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Apocalypse Summoner - Chapter 41


Chapter 41- Ka! Explosion is ART!

TL-ed by Wei

Edited by LD

The withered legs of the Mummies of Resentment were as slender as water pipes, yet contained a frightening strength. As they trudged on the ground, their tyrannical strength emitted a sound that resembled the reverberation of a mine explosion. The marble ground that the mummies stepped on were smashed into smithereens, with the cracks forming into the shapes of spiderwebs!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~

The Abyssal Vine Demoness panicked and lashed out 30 devil vines almost immediately. Every single vine had the thickness of a bowl and tree bark that was dark and sturdy;these were obviously the most powerful of the Demoness' vines. As they flitted around in mid-air, they drew out jarring, wind-splitting sounds!

The movements of the Mummies of Resentment were not fast and in a split second, they were caught by the devil vines. Every one of the mummies had at least five vines holding them down by their four limbs and head!

The Abyssal Vine Demoness' pale white eye throbbed!

It was overjoyed!

Those few mummies appeared awe-inspiring and powerful, but they turned out to be like silver-colored spear points made of pewter, worthless despite their attractive exterior. They were seized so easily.

Everything and anything caught by the Abyssal Vine Demoness' vines had never escaped from its grasp!

All it needed was to exert force and it would be like a corpse being torn apart by five horses;the mummies would be ripped into shredded pieces of rotten flesh!

One had to know, its strongest devil vine contained the force of 500kg! Let only a mere mummy, even the world's largest mammoth would be ripped apart!

However, it was soon disappointed.

Realization dawned on the Abyssal Vine Demoness that it could not move the Mummy of resentment by even an inch. The mummies' bodies were like lumps of steel and extremely tough. Despite the Abyssal Vine Demoness' strenuous efforts, it could not inflict even the slightest bit of pain upon them!

'How was that possible?'

Startled by the horrifying strength the mysterious ’’mummies’’ possessed, the pupil of the Abyssal Vine Demoness' pale eye contracted. Of all the undead organisms it had met in the abyssal world, whether it be Skeletons, Blood Corpses or Hungry Ghosts, they had not had copper skin and metal bones of this level!


The six mummies, whose tongues had been removed, emitted unpleasant cries that resembled the ear-piercing sounds of glass being scraped. They parted their rotten and smashed up mouths, exposing faintly their dirty black teeth as well as mouthfuls of maggots!

The Mummies of Resentment exerted force and their limbs moved, forcefully causing the vines that coiled around it to emit creaking sounds. It was as though the vines might break under the pressure at any moment!

The Abyssal Vine Demoness felt amazed as well as stupefied. It could not figure out how the Mummies of Resentment could possess such terrifying strength!

Without waiting for the Abyssal Vine Demoness' actions, the Mummies of Resentment emanated a terrifying undead aura. Then like an explosion had happened, it shook and broke all of its constraints!

The Mummies of Resentment recovered their freedom!

’’Good job! Now, go tear those hateful vines to shreds.’’

Li Jiayu was very satisfied with the strength of the Mummies of Resentment and he flashed a ferocious smile when he issued the command.

Without any sort of consensus, the six Mummies of Resentment walked toward the Abyssal Vine Demoness. Despite their slow speeds, their imposing mannerism was frightening. Every step was accompanied with a painful groan of the ground. The rain that had accumulated on the marble was splashed up over a meter high, drenching the mummies' bandages. The mummies' blood caused the water to be polluted into a turbid yellow!

The Abyssal Vine Demoness did not believe the Mummies of Resentment were as formidable as they seemed and sent out more than ten devil vines. However, the Abyssal Vine Demoness was unable to suppress them. With a swipe of their sharp claws, they grabbed onto a devil vine easily. They then either ripped the vines apart barbarically or breathed out a death miasma to corrode them, breaking the vines down completely.

'This will not do!'

The Abyssal Vine Demoness knew that 30 to 40 vines were unable to suppress the six mummies. So, she simply hardened her heart and tossed both Hsiao Wanqing and Ran Hongxia into the dance hall. Along with that, the Abyssal Vine Demoness retracted its vines that were containing the female students. In total, these vines amounted to 138. There were big and small ones as well as long and short ones. Although the vines were of uneven sizes, there was an overwhelming force of quantity!

Swish, swish, swish~

Countless devil vines hovered and twisted in midair like black snakes swaying back and forth crazily!

It wasn't just the dance hall. It seemed as though half of the entire stadium had been covered by the devil vines, appearing exceptionally appalling. Those glass doors, garbage bins, lamps and balloons were wrecked by the earth-shattering number of devil vines. So much so that the various equipments such as audio systems, computers, large monitors, treadmills, musical instruments and various fitness equipments had been wantonly destroyed by the vines!

Without a doubt, these devil vines gave Li Jiayu an enormous feeling of being oppressed, but he merely sneered in response. Once again, Li Jiayu started to chant the Summoning Incantation:

’’Delicious food awaits your gluttonous worms. There's plenty of vegetarian food that will sate your insatiable hunger. Don't you think the Abyssal Vine Demoness would make an unprecedented feast...? Come forth, Avaricious Ghouls!’’

In less than three seconds, over ten yellow soil graves emerged in front of Li Jiayu!


A crimson liquid bubbled through the gaps, bringing forth waves of a strong scent of blood That liquid turned out to be fresh blood!

The blood mixed with the rain and wound around like a river. It was then influenced by the chilling corpse energy and rose up into a red mist. Everything was like a nightmare!


At the top of the grave, a deathly pale, black-colored, rotten palm broke free from the dirt. It emanated an overwhelming stench of rot and appeared unspeakably frightening!

Shortly after, a dried and rotten arm riddled with scars emerged, followed by a shockingly large head comparable to the size of a barrel. It had a few strands of white hair atop it, grayed eyes that looked in opposite directions and a rotten, sunken in nose...

That grotesque imagery was 10 times scarier than those in horror films. On the 13th floor, fear gripped the hearts of those who witnessed this scene. They had difficulty breathing and almost screamed out loud!

’’Is that an evil spirit? How scary... I'm getting goosebumps all over!’’

’’Who knows... God, it looks even more frightening than the mummies. How did it appear in our school?’’

’’It is Li Jiayu who summoned them!’’

’’Who in the world is Li Jiayu? A prophet? Prediction master? Summoner? Or he is the embodiment of the Black and White Impermanence[1]? Why would he be coming into contact with those evil spirits then...?’’

’’This completely topples our scientific views! For the large insects, we could, at the very least, use mutation, habitat, and the like to explain. However, there was no way to explain the existence for those mummies and devils! Not only did their corpses resurrect, they are even equipped with a frightening destructiveness and supernatural prowess that is hard to explain through science...’’

’’There's no need to get confused about the matter. We've long since left the era of science. Trying to explain the existences of these unknown organisms through science would simply be a waste of time!’’

Regardless of how astonished the students and professors on the 13th floor were, the Avaricious Ghouls still crawled out from the graves. The dirt from their graves clung onto their bodies and their sharp claws grasped rotten and ground flesh and bones. Their eyes darted about erratically, exposing the whites of their eyes, then they opened their mouths wide and growled.

Higher First Tier, Avaricious Ghoul!

These creatures had been starved before their deaths, so they possessed an undying pursuit for food. Due to having been starved to death, their hunger would never vanish. This turned them into Avaricious Ghouls that constantly sought for fresh meat to fill their massive bellies. Even if they would end up with torn bodies and crushed bones, they would still want to have a taste of the delicious food!

They were the most dedicated devourers!

Whenever a devil vine entered their vicinity, these ghouls would go berserk. These creatures would brandish their clumsy hands to grab the vines. Then with their gaping, one-third-of-a-meter-long, bloody mouths, they bit down ruthlessly on the vines, gnawing away at them and sucking up their sap!

These creatures did not fear pain or death. Even if their four limbs were bound by the devil vines and ripped apart, they would never yield. Without a doubt, if they were provoked, they would expel ’’death miasma bullets’’, a type of corpse poison that brewed in their large bellies over the decades. It had significant prowess that could dissolve a large portion of devil vines in an instant!

Even if the Avaricious Ghouls were dismembered or had their bellies constricted, they would still face death fearlessly. Using their large bellies that were filled with corpses as their cores, the ghouls would self-detonate! Their self-detonations would destroy four to five vines in their vicinity as well as spread its corpse poison!

’’Not enough... This isn't enough. If we carry on like this, we can only fight to a draw with the Abyssal Vine Demoness... My soul combustion mode won't last for long. If this drags on, even without the Abyssal Vine Demoness killing me, I will die from having my soul burned...’’

Li Jiayu watched the scene apathetically from the sidelines. No matter how heroically the ghouls sacrificed themselves, he would not feel even the faintest of emotion for them. As though in deep ponder, his gaze flickered.

’’There are too many devil vines... It's useless to attack them blindly. I must find a way to attack the Abyssal Vine Demoness'actual body... which is that gigantic eyeball. That is its weakness!’’

Having made up his mind, Li Jiayu performed another summoning. Except that this time round, his spiritual energy was a little lacking and the depths of his mind felt waves of fatigue.

'How did it become like this...? Is my spiritual energy being used up that fast?'

Li Jiayu gritted his teeth and pulled out three Crimson Crowned Beetle Insect Cores and used them as sacrificial offerings in order to lessen the consumption of his spiritual energy. He gathered his energy together, then started to chant an incantation,

’’Concealed within the art of an instant brilliance, while lurking amidst the danger... Don't you wish to prove the value of your art...? Come forth, Clay Bomb!’’

White smoke embroiled, a large pile of white clay appeared at Li Jiayu's sides, comprising of animals made out of clay: centipedes;spiders;pigeons;and many varieties of animals. Every last one of them appeared vivid and lifelike!

Clay bomb!

From the 《Naruto》 Plane, it was a masterpiece from a talented artist!

Every single one of these clay art pieces was granted life and they only had one objective in life: to explode and educate their enemies on how beautiful explosive art can be!

’’Go. Show the gorgeous and distinguished Abyssal Vine Demoness how adorable you are. I believe she will love you guys.’’

Li Jiayu waved his hands and the clay animals then began to move. Some crawled in the rainwater while others spreading their wings and fluttered in mid-air. Despite the fact that they lacked an imposing momentum, a terribly dangerous murderous intent was concealed within their tiny bodies!

---Translator Notes---

[1] Black and White Impermanence - 黑白无常 - Two deities in the Chinese folklore, in charge of escorting spirits to the underworld.


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