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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 94


AST 0094 - The Raging Situ Ba

Qing Shui had finally embarked on the pathway of becoming an Alchemist. As long as he persevered then he would surely achieve his dreams of becoming someone who was most revered in this world - Alchemist.

However, a trace of worry had seeped in his heart, intermingling with the joy he felt within. To unlock the information regarding the Five Dragon Pellet, was still a long distance away. He was worried about the condition of Wenren Wu-Shuang, would she be able to suppress the spread of poison? What if she could not, what would he do?

Qing Shui didn't understand why Wenren Wu-Shuang would hold such an important place in his heart. What is happening to me? Shi Qingzhuang and Yu He are bad enough, why am I still so worried for Wu-Shuang.

In his spatial realm, he spent three days to concoct 1 Jin worth of Golden Sore Ointment, and gained even more experience. However he was still frustrated with his progress. After he calculated it, if he wanted to hit 100% experience, then he would need to spent at least 600 days inside the spatial realm, concocting nonstop.

The helpless Qing Shui exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, ’’Forget it, this can't be rushed. I will do what I can, and hope for the best. Wu-Shuang, you must hang in there.’’

Qing Shui exited the spatial realm, and made his way back to the Qing Clan's Medical Store.

At this moment, in the Situ Residence, the leader of the Situ Clan was currently feeling a mix of extreme anger and worry as he stared at his little son, Situ Shang. Blood flowed unceasingly from the lower part of his body as Situ Shang laid on the bed.

’’Quickly, go invite Doctor Lei.’’ Situ Ba roared.

’’Yes yes yes!’’ A servant panickedly rushed out.

Outside the door, a few other youths knelt down, not daring to move in the slightest. They were the group together with Situ Shang, who had antagonized Qing Shui earlier in the morning. Usually, they would bully the locals, and commit all sorts of atrocities with Situ Shang.

Situ Ba was nearing 60 in age. Because of his obsession in the martial path, he married late and had only two sons. One of them, was the strongest among the 3rd generation of the Situ Clan - Situ Luan. The other son, was Situ Shang.

Although the secret of Situ Luan was highly confidential, his father Situ Ba, naturally would know about it. Despite this, he was helpless and could only place his hopes on his little son. Although Situ Luan was extremely powerful in his way of the martial path, Situ Ba knew that the reins of the Situ Clan could not be handed over to him. Situ Luan was already someone doomed to never be able to produce a descendant for the Situ Clan!

More importantly, there was a dark side to Situ Luan. His heart was only filled with malice, and was full of holes. If his secret was discovered one day, it would be extremely easy to destroy him.

But now, even Situ Shang was injured to such an extent, wasn't this equivalent to destroying the entire line of reproduction for the main branch of the Situ Clan? His little son, Situ Shang, was an incredibly lustful figure. This injury was worse in comparison to killing him. Situ Ba's anger had already reached his limit, as he let out a roar. He needed a target to unleash his anger.

’’Who? Who did this? WHO DID THIS?’’ Situ Ba trembled as he roared at the kneeling youths.

’’Bai Qiang is currently tracking the movements of that guy, we...... we would have an answer soon......’’ One of the shivering youths stuttered, as beads of sweat trickled down his face.

’’F*king trash, what do I need you for!’’

Situ Luan howled as he slammed his palms on the youths who were kneeling on the ground. Instantly, a pressure akin to the weight of a mountain erupted forth, just like a ferocious tiger springing forth to devour it's prey. The bodies of the youths shattered into smithereens, only leaving behind pools of blood and flesh. Blood covered the entirety of Situ Ba's face and clothes, making him look like a crazed demon.

At this moment, the youth name Bai Qiang, the one who had been following Qing Shui, returned. Upon seeing the terrifying sight, he immediately felt his body go soft as he knelt onto the ground, his body trembling violently.

’’Speak, who did this to my Shang`er?’’ Situ Ba quietly spoke. The tone of voice was even more horrifying compared to when he had howled.

’’He... He is...’’ Bai Qiang stuttered as he tried to calm himself to speak.

’’Speak, I can spare you from dying. If not, your end result will be the same as them.’’ The sharp gaze of Situ Ba fixated on the fearful Bai Qiang.

’’He is...Qing Shui from the Qing Clan.’’

’’F*king trash, you still want to play tricks with me? You think you will be able to keep your life if you did this?’’ Situ Ba unleashed a kick, sending Bai Qiang flying away. From the beginning, he had no intentions of sparing him.

The sounds of bones shattering rang out, as blood sprayed out like a shower of rain in the air.

’’Young Master Shang's life is no longer in critical danger, but he would no longer be able to produce a heir in the future.’’ A amiable white-haired old man walked towards Situ Ba as he whispered in a low voice.

’’Thank you Uncle Lei.’’ Situ Ba sighed without strength.

’’I'm going to meet with Father, so I will leave Shang`er in your care.’’

’’Don't worry, I will take care of Young Master.’’

Situ Ba's expressions sunk as he left. At this moment, the grief in his heart was ravaging around like a tornado. As the saying goes, the most painful thing for a woman was to bury her father when she was young, bury her husband when she's middle-aged, and burying her son when she's old, there was nothing more painful that could be compared to this. Although these circumstances were not what Situ Ba was experiencing, it was somewhat similar to it.

At this moment, in the Situ Residence, Situ Bufan was practicing his swordplay while Situ Nantian was guiding him along, offering pointers and correcting his mistakes. Because Situ Bu Fan's parents passed away when he was young, he had always followed Situ Nantian as he grew up.

Situ Nantian was the previous head of the Situ Clan, and he had a total of 10 sons. Situ Ba was his youngest son, and at the same time, he was also the one with the greatest potential, with the possibility of reaching Xiantian. Situ Ba was obsessed with cultivation, which led to him only having a wife and two sons. This was extremely rare for a young master from a clan with status and power.

Maybe that was why he managed to reached the peak of the Houtian Realm at such a young age.

Initially, Situ Nantian didn't want to pass the position of clan leader to Situ Ba. However, he did so at the insistence of Situ Ba, as he added on a guarantee that he would definitely pass the position of Clan Leader on the moment he reached Xiantian.

These words carried a hint of threat to Situ Nantian, but he still acquiesced. After all, Situ Ba was the only person that was closest to Xiantian. Although the Situ Clan possessed several peak Houtian masters, the siblings of Situ Ba only wanted to enjoy themselves, and did not want to burden themselves with the troubles of running a clan.

’’Grandpa, is Qing Shui really that strong? Every time I faced him, I was defeated even before seeing his true strength.’’ Situ Bufan asked, as he finished his sword practice.

’’Remember, don't entangle yourself with him in the future. You should just focus on your own path of cultivation. Your talent is above average, and in addition, our clan can still be considered rich. In the near future, your Uncle Lei will concoct a type of pill that would your increase cultivation speed upon ingestion. As long as you eat that, breaking through Xiantian before the age of 40 is not a mere fantasy. As long as you stepped into the Xiantian realm, then everyone in Hundred Miles City would merely be an ant in your eyes.’’

Situ Bu Fan's eyes glowed with a strange light. He would wait till he broke through Xiantian before thoroughly playing with Qing Shui.

At this moment, the black face of Situ Ba appeared in the garden where Siti Bu Fan and Situ Nantian were at.


’’Uncle, you are here!’’ Situ Bu Fan Respectfully called out.

’’Fan`er, I have things to discuss with your grandfather.’’ Situ Ba explained.

’’Understood.’’ Situ Bu Fan smiled, as he departed.

’’Father, that little bastard Qing Shui, crippled my son Shang`er.’’


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