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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 98


AST 0098 - Heaven-Defying Primordial Needle Technique!

After old master Yu toasted everyone, and eventually he arrived at the table where Qing Shui was sitting.


’’Grandpa Yu!’’

’’Grandpa Yu!’’

Yu Jian, Ding Lang, Ding Yuan and Ding Bao all called out respectfully.

’’Qing Shui here, I've met old master Yu before.’’

Qing Shui smiled as he respectfully dipped into a bow!

’’Good, good!’’

’’Lass, this your friend Qing Shui? Excellent, excellent!’’ Old master Yu praised Qing Shui doubly, his voice bright and filled with vitality.

Qing Shui contemplated Yu Donghao on the wheelchair. He looked like he was over 50 years old, with a head full of white hair and a refined appearance. He had a wide-looking forehead, and eyes filled with vitality. That deep gaze of his, left behind a deep impression in Qing Shui's mind.

Seems that Old master Yu had already walked out of his depression. This bespoke that Yu Donghao was someone with an iron-clad will. If it was someone else who had fallen from the Xiantian realm to become a commoner, they may even give up on living.

The heavenly vision technique of Qing Shui probed Yu Donghao from head to toe. The energy channels and Dantian of Old Master Yu clearly appeared in his vision.

His Dantian was contorted like a pretzel, while his energy channels were all shrunken and withered. Especially the energy channels near his legs, ’’No wonder he was crippled, seeing the damage that his body has sustained, it's already extremely fortunate for him to have come back alive.’’

’’His injuries are somewhat similar to Baili Jingwei, just many times more serious. I wonder if my primordial needle techniques would be of any help here.’’

Thinking of this, his heart warmed. He should use this chance for an experiment, and see if his primordial needle techniques would be effective. Combining the primordial flames together with the primordial needle techniques, he may achieve a miracle that defies Heaven.

As the night wore on, eventually, Yu Donghao returned back to his room. What's strange was that, Yu He actually pulled himself along to accompany Yu Donghao. Qing Shui felt extremely out of place, after all they were grandfather and granddaughter, while he was an external party.

’’Well, might as well tell him what's on my mind!' Qing Shui decided to follow Yu He to Old Master Yu's room.

’’Qing Shui right? The lass said that the black fish were provided by you, they are truly delicious. This old man is already 80 years in age, and despite my age, I have never eaten a dish with such a wonderful taste before.’’

’’Thank you. If you want to eat it, I will let Sister Yu to cook one for you every day.’’ Qing Shui modestly replied.

’’Sigh, this lass's fate is truly bitter. Were it not for her, I may have already lost the will to continue living.’’

Qing Shui hesitated a while, as he replied. ’’Old man, I know something similar to the medical arts, I wonder if you would allow me to practice my style of treatment on you? My medical skills are somewhat different from others, but there's a chance that I might even cure you!’’

Yu Donghao laughed, ’’Child, thank you for your kind words. But I know better than any others just how bad my own condition is. If there are no miracle pills or celestial pellets, I will always remain a cripple.’’

Qing Shui felt impressed by how level-headed Yu Donghao is. Maybe it was because he was already numbed from the countless setbacks suffered while trying to find a cure!

’’Although Old Master Yu no longer has hope, why not just let me give it a try? After all, what have you got to lose?’’ Qing Shui continued, trying to persuade the old man Yu.

’’Qing Shui, enough!’’ Yu He interjected, worried that her grandpa would be reminded of things in the past.

’’Hmm you are right, this old man shall let you try it then, let's see your extraordinary medical techniques.’’ On the contrary, Yu Donghao still appeared joyful, as he agreed to Qing Shui's request.

Yu He could only speechlessly glance at Qing Shui, while hinting at him to back off with her eyes.

Qing Shui pretended not to see the look that Yu He was shooting his way as he removed his golden needles. Without any further delay, Qing Shui got Yu Donghao to remove his robes, and pulled down his pants slightly, revealing the area of his Dantian.

’’There may be some pain, please bear with it.’’ Qing Shui reminded, as he prepared himself.

’’Bring it on, this old man here is afraid of everything, except pain. If I truly recover, I wouldn't even mind getting slashed by a thousand knives and pierced by a thousand blades.’’

To heal Yu Donghao, firstly, Qing Shui must revitalize and heal his atrophied Dantian. Only then, would Yu Donghao be able to circulate his Qi again. The golden needles burst into flames, as Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique flew into the golden needles while Qing Shui activated the primordial flames before inserting them into various segments of old man Yu's Dantian.

The Dantian was of paramount importance to cultivators. Not only was it the most critical portion of the human body, it was also the weakest. The first golden needle was inserted.

But Yu Donghao acted as if he was desensitized to pain. Even after the needle was inserted into his Dantian, he didn't even let out a grunt of pain.

The 2nd needle...... all the way to the 7th needle!

A sheen of perspiration could be seen on Qing Shui's forehead. After the 7th needle was inserted, Qing Shui had used his needle techniques to seal Yu Donghao's sense of pain. Despite old man Yu's refusal, Qing Shui still had done so. Because the level of pain of the 7th needle, when compared to the 1st, was akin to the light of a firefly in comparison to the burning sun.

Activating the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui infused the needles with his Qi, and slowly transferred the Qi into the Dantian of Yu Donghao.

The 7 golden needles inserted, were arranged into the 7 stars heavenly dipper formation. The needles gently vibrated, as they emitted a faint golden radiance. Under the infusion of the Ancient Strengthening Qi, the atrophied Dantian began to gradually recover its original shape.

The rate of recovery, as well as the vibration of the golden needles had a direct correlation to Qing Shui's rate of energy consumption.

Yu He worriedly stood by the side, as she wiped the perspiration of Qing Shui away with a little cloth every so often. She was slightly red in the face, because she was doing such a couple-like action with Qing Shui in front of her grandpa.

Approximately two hours later, Qing Shui's face was already bloodlessly pale. He removed the needles one by one as his body trembled involuntarily.

’’Old Master Yu, try to activate your Qi. However, control your Qi so that it is only maintained in your Dantian. Do not overly exert it, I just want you to lightly experiment with it.’’ Qing Shui instructed. He too, desperately wanted to know the results of his first medical experiment.

Yu Donghao shut his eyes, and momentarily, snapped them opened. A look of crazed happiness could be seen in the depths of his eyes as he emotionally exclaimed, ’’Am I dreaming......?’’

Looking at the joyful countenance of her grandpa, tears streaked down the face of Yu He. She speechlessly stared at Qing Shui, hoping that what she guessed was right.

Yu He felt happiness, and awestruck in her heart. Qing Shui, this little guy, actually managed to cure the atrophied Dantian of her grandpa? What on earth was he..?


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