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Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 - 3 Seconds, Die!

’’HA HA HA! I like seeing you like this!’’ The little person reached and rubbed Su Yan Ni's face. ’’You're a police officer, and I'm a thief. You actually believe my words? Should I say that you're childish or that you're stupid? To the policemen outside, listen! There are still 25 minutes left. If I don't see a helicopter, all the people in this jewelry shop will die.’’

Now Su Yan Ni's eyes were soulless. She just looked at the pregnant woman collapsed in the middle of a pool of blood as if she could hear the wailing of the baby inside that woman's stomach.

’’Why? Why would you kill her? She was about to have a baby! She was about to be a mother. How could you open fire!? How could you do this?’’

The little person pulled Su Yan Ni into the jewelry store. Seeing Su Yan Ni going crazy, he grabbed her by the neck with one hand and pushed her onto the ground. He leaned close to Su Yan Ni's ear and said, ’’She is already useless to us so naturally she doesn't need to live. Later, if you become useless, we will also quickly deliver you down to accompany her.’’ (T/N: In Chinese culture, all dead people go down to the nether world when they die.)

’’Why? Why...?’’ Su Yan Ni had already cried a face full of tears, her eyes dull. If she hadn't presumed to exchange herself for the hostage, she wouldn't have died. It's my fault. I brought harm to that woman. It's my fault.

At the moment the gunshot occurred, a scared shout echoed throughout FJ University's cafeteria. Li Ling Er shouted, ’’Brother Tie Zhu!’’

Only to look around to find out that Zhao Tie Zhu's whereabouts were now unknown.

The little person dragged Su Yan Ni to a corner of the jewelry shop and tied her hands behind a chair. He swallowed a bit of drool and said, ’’Little beauty, big brother is going out first. I'll be right back.’’

The giant frowned and said, ’’Ah, don't ruin things!’’

’’I know.’’ The little person laughed. He walked up to a couple of shop clerks that had been taken hostage. The little person laughed when he saw a man hugging his knees sobbing. He kicked the man and said, ’’Go out. Go out and tell them to quickly prepare a helicopter for us.’’

The man looked at the little person in surprise. The little person said discontentedly, ’’Hurry up. If you don't go I'll choose someone else.’’

’’I'll go, I'll go.’’ The man smoothly cautiously up and walked outside.

’’Walk faster! Don't drag your feet!’’ The little person shouted from behind him.

’’Yes Yes Yes.’’ The man walked out of the store. The sun shone so brightly in his face that he couldn't open his eyes for a moment, but he did not stop. He continued to run forward. Towards to police. Towards his family and friends. It seemed as if he could see the smile on the faces of his family. He smiled happily.


The smile froze on his face. A flower of blood blossomed on his still young and tender face.

The little person blew the smoke rising from his gun and said in a low voice, ’’Whoever cries will end up the same way.’’

’’Listen up, people outside! Right now there are only 20 minutes left. If in 20 minutes I haven't seen a helicopter, everyone will end up the same way as that man,’’ the giant yelled.

The little person used the gun to force all the hostages into an inner room in the jewelry store. There were three men and 2 women amongst the hostages. The ones who were originally wailing had all stopped sobbing. They walked into the inner room with frightened faces except for one middle aged man. Although he showed a flustered demeanor, his eyes were filled with determination.

When the middle age man passed by the little person, this man suddenly fought back. A small capture palm was thrown towards the little person! His goal was the gun in the little person's hand.

A look of disdain flashed across the little person's face. He twisted the gun in his hand. The middle-aged man's hand only grabbed air. The middle aged man's face changed, but it was too late to think of something else. The middle aged man changed his grab to a punch, the back of his hand went downwards and hit the little person's arm. The little person actually remained motionless. Then he grabbed the middle-aged man's hand, hooked his leg, and the middle aged man was flung out into the air.

The middle aged man rolled a few times on the ground and quickly stood up. He looked at the little person gravely.

’’He's even a [martial arts] practioner!’’ The little person licked his lips, threw the gun at the giant, and said, ’’I'll go and play with him. You watch these people.’’ The giant rolled his eyes and directly walked to the side.

The middle aged man slow walked the Ba Gua steps, seemingly near yet far from the little person. The pace of his footsteps contained a strange pattern, making people unconsciously move to his rhythm and pace. (T/N: Ba Gua is a form of martial arts. It literally means 8 diagrams)

’’Nine Palace Ba Gua Steps? You're close, but you might as well call Líng Dào Yáng to come out. Ha ha.’’ The little person shouted as loud as thunder, breaking the middle aged man's rhythm in a flash. The middle aged man's expression changed greatly. Before he could retaliate, the little person's wind fist swept towards him. The middle-aged man swiftly moved his leg. His body seemed as if it had not moved at all, but the little persons fist mysteriously only hit air. (T/N: No idea who Ling Dao Yang is. Any help?)

’’Interesting. Let's see if you can take my second punch.’’ The little person laughed, his legs kicking in a rapid motion, in a slightly similar manner to the middle-aged man, except his legs were faster, and his tempo was stronger.

Hu! The little person shouted again. This time his speed was a little faster than last time. The middle aged man broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn't dodge the attacks anymore. He put his hands in front of his face. Peng. A loud sound rang out. The little person broke the middle aged man's arm.

’’Too weak.’’ The little person shook his head, stepped forward and drop kicked the middle aged man. He flew out, crashing on the ground. It was unknown weather he was alive or dead.

’’Stop playing. There's only ten minutes left.’’ The giant threw the gun at the little person. The little person took the gun, pointed it at the middle aged man, and shot him straight through a leg. The middle aged man's body twitched and he let out a dull roar.

’’Ha Ha ha. I'm not going to kill you so you can spend the rest of your life disabled! Ha Ha ha.’’ The little person shot through the middle aged man's other leg. He turned and walked out of the inner room and dragged Su Yan Ni and the chair [she was tied to] into the inner room.

As he put Su Yan Ni on the chair, the little person's body shook and trembled, constantly sucking in breath after breath. Su Yan Ni's vacuous eyes completely did not even look at the little person.

’’Bitch, look at me.’’ The little person suddenly slapped Su Yan Ni's face. Su Yan Ni gave no response, just silently bled from the corner of her lips.

The little person fiercely ripped off his mask. His lip lifted up in a strange way and connected to his nose. He turned out to have a cleft palate!!! That sinister face flushed red with a murderous air.

’’You're all like this. You dislike looking at me, but I can definitely f*k you all. Ha Ha Ha.’’ The little person suddenly laughed loudly. He reached out and with one snatch, tore Su Yan Ni's uniform, revealing a white bra.

’’ZeZeZe, you little bitch. You're body is pretty good.’’ The little person's body shook harder and harder, his hand slowly reaching towards Su Yan Ni's chest. In these short seconds, he was already breathing hard like a bull.

Su Yan Ni still showed no reaction, as if her soul had already left her body.

’’I...I...I'm going to f*k you to death.’’ The little person suddenly growled as his body slung across Su Yan Ni's.


A frigid voice suddenly rang out. That voice sounded as if it came from the depths of hell, without a trace of emotion, only limitless cold.

The little person was startled.

Without any response, his body had already flown out a few meters, spewing a fountain of fresh blood, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

Then a black shadow instantaneously appeared next to the little person. Hong. One punch. One punch directly aimed at the little person's chest. The little person's body was like paper mache. One punch entered from the little person's chest and out through his back. (T/N: Hong. also can be bang/boom/crash/etc Onomatopoeia)

In total, 3 seconds. The little person, dead.

The giant had started to lift his hand when that shadow appeared in front of him. Again, one punch. This is punch that no one would be able to block. The giant's head exploded into numerous fragments, scattering in the air.

3 seconds, again!

Su Yan Ni looked up soullessly, without any spirit in her eyes.

Zhao Tie Zhu walked slowly towards Su Yan Ni, squatted down, took the clothing off his body, and covered Su Yan Ni with them. He spoke softly, ’’I came late.’’

Su Yan Ni's slack gaze slowly focused. Looking at this obviously skinny weak body in front of her, Su Yan Ni's body slowly started to twitch, tears uncontrollably gushing out.

Zhao Tie Zhu reached out and held Su Yan Ni in his arms. He whispered, ’’I'm here. You're OK.’’


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