’

’’Really? Then.....’’

Edita Sensei was clearly anxious.

After all, there really is a reason for the missing page.

’’At the very least, can you just tell me what I need?’’


I asked again and I could see her shoulders tremble.

’’Sensei, are you still not feeling well?’’

’’N-No, that's not it! You're wrong!’’

’’Really? Then, it should be fine.’’

Should I stop asking about it?

I feel like I'm asking about a sensitive subject to her.

However, contrary to my own concerns, she responded.

’’About the page, I'm still having some trouble remembering things. I want some time to organize my thoughts. Can you give me some time to do that?’’

’’Is that okay?’’

’’Of course. I owe you a lot for yesterday anyway.’’

’’Ah, I don't want to force you though....’’

’’S-Shut up. Be good and wait quietly.’’

’’Sure, but....’’

There's definitely something wrong with Edita Sensei.

It seems like she's become a lot more docile compared to yesterday, Even if she's acting like she's okay, she could still be sick and she may not have fully recovered yet. It's also possible that my face isn't helping her get any better.

When I think about it, the chances of my face being the cause are high.

It's unlikely that, as I am now, I'll ever be able to live with a woman. This girl is an excellent alchemist. If possible, I'd like to have a good relationship with her for the rest of my life. I should probably say goodbye before my face causes her to feel any more disgust.

’’Then, I think I'll be leaving for today.’’


Thank you for this valuable LoliTalk.

’’Thank you very much for today, Edita Sensei.’’

’’I didn't do much. Although finding the recipe for that elixir may be hard, if there's anything else you need, I'll help if I can. If you want to use the atelier for anything, or even look through some of my books, feel free to ask me whenever.’’

’’This is your atelier. This is your home. I would never want to take that away from you. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to get my own house. And, at that time, I'll invite you over.’’

I want my own home.

Not a second-hand house that doesn't really belong to me.



’’If that's the case, I have a request for you.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’I'd like it if you could brew a hot cup of tea when I come to visit. Oh, and I'd also like it if you'd stop staring at my chest and thighs. How much of a lo*ic*n are you? Did you really think I wouldn't notice your perverted stare? Also, stop calling me 'sensei' already. That last one is required.’’

’’But, Sensei is a teacher. Didn't you teach alchemy?’’

I was intensely staring at her chest and thighs.

I could see Sensei getting visibly annoyed.

’’It makes me feel sick. Are you trying to mock me?’’

’’No, of course not.’’

’’If you call me that again, even if I remember the recipe for the elixir, I won't teach you the recipe. Do you understand?’’

’’.....I-I understand. I'll only call you Edita.’’


I was turned on calling Edita 'Sensei', so I'm a little disappointed not to be able to call her that anymore.

’’Then, I'll be leaving, Edita.’’


She nodded to me and I left her house.


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