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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 957


AST 957 - The Wave of A Hand, It's Fine If It's Less Overboard Right?

Lady Duanmu remained silent. It was only then that the youth seemed to have noticed Qing Shui. Although he was a dandy, he had a pair of very sharp eyes. When he saw that calm-looking youth by Lady Duanmu's side, he could tell that he was slightly extraordinary from just a single glance.

But it was only slightly.

’’Madame, the Jade Dragon Mountain is ours. Didn't I say before that it shouldn't be shared with anyone else?’’ Qing Shui suddenly told Lady Duanmu.

Yu Ruyan spun her head around and saw Qing Shui smiling. She had already warned him not to offend them earlier, but why did he still do something like this?. Just the two elderly men before them were enough to raze the Duanmu Clan to the ground. Not only that, the Lei Clan still had other experts among them.

’’Who are you to meddle in the affairs between the Duanmu Clan and me?’’ The youth raised his eyebrows and yelled at Qing Shui loudly.

The youth had gotten used to being arrogant since no one in Duanmu City dared to oppose him. He was greeted as Young Master Lei no matter where he went and was well-served. It was evident that this youth before him was inexperienced. How dare he actually offend him, the Young Master Lei.

’’Young Master Le...’’

Lady Duanmu was about to say something in panic, but Qing Shui pulled her back instead. ’’You can't keep on feeding bones to an ignorant dog like this. The more you feed it, the harder it will bite. The best thing you can do is to get rid of it by beating the hell out of it.’’

’’Sigh, Qing Shui!’’ Lady Duanmu sighed and reprimanded Qing Shui. Right now, she was a little out of her wits. She knew that Qing Shui's current strength had perhaps improved immensely to almost the same as the two elderly men across them and that he would be able to defeat them. But it was the other people of the Lei Clan that she was worried about.

’’Brat, you sure have some balls to actually be calling the Lei Clan dogs. The Duanmu Clan will also suffer a calamity because of your words. Kill this little bastard.’’ The youth spat at Qing Shui sinisterly. Maybe he was actually this angry right now because no one had ever treated him this way.

Qing Shui stared at him coldly, as though he was staring at a dead person. This youth was way more inferior to Mo Zitong. He was also 18,000 li behind Gu Wu of the Poison Mountain Stockade, in terms of his accomplishments, cultivation and manners. They were of a totally different level.

The two elderly men rushed towards Qing Shui. Right now to Qing Shui, anyone with the strength of less than five stars was no different from an ant. He looked at one of the elderly men. A golden light flashed across his eyes within an instant.

Buddha's True Eyes!

The elderly man on the left pathetically collapsed on the floor immediately as if he had been struck by lightning, with blood coming out of his mouth. He looked at Qing Shui in disbelief, his eyes were filled with terror. The other elderly man on the other side was already approaching Qing Shui. His extended arm clawed towards Qing Shui's throat like an iron claw.

But he was distracted by the scream of the other elderly man. He hurriedly withdrew when he sensed the immense dangerous aura. But at that exact moment, Qing Shui landed a blow on his arm with a wave of his right hand.


The ear-piercing noise of bones shattering made one's teeth ache and it was accompanied by the blood-curdling scream of the elderly man. He was sent flying with blood staining his clothes crimson. It was uncertain if the blood was from his mouth or his arm. Qing Shui was guessing it was probably both.

He had immediately crippled the two elderly men in just a flash.

Lady Duanmu and the other people around them were flabbergasted. They were completely dazed. Those two elderly men were from the Lei Clan. Not only that, they were also the experts from Lei Clan. But now, they had just witnessed how they were easily struck down by a youth. Just what was this strength...

Lady Duanmu initially thought that Qing Shui was only slightly stronger than those two elderly men. She didn't expect his strength to be that much higher than them. It was on a completely different level.

’’Since when did the Duanmu Clan have such a powerful cultivator?’’

’’Who is he to Lady Duanmu? He actually laid a finger on the Lei Clan for Lady Duanmu. But he is really powerful. This is getting exciting.’’ There were bound to be some people who were dissatisfied that the altercation wasn't bad enough to have any casualties.

’’Lady Duanmu has only a daughter and she has been married. There's no cultivator as strong as him in the Duanmu Clan. Lady Duanmu is a peerless beauty. Do you think they are......’’

’’Ma Liu, if you still don't stop yapping then you might not even know how you died,’’ a stern-looking fatty hushed him in a soft voice.


’’You're Young Master Lei, right?’’ Qing Shui frowned and looked at the youth who was about to pee on himself before him. This well-dressed trash was nothing if he didn't have his clan's background to rely on.

’’Don't come near me. I am the young master from Lei Clan. My clan will not let you get away if lay a finger on me.......’’


The youth was sent tumbling and flying, his teeth were knocked out in midair. His blood-curdling scream was mournful and shrill. Qing Shui smiled in disdain as he watched the youth that was howling in agony and the elderly men. ’’I don't want to kill anyone today. Bring this message to your clan's head, tell him to come to the Duanmu Clan with an apology tomorrow. Otherwise, he will face the consequences. Now scram.’’

The youth had passed out long ago. It took only one slap across his face to knock out all the teeth in his mouth. This was because Qing Shui didn't intend to kill him, otherwise he would have immediately smashed his head in.

The first elderly man and the other one who had one of his arms crippled picked up the unconscious youth and left hastily. Qing Shui was currently thinking about his next plan.

’’That felt so good. The Duanmu Clan is different after all. How horrible of this Lei Clan to actually be thinking about suppressing the Duanmu Clan here. They're really courting death.’’ Someone made cynical remarks as soon as the Lei Clan left and they were quite loud about it.

’’That's right. The Duanmu Clan didn't want to lay a finger on them before, but then they were actually bold enough to be insolent with them. It's good that they know their place now after getting their ass whooped.’’

’’Do you think the Lei Clan's head will go to the Duanmu Clan and apologize tomorrow?’’ a thief-like youth who was holding a worn out knife said.

’’Yes. Maybe the Lei Clan will even go to the Duanmu Clan before tomorrow,’’ a middle-aged man said smilingly.

Many got what the middle-aged man was trying to say. The Lei Clan would definitely not take things lying down with the Duanmu Clan. An apology was unlikely, but a battle was guaranteed.


’’Madame, let us return!’’ Qing Shui smiled at Lady Duanmu.

Although many addressed her as 'madame', which was an honorific, she was always flustered when it was Qing Shui calling her that. She nodded before sighing lightly once again.

Qing Shui and Lady Duanmu left. The crowd around here dispersed too. But of course, many were still discussing some things among themselves. Some even went to somewhere near the Duanmu Residence, waiting to see what was going happen next.

’’Let me say this. Things may have already turned out like this but don't you worry. The Lei Clan is nothing,’’ Qing Shui laughed. Although he wasn't really clear about the Lei Clan, he knew that they could hardly amount to anything.

’’Qing Shui, the Lei Clan is very powerful. Why did you still go and get yourself involved with them?’’ Lady Duanmu was at loss of what to say. She knew that the incident today was bound to happen, she just didn't expect that Qing Shui would be here.

That profligate son of the Lei Clan had his eyes set on the Duanmu Clan for a very long time or more like on Lady Duanmu. Lady Duanmu was aware of that too and she had been stalling. She knew that this day would definitely come sooner or later and when that time came, it would all be about the choices she would make.

To be toyed around with by the strong in the palm of their hand might be fun to them or could satisfy their selfish desire, but it was a catastrophe to the weak.

She looked at Qing Shui. He had become mature when she had not seen him for these past few years. He wouldn't act recklessly. He was already very mature back then. Thinking up to this point, a glimmer of hope appeared in Lady Duanmu's heart.

’’Can You really oppose the Lei Clan?’’ Her voice was filled with joy and anticipation, mostly the latter.

’’Why don't we make a bet?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Lady Duanmu who had a slightly dejected expression on her face.

’’On what?’’ Lady Duanmu turned her head as she walked slowly.

’’If I can settle this issue with the Lei Clan without a hitch. How about that?’’

’’Sure!’’ When Lady Duanmu thought about it, if Qing Shui couldn't settle this then only elimination awaited her. The entire Duanmu Clan might also disappear. If Qing Shui could settle this, then it was a chance for everything here to start fresh again. So there was no point in gambling about this. But she still nodded in agreement when she saw how Qing Shui seemed to be in high spirits.

’’If I lose, that will spell the end for everyone. So we're not going to talk about how to compensate you if I have lost because we'll die together if that happens,’’ Qing Shui laughed while looking at Lady Duanmu.

Lady Duanmu grew silent. She didn't say anything else after she heard Qing Shui's words. Her heart felt very heavy.

’’If we can't stay together when we are alive, then it isn't too bad to die in the same hole!’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Qing Shui......’’

’’Alright, that's enough. Let's talk about how you're going to reward me if I managed to settle this,’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

The two of them walked along the road to the lake area. There were many people around them. But since Lady Duanmu was very well-known, most people wouldn't approach them because anyone could tell that she wasn't in a good mood right now.

’’How would you like me to reward you?’’ Lady Duanmu blushed and averted her gaze when she saw Qing Shui's coquettish gaze. Even her speech lacked confidence.

Looking at the mature woman who seemed a little like a delicate girl right now, Qing Shui was quite shocked. She was no longer a naive lady. In fact, she was the most mature and graceful woman Qing Shui had ever seen. But she seemed to be kind of bashful now. After all, she had stayed a widow for so many years and they had done it once in between. Although it was something compelled by the situation, there was no changing the things that had happened. Scars that were left from some things wouldn't fade, no matter how much time passed.

’’Am I that scary?’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose and laughed awkwardly.

’’If you manage to settle this, I will give you any reward you ask for. But don't go overboard,’’ Lady Duanmu said softly.

’’Alright, I won't. So it'll be fine if it's less overboard right?’’ Qing Shui chuckled mischievously.

Lady Duanmu was speechless.


When they returned home, they saw some people rolling their eyes at them from time to time, especially at Qing Shui when they passed by the Duanmu Residence.

News had already traveled to the Duanmu Clan. Some people from the Duanmu Clan actually escaped. Many servants and some nurses of the Duanmu Clan had already started fleeing as well.

One of the middle-aged men was carrying something on his back, but immediately dropped his stuff on the floor when he saw Lady Duanmu who had returned. He was standing there blankly with a pale face.

Lady Duanmu walked over without saying anything. She picked the stuff up and helped to put it on the man's back once again. This person only possessed the strength of a Xiantian cultivator. He didn't own an Interspatial Silk Sachet, so he had to carry one big sack of his belongings.

’’Madame......’’ The man stammered nervously.

’’Go, go!’’ Lady Duanmu inserted a money pouch into the bag he was carrying and then went inside with Qing Shui.

’’Why didn't you kill that person who escaped earlier?’’ Qing Shui calmly asked with a smile.

’’Why kill? Such is human nature. Why force someone to do something. I know this man. He has old and young at home. I am very glad that he left.’’ Lady Duanmu was searching for a room with Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled wordlessly. He was neutral about Lady Duanmu's way of handling matters.

’’Are you thinking about how a woman's heart isn't hard enough to accomplish anything?’’ Lady Duanmu turned around and laughed at Qing Shui when they arrived at the entrance to a bedroom.


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