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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 967


AST 967 - Entering Seven Stars Country Once Again, Alchemy Recipe for the Violet Qi Pellet

The setting sun was hanging on the west side of the sky. After leaving the Cold Ice City, the weather was sunny outside and it was beautiful. It was just that to Qing Shui, this gave him a lonely feeling.

Looking at the setting sun was like looking an old man in his final years or a beauty whose youth was gone. He shook his head. It could be because he was on his way home. His missed them even more now.

He walked toward Old Madam Mo's place and on the way, he also encountered the people from the Village of Mo Clan. They all looked at him in surprise and upon knowing that Qing Shui was looking for Old Madam Mo, they warmly pointed him in the right direction.

There was no change to the location!

Walking up to Old Madam Mo's doorstep, he saw a young man practicing fist techniques in the courtyard. The young man had red lips, white teeth and was very handsome. He was wearing tight clothes made from beast hide and he looked very capable. His Tiger Leopard Fist was also well-mastered.

A short distance away, an old lady was standing and looking at him. Suddenly, the old lady's gaze turned to look outside and when she saw Qing Shui, she was stunned. She then walked over in great surprise.

’’Old Madam!’’ Qing Shui quickly went over and greeted her warmly. Although he had helped her before, he had also requested her help to fight against his enemies. Even though she had to take care of her grandson, she agreed without batting an eye and was even planning to help him at the risk of her life. It was because she was indebted to Qing Shui and she would go even if she were to be put through immense dangers and difficulties.

’’Qing Shui, it's really you!’’ Old Madam Mo didn't change much or it could be said that she appeared slightly younger than before. After all, back then, Qing Shui had healed her injuries and she was now much more stronger than before. Although she appeared to be old, she wasn't really that old. She was very happy to be living together with her grandson. Everything she had now was something this young man had given to her.

’’Qi`er, come over here. Greet Uncle Qing. Your life was saved by Uncle Qing.’’ Old Madam Mo said to the young man.

’’Uncle Qing, I've heard my grandmother mentioned about you before. Thank you!’’ The young man said.

’’Haha, the last time I met you, you were only a few years old. You're so big now. I see that your training in the fist technique is not bad. Come, take this. There're things that you'll need inside. Take it as a gift of our meeting.’’ Qing Shui passed a Interspatial Silk Sachet to the young man.

’’This...’’ The young man looked toward Old Madam Mo.

’’Be more straightforward. Your grandmother is just like my senior, don't stand on ceremony with Uncle Qing.’’ Qing Shui pushed it into the young man's hands.

Old Madam Mo smiled, not saying a word. The young man looked at Qing Shui and said happily, ’’Thank you Uncle Qing!’’

’’I told you not to stand on ceremony with me. Later, I'll show you a few sets of fist techniques. You can go take a look at what's inside the sachet first!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said. He felt very happy too.

’’Old Madam, have you been well?’’ Qing Shui and Old Madam Mo sat on a bench in the courtyard.

’’It's been good. It's very quiet here and everyday, I'll teach Qi`er and some villagers martial arts. They would hunt and take turns to send some game to us, saying that it's to thank me for teaching them skills. The people here are like one big family. Everyone is on good terms with one another.’’ When Old Madam Mo said this, she wore a happy smile. It didn't matter if one was rich or poor. What matters was that one lived a happy and fulfilling life.

’’There's still no news about Qi`er's parents?’’ Qing Shui hesitated a little before asking. It was because he seemed to have sensed something.

’’Haha, I was just about to tell you that they are back. They were trapped in Evil Dragon's Valley and had a narrow escape from death. Heaven was kind and let them come back. However, after they returned, they went to Seven Stars Country and set up a trading company there. Since Qi`er is still young, he stayed here to train.’’ Old Madam Mo seemed especially happy at the mention of this. What that was most important to old people was for the entire family to be safe.

Even if they weren't living together now, they wouldn't have any problems setting up a trading company in Seven Stars Country since there was Di Clan there to offer them protection. Moreover, there was still him too. Most of the people involved in the company were the experts from the Village of Mo Clan.

Qing Shui sensed Old Madam Mo's abilities and discovered that it was at a strength of about one star plus to two stars. In the past, she was stronger than Lady Duanmu but after so many years, the increase in her abilities was considered to be quite slow.

’’Old Madam, take this!’’ Qing Shui took out a Violet Jade Cane he had forged on the way in his free time. It had the same abilities as the Violet Jade Sword but had the appearance of the Pure Gold Dragon-Headed Cane.

’’I have no use for it here. Give it to someone more suitable!’’ Old Madam Mo saw the violet gleam on the cane and knew that it was very precious.

’’Old Madam, I had made this especially for you. Take it. It's good for your body to have this as well. I've given others their share too. Qi`er's one was given to him earlier.’’ Qing Shui smiled and handed the Violet Jade Cane into Old Madam Mo's hands, removing her black steel cane and putting it aside.

’’This is really good stuff. I shan't stand on ceremony then.’’ After Old Madam Mo held the Violet jade, she was stunned for a short moment before she spoke happily.

’’You're too polite. In the future, no matter what it is, if you need my help, just let me know. Although I'm not considered too strong but I do have some capability now. I've treated you as a senior and you shouldn't stand on ceremony with me either.’’ Qing Shui said seriously.

Old Madam Mo looked at Qing Shui and smiled. Although she wasn't strong, she had a good eye for judgement. Back then, he had told her to look for him if she were to need any help. Now that he has become stronger, this hadn't changed. He had taken the initiative to come forth. This was true friendship. She was very happy.

’’If I were to need help, I'll definitely look for you.’’ Old Madam Mo's wrinkled face broke into a gratified smile.

’’Let's go take a look at Qi`er. You should come too. I think his mastery of fist techniques isn't bad and would like to teach him some things.’’ Qing Shui smiled and stood up. It was not early anymore and he would like to leave soon.

Qing Shui spent the next six hours guiding Mo Qi on his fist techniques and on the Tiger Form. He hadn't taught him anything else. After all, Mingyue Gelou had only relied on just the Tiger Form alone to become extremely outstanding. If one excelled in a single move, he would be able to win against the world.

Qing Shui had wanted to continue his journey through the night but couldn't win against Old Madam Mo and thus stayed for a night.

At the later half of the night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After going through one round of cultivating and tempering, Qing Shui started on alchemy. It was because the alchemy recipe for the Violet Qi Pellet was going to be out soon. He was also slightly agitated and had spent a large majority of his time on alchemy.

Right now, Qing Shui had accumulated a lot of medicinal pills because he needed to accumulate experience. In the past, he refined the Golden Medicinal Salve to accumulate experience but after he had enough supply of those, he started on refining other pellets, including the Tiger Vitality Pill, Constitution Nurturing Pill, Aroma Concentration Pill...


Qing Shui wasted the cauldron of medicine he was refining. He was already so tired that he couldn't take it anymore. If it wasn't because the alchemy recipe was going to be out soon, he wouldn't have been so persistent. For the past few days, the amount of medicine he had refined was what he had done for over ten days in the past.

Lying on floor, Qing Shui entered his consciousness!

He saw that the Violet Qi Pellet had lit up and looked toward the alchemy recipe at the bottom.

Alchemy recipe for the Violet Qi Pellet: Purple Qi Star Grass, Mysterious Fruit, Five Elements Fruit, Golden Bull Grass, turtle blood of 5,000 years or higher, Core, blood and bone powder of a demonic beast which was at least Martial Saint level or higher...

Qing Shui quickly glanced through it and then continued to read on to see the effects.

Effects: Increase one's physical strength by 20%, increase the density and strength, strengthening the user's body based on his individual condition, allowing the body to be put in the optimal condition. It could quickly heal both external and internal injuries, as well as reduce the damage inflicted from fatal injuries. Has a 20% chance to breakthrough current bottleneck.

Only the first pill would only increase one's physical strength by 20% and would have the greatest difference to the modification to one's body. As more pills were taken, the effects would gradually diminish. Only the healing effect as well as the chances of breaking through current bottleneck would continue to work.

Qing Shui was stunned for a short moment before he smiled. The amount of strength added was not bad. Of course, that was so to a Martial Emperor cultivator. It would be a waste to a low level cultivator. The Violet Qi Pellet was an all-rounded medicinal pill which could increase one's strengths, have healing properties, changes one's physique and increase the chances for one to breakthrough their bottlenecks. This was definitely a powerful existence but there were many restrictions to using it.

Most importantly, he had no idea how much he could refine in a go. It shouldn't be too many, otherwise, one would be able to continue taking it until they have gotten through their bottlenecks.

Qing Shui didn't know what the Purple Qi Star Grass was but from its name, he knew that this was the main ingredient for refining the Violet Qi Pellet. It would be possible to refine the pill without it. Another thing was that the Mysterious Fruit was required. Even in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, there wasn't enough Mysterious Fruits to go around.

He continued to read on. There were not much restrictions and even ordinary people would be able to use it. Seemed like it should be related to changing one's physique and even a baby would be able to use it.

He then continued to read all the way to the bottom.

There was still one million experience points required to the next ’’Spiritual Liquid’’!

It was another one million experience. Qing Shui shook his head helplessly and left his consciousness. He didn't even try to think of what the ’’Spiritual Liquid’’ was. It was better to think about how to refine the Violet Qi Pellet.

Many of the medicinal pills he had in the past increases his strength but there were restrictions to them. For example, when one was a Martial Saint, it would only increase a strength of a few countries and when one was a Martial Emperor, there would be no effects at all. However, the Violet Qi Pellet increased one's physical strength by 20% and it was considered a miracle medicine in this world. A cultivator who had a physical strength of 200 stars could gain an increase of 40 stars. If anyone were to be found in possession of a medicinal pill with the effects similar to the Violet Qi Pellet, many people would definitely set their sights on him.

The next day, Qing Shui woke up very early and heard motions at the backyard. The courtyards in villages were all very big and even the walls were very tall so as to prevent wild beasts from entering.

He heading to where he heard sounds coming from. It was still early and the sun hadn't risen yet. He saw that Mo Qi was practicing the Tiger Form. His talent wasn't bad and most importantly, he had great determination and was able to take hard work.

After seeing him practicing for a few rounds, giving him some guidance and pointing out some main points, Qing Shui started his own morning practice.

After breakfast, Qing Shui bade his farewell and left. This time around, Old Madam Mo didn't say anything and sent him to the entrance of the village together with Mo Qi.

Waving his hand, Qing Shui went up the Fire Bird and left.

’’Grandmother, when will I be able to have a flying beast for myself?’’ Mo Qi looked at the back view of the Fire Bird and said enviously.

’’Train hard and you'll get one soon enough. As long as one has power, one would have everything. No matter what happens, don't ever stop training.’’ Old Madam Mo knew that the stronger one become, the more dangerous it was. However, when she saw the determined look in her grandson's eyes, she knew that she could only guide him on.


Qing Shui felt a lot of emotions running in him when he stepped into Seven Stars Country once again. He had said before that he'd never step into this place again to a lady called Yuan Su. Right now, he felt very distant from that lady. It was because she had cured his hidden illness before and she also had great talent in creating alchemy recipes.

He had come today to see Di Qing. After all, he had passed by and there was no reason for him not to enter. Moreover, he was Di Chen's man and this was made clear when he came to Di Clan the other time.

As for Di Qing, the hint of heart throb between them back then now seemed to be slightly distant.


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