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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 96


AST 0096 - Sending a Letter to Wenren Wu-Shuang

Looking at the dejected look on Yu He's face, Qing Shui lightly nodded his head, to show his consent.

After Qing Shui had agreed to her request, Yu He was extremely joyful. The earlier worries that had tightly knit her brows, finally relaxed. A radiant smile akin to a blooming flower was displayed on her face.

That radiant smile of hers revealed her pearly white teeth. The blacks of her eyes, set in that snow-white, jade-like face, was filled with intelligence, and happiness.

Qing Shui silently sighed in his heart. The burden Yu He carried was heavy indeed. Lacking parental love from childhood, bearing the name of a widow, she didn't even have the right to make a stand on the matters of marriage.

After staying a while longer, Qing Shui rose as he bid goodbye to Yu He. From the point of his arrival until he departed, Qing Shui had not made any moves, neither verbal nor physical, to flirt with Yu He. Yu He felt that something was wrong... She felt as though Qing Shui wanted to draw a clear boundary between the both of them.

The strings of her heart were twisted, it was as though she had suddenly lost something... Something precious that she had had before, but was now lost because she had failed to cherish it.

Yu He's eyes dimmed, as she forced herself to remain smiling, watching the departing back of Qing Shui. She had already thought it through. Qing Shui and herself, how could they possibly ever have a future together?

Thinking of her own restricted freedom, thinking back to the times when she had joked around with Qing Shui, saying that if she were to have a guy outside, the guy would definitely be Qing Shui, Yu He couldn't help but feel tears streaking down her face despite her forcefully suppressing it.

After Qing Shui left, he made his way through the crowded streets before coming to an intersection which was blocked by a gang of people led by a smiling, burly man.

Qing Shui unhappily glanced at the ones blocking his path.

’’Friend, can I talk to you for a moment!’’ The guy smiled widely, revealing his teeth!

’’Not free.’’

’’Hey kiddo, our Greenwolf Gang just wants to talk to you, why are you so arrogant?’’ A sturdy youth with thick muscles that looked like a dimwit called out angrily.

’’Greenwolf Gang? What the hell is that?’’ Qing Shui shook his head.

’’Friendly relations should still exist between the buyer and seller even though they failed to clinch a deal right?’’ That guy in the lead smiled.

Qing Shui contemplated the man in front of him. This guy was about 24-25 years old, and was filled with confidence. Calmness showed in both his eyes, as his demeanor appeared relaxed, even somewhat friendly.

Qing Shui glanced again at the unruly members behind the leader's back, they all appeared bored and somewhat out of sorts, totally lacking any semblance of discipline. ’’The Greenwolf Gang, don't tell me that it was just established today? With the few of you?’’

’’How did you know...’’

’’Second Dumbo, shut your f*king mouth!’’ Another skinny looking youth interjected when that muscular youth from earlier unintentionally blurted it out.

’’I don't want to lie to you my friend, what you said is correct. I figured that you can tell we are all from poor families. Actually the ten plus members of the Greenwolf Gang, we are all orphans, and grew up in the city since childhood.’’ The leader sighed.

Qing Shui laughed, as he fixed his gaze on the eyes of the youth. ’’I don't care if what you are saying is the truth, or even if it's all lies. Why are you telling me all of this? Do you want me to give you money? Sorry, but I'm a poor man too.’’

The leader stared at Qing Shui, dumbstruck. Momentarily going speechless.

’’I'm not a beggar, I just want to work with you!’’ The leader hurriedly said. This time around, control was slipping from his grasp.

’’Cooperation? Why do I want that?’’ Qing Shui creased his brows, why in the world did this bunch of hooligans want to work together with him?

’’We want you to join our gang, no, we want you to lead us.’’

The words from the leader caused Qing Shui to be startled, what the hell was going on?

’’I will give you five minutes, let's see if you will be able to move me with your words.’’

’’We know that you are Qing Shui from the Qing Clan, and hope that if in the future, if you need any help, you can look for us. We have networks all around the city, and know of the latest updates and news of things happening. We are willing to be your arms and legs. Somehow, I feel that you are someone who would be able to accomplish great things, leading us to greatness. Look at us, a bunch of scallywags with nothing but brute strength. If we ever wanted to rise and have power of sorts, we can only choose to follow someone that's powerful.’’

’’You say that you know all of the happenings in Hundred Miles City? Tell me something that can prove your worth to me.’’

’’The black fish of Yu He Inn, were provided by you.’’


Qing Shui was extremely astonished in his heart, but he did not allow his surprise to show on his face. He only took out pen and a paper as he wrote, ’’Wu-Shuang, swiftly return to Hundred Miles City upon seeing this. I have a solution for your problem.’’

’’Bring this to the Heavenly River City, I don't care what method you use. As long as you pass this letter to a person named Wenren-Wushuang before 10 days is up. She's extremely beautiful, and is on her way to the Xue Clan. As long as you complete this, I'm willing to cooperate with you.’’

After which, Qing Shui handed the letter over to the leader.

’’This is 500 taels of silver. For your expenses. Don't be afraid to spend the money, I only request efficiency. If you can't even accomplish this, there's no need to look for me any longer.’’

Qing Shui left right after saying those words.

’’Boss, is he worth us following him?’’ the skinny guy asked with doubt in his tone.

’’I have researched his history and linked various happenings with him after he had arrived in Hundred Miles City. He is definitely not someone ordinary. We would surely thrive if we threw in our lot with him.’’

The others all went silent, because they knew that their leader had exceptional judgement. Very quickly, their eyes were all filled with conviction!


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