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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 97


AST 0097 - Grandpa's Yu Birthday

After Qing Shui left, he wasn't sure whether this was the right or wrong decision to make. In the end, he stopped thinking about it. At the most, he would only lose 500 taels of silver. After all, since he did not say anything at all earlier, he shouldn't have any trouble coming his way. He was not afraid of trouble. If due to his carelessness, he was able to get Wenren Wu-Shuang to rush back in time, then it would all be worth it.

Three days passed. It was a very rowdy day for the Yu Clan in Hundred Miles City. Today, was the elder's 80th birthday. Over ten years ago, the Yu Clan used to be the number one most prominent clan in Hundred Miles City. Even now, it is still one of the four major clans.

Anyone whose name was known to the public in Hundred Miles City would attend the Yu Clan's elder's birthday, and send him their gifts. There were far too many people who wanted to obtain connections with the Yu Family. After all, in this city in which the population of the city had just climbed up over a million people, the Yu Clan was considered very aristocratic.

’’Mother, I promised Yu He that I would help her grandfather celebrate his birthday. You should come together with aunt.’’ Qing Shui had only found out that his mother would also be visiting the Yu Clan today. he could only awkwardly rub the back of her head in embarrassment.

’’Ai, mother is too old for these events noe. My son and a beautiful girl are going together,’’ Qing Yi teased.

’’How could that be? You're only how old? So many people think that you are still unmarried. Moreover, you still have a mesmerizing beauty that entrances others. How could you be considered old if you're so gorgeous. Whoever says that you're old will end up with their teeth all over the floor.’’

’’Ok, I won't compete anymore with you, you little rascal. Your uncle, your aunt and I will go together. Make sure to be prudent since there are a lots of people, and don't cause any trouble for the Yu Clan!’’ This last line was especially important, since Qing Yi felt Qing Shui wasn't the most obedient kid!

When Qing Shui met Yu He again, he was dumbstruck. Yu He's wardrobe consisted of a purple cloud-patterned dress, and a sky-blue-colored shawl. Her hair was tied up with a crested hairpin that brought out her elegant and noble aura.

Her snow-white skin, slender neck and her breasts proudly puffed out made everyone stare at her in awe, leaving their mouths agape. Her bare slim waist was followed by her well rounded and plump butt.

Although her legs were already very long, her long snow white boots gave her a fairy-like aura! ’’Does it look good?’’ Yu He asked, as she slightly smiled at Qing Shui's dumbstruck expression. ’’Very nice. It's as though a celestial being has descended!’’

The Yu Clan was located in the inner eastern side of Hundred Miles City. Actually, the Yu Clan's wide front door was usually bombarded with heavy traffic. Some busy middle-aged people quickly greeted the high ranking officials who had come to celebrate the elder's birthday. Everyone had a smile upon their face. The people who had arrived earlier returned the greetings with a smile as well. The people who had arrived at the front door all generally came out of luxurious horse carriages!

’’Lady, you've returned.’’ When Qing Shui and Yu He stepped down from the horse carriage and walked to the entrance, a middle-aged man put on his most professional smile and welcomed them.

Yu He nodded her head, then headed inside with Qing Shui.

It was no doubt worthy of being a prominent clan in Hundred Miles City. The name of this entire street was Yu Street. This was Qing Shui's first time coming to this street. The street wasn't very long, but it was basically all part of the Yu Clan's property. The courtyard that they were using to celebrate the elder's birthday was one of the most central and important places.

As they walked in, Qing Shui looked at the comfortable and simple interior design. Although there were faux mountains, rocks and water, but it didn't feel extravagant. It actually felt closer to being natural. There were chairs and tables everywhere in the courtyard. All the tables were noisy with chattering and small talk. It drew out a clear distinction between the people, as similar people flocked together and separated.

’’Sister, this way!’’ Qing Shui raised his head towards the direction of the voice. A bright and handsome young man faced their direction waving his hand.

’’I will take you there. That is my younger brother Yu Jian!’’

’’Sister, I will help you greet your friend. You should first go meet grandpa. The elders said that if you don't come to them, then you're pushing them to come out to see you. They just won't come out in the end.’’ Yu Jian smiled at Yu He . The smile contained his love for his sister, but also a small trace of shame.

A middle-aged person with a gentle demeanor walked over with a smile, and in his clear voice relayed, ’’The yu He girl has finally returned. Your grandfather has been waiting for you for quite some time now. Go and meet the elders.’’

’’Oh, third uncle. I understand now. I will head there immediately!’’

After Yu He finished talking, she faced Qing Shui, smiled a little and then left!

’’Come come, you are Qing Shui right? I often hear my sister talk about you. Let's sit together!’’ Yu Jian greeted Qing Shui with much passion and vigor.

Qing Shui felt very awkward, as Yu He's brother was much older than he was. Qing Shui smiled and nodded his head. With Yu Jian, they walked to the side where there were already tables and chairs prepared for three people.

When they arrived, the three people were already standing up and smiling, meaning that they were welcoming Qing Shui. Two women and one man. The three men were around thirty years old, with firm body shapes, thick eyebrows and large eyes. The two women were quite beautiful, but they were a bit young. They looked around 17-18 years of age and had a petite but fully developed body stature. Normally, a 17-18 year old would already be considered an adult, but one of the girls who was wearing a green dress had an oval shaped face along with fair and fresh doll-like features. Contrary to her face, she had a pair of mountain peaks that even Yu He couldn't compete against. Qing Shui wondered whether they would fall off of her or not.

’’Qing Shui, this is Ding Lang, and these two are Ding Yuan and Ding Bao. The three of them are siblings.’’

’’Hello Qing Shui! I've heard of your name so many times.’’ Ding Lang put his hand out with a forthright smile.

The smiling Qing Shui put his hand out as well! ’’You must be Ding Lang, hello! I've heard of you!’’ Qing Shui looked up and down at this stalwart and resolute youth. I known for a while now that Ding Lang is the strongest person among the youngest generation in Hundred Miles City.

The moment their hands touched, Qing Shui felt a shocking whoosh of Ding Lang's strength.

The two loosened their grips on each other. Outsiders couldn't tell what was happening, but Qing Shui and Ding Lang were both well aware.

’’You're so awesome. I've heard you've been going rampant recently.’’ With her large breasts and child-like face, the loli Ding Yuan merely blinked with her large pair of eyes.

Qing Shui watched Ding Yuan give a bitter smile as a multitude of people drooled over the loli. Even Qing Shui who had no interest in the loli had no choice but to admit that Ding Yuan was really attractive.

’’I've never taken initiative to give someone trouble, it's always the others who want to bully me. Also, I don't want to be bullied so I used a bit of my strength and ended up accidentally beating them up.’’ With a bitter smile, Qing Shui said that it sounded like the incident was actually not his fault and that he was only doing it because she had no choice. It was like others were begging him to hit them.

’’Ke ke ke. Brother, this person is so interesting!’’ The sound of Ding Bao's crisp and loveable laugh brought forth a cute sound that traveled through the air.

Qing Shui shifted his gaze over to Ding Bao, the girl who had the temperament of a young lady. She was considered very refined. She had an exquisite and fair small face;a pair of exquisite eyes;an exquisite nose shape and an exquisite small mouth.

A petite figure is most definitely very delicate. Her body lines were very smooth- perfect hourglass figure with great boobs and perky ass. Unfortunately, Qing Shui didn't have any interest in the loli or else everyone would've been crazy over these two high quality lolitas.

Qing Shui could only think about these things since he was not 17 years old yet. To be exact, compared to Qing Shui, these two were older than him by a bit. But Qing Shui looked like the type of person that you could ignore his age. Even if you said that he looked 20 years old, it wouldn't be insulting. Qing Shui's appearance looked bewitchingly different from others, making people easily mistaking his age. It felt as though he had eyes that could seduce any woman.

With Yu Jian's existence, a few people were able to chat happily. The two small girls were innocent and unaware of the situation. The atmosphere heated up quite a bit, especially Ding Yuan and Ding Bao who were murmuring incessantly to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was unable to reply to some of their questions. Thankfully, not long after, Yu He pushed out Yu Dong Hao who was riding on a wheelchair. Yu He stood next to the middle aged, gentle looking man while shouting stupid comments.

After the Yu elder clinked one glass with his company, he let Yu He control where he pushed his wheelchair. The other elderly people of the Hundred Miles City went to exchange some greetings with those who were attending the party. In the end they actually arrived to the table where Qing Shui was residing.


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