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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 920


AST 920 - Killing One, Knotty Problem, As If Killing A God (teaser)

Hearing the old man's words, Qing Shui had little reaction. He saw that his opponents seemed to be feeling pity. He tried to sense the old man's cultivation level and felt that it should be slightly stronger than Tianyu Liangyi after he had attained a breakthrough.

Looking at them from afar, Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless. The Big Dipper Sword's Seven Star Armored Vest had already lost its effects when he attained a breakthrough to become a Martial Emperor. It basically didn't have any other effects. At each cultivation realm, there would be the most suitable weapons and armors, known to be miraculous for that stage.

Even a Xiantian cultivator would find a Martial Emperor's weapons useless, as he wouldn't be able to withstand the flow of power from the weapon. The weapon which was good for Qing Shui now was the ’’Violet Star Thunder God’’ as well as items forged from the 10,000 Years Coldsteel.

Mu Qing was wearing a set of pure white mourning clothes, giving her an additional hint of otherworldly aura. She looked into the distance from the mourning hall with a worried look on her face. In fact, many people from the Mu Clan were also worried.

If anything were to happen to Qing Shui, then everything here would turn to ruin. If Qing Shui were to win, then the Mu Clan would have the majesty of a tiger which ascended the mountains. Just a single difference would end up with two extremely different results.

Many people from the city had come, each of them coming from some respectable or influential background. Right now, they were also quietly observing what was happening in the air some distance away. Qing Shui and the two old men from Sky Prison Sect were there.

After bringing out the Violet Star Thunder God, Qing Shui felt a lot more calm. A powerful aura started to seep out slowly from his body and it was then that the old men opposite could no longer see this young man as just a youngster. He was truly a strong opponent.

The sun at noon was bright and beautiful. It was already deep into the winter. The two old men were wearing violet colored clothes and the Sky Prison Sabres they were holding were violet colored as well. Under the sun, they exuded a violet colored glow and a sharp and eerie gleam.

’’Lad, the two of us are at the age where our lives are going to end soon and we don't have that many years to live. We don't even know when was the last time we fought. We hope that you can let us enjoy ourselves in this fight. If you were to die today, all of them will have to die as well!’’ The sabre held by the old man in the lead let out a murky sound.

Qing Shui looked at that murky and lifeless pair of eyes. If it was not because of the bright color of his clothes and that powerful aura the old man had, Qing Shui would have thought that this guy was dead.

’’Everyone in the Sky Prison Sect seems to be of such character. It's but a matter of time before all of you are wiped out. It would be strange if this wasn't the case.’’ The circulation of the blood in Qing Shui's body grew increasingly faster, to the extent that even his face felt like there was a congestion of blood.

’’Lad, if we were to be agitated by a youngster like you even though we've lived to this age, then there's no point in us continuing to live on. We might as well knock ourselves to death. Today, you'll only be able to lead the Mu Clan to prosperity after killing us with your own capabilities,’’ the old man with a burly physique said gradually.

The other slightly hunchbacked old man didn't say a word right from the beginning. Mu Clan's old man had told him that this old man was deaf and mute.

Qing Shui found it very strange. He hadn't expected that there would be people of this cultivation level who could still be deaf and mute. He shouldn't have been born in this state. However, he shouldn't be taking this stuff into consideration. What that was most important to him right now was for him to wipe out these two old monsters.

’’Let's start. It's useless to be talking so much.’’ The old man shook his sabre and rose up from the Wolf-Headed Jadewater Hawk. The other old man rose up as well and stood not far away from the first old man.

Qing Shui held onto his Violet Star Thunder God. He hadn't expected these two old men to be shameless enough to fight two against one right from the start. Although he had expected this to be the end result eventually, he still felt that it was a knotty problem.

It was because he would suffer from great limitations.

However, this was a battle that he would still have to fight. And since the fight was inevitable, there was no need to have any dilly dallying.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui's silhouette flashed and the amazing Nine Palace Steps was unleashed. This was the primary way he could keep himself safe.

Qing Shui's movement caused the eyes of both old men to light up and they forced themselves to come to a stop. However, they still quickly dashed up and consecutively attacked Qing Shui with the two violet colored Sky Prison Sabres.

Having worked together for many years, their combination could be said to be perfect.

After a few rounds of sparring, Qing Shui felt that it was hard for him to utilize some of his killing techniques. If not for the fact that he had his Nine Palace Steps to rely on, he wouldn't have been able to stand up to them.

The metal clanks in the air rang out consecutively, creating countless black holes which were like black lumps of air. Everyone else was watching this scene from afar.

Mu Qing's fist clenched tightly. She was more nervous than any other person from the Mu Clan. All of the Mu Clan's lives were connected to Qing Shui. If Qing Shui were to fail, then the entire Mu Clan would be doomed.

After exchanging tens of moves, Qing Shui knew that his opponents had not gone all out. The same went for him. Use the best steel to make the blade [1]. One's killer move should be used at the most appropriate time in order to be called a killer move.


Fiery Golden Eyes, Emperor's Qi and Descending Heavens Talisman!

He also called out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant midway just to use the Vajra Subdues Demons!

After a series of weakening effects, the old men's abilities were brought down to be at about 1,200 stars while Qing Shui's strength was around 1,100 stars. However, Qing Shui could make it up with the Nine Palace Steps in terms of his speed.

If he were to be dealing with just one of the old men, it would be very simple. However, the result of one plus one was usually not two. It could even possibly exceed three. With the great coordination between these two old men, there was simply no chance for him to unleash any killer moves.

Another thing was that the two old men seemed to be giving it their all, not caring even if both sides were to suffer heavy casualties. This also created a huge problem for Qing Shui. If only one of them was going all out, then he might still be able to find a loophole. However, when two highly coordinated people were going all out against one opponent, that opponent would be in a fix.

Treading on seven stars, Qing Shui's Violet Star Thunder God blocked the deaf and mute old man's Sky Prison Sabre. Retreating while utilizing the impact, Qing Shui then waved his hand to call out the Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

Heavenly Talisman!

Godly Force Talisman, divine Shield Talisman!

He quickly slapped the two talismans on the Five-Headed Demonic Spider while it covered the two old men who were charging over with its Corrosive Poison Web. The two old monsters from Sky Prison Sect quickly retreated. Even they didn't dare to come into contact with such a web easily.

It would be good if they had hesitations. Qing Shui's mind spun very quickly. He needed to separate the two old men. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to win. He held the Violet Star Thunder God in one hand while holding a 10,000 Years Frosted Iron Ball with the other.

However, he wasn't able to find an appropriate chance.


The Five-Headed Demonic Spider suddenly shot out a strand of spider web toward one of the old men while Qing Shui swiftly moved next to the old man, whacking down with his Violet Star Thunder God from the side.

He then shot out the 10,000 Years Frosted Iron Ball.

In order the avoid the 10,000 Years Frosted Iron Ball, the old man quickly retreated. After all, they didn't dare to receive the Frosted Iron Balls which were shot out by a person of Qing Shui's cultivation. With Qing Shui right next to him, he couldn't even block the hidden weapon and could only choose to step back to dodge.

What Qing Shui wanted was to force the old man to retreat. The other old man shot up, wanting to meet up again with him but just then a Corrosive Poison Web blocked his path.

It was then when Qing Shui suddenly gave up on pursuing the first old man and with a flash, appeared behind the old man who had encountered the Corrosive Poison Web. He slammed down his Violet Star Thunder God.

Raging Blow!

The old man was put in a spot where there was a huge Corrosive Poison Web before him and a deadly hammer behind him. He hadn't expected this young man to be able to unleash such a powerful hit. He realized that it wasn't something he could receive.

His only chance was the Corrosive Poison Web before him. He could smell that piercing rotting smell coming from it. The other old man dashed over quickly. The Five-Headed Demonic Spider wasn't able to hold him off.

The old man who was slightly hunchback slashed out toward the Corrosive Poison Web. Just then, fully prepared for this, Qing Shui threw out the Demon Binding Ropes in his sleeves.

The moment he did that, in that short instant, in that short pause, the Corrosive Poison Web bound the old man. This wasn't over. Qing Shui waved his hand once again.

The Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb landed over the old man on top of his current state.

There was a clacking sound and then a horrified cry.

It was only then that old man with a strong build managed to rush over. He waved his sabre and slashed it out toward the poison web, as if he wanted to slash through it.

The old man in the webs was trapped and the Corrosive Poison Web incessantly corroded his body. When a person was trapped by such a web, if he couldn't destroy it, he would basically be finished. This was unless his body was so powerful that it could resist that terrifying corrosive poison.

However, the cultivation level of these two old men seemed to not have reached that state yet. Therefore, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief. With this old man dead, the other one would not pose a problem.

’’Lad, you're courting death!’’ the old man suddenly let out a loud bellow.

He took out a black colored medicinal pill the size of a walnut. It was encompassed by black smoke. The old man ate it and within a few short moments, the faint black smoke seemed to encompass the old man entirely.


Suddenly, the old man spewed out a mouthful of black colored blood onto his sabre.


That violet colored Sky Prison Sabre turned into a pitch black battle sabre at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye. It was in this moment that Qing Shui suddenly felt that the old man had become one with his Sky Prison Sabre.

This was a feeling.

State of one with the sabre?

Qing Shui thought of his State of One with Elephant. It was a pity that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was still on the weak side and his State of One with Elephant was not strong either. Otherwise, he could possibly use it.

Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless. The old man in the Corrosive Poison Web had disappeared but this burly looking old man was like a Killing God, exuding strong killing intent that would send shivers down one's spine.

’’What medicinal pill is this? To think that it has such an effect... It seems like I've underestimated the alchemists in the world of the nine continents.’’ Qing Shui called back his Five-Headed Demonic Spider and stared at the old man who was like a demon now.

They had given themselves the name of Sky Prison Immortal Duo but secretly, other people called them the Sky Prison Demon Duo.


Like a death god, the old man suddenly shot out toward Qing Shui, slashing down with his sabre. The sabre attack was not a showy one but was one which contained an indescribable power.

Qing Shui's face turned pale and his feet stomped down non-stop, moving to and from in the Nine Palace directions, waving his Violet Star Thunder God.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

Qing Shui felt anxious. It was too eerie. To think that there were such horrifying powers.


Qing Shui received this slash with his Violet Star Thunder God and was sent flying, fresh blood spurting out endlessly. The old man paused for a short moment but recovered very quickly and he dashed toward Qing Shui once again with a flash.

[1] Chinese idiom which suggests that one should use the best resources where they were most appropriate for.


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