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Apocalypse Summoner - Chapter 13


Ch 13 - Wildfire Ravens... Stunned 40 seconds...

Tl-ed by Wei

Edited by Oz

QC-ed by LD

Frost Moon emerged gradually from the magic formation like a flowing stream of water. Snowflakes spiraled the hilt, making it look gorgeous and awe-inspiring. However, if there were any shortcomings, it would be the temperature of the blade itself. It was simply too cold, so much so that Li Jiayu's face turned blue from the chill it emanated!

’’Incredible magic fluctuations... This magic artifact should be ranked as at least Legendary...’’

Li Jiayu felt doubt instead of joy. Even though the carcass of this Scythe Beetle Lord was a treasure in itself, it would be considered, at most, as a top tiered garbage sacrifice for it to summon a Legendary Tiered Weapon... The probability of that outcome was so minuscule Li Jiayu felt dubious!

The worst of all...

A legendary artifact was not an object anyone could wield, especially for the current Li Jiayu who had not undergone any strengthening. The most probable scenario would end up with him dead upon giving it a few swings from over-exhaustion! ’’Heck! Was it so difficult for me to get a trash weapon?! Even the strongest of weapons would be worthless at my level!’’

Li Jiayu felt aggrieved. He had not expected to hit the jackpot on his second attempt but, alas, he was, unfortunately, unable to enjoy this fortuitous opportunity...

Li Jiayu felt aggrieved. He had not expected to hit the jackpot on his second attempt but, alas, he was, unfortunately, unable to enjoy this fortuitous opportunity...

The situation he was in resembled a person who had played a game for three days and nights straight, used up his return scroll, run out of potions and everything he had on him and run out of durability. However, it was not only that. Right outside, a group of perverted lv 50 monsters laid in wait and at the most crucial moment, a dragon-slaughtering sabre dropped as loot what more was that its attack points would eliminate anything within mere seconds!

The person who had looted this item was originally filled with excitement but after taking a second glance at the attributes-

'How could you toy with my feelings like this? A grade two requirement, your sister! The level limit is merely level 50 but no one will be able to equip this weapon! At least, not within the next ten years. So, one can only stare with helplessness!'

However, at this moment, Li Jiayu seemed to have noticed something peculiar and stared up into the skies.

At the end of the distant horizon, there appeared to be what seemed to like a legion of thousands of birds. The densely packed flock of birds looked like a layer of darkened sky and their chattering and twittering resounded ear-piercingly throughout the City of Xijiang!

These were not your ordinary everyday birds!

They were Wildfire Ravens!

Wildfire Ravens were Middle First Tiered existences within the abyss. Although they did not possess powerful combat prowess and were weaker than the similarly ranked Scythe Beetles, they were unique creatures capable of breathing fire!

Generally speaking, Insect Cores were exclusive to insects of the Higher First Tier. The purity of those cores would not be high and, therefore, would not contain any sort of magic. Only Second Tiered insects could possess magic which allowed them to unleash more of their natural strength.

However, Wildfire Ravens were not the same. Their flesh and blood both contained high amounts of fire elemental energy, so even without a Demonic Core, they would still retain the ability to spew high degrees of flame!

Their flames were potent to a level which would cause destruction akin to that of a hand grenade. A single Wildfire Raven was able to easily decimate a desk in seconds!

Thousands of Wildfire Ravens... Oh, the sum of that prowess could literally be compared to the power of a bomber plane!

Li Jiayu vividly recalled that three days after the apocalypse, Xijiang City had been reduced to ruins. Houses had been set ablaze and the commercial street Xijiang City had become famous for having been turned into charred remains after burning unceasingly for an entire week!

’’Wildfire Ravens...’’

Li Jiayu muttered while his fingers formed seals.

’’Wildfire Ravens? Those unidentified objects hovering in the skies are Wildfire Ravens? Their numbers are terrifying just how many are there? A thousand? Ten thousand?’’

Sun Weiwei's voice trembled. Wisps of white mist escaped her lips as a thin layer of frost covered her face. Her body shuddered but she could not care less about the cold. Rather, she felt waves of chill creep up her heart!

She had originally held onto a wisp of anticipation and inwardly wished for these bugs to only appear on the campus grounds. She hoped they would be able to seek a window of opportunity to escape to safety in other places, then everything would be fine...

She stared out at the horde of Wildfire Ravens which resembled a dark cloud hovering over the horizon. Her unrealistic dreams were shattered instantly! Even fools could tell the whole city had been submerged into an ocean of monsters No one will be spared from the disaster!

'God... Is there really no hope? What was the point of surviving the first onslaught of the insect wave if we were going to fight them the next day? Is there really no hope for us to return to the ordinary lives before the apocalypse began?'

Too cruel. Reality was too cruel for someone like her... She, Sun Weiwei, could be considered a beauty, someone who ought to enjoy the luxuries of life: being pursued by nouveau riches;laughing in a BMW;staying in a five-star hotel whilst she overlooked the nightscape;enjoying herself on the beach of Hawaii;tasting the most expensive of wines with the most excellent man in her beach villa;and dominating both the business industry and the battleground of love...

Those had been her plans for the future... Were they impossible to achieve now? What was the point of living then?

It was better to die... However, it would be a shame for a beauty like her to simply die. Would everything be over by then?

She finally understood Li Jiayu's views on the future. It was no wonder as to why she had succumbed and degraded herself to be an unscrupulous person, a willing mistress, in order to survive. To live a better life, why would her innocence and pride matter?

However, death was not an easier option. It required courage to commit such an act... During the beginning stages of the apocalypse, it was the kind of courage that 90% of humanity lacked!

He glanced at the gloomy faces and nodded. ’’Wildfire Ravens are only active in the southern parts, so they will not pose a threat to our university. At least, not so soon... I remember the arrival of the ravens was accompanied with Sulphuric Acid Worms and Venomous Spiders?’’

Sure enough, everyone felt a minor tremor gradually spreading out underneath their feet...

The slight quake rapidly grew in scale. The intense vibration seemed like the beating of drums, akin to the sound of thunder. as it washed over them like a billowing wave!

Han Xiaoqi, who was nearest to the window, looked down cautiously and cried out in terror almost immediately!

’’Li Jiayu! The Venomous Spiders really came! Their legs are like nails and they are climbing the walls! There are a lot of them. What are we going to do? L-Let's get out of here! They are already on the third floor and are rushing toward us!’’

’’They are on the third floor already? Damn, quicker than I had expected...’’

Li Jiayu felt a tingle in his scalp. Everything felt as though it was spiralling out of his control. According to his plans, he was going to hunt his first Scythe Beetle for an aggressive and obedient demon but he instead ended up calling forth the disobedient Dark Octopus!

The Dark Octopus had even sucked his blood, causing a steep decline in his combat prowess. Although he had been fortunate enough to attain a Lord-Tiered insect body, it was still unsatisfactory as he did not know whether the legendary artifact would come in handy...

At this moment, the handle of the blade had yet to surface completely. A portion was still remaining hidden within the formation. It would take an estimated 40 seconds at least! 40 seconds how would he deal with a large group of Venomous Spiders within that long and arduous time frame?


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