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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 924-925


Chapter 924-925

AST 924 –Secrets of the World of the Nine Continents, Mu Qing's Successful Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation

He was trying to explain his relationship with the Mu Clan and at the same time was expressing sincerity. Qing Shui was very sincere, even the Elder did not feel anything wrong.

The Elder said Qing Shui would have large achievements in the future. Qing Shui had never questioned his own strength, but what he required was time. However, the words the Elder said had weight and could even be taken as a promise of sorts.

Qing Shui did not think that the Godly Sword Sect was going to propose an alliance to the Mu Clan. Although he had had a hunch about it before, he had felt that it was impossible. The Godly Sword Sect was Jun City's strongest. On the surface, the Mu Clan was incomparable to their level of strength.

However, the Godly Sword Sect had a purpose for this proposal. The Elder's sight was set on the long term, he would not deviate from his long term plans for short term gains. Especially when this young man was a crucial existence in this plan, in the long run, the possibilities were endless.

Hearing what Qing Shui said before made the Elder happy, he really wanted to hear those words. He believed that Qing Shui would be able to fulfill that promise, especially in the future.

Thinking back to the Elder's yard filled with a sea of flowers, Qing Shui felt he had to leave something behind. Immediately, he thought of the Spirit Gathering Formation and took several Beast Parchment directly from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and gave it to the Elder. "This being our first meeting, this is a gift I have brought for you, I hope the Elder will like it."

These were things that Qing Shui had drawn. He had given them to Mu Qing, Dong Yan, Sun Yan before to assist them in cultivating.

In addition to noticing that the Elder liked flowers and herbs, giving the gift to the Elder now was more an act of reassurance. Mu Fengyang could tell, this gesture from Qing Shui was for the Mu Clan. Currently, Mu Fengyang could not put his feelings into words. Grateful? No, it had gone way beyond just being grateful. If there was ever the chance, he would not hesitate to tread through fire for Qing Shui.

The Elder declined for a bit, but received it with joy. From one glance, the Elder could determine that the Spirit Gathering Formation carried massive benefits. The Elder was especially happy about its functionality.

"Qing Shui, perhaps in the future when your strength and abilities become more refined, you will be able to enter the other four continents. Rumor has it that there are several Sects and Clans with people well versed in formations," the Elder said while happily storing the Beast Parchment away.

"The other four continents?' Qing Shui knew all the names of each continent in the World of the Nine Continents. However, he was unsure what the Elder meant by the other four continents.

The Elder was also surprised for a moment. What had seemed to be casual talk, especially given Qing Shui's current strength, should have been known to him. However, given Qing Shui's puzzled expression, that did not seem to be the case.

"The World of Nine Continents is divided into two levels. Greencloud Continent, Central Continent, Eastern Victory divine Continent, Northern Sacred Lu Continent, Southern Viewing Continent are part of the first level. Western Oxhe Continent, Vast Sea Continent, Soaring Dragon Continent and Dancing Phoenix Continent are part of the second level." The Elder explained after seeing Qing Shui's expression.

"Why is it that being here or even being in Central Continent, that there's no news about the situation on the other four continents?" Qing Shui became curious;the more he thought about it, the more doubt surfaced in his mind.

"That's because the two levels have been isolated from each other and they rarely interact with each other, thus there is almost no news about the situation on the other four continents. Although rumor has it that the four continents are their own corners that seems a bit wrong. However, anyone wanting to reach the four continents must enter through the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. But a restriction applies, people can only go through using a special method."

After listening to the Elder, Qing Shui was stunned for a bit. Thinking back, his doubts from earlier had cleared up in his mind.

"Elder, are you always aware of the situation in the four continents?" Finally encountering someone with knowledge of the landscape of the World of Nine Continents, Qing Shui could not miss this opportunity to gain some insights.

"I know very little but I will tell you what I know. The other four continents and the five continents here are isolated but there are still powerful individuals that travel over, very little travel the other way. From what I am told, the strength that resides with the four continents is very powerful. The rumor is that the four continents are rich with Spiritual Qi which benefits cultivation greatly. Thus when the strongest of the five continents reach the minimum strength required to enter the four continents, they will travel there to cultivate. Given the natural abundance of Spiritual Qi, the quality of materials is also high. Hence, technique and battle equipment are also of high level and quality.

The following conversation described that the other four continents were powerful, but was not saying that everyone from the four continents were powerful masters or Martial Emperors. It was a similar situation to the five continents where the majority of the population were normal people. However, the major difference was that people who cultivated would level faster compared to normal. It was like how Eastern Victory divine Continent and Southern Viewing Continent had more ample amounts of Spiritual Qi than Greencloud Continent. Cultivating would be faster and have greater results but the advantage was very little.

Having ample Spiritual Qi could produce better quality Gifted Earth Treasures and divine Weapons. Those things appeared naturally in the world, finding one required luck. But when someone had their hands on one of the treasures, their, along with their family's, position would often rise very quickly. This usually resulted in a family gaining power and influence.

Qing Shui suddenly thought of the girl in the Crystal Coffin, perhaps she was not originally from here… ……

The more notorious a person's name, the more likely the name can provide protection. The incident where Qing Shui annihilated the Sky Prison Sect was already a hot topic of Jun City. Further, when the Mu Clan and the Godly Sword Sect became an official alliance people were already in an uproar. Now that the Mu Clan and Godly Sword Sect's presence was as firm as a castle, those who had animosity towards the Mu Clan were stopped dead in their tracks.

Returning to the Mu Clan's manor, Qing Shui had spent most of his mornings on members of the Mu Clan, especially Dong Yan and Sun Yan. The family members of the Dong Clan and Sun Clan had already left but since Dong Yan and Sun Yan were here, he informed them of everything.

The news had already spread like it had wings. Not to mention that the news of the existence of an evildoer like Qing Shui and the fact that Qing Shui had used formations, had exposed Qing Shui as a Formation Master with more than what meets the eyes.

Formation Masters were a powerful existence, just like the original Sky Prison Sect, riding roughshod over people. No one could oppose them because of their formations but the Sky Prison Sect was annihilated by Qing Shui.

This means that Qing Shui, as a Formation Master, was much stronger than the Sky Prison Sect. Without a doubt, it also made Qing Shui's character even more of a mystery. That's because such a powerful youngster was not just young, but also mysterious. He originated from Greencloud Continent, which was the weakest continent of them all. Which family could have had such a genius? Given all the above, it made Qing Shui more of a mystery.

In addition, people were also aware that members of the Mu Clan were practicing formations under Qing Shui's guidance. This made many Sects and Families envious. Formations were something legendary from the other four continents and were only mastered by the greatest Formation masters.

Talking with the Elder at the Godly Sword Sect made Qing Shui curious about the other four continents. What surprised Qing Shui the most was the passage to the other four continents was not in the Central Continent but was in the Northern Sacred Lu Continent.

Even he had never been to the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. Although he had really wanted to go because that place was where the Lion King's Ridge resided. ……

In the blink of an eye, ten days had already passed by. In another ten days, it would be New Years. In these last twenty days, members of the Mu Clan had used the majority of their time, other than time spent to eat and sleep, to cultivate. In addition to Medicinal Pills, the Mu Clan had also taken their savings out.

As for the preparations for New Years, there were people taking care of it. But for those who had put their time into cultivating, they seemed to have forgotten about New Years. Their achievements from the past twenty days were big, that is in terms of practicing formations.

The one who made the greatest progress was, of course, Mu Qing. She had abruptly reached a higher grade and was barely qualified to learn Four Phases Steps. Her combat abilities had doubled. Not only was her strength doubled but her lethality was already increased.

In addition, Mu Qing had also learned how to craft formation flags. Other things like Five Elements Minor Formation, Spirit Gathering Formation and Spirit Sealing Minor formation were also drawn for her.

Qing Shui also taught Mu Qing the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. Qing Shui was not scared that she would be able to learn it, rather he was afraid that she could not. Qing Shui was not successful in placing the formation but taught her the method anyway. Whether or not she would be successful was entirely up to her.

"Qing Shui, why does the formation have no reaction?" Mu Qing said to Qing Shui while scrunching her eyebrows.

Qing Shui took a look and saw that she was placing the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. He had never mentioned to her that he had never been successful with it, but continued to let her practice and learn how to place it. She was a determined individual. In one day she had already spent a long time researching and placing the Formations over and over again.

"Maybe the technique is missing something crucial!" Qing Shui said.

"No reaction, perhaps the Eye of the formation does not have enough Spirit Power. What if I placed a Spirit Gathering Formation in the middle?" Mu Qing spoke her thoughts out loud while looking at Qing Shui. Those words that Mu Qing uttered caused Qing Shui to freeze. Mu Qing saw Qing Shui's expression and thought that he must be agreeing tacitly. She thought she had guessed correctly, so she went ahead to place the Spirit Gathering Formation as the Eye of the larger formation.

The Spirit Gathering Formation was unlike normal formations because it lacked killing power. On top of that, it was also a very simple formation and could be added onto other formations at will. The only exception was that the Spirit Gathering Formation could not be in the center of the Spirit Sealing Formation since they would counteract each other.

Mu Qing quickly set up a small Spirit Gathering Formation as the Eye of the larger formation. When the Spirit Gathering Formation activated, one could sense the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth gathering over. Although it was not much, it was a never ending supply of Qi that could continue supplying energy until the Formation Flags were exhausted.

The better the quality of the materials used for the formation, the more powerful and long-lasting the formation became. Pebbles could be used for some formations but the effect would be lessened. In addition, the formation would not last for a very long time. Some formations' energy exhaustion was too high, while others did not have much drain. For example, Death Formations were amongst the highest energy draining formations and Trap Formations had very little drain. Thus, using pebbles for some formations would be a definite cause of failure.

Some large formations use mountains as formation points. Although mountains are just larger rock formations, they are gathering places of massive amounts of Spirit Qi. Some powerful Formation Masters would consider using the environmental elements, such as mountains and rivers to form their formations. The power that resulted from these formations was ridiculously strong.

Suddenly, a stream of Spirit Qi burst out of the formation, directly causing it to activate. Since Qing Shui and Mu Qing were both within the Eye of the formation, they were exposed to the formation. Mu Qing looked over at Qing Shui with joy.

Mu Qing was pleasantly surprised, but Qing Shui was more surprised than she was. At this instant, he felt muddleheaded. The shock from seeing what was in front of him left him in disbelief. Although Mu Qing's Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was of the lowest grade, it was successful. More importantly, Qing Shui could set up the formation now and the power of it would definitely be stronger than Mu Qing's formation.

"Why didn't you tell me that the Eye of the formation had to be a Spirit Gathering Formation. Do you know how many times you caused me to set up this formation today? Well, I guess it was not too bad. Now I am well practiced in setting this formation up."

Qing Shui was left stunned, without looking towards the overjoyed Mu Qing and said "It is not that I didn't want to tell you, but because I have never successfully placed the formation before."

Qing Shui's words stopped Mu Qing in her tracks. She could only look at Qing Shui shocked, her mouth slightly opened. Qing Shui looked towards the pearly white teeth and tender tongue, trying to control his feelings and thoughts.

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AST 925 –Powerful Binding Formation, Eating the Forbidden Fruit

Qing Shui was still very happy. After all, he could now use the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. He didn’t understand why he hadn’t thought of setting up a Spirit Gathering Formation here at this stage. Back then, he had tried endless times and had even used the ingredients from powerful demonic beasts to make formation flags. However, he still hadn’t succeeded.

In fact, Qing Shui knew that the most important reason was that in his consciousness, there was no mention of putting up a Spirit Gathering Formation in the eye of the formation. He had trusted the things that had appeared in his consciousness too much. This event let Qing Shui understand that there might be some things which might not be perfect.

“Come, let’s go take a look at this formation.”Since Qing Shui was in the formation, he naturally could tell what the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was like.

“Mmm!”Mu Qing replied happily. She knew that she had succeeded in setting up the formation and then saw Qing Shui’s elated expression and unknowingly felt happy as well. She even realized that her joy was not because she had succeeded in forming the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, but because she could help Qing Shui.

A world could be found in a single flower!

Qing Shui could now sense how amazing this Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was. Taking this one step suddenly brought him into a new world and when he took one step back, he discovered that it was not the place it previously was.

This was a world of ice and snow, where the piercing cold was like sharp blades. Not far away, there was a group of ice bears which was about the size of the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King. Their tremendous howls sounded like they were going to tear the skies apart.

Qing Shui didn’t dare to go up against them head on. There were too many of them. Moreover, he still had to look for Mu Qing. He performed the Nine Palace Steps. The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation basically was adding the Nine Palace positioning onto the Eight Trigrams Formation and only the Nine Palace Steps would allow one to be able to move swiftly like a fish in the water in this formation. It allowed one to freely move about just by taking one step, thus Qing Shui was now feeling very excited. Lifting up one foot, he directly jumped out of that area.

The place earlier should be one of the eight gates in the Eight Trigrams Formation. However, after taking this step, Qing Shui was stunned. There was a lady standing not far from there, with an amiable smile and looking at him.

“Mother!”Qing Shui shouted out in surprise and dashed over. However, he was suddenly stunned.

Gate of Illusion!

A drip of cold perspiration appeared on Qing Shui’s head. He knew that this was not his mother but he still walked over slowly. He knew that this was an illusion in the Gate of Illusion. However, this was something created from Spiritual Qi and there was also a strong killing intent. If he wasn’t careful, he could be killed easily.

Thank goodness that the illusionary character had not spoken. It might be because the level of the formation was not high enough. Qing Shui took a casual step forward and then came to a stop. After a few breaths’time, the person dashed out, attacking towards Qing Shui…

Qing Shui calculated the time. If he had forgotten everything earlier and dashed over, even if he hadn’t died, he would have suffered some serious injuries. After all, he wouldn’t have his guard up against his own mother.

Qing Shui dodged and just looked on. In the end, he let out a sigh and left. He missed his family too much…

Qing Shui still knew some general knowledge with regard to the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. After a slight hesitation, Qing Shui performed the Nine Palace Steps. When he came to a stop, he realized that Mu Qing was still nowhere to be seen.

Another Nine Palace Steps…

The things he encountered in the process made him increasingly excited. The powers of this binding formation, when added with the Nine Palace positionings, were simply too heaven-defying. If it was just an ordinary cultivator, even a powerful one, would feel at a loss and could even perish in the formation.

Of course, this would be dependent on the formation’s prowess. Otherwise, absolute power would definitely be able to destroy the formation.

Each time around, Qing Shui would remember the positioning and it was only on his seventh attempt that he saw Mu Qing and the 13th attempt before he arrived next to her. When he saw Mu Qing, he grabbed her hand.

The formation was heartless and if Mu Qing had came across that group of ice bears earlier, it would probably be tough for her to handle them. Formations don’t recognize people and would not refrain from attacking a person just because the person was the one who set up the formation.

When she saw Qing Shui disappearing earlier, she had felt worried. However, she didn’t move. When she saw Qing Shui appearing again he grabbed her hand worriedly, she smiled. This was the first time he had grabbed her unknowingly, all because he was worried about her.

Qing Shui saw the faint smile on Mu Qing’s beautiful face and quickly let go of her hand. However, he grabbed her hand once again, saying helplessly, “Try using your Four Phases Steps. See how it works in this formation.”

Mu Qing nodded and grabbed onto Qing Shui’s hand tightly. She then performed the Four Phases Steps and darted about in the formation. With Qing Shui next to her, she was fearless. However, she would still pay attention to her surroundings.

The Four Phases Steps was too different from the Nine Palace Steps. However, it could still be used for moving about in the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. In fact, as long as one was proficient in the area of formations and Nine Palace positionings, even an ordinary person would be able to enter and exit the formation freely.

The formation was filled with dangers, but there were still many spots which would always be safe. As long as one was proficient in formations, the person would be able to enter and exit those safe areas freely. However, they couldn’t kill enemies since once the enemies got near and also landed in the safe zones, then the user would be in hot soup.

Therefore, it was better for the person who set up the formation to be powerful. Only this would allow the user to unleash the full potential of the formations.

Although this was also the first time Qing Shui had entered the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, he was extremely familiar with the place. Or rather, it could be said that he could skillfully sense, as well as enter and exit whenever there was a change.

This was the result of powerful spirit energy and the Nine Palace Steps!

However, right now Mu Qing was the one taking the lead, while Qing Shui was acting as the guard while familiarizing himself with the formation. The more Mu Qing explored the place, the more excited she felt. She held Qing Shui’s hand and continued to dart about through the spaces and didn’t even feel scared when they were chased by those powerful demonic beasts. It was because she knew that this guy next to her would be able to protect her at any time.

However, when she recalled how he would be leaving in about half a month, her grip on Qing Shui’s hand tightened.


Just as Qing Shui and Mu Qing used the Four Phases Steps to escape from a group of Double-Winged Lightning Tiger, suddenly a group of Blazing Flame Wolves suddenly appeared before them. There were at least 1,000 of them and the series of deafening wolf howls caused one to feel the shivers.

Mu Qing stopped and looked at Qing Shui. Her thoughts were very clear, there was no escape.

Qing Shui carried her up horizontally, unleashed a few Nine Palace Steps and arrived at a safe spot.

Mu Qing's beautiful arms circled around Qing Shui’s neck and she quietly rested her head against his chest. Qing Shui was just about to put her down.

“Don’t move!”Mu Qing’s lazy voice rang out, causing Qing Shui’s bones to feel weak.

From the first time he had met her, Qing Shui could tell that she wasn’t a lady who would be cute and reliant. She was like a dignified and proud phoenix, with an aloofness that sank deep into her bones. The feeling she gave out wouldn’t let one feel put off but rather, make a guy feel inferior. However, when a lady like her suddenly become like a tame sheep, that extremely visual impact caused Qing Shui to space out.

Being able to smell that faint fragrance and feel that soft body in his arms, he would be lying if he said that his thoughts had not run wild. In terms of relationships, he still couldn’t make himself to take the initiative. He felt very conflicted.

“If you were to tempt me even more, don’t blame me for not holding back. I’m trying very hard to hold back right now.”Qing Shui lowered Mu Qing slightly and she suddenly felt that something was hitting against her butt.

She trembled and got down, looking at Qing Shui. Her heart was beating very fast. Although she didn’t have any interactions with guys, she knew what went on in a relationship. She felt very anxious and a little scared.

Qing Shui was a little regretful. His actions earlier had been a little flirty. After all, the two of them were just friends. He thought of how his hand had touched her before, had hugged her and now…

It wasn’t that Qing Shui didn’t like her. There were probably not many guys who wouldn’t like a beauty like her. Moreover, they had been through trials before. Most importantly, she liked him, but only held some restraint because of her pride. However, she was rational and intelligent and didn’t want to miss out the chance and thus she had been trying to express herself to him all this while. This was despite knowing that he had wives.

“Mu Qing!”

Mu Qing looked at Qing Shui, her blush still on her face. Although she had let loose of a little of her restraint, if anything were to happen, she wasn’t ready for it yet.

Qing Shui held her hand and walked slowly in the formation. Hand in hand, their hearts were palpitating.

“You’re very independent and I already have quite a few women,”Qing Shui smiled bitterly and said.

“You’re afraid that I won’t be able to get along with them?”Mu Qing smiled and asked, still blushing. Her words had clearly expressed her feelings.

Qing Shui was stunned as well before he looked at Mu Qing, “You’ve really decided?”

“You want me?”Mu Qing’s eyes lit up as she looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui hugged her tightly and said to her in a soft voice, “I want you. I don’t know if I love you but I know that I like you a lot. I like your smile, I like looking at you and I don’t wish to see you sad. The reason I’m doing all this for the Mu Clan is all because of you. If someone were to lay their hands on you, I won’t allow it, no matter who they are. Is my desire to monopolize too strong? I’m only afraid that you’ll feel aggrieved if you were to be with me.”

Mu Qing’s body was slightly stiff at the start but she gradually relaxed. She put her hands around Qing Shui’s neck and looked at him happily. At this moment, she felt very satisfied.

“I don’t feel aggrieved! I love you! But I’m not ready yet…”Mu Qing flushed and said softly.

Qing Shui also turned red because he had had a reaction. Of course, Mu Qing sensed it as well.

“Don’t worry, before you’re ready, I won’t eat you up. I’ll wait for you to ask me to eat you up.”Qing Shui grinned and said.

“Stop saying rubbish!”Mu Qing didn’t lift her head and pounded Qing Shui, chiding.

“Qing Shui!”

The two of them hugged for a while before Mu Qing spoke up softly.


“Can…can you kiss me…?”Mu Qing buried her head in Qing Shui’s neck and said in an extremely soft voice.

Qing Shui was taken back. He couldn’t tell if this proud lady wanted to know what a kiss felt like or was trying to provide his reaction with some relief…

Qing Shui was also feeling slightly agitated and excited. After all, it had been very long since he had touched a woman. He lifted up Mu Qing’s chin. Right now, her beautiful eyes were very soft and she was extremely charming.

Qing Shui felt a surge of evilness gushing up within him and he landed an intense kiss on those se*y and trembling lips…

Qing Shui had taken out his bed from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Right now, under the blankets, Mu Qing was in Qing Shui’s arms. The two of them had ended up taking the forbidden fruit.

Earlier, Qing Shui had even given his promise, but he hadn’t expected this lady’s expressions to make him lose all of his senses. Moreover, they had already affirmed their relationship and were both mature adults. Furthermore, this could also increase both of their abilities. The union of Yin and Yang was the greatest bliss in this world. She was slightly older than him, but yet was still a virgin…

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