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Apocalypse Summoner - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 - Abyssal Dimension... Insect Massacre...

Tl-ed by Wei

Edited by LD


One of Wang Siyuan's many hobbies was to read novels, so he naturally knew what Li Jiayu meant when he mentioned the Abyssal Dimension. His blood ran cold as he mulled over the matter and replied anxiously.

’’In regards to the abyss, are you perhaps referring to the plane which tolerates the existences of undead creatures? But that only exists in the fictional world and not reality. It's too exaggerated. How could it be true?!’’

’’So, are you telling me that in your eyes, those insects rampaging around campus grounds are false? Are you implying that everyone's eyes are experiencing the same illusion, having the same dream?’’

Li Jiayu took a cursory glance of the students in class and said mockingly, ’’The abyss is as you've guessed. It is filled with a variety of undead creatures such as skeletons, zombies and those are only the common ones.

They are not strong, as the only things they can rely on are their toughened flesh and undying vessels. In order to destroy them, you'll have to damage their soul flames on the premise that you tear them to shreds or else they'll come after you, even if you decapitate them. They'll resort to biting and their bodies to tear you to shreds. They are that unrelenting...

There also exist stronger creatures such as undead beasts, dragons and liches. The power they hold can't be measured by science... Also spectrals, capable of invading you souls and gaining control of your body...’’

On the topic of spectrals, Li Jiayu's face sunk as he grinded his molars. In his past life, he had a companion by the name of Qin Siyao. She was an attractive woman - curvaceous and gorgeous like a ripened peach. She assumed the role of a nanny within the group. Possessing incredible medical and acupuncture skills, she also had an affable character, loved by her companions and almost became the vice captain of the group...

However, during a battle against Dragon Thunder Wolf, Li Jiayu got severely wounded. His internal organs were ruptured and turned dark all over;he was basically on the brink of death.

Qin Shiyao had always looked upon Li Jiayu as a younger brother and, hence, was willing to give up anything to save him. In the end, she expended half her lifespan in exchange and freed him from the venomous jaws of death.

Suffering from the setbacks of the huge loss of vitality, she fell into a state of coma inevitably and in this moment of frailness, a ghost managed to invade and possess her!

Remorse ingrained itself deep in his mind as though a thousand-venom-laced knife was stabbing unceasingly at his heart. If he'd known of the matter, he would rather commit suicide than to let her suffer!

Because... That ghost was a Lustful Spirit!

As its name stated, it was a licentious spirit which possessed lust like no other. It was a monster that thrived for intimate exchanges between humans as nutrition for its deprived soul.

Qin Shiyao had undergone a drastic change after she awoke from her coma. Her once gentle and demure nature morphed into one of debauchery. Throwing down a strong muscular member of the group, she had begun to have intercourse with him under the dismayed gazes of the public.

Within three days, she had slept with everyone either through forced or underhanded methods, apart from Li Jiayu. If it hadn't been for his severe injuries and inability to get erect, it was estimated that he would not have escaped her claws!

The men who had one night relations with Qin Shiyao were rendered powerless overnight. They had their energies and vitality sucked dry, inevitably suffering a steep decline in strength!

Afterward, Qin Shiyao left the team in pursuit of other men... Whenever she discovered a strong individual, her eyes would shine and then proceed to utilize her underhanded means...

Those who had once known her felt heartache and pitied her greatly. Who would have known that such a good woman would end up in such a desolate state...

Three years later, Qin Shiyao's prowess had attained inhumane heights through the baptism of men's vitality. Even ten dragons would not have necessarily been worthy opponents!

Li Jiayu who had been at the edge of his patience finally attained a new pinnacle of strength and baited Qin Shiyao with his body. As a dark summoner, his prowess had proved to be a fatal attraction because Qin Shiyao failed to endure herself in the end and the pair ended up embroiled under the sheets!

While Qin Shiyao's lust surged and her mind was clouded by desire, Li Jiayu used the momentary drop of vigilance to ambush her with a long-awaited and deliberate thought-out assault. Soon, the two fought and Li Jiayu finally took the monster down with the price of his sight. However, all that mattered was that he had freed Qin Shiyao from the shackles of the demon and was never to be sullied again.

It could be said that during his previous life, a ghost blinded him...

’’Li Jiayu... Li Jiayu, what are we going to do now? You... Why don't you talk? Wake up-AH!’’

Li Jiayu's gnashed his teeth and Sun Weiwei panicked. When their gazes interlocked, fear spread throughout her entirety as she was seemingly stunned into place by electricity. His hatred-filled, murderous gaze was something she had never encountered. It seemed devoid of humanity, like a demon that crawled out of the pits of hell!

’’Hmm... Sorry, I just recalled something unpleasant. I didn't scare you, right?’’

Li Jiayu had been hailed as the Dark Summoner not solely due to his corrupted soul but also because of his bloodstained hands. The monsters which had died in his hands numbered over tens of thousands but the humans who died at his hands also numbered over tens of thousands!

Therefore, his murderous intent was frightening and if it had not been for his proficient control, the people who had stayed with him would even find it uncomfortable to breathe.

’’No... I'm fine...’’

Sun Weiwei's face had turned white but she intentionally pretended to be calm on the surface and asked nervously, ’’Now... What are we supposed to do? Li Jiayu, do you have any idea?’’

’’Yes, feed the giant insects and when they're full, they'll naturally retreat. However, they do not eat what us humans eat. Not pasta, not rice, not vegetables but meat and human flesh!’’ Li Jiayu said.


The students felt as though something was stuck in their throats and went into an uproar! What a joke, if there were more than a hundred insects with these gigantic bodies, how many humans would it take to sate their hunger?!

Do we really need to sacrifice hundreds of lives to satisfy them?

How was it possible?!

Pondering over this matter, the students became nervous, yet they held onto a wisp of hope. 'I won't die. There are over 10 thousand students in the school... If only 300 have to die, my chances of surviving would increase greatly. The one that gets eaten will definitely not be me!'

’’Let me guess what's going in your heads... Hehe, one-thirtieth probability of death right? Wrong, who told you only 100 of these red beetles exist? Let me enlighten you! Next, there will be 30 Scythe Beetles, hundreds of Sulphuric Acid Worms and 200 Venomous Spiders! To satisfy their appetites and love of destruction, without half of the campus dead, it's a nearly impossible feat!’’

As his words dropped, it felt as though a boulder smashed over their heads and stunned them in their places... There would be an emergence of such a large number of insects?! The mortality rate would reach almost half the school's population... Thinking about what was going to occur made them shake in their boots as they may likely end up between the jaws of the insects!

’’Li Jiayu! I beg you, please stop scaring us... I know you must have a plan right? You're acting so calm, you definitely have a trump card! I beg you, please protect me. I don't want to die... I want to see my parents. I can give you everything. Even though I have a boyfriend, I am still a virgin. I can warm your bed!’’

One of the female classmates broke down and hugged Li Jiayu's arms, rubbing her breasts continuously against him.

’’Save or not to save... I can only guarantee my survival under the onslaught of bugs and as for the others, I can only lend a helping hand occasionally. However, I won't be able to protect all of you, so I'll apologize in advance... Also, I do not like women who use their bodies as tools. The most important point is that you soiled yourself and even though I don't mind filth, I'm not in the mood either...’’

Li Jiayu refused the student's offer of 'kindness'. He was not someone who had se* on his mind all day and was definitely not a flower knight[1]. If he possessed the strength from when he had been a Dark Summoner, he would not mind saving them. However, right now, he was merely a student that was no different from the others.

What's more... The women who had relations with him all possessed otherworldly qualities, so in regards to ordinary women, he was not interested in the least.

’’Ah! The insects have rushed into the school building!’’ Suddenly, the classroom next door shrieked. Hearing that, the classmates felt their blood run cold as they saw giant insects swarming towards the building like a black sea, bursting in with their overwhelming numbers toward the stairs!’’

--- Translator Notes ---

[1] Flower Knight 护花使者- Someone who protects women(flowers)/ White knight?


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