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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 917


AST 917 - Violet Star Thunder God, Violet Jade Sword, Raging Blow

Qing Shui was very agitated right now, to have his powers increased to three times stronger. Thinking of that golden colored Sky Prison Sabre, it seemed that for a weapon of this level, increase in abilities to be three times stronger was a benchmark.

It should be a standard used by a Martial Emperor.

This increased one's powers to become three times stronger than what they originally were.

Qing Shui was very happy. He read down to the battle technique it came equipped with, the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt. This battle technique was very powerful but it was a pity that it didn't have the paralyzing effect when using it against powerful Peak Martial Saints, let alone those who were early Martial Emperors. Therefore, Qing Shui had not used the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt battle technique, which was very powerful.

Now that it had leveled up and became a Violet Star Thunder God hammer, he wondered if the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt could be used once again and if it would have a temporary paralyzing effect on early Martial Emperors.

Qing Shui was full of anticipation. After all, this battle technique was very powerful and when used appropriately, he would be able to kill the opponent instantly.

After a few days, Qing Shui was now exhausted. However, he didn't rest and instead started to forge after recovering some of his powers. He only used good materials in his forging since he was planning to strengthen his Penta-Color Rainbow Art of Forging.

He used good materials to forge a sword and even added things like violet jade. Although he was strengthening his forging skills, it still depleted quite a large amount of mental effort since he would have to be fully focused. He wanted to strengthen his Penta-Colored stage as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would affect his forging in the future.

After a series of clinks and clanks from the forging, an entire day had passed by. However, it was not finished...

This was very normal. Some weapons would take a very long time to forge and it might even be segregated into a few stages. Therefore, Qing Shui knew that he couldn't be thinking of forging a few weapons when he had time. After all, the time and energy required were still a lot. He could forge an item once in awhile but now, he couldn't care about anything else. He needed to strengthen the foundation for the Penta-Colored stage.


Suddenly, the sword he was forging shattered. The hammer Qing Shui was swinging stopped in mid-air and he sighed, bringing it down and went deep into thought.

Earlier, the success of the forging of the Thunder God was due to the Violet Star Stone. It was very normal to be failing at this stage. After taking a rest, he started forging once again and continued to fail.

Each time he failed, he would waste a lot of precious materials. Although the materials that went to waste during the forging process could be melted down and reconstructed, there was plenty of wear and tear. Moreover, some of the materials were for one time use only. This was why forging was an occupation that wasted a lot of money. Top notch blacksmiths would waste countless precious materials, many of which were priceless.

After reforging once again, he would give it some thought, recalling the feeling which he had when he was forging, especially that ’’old blacksmith's’’ actions, expression and such. He would then continue to forge again.

It was just that each time, some minor flaws would result in failures. On the next attempt, Qing Shui would try to ensure that the same flaw was not repeated but there would always be new flaws that could appear, causing him to fail again. Qing Shui would then try to fix the flaw...

Unknowingly, a month passed by. During this time, other than eating and resting, he had spent a large majority of his time on forging. This was very crucial and thus Qing Shui didn't wish to waste the Violet Star Stone.


When a stream of five-colored glow appeared, Qing Shui smiled and put down his hammer, looking at the Violet Jade Sword. It was only until that five-colored glow disappeared before he picked it up to take a look. Not far away from him, there was a huge pile of swords that had been wasted.

The sword was three feet in length and two feet wide. It was completely violet in color, exuding a faint violet glow and appearing very beautiful. It was just that Qing Shui felt that it was more suitable for ladies. The main ingredient used was violet jade.

He had succeeded. Qing Shui held onto the Violet Jade Sword fondly and looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Violet Jade Sword, increases the user's abilities to be two times as strong. Additional status, Violetjade Pureheart!

Violetjade Pureheart: Allow one to avoid the effects of toxins and negative statuses. The effect was related to the user's abilities and spirit energy.

It was no wonder that he had felt a faint cooling aura when he held the Violet Jade Sword earlier. Although Qing Shui could use the Heavenly Vision Technique to check out the stats of weapons, armors and such, most people could only rely on their senses or get a blacksmith's appraisal.

Senior blacksmiths would be able to appraise the abilities of weapons and armor. Old appraisers would be able to able to estimate the abilities of weapons and armor with their senses if their forging abilities had reached a certain level. Although they might not be able to tell the entire stats, they would be able to tell most of them.

Therefore, when someone got their hands on good items, they would look for old blacksmiths and get their help to appraise. Knowing of their unique abilities would allow them to gain a technique to save lives or kill enemies.

To think that this Violetjade Pureheart had a resistance against poison. As for whether it was fully resistant to all poisons, Qing Shui couldn't say. Things like jade stones were able to neutralize poison to begin with, let alone the precious violet jade.

It was a pity that this sword was useless to him since he had no need for the Violetjade Pureheart. To be able to create a weapon with the Penta-Colored Rainbow Art of Forging which could increase his abilities to be two times stronger, Qing Shui was satisfied. After all, his forging skills had just hit the Penta-Colored stage and it should slowly increase in the future. Moreover, with his current forging ability, he should be able to forge weapons with battle techniques that had the nature of the materials they were forged from. The Violetjade Pureheart's violet jade was one example.

He then forged another two swords that were almost exactly the same. It was just that one of them was slightly wider. Qing Shui was now assured. His Penta-Colored Rainbow Art of Forging has been stabilized and so had his heart.

There was still time. He planned to spend the majority of the rest of his time on the Nine Palace Steps and on using the Violet Star Thunder God.

Qing Shui's physical strength was at 60 stars. With the enhancement of the Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers, it had reached 120 stars.

Under the effects of the Nature Energy, Unmoving Like A Mountain, Frenzied Bull's Strength, Heavenly Thunder Slash, Shield attack and the Heavenly Talisman, he was able to reach a strength of over 1,000 stars just by holding a Violet Star Thunder God.

With just a Thunder God, his abilities could just barely reach 1,000 stars.

The Combination Sword Technique was only powerful when he was using sword techniques. ’’Using the hands in place of a sword’’ was too restrictive. Qing Shui was now very satisfied. Holding onto the Violet Star Thunder God, Qing Shui had a feeling that he would be able to smash a hole in the sky.

What made Qing Shui disappointed was that when he held both the Violet Star Thunder God and the Big Dipper Sword, he realized that only the special effects of one of the weapons could work. Qing Shui had initially thought that if each of his weapons could increase his abilities by three times, he would be even more powerful. Back then, when he got both Thunder Gods, only one of their effects could be used. Right now, his wish was smashed. At the Martial Emperor level, it seemed that many things have to be reassessed as one's powers seemed to be increasingly dependent on that of his physical body.

Another thing which Qing Shui was most concerned about was that the Violet Star Thunder God didn't only increase his attacks to be three times stronger, even his attacking speed had increased by 10%...

Qing Shui kept thinking about the Raging Blow. Some time was needed for him to perform this skill and it was a bit slow. Although it was not overly slow, when Martial Emperors fought, their speed would be fast as lightning and being just a little slow would make it hard to perform the Raging Blow.

The Raging Blow could be said to be very slow but it was only 10% slower. Qing Shui was well aware of this. Therefore, he was very agitated now. He wanted to be sure if his estimation was true. If he could perform this Raging Blow in battle, it would be different. This was a powerful killing move.

Qing Shui didn't stop cultivating the Raging Blow. This was the most violent battle technique amongst those for hammers in a battle. To him, it felt like it was the combination of all of his powerful hammer techniques.

The time taken to cultivate this Raging Blow was not short. However, given that he had the Raging Blow, the Raging Blow could increase his attacking prowess to be two times as strong as before.

Qing Shui felt that it could make his attacks to be at a strength of 2,000 stars. This was why he was experimenting. If it couldn't be used, he could only suppress it and wait for a chance when he could utilize it.

Thousand Hammer Technique!

Qing Shui gradually performed it with the current Violet Star Thunder God. The huge power up allowed the battle technique to be as if coated with a layer of divine protection. The current Thousand Hammer Technique would definitely be able to astonish many.

Raging Blow!

When Qing Shui suddenly performed this domineering attack, a pitch black hole appeared where the hammer's head was at. There was also a thunderous explosion...

Its speed was acceptable but still a little slow. However, it was slightly slower. Qing Shui was very agitated. As long as he planned it out well, it could still be used. The price to pay for the strong prowess was that it was a little dangerous.

The increase in speed by 10% had a large effect. Even if he didn't use the Raging Blow and chose to use the Thousand Hammer Technique instead, the increase in speed by 10% was still considerably powerful.

The three Violet Jade Swords he forged had no additional enhancement to the user's speed.

Next, although he focused primarily on cultivation, Qing Shui still forged two scythes which had the same attributes as the Violet Jade Sword, completely firming his foundations for the Penta-Colored stage.

He was in no hurry to smelt and refine the Big Dipper Sword. One reason was that Qing Shui could only get the enhancement from one weapon. Another reason was that he had planned to use that wolf's fang, but yet didn't wish to use it so casually. He wished to wait a little longer. He was afraid that the Big Dipper Sword would also end up increasing his prowess by two times. However, with the wolf's fang, Dragon-Headed Cane and others, it should be more powerful.

Seeing that it was about time, he left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

It was not yet dark and should still be in the late afternoon. After washing up, he changed into a set of clean clothes. His injuries were completely healed but it would still take some time before the scars faded.

The rays from the sunset shone into the hall from the windows. Walking to the hall, Qing Shui suddenly felt that it was very good to be alive. Even the sunlight was an enjoyment.

He took out wine from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, pouring some for himself as he sat on the couch. Suddenly, his mind was calm as the sea. It was a sudden change to his state of mind.

He knew that his mental state had improved, just like a child's mind turning into that of an adult. He knew that this was brought from the improvement in his cultivation.

It was only now that Qing Shui was considered to have entered the Martial Emperor realm mentally.

Even a ray of sunlight could cause one to go through a slight emotional change and thus result in a spiritual breakthrough. Qing Shui knew that this was related to the previous battle, of having his life put on the line. It was the recollection and after seeing the light from the setting sun, that he had attained a breakthrough.

The setting sun is a beautiful sight but the night is coming.

’’Your injuries have yet to recover, you can't drink.’’

A graceful and attractive voice rang out. Even after having heard it so many times, Qing Shui still felt that this was an enjoyment. He opened his eyes to see the beauty standing next to him, looking at him appearing to be both happy and reproachful.


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