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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 952-954


Chapter 952-954

AST 952 –Qing Shui, We Demon Gate Have Arrived!

"Sovereign, shall we report this to Demon Gate? We can get them to help us to deal with that lad and then let them send two of members to help suppress those restless people?" a thin old man stroked his beard and asked carefully.

"You think that they'll help us?" the old man in the lead replied.

"Yes, definitely. We are in name a subsidiary of Demon Gate and such acts are like giving them a slap in the face. One can lose anything, but not their reputation. Therefore, we'll just need to report the matter to them truthfully," the thin old man said with great confidence.

The old man in the lead hesitated for a short while and nodded, "I'll leave this matter to you. You must get this done right."

The old man had said this with a great sense of helplessness. Marionette Sect had suffered a great blow and although they had only lost ten or so core members in all, the people who had died were all the most important people in the sect. This was especially true for the few Elders in the sect who had been the main supporting force for the sect.

Even a sect like the Marionette Sect wouldn't have that many early Martial Emperors. This time around, with six of them gone, it was the equivalent of wiping out half of them.

There were many people under them, but not many of their words carried weight. Silence fell and they all went off after a while. The situation they were in at the moment wasn't the most terrifying yet. It would spell trouble for them if other factions were to come look for trouble at this point. Marionette Sect had made quite a few enemies.

Qing Shui was contemplating going to visit Lady Duanmu since it was on the way. There was Hai Dongqing as well. Cold Ice City wasn't that far away from where Di Qing was and Qing Shui also planned to drop by.

Qing Shui thought of Lady Duanmu and an indescribable feeling grew within him. In the end, he decided to drop by to pay her a visit before returning to Greencloud Continent. This time around, he might be staying for a while before heading to Demon Gate or Lion King’s Ridge.

He had previously considered if he should be heading to Demon Gate as soon as possible, but he thought of what would happen if Huoyun Liu-Li was to know about her background. Based on his understanding of her, even if she knew about her origins, there was no way that she would let him head to Demon Gate without her.

He didn't know if Hai Dongqing was still waiting for him, but he would drop by. If she was still the same as before, Qing Shui wouldn't say anything. If she were to have gotten married or engaged to someone else, he wouldn't have any dissatisfaction either.

What troubled Qing Shui the most was still Lady Duanmu and Di Qing. His relationship with Di Chen was now very clear and he was still slightly against being together with Di Qing. Even though they were half siblings, they were still sisters.

Qing Shui didn't know if Lady Duanmu had been able to let things go. It had been so many years and he didn't know if she had changed. Qing Shui shook his head bitterly.

Since he couldn't be a man who gave his heart to only a single lady, he decided not to have regrets, nor let the ladies have regrets either.

The progress in Qing Shui's cultivation had also let him undergo some changes in other areas. These weren't drastic changes and even he himself didn't feel anything. It was just that he had managed to straighten out his thoughts.

Tang Manor!

Qing Shui had stayed for half a day and Fifth Master Tang had played host to him warmly. Qing Shui looked at this old man. Back then, he had saved his grandson and had thus become good friends.

"Brother, I'm here to trouble you again," after taking his seat, Qing Shui smiled and said.

"What are you saying? Treat this as your own home. If you continue to stand on ceremony with me, I'm going to be angry," Tang Wude said seriously.

After a short polite exchange, they had a meal and drank wine. This time around, there was only the two of them.

"Younger brother, has your journey to Eastern Victory divine Continent been smooth?" Tang Wude looked at Qing Shui. He knew that even if Qing Shui had not found the Sky Penetrating Grass, he would still have had other encounters.

"It was alright. Oh right, have there been any things going on recently?" Qing Shui asked casually, as he filled up Tang Wude's cup with more wine.

"There haven't been any interesting things, but there's something which concerns you," Tang Wude frowned and replied.

"Oh? What is it?" Qing Shui smiled and continued to look at Tang Wude.

"It seems that Demon Gate has the intention of coming after you. Rumor has it that you've killed quite a number of people from Marionette Sect and considering that Marionette Sect is a subsidiary of Demon Gate, killing people from Marionette Sect is the equivalent as having slapped Demon Gate in the face. This is why they're bent on looking for you," seeing that Qing Shui was very calm, he finished his words quickly.

Qing Shui wasn't shocked to be hearing this, but he was still a little surprised. However, he wasn’t too worried either. There weren't any benefits to panicking and now that he could use formations, he was no longer scared of anyone. His mastery of the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation had also been improving daily.

"Brother, is Demon Gate far from here?"

"It's not far, but not near either. It's about a one-day journey." Tang Wude didn't know what Qing Shui was planning, but he still told him.

"Can you do me a favor?" Qing Shui hesitated a little before asking.

Tang Wude was stunned for a moment. Tang Manor wasn't weak and might not be inferior even when against Demon Gate. At this stage, what other help could Qing Shui possibly ask for? Furthermore, he was still hesitating so much earlier.

However, recalling how Qing Shui had saved his grandson, being a person who treasured relationships, he gave it some thought before deciding, "Brother, just say the word. The branch I lead will definitely protect your safety even at the risk of our own lives."

Qing Shui looked at Tang Wude and smiled, feeling very happy. Even though he hadn't given his word immediately, this was after all a decision that couldn't be made lightly. It was a decision that concerned the entire clan. When Tang Wude said this, Qing Shui was also astonished. If it was a sly and shrewd person, they would definitely first ask what the matter was.

"Brother, what are you thinking? I'll deal with this myself. However, I'd like to trouble you help send a message to Demon Gate. Let them know that I'll be waiting in Central Continent's "Central Continent Inn" for them. I'll give them two days. If they don't come by then, I'll leave." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Younger brother, Demon Gate is very strong…"

"Brother, don't worry. If I were to need your help, I wouldn't stand on ceremony either," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Alright!" Tang Wude replied helplessly and immediately gave out instructions to get the job done.

Central Continent Inn was the most special inn in Central Continent. It was because this inn was jointly set up by countless powerful factions in the area. There was also a huge arena set up not far away from it.

Central Continent Inn was only open to cultivators who were at least Martial Kings. This subconsciously caused it to be seen as a top notch inn. Moreover, considering how it was jointly set up by major influences in Central Continent, being able to patronize the inn itself was a strong representation of one's status.

On the way here, Qing Shui hadn't been there. However, the reason he chose that place was also because Demon Gate was one of the co-owners of the place. Furthermore, since they had an arena there, it was also quite convenient.

The reason Qing Shui had taken an active approach was because he knew that Demon Gate wouldn't be sending their highest level cultivators. This time around, he wanted to give them a warning publicly, letting them be unable to do anything, even if they were to suffer a humiliation. Sometimes, one who had nothing to lose would even be able to beat those who did.

Qing Shui went to Central Continent Inn before it turned dark. The place was very grand but wasn't very high. It just looked very sturdy, likely because it took up a lot of land.

It was very easy to enter. He would just need to prove that his ability was at least at Martial King. Moreover, with Tang Wude with him, there wasn't any need for him to prove himself. There were two Peak Martial King cultivators standing guard at the entrance. And even though many people entered and exited the place every day, the two guards would be able to sense if they were Martial King level. Having stood here for a prolonged period had also caused their spiritual senses to be even more sensitive than before.

Upon entering, Qing Shui realized that the decoration was about the same as Heavenly Cloud Pavilion’s but it was structured with a rectangular corridor concept, with the center being like a hall while the surroundings are all rooms.

A silk embroidered carpet was laid out along the corridors and this was the only thing around that seemed luxurious. After Qing Shui got his room, Tang Wude wanted to stay to accompany Qing Shui, but was persuaded by the latter to head back.

“Brother, you represent Tang Manor. It won’t be good to let Demon Gate see you here now,”Qing Shui advised Tang Wude to leave.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m already prepared to fight them.”

Qing Shui knew that Tang Manor’s overall abilities were definitely not a match for Demon Gate. While there might be experts in Tang Manor, their abilities would definitely be not too far away from the Fifth Master Tang’s.

“It won’t be too late for you to come out when I need help. It’s best to not have a direct confrontation between Tang Manor and Demon Gate. After all, if that were to happen, things would blow up very quickly,”Qing Shui smiled and said.

Tang Wude eventually did leave!

Qing Shui’s room was on the third floor and he went straight to the hall on the third floor. He found a location next to the corridor and took his seat. Although the Central Continent Inn was only open to those who were Martial King or above, it was still fully packed. At least 80% of the seats in this hall were filled.

“Did you guys hear? Members of Marionette Sect have been killed. To think that Marionette Sect is unable to fight against him and can only seek help from Demon Gate.”Not long after Qing Shui sat down, he heard a voice which lit up his interest.

“3rd Brother, stop spouting rubbish. One is bound to have a slip of tongue if he speaks too much,”a middle-aged man next to the young man spoke up.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Everyone’s talking about it. Moreover, it’s not as if it’s some big secret.”

“That’s right, 2nd Brother, 3rd Brother. It’s said that the one who killed Marionette Sect’s Grand Elder was a young man.”

“That’s right. But the young man is really unlucky to be coming across a big sect like Demon Gate. If I were him, I’d definitely not pass by here. Demon Gate has already sent out instructions to intercept that young man.”

Qing Shui sat there, drinking wine while listening in on the conversations around him, but didn’t say a word. Some people were curious about Qing Shui, but there were also many others who were like him, sitting there alone by themselves. Therefore, after seeing that Qing Shui hadn’t had any actions for very long, they retrieved their gazes.

In the blink of an eye, one day passed by.

This time around, Qing Shui hadn’t expected the other party to be so fast, arriving after just one day, bringing along great pageantry. In fact, before Demon Gate arrived, news had long since spread out.

When more than ten of Demon Gate’s divine Black Crows appeared in the far distance, a commotion broke out in the Central Continent Inn. After all, it was hard to meet people from Demon Gate. At the same time, many people secretly offered a silent tribute to that young man who had offended Demon Gate.

At this place, Demon Gate was a terrifying existence. Usually, only those who were so terrifying when they robbed people of their lives would be called demons.

Many people had already walked out of the Central Continent Inn and looked towards the black silhouettes which were closing in.

Qing Shui stood next to a window on the third floor, looking at the big black birds which were getting increasingly close. They were in so black a color that there were no other colors mixed in them and even the people on them were dressed in pitch black clothes.

The crows were 60 meters in size and specialized in speed and endurance. They were the best amongst all rides but they weren’t good for battles.

“Qing Shui, Demon Gate has arrived!”an old sounding voice rang out.

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AST 953 –Strongest Youngster In Demon Gate, One-sided Bashing

“Qing Shui, we, Demon Gate, have arrived!”An old sounding voice rang out.

Qing Shui looked towards the old man who spoke. It was an old man with snow white beard and hair that was extremely old, at least 70 years of age. However, the old man stood upright, with no hunch. His pitch black clothes caused his barely existing amiable expression to be completely gone, leaving only a cold expression.

“Demon Gate really does think very highly of me!”Qing Shui stood up and walked into the air, as if he was ascending a set of invisible stairs, one step at a time. It created quite a visual impact.

“So this is that young man…He’s so young!”

“That’s right. He’s really powerful to be able to kill Marionette Sect’s Grand Elder and other people.”

Many people were also very astonished, as some of them had seen Qing Shui before in the Central Continent Inn. However, they hadn’t known who he was back then and right now, they felt that it was unbelievable.

As Qing Shui spoke, he continued to walk up into the air. There were fifteen opponents, with a young man amongst them or at least, he appeared to look young. Qing Shui wasn’t afraid that all of them would take action and attack him all at once. No one would believe that Demon Gate wouldn’t dare to do this, since they would never consider what justice was or care about being cursed by others. Otherwise, no one would feel that Demon Gate was very terrifying.

Other than old men, there were also people in their fifties. Qing Shui didn’t know what their attitudes were and he didn’t even know how things were going to progress from here.

When the old man saw Qing Shui, his eyes lit up, “What a good seedling. It’s a pity that you aren’t a member of our Demon Gate.”

“Let’s get the things settled fast. I still have things to do and we’re all busy people. What do you think?”Qing Shui smiled and said, looking at the old man.

“You killed the Marionette Sect’s Grand Elder?”The old man acted as if he hadn’t heard what Qing Shui said.

“Oh, there’s no need to ask this. Could it be that the old guy was resurrected? If so, I wouldn’t mind killing him one more time. That old guy who wanted to turn everyone he saw into his marionette should have died a long time ago, don’t you think?”Qing Shui continued to say calmly.

Although the old man was a person of Demon Gate, they weren’t really people who acted recklessly without any restraint. They would act accordingly to the location and situation. There were times where they must appear to be arrogant, vicious, unscrupulous and employ terrible means. They didn’t really want to agitate the public, they only wanted people to be scared of them.

A fist was the most powerful the moment before it was launched.

“Young man, it’s good that you’re arrogant and fiery, but don’t underestimate how big the world is just because you have a skill or two. No one dares to be arrogant before Demon Gate and you are no exception,”the old man also looked at Qing Shui calmly and said.

The old man’s voice wasn’t loud, but everyone in the area could hear him and it caused them to feel a chill running through their hearts. Many people felt worried for Qing Shui, but of course there were also some who were here for the action and the livelier, the better.

“Your fieriness is no weaker than a young man!”Qing Shui didn’t feel anything to the old man’s words. He was numb to threats.

Qing Shui was in fact trying to discreetly express that the other party was so unrefined despite his age, not knowing how big the world was and if not for the Demon Gate, he would be nothing.

“This is the first time I’ve come across someone who dares to talk to me like this. You have courage. We’ll compare our skills today. It’s useless to just talk about it.”The old man held a White Bone Sword.

“All of you can come at me together. This will save some time,”Qing Shui smiled and said to the entire group.

“Lad, there’s no need to use reverse psychology on us. When the time has come, we’ll definitely not go easy on you,”the old man let out two cold laughs and said.

Qing Shui was speechless.

“As expected, they really are shameless!”

“You think Demon Gate is just a name? This is how it’s always been. They’ve always been able to do things that others can’t. Otherwise, how could they be so powerful?”

“This Qing Shui is really unlucky to have offended Demon Gate.”

“Qing Shui was it? Let’s have a fight!”The one young man stepped forth and appeared 50 meters away from Qing Shui, smiling brightly.

The young man was very handsome and even appeared to have a slight demonic charm. However, it was a pity that he was a guy. His appearance made Qing Shui felt very awkward. Qing Shui didn’t know that he had a different charm to him as well, but thankfully it wasn’t a feminine one.

“Mo Zitong. He is Demon Gate’s top expert amongst the younger generation.”

“It’s said that he has inherited Demon Gate’s legacy. Qing Shui’s in trouble now that he’s stepped forth.”

“Seems like Demon Gate is taking this issue very seriously.”

Qing Shui could hear all the discussions going on around him. It was fine even if he couldn’t, since he could sense the guy’s abilities. It was about at a strength of 1,500 stars. The guy was holding onto a pitch black longsword, which was emitting a flashing three foot black sword light. He was the strongest person from the younger generation whom Qing Shui has come across thus far.

“May I ask if your words carry any weight in Demon Gate?”Qing Shui was in no hurry to fight, he merely smiled and asked.

The young man’s slightly elegant looking brows raised up, “What do you want to say? Just get straight to the point!”

“What will happen if you were to lose? What will happen if you were to die? Will these people be able to handle it?”Qing Shui said calmly.

Qing Shui’s words caused the brows of the old man from earlier to raised up and he quickly stepped forth. Sometimes, it was better to be safe than sorry. If Mo Zitong were to die here, they wouldn’t know what were the consequences that they would have to face.

“Do you think that you’ll be able to do it?”Mo Zitong’s sharp eyes stared at Qing Shui. His tone had also turned piercing cold.

“Seeing how indecent the Marionette Sect is, even a large sect like the Demon Gate should be no different. Come, let’s have a round. I want to see what Demon Gate’s best youngster is capable of.”Qing Shui stretched out his hand and the Violet Star Thunder God appeared in it.

“Old man, if you’re worried, you can join in,”although Qing Shui said this, his tone was that of contempt.

“No need. Elder Wu, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”Mo Zitong looked at the old man and said.

Considering Mo Zitong’s identity and status, the old man knew that he must definitely have something to protect himself and thus there was no need for himself to be too worried. He stepped back slightly, but was still careful to not be too far away so that he could deal with any sudden situations.

Qing Shui started circulating his abilities. His physical strength was now at 100 stars and after using the Heavenly Talisman and holding the Violet Star Thunder God, his strength could reach slightly over 1,400 stars. It was about the same as the young man he was facing.

Right now, Qing Shui felt that there was a need to forge his Big Dipper Sword. If his Big Dipper Sword could be as powerful as the Violet Star Thunder God, he could just deal with his opponents with just the Sword of Sixth Wave. People of the same level as him wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact from the blow. Furthermore, if he were to use the Big Dipper Sword, he could also use the Combination Sword Technique and could unleash an additional strength of 40 stars.

However, there were also many benefits for him in using the Violet Star Thunder God. Its attacking speed wasn’t slow and there was still the killer move, Raging Blow. Furthermore, during this period of time, his Nine Palace Steps had also improved by a lot.

Facing this young man before him, he felt no pressure at all.

Mo Zitong’s longsword trembled and his aura swelled up. In that moment, it was as if he was a sharp sword which was drawn from its sheath and the black colored cold gleam from the sword once again stretched out one foot longer. A clacking sound which gave one the feeling of pins and needles rang out.

Qing Shui’s body was very strong and with the transformation to his Central Palace Blood Essence Pool, he was now more powerful than before. Despite this, he wouldn’t use his body to try out how strong it was.

He unleashed his spiritual sense quickly and everywhere around him was within the Nine Palace.

Within the Nine Palace, he was the King!

The young man moved. His speed was so fast that he appeared to be like a black line, as he charged toward Qing Shui with a flash.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui unleashed the profound Nine Palace Steps and once the young man entered the perimeters of the Nine Palace, it was as if his speed slowed down tremendously. To outsiders, it appeared as if Qing Shui’s speed had become even faster.

Thousand Hammer Technique!


Hammering down from a difficult angle, Qing Shui pushed the young man several steps back. The young man probably hadn’t given it his all either, but Qing Shui casually pushed him back with his Nine Palace Steps.

To the young man, this attack seemed to be quick and elusive, catching him off guard. Just an attack had caused him to feel astonished. To think that there was someone who was so strong amongst the younger generation.

Mo Zitong retreated slightly and suddenly let out a low bellow!

A glow which was like that of Black Jade flashed. it was both eerie and beautiful. The young man then dashed out toward Qing Shui.

"Jade Stars Cover the Skies!"

The pitch black longsword immediately unleashed three sword shadows, each of them appearing as if there were pitch black crystals on them. It swung out and slashed toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn’t know what those dots were and he dodged them. With the Nine Palace Steps, he was like a fish in the water. Right now, he didn’t wish to kill Mo Zitong. It hadn’t reached such a serious stage yet. If he were to kill Mo Zitong, Demon Gate would definitely fight him to the bitter end.

He wasn’t afraid of Demon Gate, but the time hadn’t come yet. Moreover, Demon Gate was a bit related to Huoyun Liu-Li. This was also a very important reason.

Qing Shui appeared right before Mo Zitong and attacked with his Violet Star Thunder God!

From this angle and situation, Mo Zitong had no way to dodge the attack.

As numerous as raindrops in the wind, as powerful as a bolt of thunder!

Qing Shui slammed down stance after stance of the Thousand Hammer Technique. He wasn’t afraid of losing to anyone in terms of endurance. After his Dantian formed a pellet, his powers had become stronger and it was being replenished incessantly by the Yin Yang Image. Moreover, the depletion by Qing Shui’s techniques was very low.

In such a situation, Mo Zitong didn’t even have the time to catch his breath. His handsome face had turned red due to his feelings of anxiety and anger. However, he wasn’t stupid and knew that he wasn’t a match for Qing Shui. To think that he wasn’t able to break through Qing Shui’s simple consecutive attacks. Although he managed to fend off slightly in the middle, it was useless. Qing Shui’s foot technique was eerily and mysteriously terrifying.

When experts sparred, it would only take a short moment to determine the winner. Basically, they would be able to find out each other’s abilities with one move and the winner would emerge within a few moves. People who were mediocre would take the time for one incense to burn or even up to half an hour and people who were weak but persistent could take up to an hour…

To the people on the ground, Qing Shui was the one who was one-sidedly bashing Mo Zitong. Mo Zitong was trying hard to fend off the attacks and didn’t even have the ability to fight back. Everyone was astonished at how one-sided the fight turned out to be.

Everyone knew about Mo Zitong, a person who had once won against a Martial Emperor. Moreover, the people from Demon Gate even knew that Mo Zitong had defeated a Martial Emperor who had a strength of close to 2,000 stars. He was a prominent existence even in Demon Gate and was Demon Gate’s future pillar.

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AST 954 –Within the Nine Palace, He Was the King! As a Mother!

But right now, he couldn't even fight back. He had suffered no less than ten blows in between. Every blow had sent Mo Zitong flying. He had only managed to counterattack once before the scene from earlier repeated itself, unless he could endure the blows. But there was no point of enduring the blows because he couldn't even turn the situation of a single technique around. If it wasn't for the miraculous battle armor on him, he would have been injured long ago. He could only use an absolute power to face this type of situation. Otherwise, he couldn't even get near him.

"Do you think there's still a need to fight?" Qing Shui questioned while he fought.

"You can't break the defense of my battle armor. It's still hard to determine the outcome of the battle!" Mo Zitong's last bit of hope was a competition of endurance.

"I wonder if your head is as hard as your body!" Qing Shui said coldly while looking at Mo Zitong. If his opponent didn't know when to admit defeat, Qing Shui wouldn't mind teaching him a lesson.

Mo Zitong knew that he had been defeated. His opponent had been lenient towards him. But in a battle like this, he couldn't perform to his full strength. He was utterly defeated in the face of his opponent's absolute speed. He didn't use his full strength. It seemed that his opponent didn't use even a single killing technique.

A defeat was a defeat!

"Elder Wu, I have lost!" Mo Zitong said while shaking his head to the old man. He had a desolate expression on his face. He was completely blown away from this round's failure. He had always been a role model among his peers in the Demon Gate, an unbeatable existence. He was the leading figure of his generation. He had never suffered any setbacks and was doted on excessively. His path had simply been too smooth-sailing.

Elder Wu frowned when he remembered the words the Clan's Head said when he arrived. Tong'er's talent was a blessing from heaven. The path he walked on had been too smooth. Those that could defeat him were all older than him and this made him lose the sense of crisis. If this kept going on like this, he would suffer a big loss eventually someday.

"Now you know that there is always someone out there better than you no matter how good you are. You're a man, what's there to sigh about? This isn't a bad thing. Now you should know what to do in the future. You'll be a laughing stock if you're brought down by this tiny setback. Failure means nothing. Stand up and get your stage back sometime in the future. Such is the spirit of a man!" Elder Wu advised gently. There weren't many opportunities like this. Therefore, he wanted to give this "future of the Demon Gate" a wake up call.

Mo Zitong was shocked. That was dangerous. He almost fell into that incurable emotion.

Every single one of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures controlled the existence of a person. Regardless of being overjoyed or in great sorrow, they were harmful to the body. Too much of anything was bad. Ultimately, excessive feelings could cause one's emotions to fall into a type of mental state such as being trapped in sorrow and agony…

He had been living in favorable circumstances since he was young, just like a boat that sailed with the wind and current from upstream to downstream. Going against the current all of a sudden was an unacceptable situation to him.

The elderly man's words made him understand so much within a split second. He was able to suddenly understand many things that the senior used to tell him before too. He also understood what a blessing in disguise was as well, so his heart calmed down quickly.

"Let us fight once more!" The old man looked in Qing Shui's direction. The battle intent in his eyes was overwhelming.

"You are no match for me! Your strength is not as powerful as your mouth!" Qing Shui shook his head and laughed. This elderly man's strength was just slightly over 2,000 stars, but not more than 2,300 stars. He wasn't really pressured when it came to dealing with this kind of strength.

Moreover, he could defeat his opponent with absolute strength. Only the Nine Palace Steps alone would suffice.

"Take this!" This time, the old man took a leap without saying much. Like an Azure Hawk, he threw himself towards Qing Shui. The entire White Bone Sword* was surrounded by an impressive halo. Chaotic gray shadows trailed behind him.

Qing Shui frowned when he felt a sensation akin to Corrosion Claws' from the White Bone Sword. He muttered inwardly to himself about coming across yet another dishonest and vicious cultivation technique.

Facing such heresy, Qing Shui only needed to put in half the effort to deal with them with his current Nature Energy. The more vicious something was, the more it was feared by an ordinary person. But it would be powerless in the face of Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wasn't going to be courteous either. He activated Nature Energy to its limit. His figure flashed just like before.

Nine Palace Steps!

His figure instantly appeared behind the old man on his right. The elderly man held onto his sword with his right hand. The right rear side was the most uncomfortable position for him. Even so, he still spun around quickly.

Raging Blow!

Without hesitation, Qing Shui unleashed this tyrannical attack. Otherwise, there would be a great disparity between their powers!

The light on the Violet Star Thunder God that was akin to violet thunder and lightning was crackling noisily. It clashed immediately against the gleaming White Bone Sword. The old man's power was originally slightly weaker than Qing Shui's Raging Blow. In addition to the angle issue, his power was reduced a little when he abruptly swung his sword. Furthermore, Qing Shui's Nature Energy could restrain him.


A dull noise rang out. It felt as if the atmosphere had been knocked apart from the strong clash. A wave of Qi aura observable with the naked eye dispersed. The old man's face paled slightly, as he was knocked backward. Qing Shui smiled and lifted his foot. In a flash, his figure was right behind the old man.

Within the Nine Palace, he was the king!

Raging Blow!

The old man was once again knocked back. Qing Shui calmly and steadily took another step again as usual. No matter how far the distance was, it seemed like he could travel around in the blink of an eye. Of course, that was how it appeared to the others. But in Qing Shui's eyes, this distance was still within the Nine Palace.

The further the distance when cultivating Nine Palace Steps, the faster the speed would become. The strength of the enemies who entered within the Nine Palace would also be somewhat affected. Just the speed itself would make them unable to turn over. Let alone the rest.

He unleashed the Raging Blow consecutively. Although Raging Blow required a high consumption, Qing Shui could still afford it. He unleashed the fourth Raging Blow, seemingly calm.

The old man spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood as he was sent flying back to those people.

"It's not that I don't dare to kill. It's just that there are still certain things that I have yet to clarify. Leave! I shall visit the Demon Gate in the near future," Qing Shui said dully while looking at them.

Every single person from the Demon Gate went silent. They had thought of many outcomes but not this. So the voices around him started to flare up, as his every sneering remarks had reached their ears. It was as good as a knife through their hearts. But now, no one knew who had said that. It was evident that the person who dared to utter such words was not afraid of the Demon Gate either. The Demon Gate was very formidable. But there were also many that were as powerful as them.

"Everyone has their own limits. Don't think that Demon Gate is undefeatable. Remember not to come again to dig your own graves within this period of time. Next time, I may not be this patient!" Qing Shui got up and left as soon as he finished his sentence.

From Qing Shui's words, not a single person thought that he was arrogant, for he was able to easily defeat Mo Zitong and the old man at this age. Furthermore, it looked as if he had casually defeated them. Just which clan was that outstanding young man from…?

The facial expressions of the people from Demon Gate changed when a wild guess traveled to their ears. They had hated the Marionette Sect to the core. When they saw the people from the Tang Manor as well as some people from formidable sects appear, they immediately left the scene. Staying would only further humiliate them.

"Little brother! Have a safe journey! I won't be seeing you off!" Tang Wude smiled at Qing Shui.

"Take care of yourself, big brother!" Qing Shui waved, as he hopped on Fire Bird.

It was uncertain when they would meet again after this time. He waved his hand once again as Tang Wude's figure faded into the distance. Qing Shui initially didn't want him to see him off, but Tang Wude insisted until he was about to exit the Central Continent’s Capital.

Qing Shui wasn't sure if the Demon Gate would still stop him. If it wasn't for Huoyun Liu-Li, Qing Shui definitely wouldn't have hurt only the old man like he did today. He heard Mo Zitong call out to Elder Wu or Fifth Elder earlier. It didn't matter which one it was, this old man shouldn't be a member of the Demon Gate.

Judging from this elderly man's strength, he should have some status in the Demon Gate. Qing Shui had only injured his opponent due to the same reason, not because he was afraid of his opponent. He was not afraid of the Demon Gate at all now. Nobody could stop him if he wanted to leave.

The following journey was extremely tranquil. Duanmu City was already in sight. Qing Shui felt Lady Duanmu was the most complicated and most troublesome person. Even if this happened in his previous world, it would still be a very unique case. If Qing Shui and Lady Duanmu were to exchange their genders, it would be very normal in his previous world.

Qing Shui, who had been reborn once, was able to accept any unpleasant facts. He couldn't be bothered by the opinions of those that didn't matter or how they saw him. But Lady Duanmu couldn't free herself from the shackles that she had put on herself.

That time was only a mistake, something he did because he had no other choices. So Qing Shui left the all the decisions to Lady Duanmu.

It had been a while since his last goodbye. He had even forgotten how long it had been, but he could still find the place easily. It seems that the Duanmu Residence had flourished more than before. Qing Shui was very delighted too.

Perhaps it had been a long while and Qing Shui had changed quite a bit from before. Perhaps it was also because the guards were no longer the same as the ones before. Qing Shui was stopped when he walked to the entrance of the Duanmu Residence.

"Who are you, sir? This is the Duanmu Residence."

Maybe they could tell that Qing Shui was no ordinary person. After all, his bearing and the aura he exuded discouraged them from being rash with him. Hence, they asked him politely.

"I would like to meet Lady Duanmu," Qing Shui said before thinking for a moment.

"Who are you? What business do you have with the madame?" a slightly older looking man came out and asked Qing Shui politely.

There was hardly anyone who came to look for the madame like this in the Duanmu City. They could either send an invitation in advance or the madame would inform them in advance who would be coming.

It was at this moment, a lavish carriage came to a stop. Then, a stunning woman in a blue dress stepped down from the carriage. Qing Shui could recognize that this woman was Duanmu Lingshuang with just a single glance. But she wasn't as cold as she used to be. In fact, she even had a faint smile on her face. But Qing Shui had his eyes fixed at her arms.

She was cradling a child. A few months old child who was as delicate as a crystal. A rough and burly man then came over. "Lingshuang, let me carry the child."

Duanmu Lingshuang smiled happily and passed her child over to him. "Be careful. Don't injure our child again."

"I won't!" The man smiled and carefully held the child as if he was carrying a treasure.

Duanmu Lingshuang had a very warm smile on her face. She was stunned when she turned around and saw Qing Shui smiling at her. She stared for quite a while. "You are Qing Shui!" she said doubtfully.

Qing Shui smiled and nodded his head. "Miss Lingshuang! I'm so glad to see you!"

Qing Shui was actually very surprised that Duanmu Lingshuang already had a child, but not overly so. He never thought that Duanmu Lingshuang had fallen in love with him. It was just a joke at that time. Moreover, so many years had passed and she wasn't getting any younger. He didn't have the confidence to have a woman crying for him to marry her when she had just met him yet. It seemed like she had the hunch that she might not even see him again for the rest of her life.

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