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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 992


AST 992 - Slaughter Begins, Snow Dance Bloodlust Death Formation


Qing Shui's Violet Star Thunder God directly hit the old man's right shoulder, causing his arm to go flying. His entire shoulder was crushed and blood spewed everywhere. Qing Shui then used Nine Palace Steps.


’’Kid, you dare?!’’

One of the elderly men shouted. Qing Shui's hammer directly smashed into the enemy's chest. He was struck down and fell to Wan Mobai's side, barely holding onto his last breath. This critically injured person had at most fifteen minutes left to live.

The two clans were angered when Qing Shui murdered Wan Mobai. However, it was not just anger, they were also astonished by the fact that Qing Shui was able to kill Wan Mobai. They were aware of the strength of this elder, it was not a simple feat to win against him.

The reaction from the people below was even more intense and many people were frantic. Some came to Qing Shui's defense immediately while others were yelling in support of the murder. Others were in tears.

Members of Beiming Clan and Wan Clan could not react in time. Since the events had unfolded too quickly, they were standing there dumbfoundedly staring at Qing Shui.

Some people had laughed at Beiming Jiannan's demise. Now they were silenced by what unfolded before them. Their anger could not subside now that a Wan Clan's elder had been eliminated.

Wan Mobai was the leader of this generation of Wan Clan. His death would be a huge blow to them. The huge shock had not subsided yet and suddenly another elder was dead, this time the damage was like an attack on Wan Clan's limbs.

So much had happened in such a short amount of time and no one had a chance to react. Qing Shui was composed. Ji Yunlang, who was in the distance, was paying close attention to Qing Shui.

A demon. Greencloud Continent having a genius like this was some good fortune. The General Manor will depend on him in the future. Even Greencloud Continent would change because of him.

If today's event spread outside of the Greencloud Continent, some stronger powers would be revealed. Greencloud Continent had some very powerful hidden clans, the only thing was that the Guardian Clan was not strong enough. They never wanted to bear the brunt, so they had gradually dwindled to the point where Greencloud Continent had no Martial Saint residing on it.

Greencloud Continent was weak, but it was not the absolute weakest given it was one of nine continents.

Ji Yunlang was happy but worried at the same time. He was worried that the remaining opposition would all gang up on Qing Shui with everything they had. Of course they would prevent harming the bystanders, since if they joined forces and still could not beat Qing Shui, it would become an annihilation. It was a bet against whether Qing Shui could handle every member they had.

Qing Shui's expression did not change even after murdering two people consecutively, as though it had been a small matter to attend to. It was for this reason that people of Wan Clan were left speechless and could not react.

’’I don't know if I could accept the same conditions as before,’’ Qing Shui said while smiling. His voice had not changed at all from when he last spoke.

What Qing Shui had done left everyone else in a cold sweat. Was this person even human? To have killed like this at such a young age, if they continued to fight the result would be unpredictable.

Even though some members of Beiming Clan and Wan Clan were scared, they were still emboldened since several formidable fighters were still hidden amongst the crowd. They felt that they could kill Qing Shui without any issue if they combined their forces.

’’We will leave. The incidents here, how about we treat this as a write off and call it even?’’ said an elderly man after thinking for a long time. This elderly man from Wan clan was standing in front of him clan members.

He understood that Wan Clan could not withstand the impact of another death. They had already lost two of their strongest fighting forces. They could recuperate if they rested for a bit. Just like losing a finger, it was something that they could live with. However, if they were to lose a limb, then Wan Clan may not last long.

Qing Shui had not thought the opposition would make such a decision, however, he just laughed while shaking his head. ’’You have to pay the price if you did something wrong. You have to satisfy them somehow.’’

Qing Shui's words left the opposition silent, however, the people below starting roaring.

’’Kill them, kill those bastards!’’

’’To take advantage of the weak and fear the strong, using such ruthless methods, inhumane, scumbags!’’

’’What skill would it take to kill us weaklings? Now they want to leave. Hero, please kill these scumbags.’’


’’It seems today, only one side will walk out alive.’’ An elderly man and the rest of Beiming Clan gave each other a look before looking towards Qing Shui.

’’This is also good. All of you come at me at the same time, so I can go home for dinner early.’’ Qing Shui looked at the sky, he had already seen through their plan to join forces to attack him. Thus, he provoked them with words.

’’Even if you a one person, we will fight together. Even if you are an army of one hundred, we still fight together.’’ The elderly man said while taking out his weapon.

A battle sword that was crimson like blood, the Scarlet Flame Bloodblade. The back of the knife had three grooves to allow blood to pass and the tip of the blade edge was like a red venomous fang. From one glance, one could tell that the Blade of Scarlet Flames emitted a vicious killing intent.

Members of Beiming Clan revealed their weapons, which were all swords. Wan Clan, on the other hand, were all using blades.

’’So shameless, a group of people ganging up on one person, such a bunch of old bastards.’’

’’Exactly, to fight one person with so many using such a lame excuse. Would you like a memorial arch when you are a prostitute?’’

’’The heavens will strike these people with a thunderbolt.’’


Qing Shui waved his hand around.

Raging Blow!

To utilize Raging Blow, he didn't want to switch to the Big Dipper Sword. In any case, it only had the strength of 5,000 stars. Even with the Violet Star Thunder God, Raging Blow would only strike with a strength of 5,800 stars. The extra 800 stars were wasted.

Beiming Clan was very hesitant. They only wanted to leave but they did not believe they could leave unscathed. They had to summon the courage to risk it all. If they lost, Beiming Clan would be left with no hope of reprieve.

The instant the leading elders made their move.

Qing Shui used his Nine Palace Steps to dodge.

At the same time, he used his Emperor's Qi to lock up the elders. Right now, Emperor's Qi could target several people, it was no longer restricted to a single target like before. At the most crucial moment, there would only be one chance.

The five elders were at least 4,000 stars in strength and two of them were 5,000 stars. If not for the Nine Palace Steps, he may not have been able to withstand the onslaught from their joint forces.

In the Nine Palaces, Qing Shui was absolute. He calmly avoided the attacks coming his way. Furthermore, with just with one Emperor's Qi, he had turned the entire situation on its head. He had managed to stall the five elders with one Emperor's Qi. With one wave of Raging Blow from the Violet Star Thunder God, the elders were swept away.

Qing Shui rushed towards the backline of the two clans. Their backline consisted of the elderly. Even if they were a bit younger, their strength would at least be a Grade One Martial Emperor. Traveling so far, they would have brought their strongest main force. This was because they hoped to enter the Sacred Land of Panacea so that their strength would be raised by several steps.

And now, several people had been killed by Qing Shui's Raging Blow. Since the battle started, Qing Shui had no intention of leaving any of them alive. If he was going to kill, then he would eliminate all of them. This was a reminder to other people that he was also capable of these things.

Several of the elders had been weakened. The two elder who used to have 5,000 stars strength were now down to 4,000 stars. The other three were now down to 3,000. One of them only had 3,200 stars left. The sudden change caused the five of them to be shocked enough to desire death. This change was way beyond their imagination.

After a moment of absent-mindedness, the screams from their surroundings had almost no impact on them. To be weakened by 1,000 stars was something that they could not accept. It was unbelievable that he had practiced his debuff ability to such a realm.

Debuff techniques would generally weaken the enemy by a very minimal amount. Usually, it was harmless, unless the practitioner had cultivated to an unimaginable realm. There were many objects that could resist a debuff. For example, the three jewels on their bodies were such items. However, their resistance to the negative effects was absolutely useless in this case, even though they were some of the strongest amongst the five continents.

To make matters worse, the elders had watched the strongest two in their clan murdered. Now, bodies were dropping from the sky one by one, almost lining up next to the ones from before.

The elders' eyes were bloodshot. Watching their closest members being killed one after another was unacceptable, even if they had withdrawn from worldly affairs. Suddenly, the five of them split into a formation of three in the front, two in the back. A light blood haze began to dance, as though they were snowflakes dancing in the wind.

’’Brother, be careful, this is the Snow Dance Bloodlust Death Formation,’’ Ji Yunlang said loudly in panic, as though he had just thought of it.

Qing Shui never thought he would see a formation. What effect did this formation have? Qing Shui could feel the bloodlust from the opposition. In addition, they seemed to have regained their strength. Qing Shui felt that a bit of unease. Something was wrong. Seeing the crimson mist, he struck it with a Raging Blow.


Thunder Deflect!

Qing Shui was surprised, it was as though he could clearly feel it. Not only had their strengths returned to 5,000 stars, all five of them were at 5,000 stars. The Raging Blow from earlier had not been able to dissipate the opposition's crimson mist.

Now, Qing Shui finally understood that large clans were still tight lipped about some things. This Snow Dance Bloodlust Death Formation was their trump card.

Qing Shui was familiar with the Five Elements, the Book of Changes and the Eight Trigrams. Formations never deviated from the position of these forms. Thus, Qing Shui understood that he had to break their formation somehow, or he would be in serious danger.

The early strike reminded Qing Shui that he needed self-preservation first. He took out a Formation Flag, knowing that most of the battle would be in the air, he used Formation Flags crafted from wind element beast materials. These formation flags could float in the sky. He then directly placed them in the surroundings to create the Duality Minutest Formation.

Placing this formation was fast, but the effects were not as strong as Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. By the time he had finished setting the formation, the opposition had also finished assembling their formation. The five elders were enveloped by a faint crimson mist and snowflakes floated around them. They emitted a strong killing intent, as if they were cornering prey.

’’Kid, we will teach you what a Formation Destroyer is today. Eh, what is that?’’ said a Wan Clan's elder. This man had a healthy glow on his face. He suddenly noticed the surrounding Formation Flags placed by Qing Shui.

In the World of the Nine Continents, formations were usually formed from people, just like the current Snow Dance Bloodlust Death Formation and Qing Shui's Five Elements Minor Formation, Four Phases Formation, and Ten Paramitas Formation. Those who knew formations were few in number. Some people who knew a little about formations were even fewer. Thus, the members of Beiming Clan and Wan Clan being unsure about the purpose of the surrounding Formation Flags was not a surprise.


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