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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 993


AST 993 - Four Phases Formation Against Snowdance Blood Killing Formation, Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm

Qing Shui watched as his opponent's killing aura surged. He wasn't very worried but he knew that if he wished to break through the opponent's formation, he would first need to get pass that 'cocoon'.

Although Qing Shui didn't have much experience with breaking formations, he could still be considered someone who had knowledge in formations. He would only be able to attack them after he broke through that thing that look like a cocoon.

Even the critical attack from earlier hadn't even managed to smash it.

Qing Shui no longer tried to test it out with his hidden weapons. Although he could use them while he was holding the Violet Star Thunder God, it was a pity that he couldn't use them together with the Raging Blow. Therefore, the impact dealt wouldn't be as strong as the Raging Blow. Hidden Weapons were intended to be used craftily, catching opponents unaware and to attack their weak points.

That cocoon seemed to have an especially high resistance to physical attacks. His Violet Star Thunder God couldn't attack it but Qing Shui felt that his opponents' attacks would definitely be able to pass through the cocoon and reach him.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui directly appeared next to the five people and hit out with a Raging Blow.

’’Haha, it's useless. In these five continents, there's no one who can break through the guards of our Snowdance Blood Killing Formation.’’ When they saw Qing Shui's Violet Star Thunder God lashed out toward them, they didn't pay it any heed and attacked Qing Shui with their weapons.

Their weapons had a brilliant Core Qi which penetrated the cocoon and lashed out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui quickly jumped away but the other party was like a latched on shadow, their speed increased at the same time as they attacked once again. Qing Shui dodged again. This carried on for up to 100 rounds and neither side could get the upper hand against each other.

’’Don't think of escaping. You must die today. They as well. Everyone here must die. As long as our Snowdance Blood Killing Formation is not broken, it'll recover our strength and depletion. I shall see how long you can hold on for.’’ Old Man Wan bellowed out with a twisted expression.

The two clans were done for and only a few of them were left behind. The more he thought about it, the more infuriated he was. The cocoon that surrounded them had also gradually changed into a faint red color and released an aura which was increasingly violent.

Blood sacrifice!

A bleak sound rang out and the cocoon fluctuated once again, turning into a blood red color this time. It was already impossible to see the people inside. Suddenly, this blood red cocoon appeared before Qing Shui with a flash.

Swords and sabers slashed out again towards Qing Shui as if they were the death god's scythe.

There was no way to dodge them. Qing Shui clenched his teeth and blocked with his Violet Star Thunder God while he concurrently retreated with the Nine Palace Steps. He barely managed to get away. If not for the Nine Palace Steps, he wouldn't have been able to deal with this blow.

He had already made several attempts previously. It was just like what they had said. In the five continents, there was probably no one who could break this powerful cocoon. However, Qing Shui knew that there must be a flaw somewhere. He just needed to find it.

At this moment, Qing Shui had already entered the Duality Minutest Formation. His mind continued to think, as even his powerful physical attacks were unable to break it.

Physical attacks couldn't break it?

Qing Shui seemed to have suddenly thought of something. The other party had already entered the Duality Minutest Formation and Qing Shui could see the five people who were still wrapped up in the cocoon.

Gales blew and huge boulders shattered as they knocked against the cocoon. However, the cocoon didn't change at all and the five didn't move either after it had came to a stop. Qing Shui knew that they must be definitely up to something.

Them staying still didn't mean that Qing Shui wouldn't move. He suddenly appeared not far away from the cocoon. He moved his Violet Star Thunder God to his left hand, then he quickly drew out a thin and long Primordial Flame Whip with his right.


It lashed out on the huge cocoon, which created fluctuations and tremors. Qing Shui was stunned but he broke into a smile. The cocoon really did have a strong resistance to physical attacks but its resistance against magic was much weaker.

However, even though the primordial flames were very powerful, it was still insufficient to break the cocoon. His strength could reach over 5,000 stars but he didn't know how much damage his spirit energy could deal. It should also be restricted by the world's regulations. The primordial flames shouldn't have reached the maximum level of the five continents yet.

The prowess of his Primordial Flame Whip was still at a level which could be further improved. It could be that the limits on the spirit energy's impact in the five continents were not only at 5,000 stars. He now felt that he had found a way to break through the opponents' cocoon.

He lashed out his whip several times but it only caused the cocoon to tremble for a bit.

Primordial Flame Drill!

Qing Shui's primordial flames changed into a Primordial Flame Drill, drilling toward the cocoon like how it dissolved the wolf's fang. The cocoon shook violently this time but it seemed that he still needs to use something a little more stronger.

The five people in the cocoon quickly attacked him. Qing Shui quickly retreated and disappeared from their sights as he went into the Gate of Illusion. The cocoon followed him as a sea of fire surrounded all of them.

Qing Shui smiled and retreated. He called out his three demonic beasts as he left the place.

Four Phases Formation!

This time around, Qing Shui stood at the Vermilion Bird position, the position which lead the spirit energy. The prowess of his magic's five elemental attacks had increased in many folds.

The five people also seemed to have some knowledge about formations and not long after, they also left the Gate of Illusion. At that moment, Qing Shui removed the formation flag at the eye of the formation.

The Duality Minutest Formation vanished.

They once again appeared before everyone and Qing Shui stood in the air with his three huge demonic beasts. Opposite of him was a huge blood red cocoon.



The demonic beasts' tremendous cries, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's powerful bellow and the Fire Bird's crisp cry, had caused many people's blood to boil. They looked at Qing Shui hopefully.

The moment Qing Shui unravel the formations, he once again drilled toward the cocoon with his Primordial Flame Drill.


This time around, the cocoon shattered easily and the five people within appeared. Their countenance seemed to be a little pale. Activating the Snowdance Blood Killing Formation required their blood and life essence and each time they used it, they would need some time to recover. No one had ever broke their killer move, or rather, their ultimate skill to protect themselves. This was also why they had never thought of the consequences involved.

Emperor's Qi!

Without the Snowdance Blood Killing Formation, Qing Shui once again used his Emperor's Qi. His opponents had dashed upwards before him, he swept out a Raging Blow with his Violet Star Thunder God.

Difference in power!

Their powers had been around the same level from the start but right now, without the Snowdance Blood Killing Formation and with their powers diminished, they were no longer of any threat to Qing Shui. However, it was still better to be safe than sorry.

Primordial Flame Whip!

He whipped out towards the old man who was the weakest amongst them. With the support of the Four Phases Formation, the prowess of Qing Shui's Primordial Flame Whip sent him flying while letting out an agonizing cry.

The primordial flames were also known as the yin-yang flames. It didn't only inflict harm on the physical body but it whipped the 'soul' as well. It had a similar effect to the Buddha's True Eyes.

Although the Fire Bird attacked with its Hell's Inferno, the prowess of the attack wasn't of much use to the people before them. Even with the Spirit Gathering Lamp and the Four Phases Formation, it was still not possible. However, Qing Shui believed that he would become powerful very quickly.

Nine Palace Steps!

Raging Blow!

Primordial Flame Whip, head smashed!

Very soon, only an old man from the Beiming Clan was left. During the whole process, two old men called out their own demonic beasts. It was a pity that their strengths weren't even at 3,000 stars and they were instantly killed by Qing Shui.

At their level, perhaps only powerful Beast Tamers would have demonic beasts which were powerful enough to help them out in their battles.

Qing Shui looked at the last remaining old man who had already lost his will to fight. His gaze when he stared at Qing Shui seemed to have lost its vigor and looked dead. He didn't seem to have any intention to fight either.

However, this old man must die no matter what. When one did something wrong, they would have to pay the relevant price. With a flash of his thought, a hint of golden light flashed out at Qing Shui's chest.

Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm!

A trickle of blood flowed out from the old man's forehead, his eyes wide-agape as he quickly fell down toward the ground. The golden light returned to Qing Shui and the whole world had turned quiet once again.

All of them had died! The crowd on the ground cheered!

The Beiming Clan and the Wan Clan had killed quite a number of people here. To clans like them, anyone else was all useless as ants. They felt that only the things which they needed to do were important.

However, they would never have expected that there was someone in the Greencloud Continent who would make them to be unable to fight back.

A wrong step causes an eternal regret. They didn't even have the chance to turn back.

’’Good job killing them!’’

’’These people deserve to die a horrible death. Killing them like this is going easy on them!’’

’’My son, they've all died, they've all died...’’


’’Brother!’’ Ji Yunlang walked up to Qing Shui, his face flush red.

’’Elder Brother, it should be fine now. There shouldn't be anyone else coming.’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

’’News of this matter would spread out very quickly. No one else would dare to come anymore.’’ Ji Yunlang said excitedly.

’’Elder Brother, does the Beiming Clan and the Wan Clan have any other experts?’’ This was something which Qing Shui was very concerned about. If the two clans still had a few experts of their level, then it would be the greatest threat to them in the future.

’’They deserved to be wiped out. This time around, they were determined to enter the spiritual herb sacred land and was confident that no one would be able to stop them. Therefore, all the powerful experts in the clan had come, leaving only a few others who aren't worth caring about.’’ Ji Yunlang let out a few laughs and said.

Hearing Ji Yunlang's words, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief too. As the saying went, it was scarier for one to be constantly be wary of thieves than to have things stolen by them. He wasn't afraid if more people of the same level were to see him as a target, but he was more concerned with the safety of his family.

’’Elder Brother, let's go down and take a look. You can deal with the rest of the things!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

This was the General Country, and thus Qing Shui let Ji Yunlang head down to pacify the crowd, to reassure them and to gain their trust at the same time. After the two of them went down, the people who wore mourning clothes came over.


’’Heaven is partial!’’


Together with Ji Yunlang, Qing Shui smiled and helped some of them up to their feet. There were people from the Ji Clan in the area and they were told to give them some money. Qing Shui kept the enemies' interspatial silk sachets. He had wanted to pass the money to the victims, but he could only do so secretly and not the contents in their entirety since it would only cause them harm otherwise.

Although the General Manor's reputation in the area wasn't especially good, it wasn't bad either. There were a few profligate sons who had spoilt their reputation, but today's events had raised their reputation greatly. Many people turned to support the General Manor, and felt happy that they themselves were a part of the General Country.

The crowd was sent off, and both Qing Shui and Ji Yunlang left, leaving behind some people from the Ji Clan to deal with the aftermath. The people from the Beiming Clan and the Wan Clan had all been brought away. When people died, there was no grievance left, and thus they still buried them properly.

Back in the General Manor, many people were waiting in the front courtyard. They all knew that this meetup was very important and also concern the General Manor's life or death.


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