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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 971-973


AST 971 –Trivial Matter, Girls of Age Should Marry, Lies Exposed

"How long has it been since the Guo Clan's marriage proposal?" Qing Shui seemed to have noticed a neglected topic.

"A year!" Qing Yi said.

"Aren't you afraid that he would marry someone else after this much time has passed?" Qing Shui laughed.

"Elder brother Shui, you're underestimating sister Qingqing's charms. As long as sister Qingqing refuses to marry, he would wait for her every day. If she decided to not marry this year, then he would wait a year." Qing Bei said while giggling.

"Xiao Bei, don't spew nonsense," Qingqing said in embarrassment.

"Mother, you and Guo Clan should get in touch and choose a date." Qing Shui laughed.

"Alright, then tomorrow we will have someone deliver a letter to the Guo Clan and tell them that you have returned. I expect that they would arrive soon afterwards. Let's just have you guys discuss Qingqing's matter." Qing Yi said while laughing. She was truly happy. Her son had finally matured. Once they were of age, every male should take a wife and every female should take a husband. Having her daughter remain single here was not true happiness.

Qing Shui smiled. "You are our mother. You should be present for this matter. I'll also come forward to make sure that all is well for Qingqing."

Half a day passed by in a blink of an eye. Grandfather Qing Luo, Uncle, Qing You, Qing Bei and the rest of the extended family left. Only Qing Shui's direct family remained, even the children were quiet.

Qing Yu and Qing Yan sat within Qing Shui's embrace. Qing Yu was asleep. Meanwhile, Shi Qingzhuang picked up Qing Yan while Huoyun Liu-Li grabbed a small blanket and covered her daughter. Qing Shui continued to embrace her to let her sleep.

"Zun`er, Ming`er, wake up early tomorrow. We will be training in the backyard. Okay?" Qing Shui said while looking at his two sons.

"Okay!" Qing Zun's eyes were filled with excitement. Although he was young, he had heard a lot about his father. He was aware that his father was very strong.

"No, I don't want to train with you!" Although Qing Ming was small, Qing Shui could sense an evilish aura emitting from this child. It was the complete opposite of Qing Zun. Qing Zun emitted a feeling of vitality while Qing Ming emitted something bad…

Was it because their names were Zun and Ming..?

"Ming`er, listen to your father." Mingyue Gelou said anxiously.

"Gelou, children being a bit rebellious is okay," Qing Shui said with a smile.

Mingyue Gelou could only helplessly shake her head.

"These are for you all." Qing Shui took out several specially crafted Violet Jade Swords. Yiye Jiange, Luan Luan, Di Qing, Canghai Mingyue, Shi Qingzhuang… he gave all of them one each.

"Gelou, do you prefer to wear gloves or sharp beast claws on your fists as a weapon?" Qing Shui asked while looking at Mingyue Gelou. Mingyue Gelou had been cultivating Tiger Form without the addition of weapons.

Fist Masters on the Main Continent all wore formidable fighting gloves. Most were made from metal with barbed knuckles or sharp spikes. Some even lace their gloves with poison… …

"I'll have beast claws then!" Mingyue Gelou said after thinking for a bit.

"Gelou, your Tiger Form has evolved." Qing Shui stated with a bit of surprise.

"You can tell?" Mingyue Gelou was surprised.

"Just a guess!"

"Ming`er, tell Daddy what you want to do? If you train with daddy, I'll agree to anything." Qing Shui smiled at Qing Ming.

"Really?" Qing Ming said with his eyes wide open.

"Of course!" Qing Shui replied with a smile.

"I want to play with the bow and arrows and hunt birds!"

Qing Shui understood the gist of it. This kid probably wanted to play with the bow and arrows but was forbidden from doing so. Probably because the other family members were afraid that the other kids would get injured. Thus, he was not allowed to play with it.

"This will not be an issue, if you listen." Qing Shui said with a smile.

"I'll obey you as long as you let me play with the bows and arrows." Qing Ming looked at Qing Shui, pondering on whether or not Qing Shui was telling the truth.

Qing Shui thought that during the time he spent time at home, there would be no incidents if he kept watch. Moreover, once this child had enough, he would stop playing with the bow and arrows.

The entire family was happily together, a happy bliss that could not be explained with just words. The loneliness and isolation from before had completely disappeared. A hundred years of loneliness. The greatest enemy known to men was loneliness. Many that had reached a very high realm would suddenly realize that there was nothing left to pursue. No matter how strong a person became, without family, without something to protect, they would slowly descend into loneliness and be consumed by the demons within their heart.

Qing Shui took out several small gifts to win his children over. After all, they were still kids. Although he had previously said something about raising sons, right now he was not ready to put those words into actions yet.

Qing Shui's collection of crafted toys brought joy to his kids. It did not take long for the kids to warm up to their father. Even Qing Yu kept calling out 'Daddy' nonstop. She hogged most of Qing Shui's time and attention. She would not let Qing Shui embrace the other kids.

Overly attached and possessive…

Qing Shui smilingly looking at the bossy baby girl. Many children would become overly attached and possessive, they would refuse to let their mothers hug other children.

In the last couple years, there had been no incidents involving the Qing Clan. This was something reassuring for Qing Shui. With his return, there would not be anyone who would belittle the Qing Clan. While he was back, he planned to enhance the strength of the family. At the same time, he could help set the foundation for the younger generation.

Qing Zi's children were already ten years old and growing up to be very strong. Qing Clan's three generation were all forming families. Qing Clan was a large clan now, many other clans on the Green Cloud Continent wanted to connect with the Qing Clan through marriage.

Qing Shui had never thought of marriage as a tool for establishing connections between clans. Whether it was himself or his clan members, this was unneeded, nor was it an agreeable method. In his heart, he desired for the happiness of his family. Strength was only the method to ensure freedom, so he had enhanced his own strength as quickly as he could to make the lives of the people around him better. He wants to enable them to live as they pleased. It was as simple as that. He had never thought about reputation or whatever benefits. He did not need these things. If he wanted money, he could pick something at random from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and sell for a hefty profit.

Moreover, Qing Clan's businesses were booming. There were auction houses, restaurants that carried Qing Shui's spices, medicinal herbs and materials that were easy to craft. Qing Clan was not short on money and although their savings from the last few years was not comparable to Aristocrats, they could still be called very wealthy.

"Qing Shui, sister Jiange was planning to leave originally. But since you were not home, she was too worried and decided to stay here until you got back. Can't you persuade her to stay?" Huoyun Liu-Li said to Qing Shui with a smile.

When he heard Huoyun Luo-Li's words, Qing Shui felt inexplicably uncomfortable. Yiye Jiange's position here was also a bit awkward. No matter what others thought, Qing Shui and Jiange were clearly aware of their relationship.

From Yiye Jiange's perspective, everyone here was Qing Shui's family. For her, she was only a friend of Qing Shui. Although their relationship was on the good side, it was still a bit awkward.

Luan Luan had gradually grown and Jiange knew that the Heart of Seven Orifices would become really strong in the future. However, right now, Luan Luan was Qing Shui's daughter. Jiange was not sure if Luan Luan would leave with her. Although she probably would since she wouldn't let Jiange leave by herself.

Yiye Jiange was deep in thought and a smile leaked from her face. No one understood the loneliness in her heart. Luan Luan was not her daughter but she was the closest family she had. She was not certain whether she would marry anyone in the future, or even if she would have her own children. This was why Luan Luan was her closest family.

She had already decided to not think too much about the matter at Lion King's Ridge. But why was Luan Luan the owner of the Heart of Seven Orifices? She did not want to tell Luan Luan where she came from. She did not want her to feel the same loneliness. The Qing Clan was her family, there was a father here and a mother as well. There was also a grandmother, an aunt…

"I can't be so selfish… …" Yiye Jiange said to herself. If she were to go to the Lion King's Ridge without Luan Luan, she would be without a sliver of hope. She had never thought of asking Qing Shui do anything for her about this matter. If she did, then she would be even more selfish. Even if Qing Shui wanted to head to the Lion King's Ridge for her, she would not allow it. If anything happened to him, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

"Be at ease, I won't let my woman run off like that." Qing Shui said in a relaxed manner.

Looking at Yiye Jiange glaring at her for a second, Luan Luan laughed in happiness. "Only daddy could be so domineering. It is nice that our family is together. Mother, is daddy bullying you?"

"Ahem, young lady, don't make such irresponsible remarks, I would not dare bully your mother." Qing Shui interrupted Luan Luan quickly.

"Dad, you know I'm on mother's side. If you don't persuade mother and mother leaves, then I will leave with her. I'll protect mother for you, okay?" Luan Luan said with a smile.

Qing Shui's heart trembled after seeing Luan Luan's smile and his heart shivered with unease. He knew that Luan Luan had already figured out her past. The words she had spoken, in addition to her possession of the Heart of Seven Orifices, was proof that she was aware of the truth. Even normal children at that age would have been able to remember some things, let alone her.

Perhaps Yiye Jiange, Luan Luan and himself were all in a dream, but none of them were willing to say it. They were afraid that they would not be able to bear it.

"Be reassured my daughter, your mother is not going anywhere. This is our home, no matter when or where, this is your home and I am your father." Qing Shui said seriously with a smile.

Luan Luan was standing next to Qing Shui and was not looking at him, but her face was already full of tears. There were many things that could not be said out loud but could still be understood. She lifted her head and said, "En, you will always be my father. Always."

Although many people did not know what Qing Shui and Luan Luan were talking about, they all came to an understanding. The people here were all intelligent, Qing Shui and Luan Luan being father and daughter was already very strange.

Yiye Jiange sighed. A white lie was still a lie. Though the lie had not been exposed, it was only a matter of time before someone saw through this lie.

"This is something that could not be changed, nothing worth crying about. When you were little, we'd play with monkeys, catch birds, pick fruits…at that time you were about the same age of Yan`er and now you're a big girl."

Luan Luan smiled and sat next to Qing Shui. Her thoughts seemed to have flitted back to the past because of Qing Shui's words. She had thought it was strange when she was little but now that she was a bit older, everything had become clear. She understood everything but she was still hoping that her aunt and Qing Shui could be together.

She was exceptionally intelligent. If her aunt really got together with Qing Shui, she might be able to pretend to be their biological child for the rest of her life. However, she was aware that they were acting right now and that it was all for her sake. She was happy but sad at the same time. She knew that if the situation were to continue, it would not be fair to anybody. It would become more tiring for everyone involved. Eventually, even if they did not want to say it, she would say it herself. However, her heart was suffering. Seeing Qing Shui embracing Qing Yu, Qing Yan, and Qing Yin, the pain was difficult to bear.

It was not because of jealousy. She knew that Qing Shui treated her better than the others. But blood ties were something that could not be ignored. She was aware that she and he were not related by blood. She raised her head and looked at Yiye Jiange, seeing the guilt in her expression.

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AST 972 –Within Three Years, I'm Bringing You To The Lion King's Ridge To Seek For Justice

When he saw the expression on Luan Luan's face, Qing Shui reached out to rub her head. "Lass, stop overthinking. Nothing has changed since the beginning till now. It will never change. It's been so many years, I have watched you grow up. Unless you don't want to acknowledge a father like me?"

"Why would I not? If Daddy doesn't want Luan Luan anymore, I fear that I won't be able to take it." More tears welled up in Luan Luan's eyes.

"Foolish lass. There are no outsiders here. You are my daughter, just like the rest of them. This is your home and everyone here is your family." Qing Shui suddenly grew relaxed after he finished this sentence.

Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange. It had been so long since then. He had thought that Luan Luan really didn't know the truth so they had been acted out their roles. All this time, he had been thinking that this was unfair to Yiye Jiange. But it was all good now, they no longer had to be awkward like that.

"Daddy, can you promise me one thing? Just one." Luan Luan raised her head and looked at Qing Shui.

"Daddy can promise you ten things, let alone one. I am willing to do anything you ask for." Qing Shui hurriedly assured her.

"I know that you and Mother aren't husband and wife. Even if both of you were really husband and wife, I would still like to stay like this forever. Both of you have been pretending to be husband and wife for my sake and I am really grateful. As a daughter, I really wish for the both of you to truly be true husband and wife. Daddy, can you promise me that you'll think about how you can become truly married to Mother?" Luan Luan said earnestly while looking at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui had never expected that Luan Luan would suggest something like this. For him to marry Yiye Jiange was something very slow yet abrupt. He didn't know why he felt a little bit uneasy whenever this issue was raised. He no longer felt like he did before. He even wished for her to stay by his side forever.

Was this possessiveness?

"Lass, your mother is a peerlessly talented woman. I can only promise you that I'd try my best. Your daddy's cultivation is quite decent right now. I will beat anyone who dares to come and try to snatch your mother away until he runs and leaves. What do you think?" Qing Shui told Luan Luan in a serious tone of voice.

"Yes. Daddy is the best. Let's do a pinky swear. You are not allowed go back on your words. Also, you will have to work hard to please Mother. Do not bully her." Luan Luan laughed and extended her hand out.

"Of course. I can't bring myself to bully her. Without your mother, the Qing Clan and I would have perished long ago." Qing Shui laughed while he hooked his pinky with Luan Luan's.

Yiye Jiange was mad and embarrassed at the same time. She was also indescribably happy but she wasn't sure why she felt like that.

Qing Yi, Qing Qing and the other few ladies were looking at Qing Shui. The rest were smiling. They also glanced at Yiye Jiange.

"Sister Jiange, you've been husband and wife for such a long time. Does big sister have someone better waiting for you?" Huoyun Liu-Li laughed mischievously while teasing Yiyi Jiange.

"Liu-Li, not you too." Yiye Jiange said with a small smile. Her tone was calm but a little helpless. She really didn't know how to resist this man when he became unreasonable.

Back then, he seemed just like an ordinary youth. She hadn't expected for him to grow to such heights. Without realizing it, the relationship between them had already become slightly ambiguous.

If someone in the Hundred Miles City said that she would pretend to be husband and wife with him back then, she would definitely not believe them. But now, even if someone told her that she'd definitely be married to him the future, she wouldn't be too surprised.


The sky was growing dark. Qing Shui was at the rear courtyard with Yiye Jiange. Knowing that she wanted to leave, Qing Shui naturally would ask her to stay. Not only that, he definitely had to make her stay.

He felt that he could do it right now!

"Why do you have to leave?" Qing Shui asked softly while at Yiye Jiange's side.

"Qing Shui, there's no banquet that doesn't end. Since Luan Luan knows about it, it is all the more reason I should leave." Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

This otherworldly lady was always so serene. He had initially thought that he had become closer to her. But after leaving this time and the fact that Luan Luan had known about her own background, Qing Shui suddenly felt that this lady had grown even further away from him.

"Who said anything about ending? Are you leaving? Where to? Are you bringing Luan Luan to the Lion King's Ridge?" Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange with a frown.

"I don't know, I haven't really made up my mind to go to the Lion King's Ridge." Yiye Jiange didn't comment on Qing Shui's emotions. She only replied to him calmly.

"If you haven't made up your mind, then why do you want to leave? Is it because you don't like it here, or you don't want to see certain people?" Qing Shui didn't expect her to actually leave at all.

"No, it's amazing here. Sometimes I can't even differentiate between whether this is real or not. Sometimes, I really treat this place as my home. But I have only realized my mistake just now." Yiye Jiange shook her head and laughed.

"Why?" Qing Shui was very doubtful.

"The bond between a husband and wife is children and emotions. I am very happy when I see the joy and harmony between you and them and your children. Did you see the envy in Luan Luan's eyes? You doted on Luan Luan, even more than your own children, despite having no blood relation and despite the fact that we are not husband and wife. I only know how family love and joy looks like when I saw you together with them. I should thank you. I have been very happy all these years." Yiye Jiange said calmly.

"Did I do something wrong that made you have to leave like this? Do you think I will be at ease if you leave this way?" Qing Shui gave Yiye Jiange a smile.

Yiye Jiange felt a little strange when she saw Qing Shui's smile. She gave him a perplexed look. She also felt very conflicted because she couldn't decide if she should go to the Northern Sacred Lu Continent or return to the Skysword Sect.

What would she do if she returned to the Skysword Sect? She thought for a moment before deciding that it was better for her to go to the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. It didn't seem so bad to return there and take a look around. If she was careful, the Lion King’s Ridge shouldn't be able to discover her.

"Qing Shui, you didn't do anything wrong. I simply want to leave." Yiye Jiange hesitated for a moment before answering.

"You've seen it too, Luan Luan wishes for us to become husband and wife. I'm sorry, I don't mean to disrespect your opinion. Can you let me finish saying this?" Qing Shui hurriedly said after he saw Yiye Jiange's lowered head.

He didn't want to offend this lady that he had always respected.

"You think too much. I'm fine. Also, it's not disrespectful for you to have such opinion. I am also a woman," Yiye Jiange said gently.

Qing Shui was taken aback by her words. He suddenly remembered a joke from his previous world. Something about how a beautiful, prideful and aloof woman was like a goddess. But women like this didn't wish that men would worship them as goddesses. After all, they were also human, a woman. They actually preferred it if others to treated them as a woman instead.

Right now, this was how Qing Shui saw Yiye Jiange. But it was just a feeling. Looking at this woman who was as extraordinarily refined like an immortal, Qing Shui held one of her hands for the first time. He didn't have any desires. He merely wanted to tell her something.

When Yiye Jiange's hand was held by Qing Shui, she lifted her head up. A small smile appeared on her face when she saw his clear eyes. "I wish to return to the Northern Sacred Lu Continent."

"No!" Qing Shui's answer was very clear-cut.

"I want to go back!" Yiye Jiange insisted.

"If you're going back then the Qing Clan and I shall accompany you." Qing Shui said firmly.

"Stop making a fuss……"

"Don't you dare think of secretively leaving. Otherwise, I will hunt you down at the Lion King's Ridge. I'm sure you know that I'll do that." Qing Shui said to Yiye Jiange, destroying her idea of leaving without bidding farewell.

"You are a big scoundrel," Yiye Jiange said helplessly. She knew that this man intended to make her stay rather than pestering her immaturely.

The grasp that Qing Shui had on her hand didn't lessen. Yiye Jiange gave up after trying to shake him off a few times, figuring that she might as well let him hold her hand. "Three years. I'll take you to the Lion King's Ridge after three years at most." Qing slowly said after a while.

Yiye Jiange was still taken aback by Qing Shui's sudden words. She then firmly shook her head at Qing Shui. "I won't allow you to go."

"Why not? I can't go even if I am capable? After I know about your story, I've been thinking about this. At that time, I decided that my target was 20 years. I will help you topple the Lion King's Ridge in 20 years. But now, it seems like I might even be able to fulfil my plans a few years earlier. It was also this year I realized that I am capable of fulfilling your wishes. I was very happy at that time. I wish for you to put down the burden in your heart. But you won't be able to put that burden down until the Lion King's Ridge issue is settled. I wish for you to become happy. After the Yan Clan incident, my motivation to improve was to lift that burden off your shoulders."

Yiye Jiange was shocked. Her heart ached and she didn't know why she felt like crying all of a sudden. This was the first time she had such feelings in so many years. It was true that she had helped him before but that case was something easily achievable for her and the Skysword Sect. Just because of this, a man who was slightly perverted like him never had any intention towards her. The most unexpected thing to her was the fact that he had set a period of 20 years for her. This was the Lion King's Ridge in question……

She had been through loneliness, desolation and anxiety for so many years. This was her first time feeling so assured. All of a sudden, she realized that her heart wasn't that empty. She was also suddenly aware of the close proximity between her and this man before her eyes.

Qing Shui could sense her emotions and feelings. Hai Dongying had told Qing Shui things about Hai Dongqing. However, she was a lot more fortunate compared to Yiye Jiange and also Wenren-Wushuang.

Qing Shui really wanted to lend Yiye Jiange a shoulder but he was afraid it'd be impulsive. However, once he saw her hand that was in his hand, Qing Shui summoned his courage to pull her into a light embrace. He didn't say anything nor did he have any intentions. He merely wanted to let her feel warm, so that her heart would no longer be that lonely.

At first, Qing Shui was nervous. But deep in his heart, he really wanted to pamper her and love her dearly……

This time, Yiye Jiange could clearly felt it. This feeling was extremely wonderful. She kind of liked it.

"Jiange, stay. I will bring you there to seek justice in three years at most," Qing Shui said softly while embracing her.

"You still have the entire Qing Clan. Promise me that you won't do anything that you don't have confidence in. I would rather not go to the Lion King's Ridge. If something happens to you, I won't be able to forgive myself even if I died." Yiye Jiange raised her head to look at Qing Shui.

"I can promise you but you can't leave!"

"I won't leave!"

"And if you want to marry someone, please consider me first……" Qing Shui chuckled mischievously.

"You're starting to be a scoundrel again." Yiye Jiange huffed at him.

Qing Shui had told her stuff like this to lighten things up but mostly to make Yiye Jiange relax for the moment. He knew that she would never take the initiative to say this, so Qing Shui could only shamelessly speak a little about it.

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AST 973 –The Formidable Skywolf Claw

The day was still early. Qing Shui had passed them the required things, including the Formation Techniques. It was still very easy to make arrangements for the night. Qing Zun and Qing Yin had already been sleeping separately from Canghai Mingyu but Mingyue Gelou and Shi Qingzhuang's children hadn't yet.

It was even impossible for Huoyun Liu-Li's child. Thus, the first bedroom that Qing Shui visited was Canghai Mingyue's. Even a reunion after a brief parting would be just as sweet as a honeymoon. On top of that, it had been a few years. This made even a kingdom toppling beauty like Canghai Mingyue a little nervous.

This amused Qing Shui and also greatly tempted him. He was admiring the woman who was at the edge of the bed. She didn't look any different even after delivering two children. She was still as devastatingly beautiful as she had always been. Her face had a faint red tint and her beauty was very impressive as always. It made one want to look up to her but in a different way to how one would look up to a Queen. Qing Shui leaned against her side, sharing the same snowy white blanket that covered their bodies.

Qing Shui was very fond of the fragrance in the bedroom. It was sweet and pleasant. He also loved the faint fragrance coming from his side. His shoulder pressed against hers. His head was turned to the side as he lovingly admired her gorgeous profile.

"You had to take care of the two children alone. Was it hard on you?" Qing Shui pulled her into his arms and gently embraced her.

"No, they are our children. My flesh and bones. I am only grateful, how would it be hard on me?" Canghai Mingyue leaned into Qing Shui's arms as she laughed softly.

"The two children have a closer resemblance to you." Qing Shui pointed out with a smile as he thought about Zun'er and Yin'er.

"But they are actually very fond of their father. It's just that Zun'er isn't really good with words and Yin'er is very shy." The smile on Canghai Mingyue's face was especially warm when she talked about her son and daughter.

"Our children are the best. They should start cultivating." Qing Shui said softly, seemingly a little helpless about it. The Qing Clan could already be considered an aristocrat clan now. It was still vital for the next generation to be well nurtured, so they must cultivate. Thus, Qing Shui was thinking of some methods during the day time to get Qing Ming to agree with cultivating.

"Zun'er loves to practice martial arts. However, Yin'er doesn't seem to have much interest in it." Canghai Mingyue said with a slight worry.

"That's fine. No need to worry about our daughter. I will agree to whatever she wants to study. It's fine if she doesn't want to cultivate. I will find some Gifted Earth Treasures to help her." Qing Shui said after thinking for a moment.

Qing Shui was curious to see what that lass was interested in. When the time came, she'd be cultivating in a different way.

"We mustn't spoil the children." Canghai Mingyue shook her head.

"You think Yin'er would be spoiled? That lass is very intelligent, she just doesn't show it. You don't have to worry about it." Qing Shui was especially happy when he remembered the way Yin'er looked at him fondly during the daytime and the wise look in her eyes.

"It's getting late. Let's sleep!" Qing Shui suddenly pulled her into an embrace again and smiled.



The bedroom was soon filled with noises that made one's blood race. Qing Shui was admiring Canghai Mingyue's gorgeous countenance. She looked as if she was lost in pleasure. Her alluring lips were slightly parted, letting out soft moans. The wonderful feeling was simply ecstatic.

They only stopped about two hours later. Canghai Mingyue didn't ask for Qing Shui to stay the night in her bedroom. She knew that there were still people waiting for him.

"This is too troublesome. We should get a huge bed next time. That will be much more convenient." Qing Shui smiled mischievously at Canghai Mingyue as he dressed himself.

"Don't even think about it." Canghai leaned towards the edge of the bed, The afterglow on her face almost made Qing Shui strip off the clothes that he had just put on himself.

He embraced her and kissed her with all his might before leaving!

Qing Shui only went to Huoyun Liu-Li's bedroom after midnight. She wasn't asleep yet and smiled when she saw Qing Shui. Qing Shui rubbed his nose and immediately climbed onto her bed.

The little lass was in a deep sleep. He lowered his head and planted a kiss on his daughter's delicate cheek.

Huoyun Liu-Li embraced Qing Shui from behind. "I missed you!"

It only took these brief words for Qing Shui to quickly strip both of their clothes off. He stared into her long and narrow lovely eyes as he embraced her delicate figure that had grown a little fuller compared to before.


Looking at Huoyun Liu-Li who was sleeping contently in his arms and his young daughter who was sleeping soundly at one side, Qing Shui felt extremely happy. Since there was still some time left, Qing Shui got up as he didn't feel sleepy. He quietly left and entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

There was currently a little more than two hours before daybreak. Qing Shui was thinking about Mingyue Gelou's weapon, the Beast Claw.

The Skywolf Claw!

He thought of the claw that was left behind when he killed the Skywolf before and immediately searched for it. He took the first two for building the frame and then added the violet jade along with some pure gold. He had gotten the pure gold from melting a small part of the Pure Gold Dragon-Headed Cane.


Qing Shui refined the Skywolf Claw first. The forepart of this kind of claw wasn't made of bone and was harder than pure metal. It was also extremely sharp. With a frame available, it was much more convenient to forge.

Only a little bit of pure gold was added while mostly violet jade was used. This was Qing Shui's first time forging claw-type weapons. The Skywolf Claw was about two feet long. The most notable thing about Claw Fist Techniques were the effects it had in transmitting 'dantian's qi', just like the sword qi weapons. Other than not being sturdy enough, an ordinary sword would break or shatter because the transmission of dantian's qi was too weak.

Violet jade, pure gold, and that Skywolf Claw frame were all excellent materials for forging weapons. On top of that, Qing Shui's current abilities in the Pentacolor Rainbow Art of Forging were still quite formidable. He was definitely the best in the five continents.

There should be a lot of people who could forge weapons with an additional effect of threefold increase in strength. But the difference between their success rates and Qing Shui's were like the Heaven and the Earth. Additionally, the weapons that were forged by Qing Shui would occasionally possess some special additional abilities.

When a flash of pentacolor light shone, Qing Shui smiled at the splendid and magnificent Skywolf Claw before his eyes. Even a picky person like Qing Shui couldn't help but sigh in amazement at the beauty of the Skywolf Claw. It was even sharper than the Violet Jade Sword.

He immediately took a look at the Skywolf Claw's abilities.

Skywolf Claw: Wearer will possess a very strong poison immunity. Increases strength twofold. Additional 10% chance of doubling damage. Increases attack speed by 5%.

Qing Shui was surprised when he saw the Skywolf Claw's abilities. Although it was not as powerful as the Violet Star Thunder God, this Skywolf Claw was definitely a very decent weapon for opponents lower than Martial Emperor. It was quite a lot stronger than the Violet Jade Sword.

That 10% chance of doubling damage mustn't be underestimated. A 10% chance meant that it would happen once every ten times on average, and it could even consecutively happen twice. Then again, it was possible that it wouldn't happen even once in twenty times. But then again, a 10% chance was definitely not little during battle.

An increase of twofold meant that the wearer's strength would be multiplied by three. Doubling on top of that would mean multiplying it again by two. Qing Shui was even a little envious right now. If only the Violet Star Thunder God could have such an additional ability……

But then he still remembered what Qin Zongheng had mentioned. There wouldn't be any cultivator with a strength of more than 5,000 stars in the five continents. Even if some other cultivators from outside the five continents with more than 5,000 stars strength came here, their strength would also be restricted to 5,000 stars. This worked a little similarly to the Flowerfruit Mountain.

If this was really true, then wouldn't Qing Shui be invincible here in the five continents if his strength reached 5,000 stars……?

Looking at the time, it should be almost morning. He exited the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and saw that the sky outside had turned bright. The people who were doing their morning practice should be up by now. The moment he went out, he saw Canghai Mingyue.

"Morning!" Qing Shui greeted Canghai Mingyue.

Canghai Mingyue gave Qing Shui a rare charming glance. When she saw the slightly naughty smile that Qing Shui gave her, she immediately blushed a little when she recalled the events of last night. Although their children were already seven years old, her time spent with Qing Shui after their marriage was a lot less than that.

"Is Zun'er up?"

"He has already started cultivating in the morning since two years ago. He's at the backyard right now!"

"Then I'll go see if Ming'er is awake."

"He's there too. He has actually started following the rest to cultivate about two months ago.He only wanted to get some benefits from you that day." Canghai Mingyue laughed.

"This brat is already deceiving people at such a young age. What are we going to do with him?" Qing Shui was speechless.

"Gelou is someone with virtue and dignity. Who do you think Ming'er takes after?" Canghai Mingyue chuckled.

Qing Shui extended his arm and groped Canghai Mingyue's perky rear before leaving with a laugh. Canghai Mingyue cursed inwardly with a crimson face as she watched Qing Shui leave. Nonetheless, her heart kind of warmed. This was life. It would have been good if this man stayed home all the time.

At the backyard, he discovered that other than Qing Yu, the rest were there too. Qing Shui saw Qing Zun with a single glance. The little guy was practicing Tiger Form and had already somewhat grasped the qi stance. Qing Ming, on the other hand, looked stiffer.

The two lasses, Qing Yin and Qing Yan, were slower but nevertheless seemed decent. Qing Bei, Qing You, Qing Qing and the others were practicing alone at one side.

Those who wanted to practice Tiger Form would look at Mingyue Gelou.

Mingyue Gelou was cultivating the Tiger Form right now and then guided a few children. She was currently practicing by herself. Every time she struck out, a snowy white tiger claw would be unleashed from her palm. That was materialized from the qi of Xiantian. Qing Shui could see the form. But due to her strength, it didn't seem mighty to him. But of course, it was still formidable for opponents on the same level as her.

"Daddy, Mother said that you are good at it so you'll be the one to teach me. And where's my bow?" Qing Ming ran over. He was looking at Qing Shui with his pair of shining black eyes.

If it wasn't for Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui wouldn't be able to tell that the child was lying because he didn't seem like he was doing so right now. "Give Daddy a few more days. I will find you a good one." He laughed.

Qing Ming could only nod his head. Qing Shui patted him. He then glanced towards Mingyue Gelou, who had already stopped and was coincidentally also looking towards him.

"Catch! Give this a try!" Qing Shui tossed the Skywolf Claw that he had forged towards her.

"It's gorgeous!"

Mingyue Gelou exclaimed with a smile when she caught it. The moment she put it on, she gave Qing Shui an amazed look. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with an extraordinary splendor. She then started to practice her Tiger Form.

Her power was instantly raised by a few folds. She slowly executed the moves of the Tiger Form. The snowy white tiger claw that she unleashed had become a lot bigger and appeared to be much sharper. She suddenly unleashed a Critical Tiger Attack. A tiger claw that was a lot bigger than the earlier ones instantly exploded. It was at least a fold more powerful than before. This instantly stunned Mingyue Gelou.

"10% chance of doubling your damage again." Qing Shui explained to her from the side.

Mingyue Gelou instantly felt relieved and came over happily. "Mother, let me have a look at it." Qing Ming said when he saw Mingyue Gelou approaching them.

"Ming'er, this is not something a child can play with. It's prickly." Mingyue Gelou crouched down and explained to Ming'er.

"I'm all grown up. I know better than other children, I'll be careful."

Qing Shui was startled at Qing Ming's words and looked towards Mingyue Gelou. Mingyue Gelou was instead smiling happily. He didn't think that this little fellow would be this shrewd.

Mingyue Gelou took it off and left it on the ground. "If you can pick it up, then I'll let you play with it.

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