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Apocalypse Cockroach - Chapter 178


Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Actual Interaction

While Zhang Xiao Qiang was pondering, the camp started to regain some composure. Some people were fighting the fire, some of them were calling out for their family or friends, some of those that had fallen were picked up and aided by others. Following that, more than 200 strong men came out, all of them held onto crude and simple self-made weapons while their faces maintained their ferocious looks. They walked on the road and split into groups of tens, every group dispersed towards the car fleet in an attempt to outflank them. All of them raised their weapons and stared at Zhang Xiao Qiang's fleet. Their footwork got faster and faster like ants slowly dispersing all around the empty space around the fleet. In the end, Zhang Xiao Qiang's cars were surrounded in the center....all of the Combat Team Members became anxious, they held onto their rifles and kept taking aim around them, the heavy machine gunner had his finger at the trigger, slowly pressing down with strength. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks started to twitch from excitement. The ladies by his side held brushes and oil as they brushed the bullets with a canvas over their laps....Two men walked out from the crowd. Upon seeing the Combat Team Members fully equipped, the M1 Helmets, the rifles in their hands and the ice cold heavy machine gun muzzle aimed wherever they walked, one of them felt like peeing on the spot, but upon seeing the man standing beside the Land Rover smoking away, none of them dared to make any additional movements, afraid that it would lead to suspicion and instant death by gunshots.

The two men forced themselves to remain cool and walked over to Zhang Xiao Qiang. They lifted their heads and puffed up their chests as much as they could in attempts to be on equal footing with Zhang Xiao Qiang. The man dressed slightly neater and had a cleaner face looked to Zhang Xiao Qiang and spoke: ’’We didn't know that big brother you have brought men to visit us, we represent our group of 200 comrades to express our enthusiastic welcome to big brother...’’

’’Don't bullshit with me! Do you know my intent for coming here today?’’ Zhang Xiao Qiang interrupted the man's courteous speech and directly asked for their choice, although men behind were doing their best to portray themselves ferociously, Zhang Xiao Qiang saw that many of them were trembling in their legs, especially when the muzzle of the machine guns started to move and aimed at them, none of them were able to maintain their steadiness. Zhang Xiao Qiang knew that they were all feigning and were, in fact, afraid of dying, they acted as such was because they wanted to raise the negotiation. It was a pity Zhang Xiao Qiang saw through them, he was not Brother Long, he was a devil that survived from D2s.

’’Erm, erm, can I ask what big brother's name is?’’ The man did his best to act humble under everyone's eyes, his comrade that had come with him had his head lowered right from the start. Most of Zhang Xiao Qiang's attention had been fixated on this man, he was rather young and looked around the age of 21 or 22. He looked rather immature and from the start, he never looked at anyone and maintained eye contact with his own feet. If not for the cold aura emitting from him, Zhang Xiao Qiang would have thought that he had lowered his head because of fear, but while he stood there, he maintained his calm and his body never swayed. It was his collected behavior and calmness that led to Zhang Xiao Qiang's Qiang's attention, to be able to maintain his behavior under the threat of a muzzle meant only one thing, A fighter born from death doors!

’’You can call me Brother Cockroach, all my subordinates call me that!’’ Zhang Xiao Qiang answered while placing his right hand on his belt. With a flick of his finger, a dark triangle appeared in his palm. He placed his hand down with the triangle thorn clasped between his fingers. Zhang Xiao Qiang wanted to see what the man wanted to do. To Zhang Xiao Qiang, a man with the idea of assassinating the leader of a group that had many weapons was not simple. Zhang Xiao Qiang himself could be considered a skillful and brave man and never believed that anyone could hurt him from the start.

’’Brother Cockroach, take a look, we have a difficult life here, we do not dare to compare to you. But I believe it must have been difficult for Brother Cockroach to have come here, what about this. Brother Cockroach, you can take whatever you like, we will not object, additionally, we have a gift to offer you.’’

When the man finished speaking, he realized Zhang Xiao Qiang was looking at him cheekily and thought that Zhang Xiao Qiang was moved. He turned and gestured to the men behind him. Not long later, the mass of people behind made way to form a small path, where two fierce men appeared, carrying a lady who was tied up. Behind her was an 11-12-year-old boy who was crying and running at the same time, and ran over to the woman's thighs and cried. One of the man kicked him to the ground, causing the lady to cry as well. She struggled in the ropes and turned her head to look at the little boy on the ground, but no matter what, how could she have she have strength comparable to two grown men? The two men dragged the lady and walked over while the child remained crying on the ground while slowly crawling over.

Witnessing the tragic scene, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not say anything, neither did his subordinates. The ladies had strange expressions, but when Yang ke'er saw, she could not be bothered about it and focused only on Zhang Xiao Qiang. She wanted to see if he would increase the number of sisters she would have. Shangguan Qiao Yun stared at the woman with a blaze in her eyes as though she was about to compare who was more beautiful. If the lady could not be compared to her, she would ignore her. But what if she was stronger? She looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang fiddling with the Garand rifle, then looked at the machine gunner assistant who was watching the little child with tears flowing down her cheeks. She had thought about her own child, seeing Zhang Xiao Qiang acting so calmly, she gritted her teeth, then drew out the Type 77 Pistol from her holster and got off the car. From behind, the machine gunner could be heard scolding her, but she never turned back. She held her pistol and ran over to the little boy and carried him up and ran back. Zhang Xiao Qiang did not get angry seeing the lady's initiative, everyone was responsible for themselves. Since she had made the decision, Zhang Xiao Qiang could not be bothered. If he wanted to punish her, he would wait until they return to the base.

The lady with disheveled hair was brought to Zhang Xiao Qiang. She did not even glance at Zhang Xiao Qiang as she turned her head and focused on the child behind her, seeing that her own child was carried by the lady from the car, she stopped struggling. She stopped struggling. She lowered her head and stared at her own feet, and waited for them to do the negotiations.

When Zhang Xiao Qiang took his first glance at her, he was stunned. She had lowered her head and her messy hair had covered her face, but her figure, Zhang Xiao Qiang could only describe it with one word ’’Mature....’’ Her physique was robust at the chest and butt, her body structure was extremely well proportioned, she was curved and busty at the right places, and places, where should be flat and firm, did not have an ounce of fat. Although her complexion could not be seen, the impressive peaks forced out by the ropes made Zhang Xiao Qiang feel as though he was witnessing the most perfect thing ever, the most shocking thing was the two round breasts. Zhang Xiao Qiang had inspected over 300 adult videos, but the number of actresses that had physiques even comparable to the lady in front of him was a few, much less any surpassing her. Shangguan Qiao Yun's figure was already not too bad and could be considered top grade amongst the women, but the lady in front of him was huge. HUGE. The ropes on her waist were extremely tight, revealing her delicate figure, no one could ever tell that this body had given birth to a child before. The buttocks below her waist were plump and smooth, although she had dropped her head to her chest, her perky butt forced her body to have an obvious S shape, of course, it was not the shocking big S of Sister Furong*.

Below her beautiful buttocks were the pair of thighs. She had height, but ⅔ of it came from her legs. Seeing the beautiful slender pair of legs, Zhang Xiao Qiang could not help but praise in his heart, She has the golden ratio!


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