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Arifureta - Chapter 121



Status Plates


Nagumo Hajime (南雲ハジメ) Strength 10950 >12150

17 yo M Vitality 13190 >14250

Transmuter (錬成師) Resist 10670 >11870

Lv ??? >??? Agility 13450 >14550

ch 25 >122 Magic 14780 >15980

Adventurer Rank: Gold Magic Resist 14780 >15980

Hero of the series. Originally a gentle, quiet otaku boy, but

was labelled incompetant ->bullied ->fell into the abyss ->

left arm was eaten ->became OP ->mindset changed: now talks

with guns-first. Harem happened (though he treats Yue alone as

special). Seeks to conquer the Great Dungeons so he can return

home to Japan. (Author Note: stats are temporary, don't worry

too much about it)

錬成 Transmutation

[+鉱物系鑑定] + Mineral Appraisal

[+精密錬成] + Precision Transmutation

[+鉱物系探査] + Mineral Enquiry

[+鉱物分離] + Mineral Separation

[+鉱物融合] + Mineral Fusion

[+複製錬成] + Replication Transmutation

[+圧縮錬成] + Compression Transmutation

[+高速錬成] + High-speed Transmutation

[+自動錬成] + Automatic Transmutation

[+イメージ補強力上昇] + Image Reinforcement Power Increase

[+消費魔力減少] + Magic Consumption Reduction

[+鉱物分解] + Mineral Decomposition

魔力操作Magic Manipulation

[+魔力放射] + Magic Emission

[+魔力圧縮] + Magic Compression

[+遠隔操作] + Remote Control

胃酸強化Stomach Acid Strengthening (Iron Stomach)

纏雷 Lightning Armor (Lightning Clad)

[+雷耐性] + Lightning Resistance

[+出力増大] + Output Increase

天歩 Sky Walk (divine Step)

[+空力] + Void Grip (Air Walk/Aerodynamic)

[+縮地] + Shukuchi (Instant Movement/Flicker/Ground Shrink)

[+豪脚] + Grand Legs

[+瞬光] + Lightspeed

風爪 Wind Claw (Air Claw)

[+三爪] + Triple Claws

[+飛爪] + Flying Claws

夜目 Night Vision

遠見 Far Vision


[+特定感知] + Specific Perception

魔力感知Magic Perception

[+特定感知] + Specific Perception

熱源感知Heat Perception

[+特定感知] + Specific Perception

気配遮断Hide Presence (Sign Interception)

[+幻踏] + Phantom Dance (Phantom Step)

毒耐性 Poison Resistance

麻痺耐性Paralysis Resistance

石化耐性Petrification Resistance

恐慌耐性Panic Resistance

全属性耐性 All Elements Resistance

先読 Foresight

金剛 Vajra (Indestructible)

[+部分強化] + Specific Reinforcement

[+集中強化] + Concentrated Reinforcement

[+付与強化] + Grant Reinforcement

豪腕 Grand Arm

威圧 Coercion (Pressure/Intimidation)

念話 Telepathy

追跡 Tracking

高速魔力回復 High-speed Magic Recovery

[+魔素集束] + Mana Focusing

魔力変換Magic Conversion

[+体力変換] + Vitality Conversion

[+治癒力変換] + Healing Conversion

[+衝撃変換] + Impact Conversion

限界突破Limit Break (x3 all stats buff)

生成魔法Creation Magic

重力魔法Gravity Magic

空間魔法Space Magic

再生魔法Regeneration Magic

魂魄魔法Spirit Magic

言語理解Language Comprehension

* Weapon names (German/German pronounciation):

ドンナー・シュラーク Donner &Schlag (’’Thunder &Shock’’), (rail)revolvers

シュラーゲン Schlagen (’’Knockout’’), anti-materiel (rail)rifle

メツェライ Metzelei (’’Slaughter’’), gatling (rail)gun

オルカンOrkan (’’Hurricane’’), rocket &missile launcher

ヒュベリオン Hyperion (’’Sun God’’), laser satellite

フェルニル Ferner (’’Further’’), airship

* Automatic Transmutation:

Automatically transmutes materials in a magic formation until

the magic in the formation is exhausted.

* Mineral Decomposition:

By carefully permeating magic, mineral bonds can be unbound.

It's possible to decompose up to the smallest unit, but is

time consuming. Unusable in combat. Skill used to process

sand-like minerals.

* Triple Claws:

Whereas the old bear claw would fire one, this fires three

identical wind blades.

* Flying Claws:

Wind blades now fly.

Yue Strength 120 > 220

323 yo F Vitality 300 > 450

Sorceress (神子) Resist 60 > 100

Lv 75 > 82 Agility 120 > 220

ch 67 >122 Magic 6980 > 9180

Adventurer Rank: Gold Magic Resist 7120 > 9320

Main heroine of the series. Imprisoned in the abyss, was saved

by Hajime. Most skilled magic user in this world. Also Hajime's

most skilled ero-opponent. For the time being, classed as a

Kuudere. Kuudere + bewitching + vampire princess + loli


自動再生Auto Regeneration

[+痛覚操作] + Pain Control

[+再生操作] + Regeneration Control

全属性適性 All Elements Aptitude

複合魔法Compound Magic

魔力操作Magic Manipulation

[+魔力放射] + Magic Emission

[+魔力圧縮] + Magic Compression

[+遠隔操作] + Remote Control

[+効率上昇] + Increased Efficiency

[+魔素吸収] + Mana Absorption

[+身体強化] + Body Strengthening

想像構成Imagination Composition

[+イメージ補強力上昇] + Image Reinforcement Power Up

[+複数同時構成] + Multiple Simultaneous Composition

[+遅延発動] + Delayed Invocation

血力変換Blood Conversion

[+身体強化] + Body Strengthening

[+魔力変換] + Magic Conversion

[+体力変換] + Vitality Conversion

[+血盟契 約] + Blood Oath Contract

高速魔力回復 High-speed Magic Recovery

生成魔法Creation Magic

重力魔法Gravity Magic

空間魔法Space Magic

再生魔法Regeneration Magic

魂魄魔法Spirit Magic

* Blood Oath Contract: (ch.67)

Drastic efficiency increase when blood is drained from a

contracted person (ie: Hajime).

* Imagination Composition: (ch.67)

Magic formations can be completed with only a mental image

(ie: chantless/formationless magic).

* Regeneration Control:

Can freely control regeneration ability.

Shia Houria Strength 60 > 100

16 yo F Vitality 80 > 120

diviner (占術師) Resist 60 > 100

Lv 40 > 48 Agility 85 > 130

ch 67 >122 Magic 3020 > 3800

Adventurer Rank: Gold Magic Resist 3180 > 4000

Heroine. Bunny Girl. Perky, energetic, frivolous. But has

recently turned into a splendid person. Demi-humans are unable

to use magic, but Shia is able to directly manipulate magic

despite that. Has no magical aptitude, but can use body

strengthening to a degree that makes her a bugged character.

Disappointing beauty + rabbit + desu + naive attributes.

未来視 Future Sight

[+自動発動] + Automatic Invocation

[+仮定未来] + Future Prediction

[+天啓視] + divine Revelation Sight

魔力操作Magic Manipulation

[+身体強化] + Body Strengthening

[+部分強化] + Specific Strengthening

[+変換効率上昇Ⅲ] + Conversion Efficiency Up III

[+集中強化] + Concentration Strengthening

重力魔法Gravity Magic

空間魔法Space Magic

再生魔法Regeneration Magic

魂魄魔法Spirit Magic

* Weapon names (German/German pronounciation):

ドリュッケン Drücken (’’Press’’), sledgehammer + shotgun

* divine Revelation Sight:

Can glimpse a few seconds ahead into the future. Unlike

Future Prediction it doesn't consume magic so it can be

continuously active.

* Conversion Efficiency Up III:

Converts magic to physical stats (Str/Vit/Res/Agi) at a

1:3 ratio (ie: 3800 = +11400).

Tio Kurarusu Strength 770 > 880 [+Dragon Form 4620 > 8800]

563 yo F Vitality 1100 > 1250 [+Dragon Form 6600 >12500]

Guardian (守護者) Resist 1100 > 1250 [+Dragon Form 6600 >12500]

Lv 89 > 93 Agility 580 > 700 [+Dragon Form 3480 > 7000]

ch 67 >122 Magic 4590 > 4990

Adventurer Rank: Gold Magic Resist 4220 > 4620

Pervert. Hajime opened a new door for her when he used his

Pile Bunker on her weak spot. A prudent, intellectual, mature

spirit... or should have been. Heroine. no ja + kimono +

watermelons + shapeshifter attributes.

竜化 Dragon Form

[+竜鱗硬化] + Dragonscale Hardening

[+魔力効率上昇] + Magic Efficiency Up

[+身体能力上昇Ⅱ] + Body Ability Up II

[+咆哮] + Roar

[+風纏] + Wind Armor (Wind Clad)

[+痛覚変換Ⅱ] + Pain Control II

魔力操作Magic Manipulation

[+魔力放射] + Magic Emission

[+魔力圧縮] + Magic Compression

[+遠隔操作] + Remote Control

火属性適性 Fire Element Aptitude

[+魔力消費減少] + Mana Consumption Reduction

[+効果上昇] + Effect Up

[+持続時間上昇] + Duration Up

風属性適性 Wind Element Aptitude

[+魔力消費減少] + Mana Consumption Reduction

[+効果上昇] + Effect Up

[+持続時間上昇] + Duration Up

[+雷属性] + Lightning Element

複合魔法Compound Magic

再生魔法Regeneration Magic

魂魄魔法Spirit Magic

* Dragonscale Hardening: (ch.67)

Hardness can be increased by expending magic. Can also increase

Dragon Form's base stats and resistances.

* Pain Control II:

High level ability to freely convert pain into energy,

increasing all stats. In addition it is possible to store the

converted energy. However the energy can only be stored when

still feeling lingering pain.

* Lightning Element:

Lightning magic is classified as higher ranked wind magic, this

allows lightning magic to be used at the same level as wind


Shirasaki Kaori (白崎香織) Strength 280 > 1200

17 yo F Vitality 460 > 1200

Healer (治癒師) Resist 360 > 1200

Lv 72 > 10 Agility 380 > 1200

ch 71 >122 Magic 1380 > 1200

Magic Resist 1380 > 1200

Heroine. An unfortunate, regular schoolgirl that had her love

interest, Hajime, stolen from her... or so it seems. Feelings

of love for Hajime sprouted during her second year of middle

school. Became consciously aware of her feelings after Hajime

fell into the abyss. When they reunited, forcibly joined the

party when she became aware of Yue stealing Hajime away.

Currently possessing the body of the Apostle of God, Nointo.

Classmate + airhead + Stand (JoJo reference to her Hannya mask)

+ pitiable attributes.

回復魔法Recovery Magic

[+回復効果上昇] + Effect Up

[+回復速度上昇] + Recovery Speed Up

[+イメージ補強力上昇] + Image Reinforcement Power Up

[+浸透看破] + Osmosis Penetration [?]

[+範囲回復効果上昇] + Effect Range Up

[+遠隔回復効果上昇] + Remote Recovery Effect Up

[+状態異常 回復効果上昇] + Abnormal Status Recovery Effect Up

[+消費魔力減少] + Magic Consuption Down

[+魔力効率上昇] + Magic Efficiency Up

[+連続発動] + Consecutive Invocation

[+複数同時発動] + Multiple Invocation

[+遅延発動] + Delayed Invocation

[+付加発動] + Addition Invocation

光属性適性 Light Element Aptitude

[+発動速度上昇] + Movement Speed Up

[+効果上昇] + Effect Up

[+持続時間上昇] + Duration Up

[+連続発動] + Consecutive Invocation

[+複数同時発動] + Multiple Invocation

[+遅延発動] + Delayed Invocation

高速魔力回復 High-speed Magic Recovery

[+瞑想] + Meditation

再生魔法Regeneration Magic

魂魄魔法Spirit Magic

言語理解Language Comprehension

双大剣術Greatsword Dual-wielding Proficiency

分解能力Disintegration Ability (Decomposition Ability)

全属性適性 All Elements Aptitude

複合魔法Compound Magic

* The broken greatswords and wargear were replaced by Hajime.

* Nointo's enchantment, infinite magic supply and pseudo-Limit

Break are disabled.

* Original Apostle's stats are all 12000. Kaori doesn't have

full control of the body yet.

Amanokawa Kouki * Strength 880 > 1020

17 yo M Vitality 880 > 1020

Hero (勇者) Resist 880 > 1020

Lv 72 > 83 Agility 880 > 1020

ch 71 >122 Magic 880 > 1020

Magic Resist 880 > 1020

(*天之河光輝) Hero (lol). A bundle of good and justice. However

since he never thinks he's wrong, he has a bad habit of

interpreting adverse situations to his own convenience. Kaori,

Shizuku and Ryutaro are childhood friends.

全属性適正 All Elements Aptitude

[+光属性効果上昇] + Light Element Effect Up

[+発動速度上昇] + Movement Speed Up

全属性耐性 All Elements Resistance

[+光属性効果上昇] + Light Element Effect Up

物理耐性Physical Resistance

[+治癒力上昇] + Recovery Power Up

[+衝撃緩和] + Impact Allevation

複合魔法Compound Magic

剣術 Sword Proficiency

[+無念無想] + Clear Mind

剛力 Herculean Strength

縮地 Shukuchi (Instant Movement/Flicker/Ground Shrink)

[+爆縮地] + Explosive Shukuchi

先読 Foresight

高速魔力回復 High-speed Magic Recovery


魔力感知Magic Perception

限界突破Limit Break (x3 all stats buff)

[+覇潰] + Supreme Destruction (x5 all stats buff)

言語理解Language Comprehension

Yaegashi Shizuku * Strength 450 > 650

17 yo F Vitality 560 > 760

Swordswoman (剣士) Resist 320 > 520

Lv 72 > 83 Agility 1110 > 1480

ch 71 >122 Magic 380 > 580

Magic Resist 380 > 580

(*八重樫雫) I wonder if she's a heroine... Best friend of Kaori.

Kouki and Ryutaro's childhood friend. Her home is a kendo dojo.

Primary feature of this dignified girl is her ponytail. Has an

excellent grasp of human subtleties and relationships, her

innate personality won't let her ignore trouble around her

giving her a lot of hardships [?]. Recently though she's been

depending too much on someone else...

剣術 Sword Skill

[+斬撃速度上昇] + Slashing Speed Up

[+抜刀速度上昇] + Drawing Sword Velocity Up

[+無拍子] + Mubyoushi

縮地 Shukuchi (Instant Movement/Flicker/Ground Shrink)

[+爆縮地] + Explosive Shukuchi

[+重縮地] + Heavy Shukuchi [?]

[+震脚] + Seismic Leg

[+無拍子] + Mubyoushi

先読 Foresight

[+投影] + Projection


隠業 Hidden Action

[+幻撃] + Phantom Strike

言語理解Language Comprehension

Sakagami Ryuutarou * Strength 820 > 980

17 yo M Vitality 820 > 980

Brawler (拳士) Resist 680 > 790

Lv 72 > 83 Agility 550 > 650

ch 71 >122 Magic 280 > 350

Magic Resist 280 > 350

(*坂上龍太郎) Muscle brain.

格闘術 Martial Arts

[+身体強化] + Body Strengthening

[+部分強化] + Specific Strengthening

[+集中強化] + Concentrated Strengthening

[+浸透破壊] + Penetration Destruction

縮地 Shukuchi (Instant Movement/Flicker/Ground Shrink)

[+爆縮地] + Explosive Shukuchi

物理耐性Physical Resistance

[+金剛] + Vajra (Indestructible)

全属性耐性 All Elements Resistance

言語理解Language Comprehension

Taniguchi Suzu (谷口鈴) Strength 350

17 yo F Vitality 450

Barrier Mage (結界師) Resist 450

Lv 83 Agility 380

ch 122 Magic 820

Magic Resist 580

Chimikko. Mood maker of the class. Unsung hero of the Hero

party. A dirty old man at heart.

結界術適性 Barrier Magic Aptitude

[+魔力効率上昇] + Mana Efficiency Up

[+発動速度上昇] + High-speed Invocation Up

[+遠隔操作] + Remote Control

[+連続発動] + Continuous Activation

光属性適性 Light Element Aptitude

[+障壁適性連動] + Barrier Aptitude Link

言語理解Language Comprehension


Supporting Characters


Myu 4 yo F

Little girl of the Sea-race. Was saved by Hajime from an underground Führen slave auction.

Her father died before she was born, so she comes to love the strong and kind Hajime as her

new father. She's so important to him that Hajime made a new oath. She likes ending her

sentences in ’’nano’’. With the exception of Yue, she is the only person Hajime is completely

weak against.

Remia 24 yo F

Myu's mother. A gentle beauty. An undine widow whose soothes people with her ’’ara ara, ufufu’’.

Hajime often cannot tell whether she is serious or joking. Restrains Hajime's party with her

mature woman charm.


Hatayama Aiko (畑山愛子) 25 yo F, Farmer (作農師)

Social Studies teacher. Has a reverse harem of Temple Knights (though her head is full of

concern for her students so she doesn't notice).

Nakamura Eri (中村恵里) 17 yo F, Necromancer (降霊術師)

Betrayed her classmates to the demons. Used her original darkness magic ’’Soul Bind’’ to

manipulate countless numbers of dead puppet soldiers. Valuable Bokummusume [?].

Nagayama Jugo (永山重) 17 yo M, Heavy Brawler (重格闘家)

Frontline party leader. Old man face.

Nomura Kentaro (野村健太郎) 17 yo M, Earth Mage (土術師)

Nagayama party member. Best friends with Nagayama and Endo. Likes Ayako Tsuji.

Endo Kosuke (遠藤浩介) 17 yo M, Assassin (暗殺者)

Nagayama party member. Has an extremely weak presence. Isn't noticed by labyrinth monsters

or automatic doors.

Tsuji Ayako (辻綾子) 17 yo F, Healer (治癒師)

Nagayama party member. Same class as Kaori, her healing skills are a bit more complex though.

Yoshino Mao (吉野真央) 17 yo F, Enchanter (付与術士)

Nagayama party member. Unsung hero of the party.

Hiyama Daisuke (檜山大介) 17 yo M, Light Warrior (軽戦士)

Leader of the bullies harassing Hajime. Perpetrator who dropped him into the abyss. Blackmailed

by Eri in the beginning, but later killed many of the country's knights and soldiers of his own

volition in order to obtain Kaori. He met a gruesome end when Hajime fed him alive to some

monsters after finally going to town on him.

Nakano Shinji (中野信治) 17 yo M, Water Mage (水術師)

Hiyama gang member.

Saito Yoshiki (斎藤良樹) 17 yo M, Wind Mage (風術師)

Hiyama gang member.

Kondo Reiichi (近藤礼一) 17 yo M, Spear Warrior (槍術師)

Hiyama gang member. Became prey to Eri's Soul Bind.

Aikawa Noboru (相川昇) 17 yo M, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Kawahara Akira (河原明) 17 yo M, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Tamai Atsushi (玉井淳) 17 yo M, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Sugawara Taeko (菅原妙子) 17 yo F, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Miyazaki Nana (宮崎奈々) 17 yo F, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Sonobe Yuka (園部優香) 17 yo F, -

Ai-chan bodyguard member.

Shimizu Yukitoshi (清水幸利) 17 yo M, Dark Mage (闇術師)

Raised an army of monsters to distinguish himself in this new world. As a result he was

left on the verge of death after a demon's suprise attack, after which Hajime terminated him.

Heilig Kingdom

Elhild = S = B = Heilig

King. Killed by Eri during the Imperial City invasion.

Luluaria = S = B = Heilig

Queen. Rarely appears, but assists in the background. Has an equally weak presence like a

certain someone [?].

Randell = S = B = Heilig

Prince. 10 yo. Handsome youth with blonde hair and blue eyes. Was infatuated with Kaori, but

gave up after meeting Hajime. Currently heartbroken from losing his first love.

Liliana = S = B = Heilig

Princess. 14 yo. Talented and enormously popular within the kingdom. Has been harbouring

feelings of love ever since she was saved by Hajime, however his treatment of her hasn't

changed so recently she's a rather pitiable character.

Meld = Loggins

Knight team captain. Died by Eri's hands. Most unfortunate death.

Jose = Rancaid

Knight vice-captain of the same team. Likewise killed by Eri.

Alan = Smith

Knight background character, regularly appears [?]. Also dead.

Kuzeri = Rail

New knight team captain. A woman knight originally serving as an Imperial Guard under Liliana.

Niito = Komorudo

New knight team vice-captain. Previously the commander of the third corps.

Adventurer Guild

Ilwa = Chang

Führen branch chief. Awarded Hajime a gold rank and provides him with support. A person who

gave Hajime a lot of work (trouble).

Dot = Clowe

Ilwa's head secretary. Like Shizuku, suffers a lot of hardships.


Former head secretary of the guild master. An old lady that personifies the cruelty of time.

Loa = Bawabisu

Horuado branch chief. Tsundere.

Barusu = Raputa

Guild master. May have spells of destruction [?].

Ankaji Dukedom

Ranzi = Forward = Zengen

Ankaji dukedom's lord. Had a falling out with the church, (漢気溢れる) nice middle [?].

Bizu = Forward = Zengen

Ranzi's son. Attracted to Kaori. Facial expressions at the gunshot level when stared at [?].

Airi = Forward = Zengen

Bizu's sister. At 14 yo, overcame demi-human discrimination when she encountered Myu's


Haltina Sea of Trees, Faea Belgaen

Alferick = Hypist

Faea Belgaen elder. Chief of the Forest-race (Elves). Longest lived and easiest to talk with.

Zeru of the Tiger-race, Mao of the Winged-race, Rua of the Fox-race, Guze of the Earth-race

(Dwarves), Jin of the Bear-race

Background character elders. Jin never fully recovered from the blow Hajime delivered to his


Altena = Hypist

Granddaughter of Alfrick.

Regin = Banton

Middle-aged man from the Bear-race. Once lead a raid on the Haulia to take revenge for Jin but

had the tables turned. Afterwards developed a trauma of the Haulia, pulse rate and breathing

would elevate just thinking about it.

Haulia Tribe

Cam = Haulia

Shea's father, Chief of the Haulia tribe of the Rabbit-race. Hyahhaa chief. Chuuni chief.

Currently calling himself ’’Shadow demon hunter of the writhing abyss, Caamubantisu Erufanraito

Rooderia Haulia.’’


’’Barudoferudo of Certain Destruction’’, 11 yo. Proud of his ranged weaponry skill. Infected

with chuunibyou.


’’Ranainferina the Fleeting Shadow.’’ Probably has a job requiring speed.


’’Minasuteria the Sky Splitter.’’ Probably has an air assassination attack.


’’Yaozeriasu the Phantom Warrior.’’ Probably uses illusions to manipulate his foes.


’’Yorugandaru the Creeping Death.’’ Probably... y'know.


’’Rikiddobureiku the Light Rain.’’ Something or other.


’’Iorunikusu the Lightning Blade.’’ Something or other.

Hoelscher Empire

Gahald = D = Hoelscher


Bias = D = Hoelscher

Crown Prince. Ririana's fiance. Beheaded after he raised a ruckus.


Formerly a jailer in the imperial army. Had his nether regions crushed beyond recognition.


Imperial capital (Adventurer Guild) branch bartender. Tenpure guardian [?].


Furiido = Baguaa (Freed)

Red haired, dark skinned, slightly pointed ear male of the demon-race. Mass-produces powerful

demons, possesses space magic from the Age of Gods. His white dragon minions are particularly

powerful, they plunged Hajime into a crisis with their Aurora Breath ability during an ambush.

God Faction

Nointo, Apostle of God

Soldier of God that boasts phenomenal stats. Able to fight more than evenly against Hajime in

her Limit Break state. Appears at turning points in history to enact the will of God, either to

manipulate the masses or eliminating those who are obstacles to God's plan. Hajime wonders if

there are more apostles. Probably.

Ishtar Rangobarudo

Pope of the Sacred Church. Old man. Lost cause.

David = Mark

Aiko's escort team, temple knight captain. After many troubles, became head of Aiko's reverse

harem (although it seems fruitless as Aiko doesn't pay any attention to them).

Chase = Routine

Aiko's escort team, temple knight. Likewise reverse harem member.

Ehito, Human-race god

Aruvu, Demon-race god


Motto = Yunker

A true merchant.


Brook town, Masaka inn poster girl. Goes to great lengths to peep at Hajime's love affairs.

Her techniques are already far beyond the level of a town girl.


Clothing store monster (drag queen). Former gold-rank adventurer. Possesses strength beyond

common sense.


Clothing store monster II. Embarked on a new path after Yue's groin smash.

Fosu Seruo

Owner of the Water Fairy inn at the Lakeshore town, Ur. Serves Japanese-style cuisine.

Will Kudeta

Third son of the Count Kudeta house. Oedipus complex.


Human-faced fish monster. Can communicate via magic. (漢気溢れる) old man [?]. At first

glance seems to be a world-travelling free spirit, but is actually a deadbeat father that

neglected his wife and children whilst playing around.

Uorupen = Stark

Heilig kingdom chief supervising transmuter. True craftsman. Will to go beyond his limits in

order to learn new techniques.


Oscar = Orcus

Master of the Orcus Great Labyrinth (Abyss). In charge of creation magic. This unfortunate

man's corpse was planted in a corner of a crop field.

Miredi = Raisen

Master of the Raisen Great Labyrinth (Great Canyon). In charge of gravity magic. Most annoying

person in the universe. A unique personality amongst the Liberators.

Naizu = Guryuuen

Master of the Guryuuen Great Labyrinth (Great Volcano). In charge of space magic.

Meiru = Merujiine

Master of the Merujiine Great Labyrinth (Undersea Ruins). In charge of regeneration magic.

Sea-race. Contrary to appearances, is rather crude.

Rausu = Baan

Master of the Baan Great Labyrinth (God Mountain). In charge of spirit magic. Bald.

Shunee = ? (Shune ?)

Master of the Shunee Great Labyrinth (Snowfield Ice Cave). In charge of ? magic. Dungeon

located in demon-race territory in the south.

Luluo = Haltina

Master of the Haltina Great Labyrinth (Sea of Trees). In charge of ? magic. Dungeon located in

demi-human territory in the east.




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

(’’From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World’’)


Share Novel Arifureta - Chapter 121