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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 912-914


Chapter 912-914

AST 912 –Killing Start, Reversal of Qiankun

Killing weapon!

Poison weapon!

Qing Shui took out the extremely toxic Poison Dragon Dagger. Its surface had a layer of pitch black fog which was like ink. It was so shiny that it would make one shudder.

Qing Shui knew that he needed to end this battle quickly, and he must swiftly kill off a few of them. Otherwise, this would be a very tough fight. Most importantly, his opponents knew about formations.

When Tianyu Liangyi saw the Poison Dragon Dagger in Qing Shui’s hand, he was also astonished. From afar, he could sense how terrifying the poison was and even he had no confidence to go up against its toxic nature.

The reason why Qing Shui took it out so early was so that he could apply mental pressure on his opponents, causing them to be on their guards and reveal all their hidden cards.

Of course, this was not Qing Shui’s only card.

“Lang Yun, lead a group into the Formation Destroyer!”Tianyu Liangyi waved his hand and commanded.

Immediately, an old man behind him led a team and dashed in. Another Formation Flag appeared in Qing Shui’s hand and he pierced it into the eye of the formation right before him.

After the group entered the formation, they were first at a loss and then started to move around in circles. Qing Shui didn’t find this surprising. These people wouldn’t be able to get out of the trap in a while.

“Eldest Brother, 2nd Brother, the two of you should lead people to get rid of them.”Qing Shui said softly. Although this was a battlefield, they were very serious. Qing Shui’s expression was very grim.

“Alright!”Dong Yan and Sun Yan led over 30 people and entered the Five Elements Minor Formation. The two of them each led over ten people, but at their level, this was the maximum number of people they could work with. If there were too many people, they wouldn’t be able to coordinate well and the enemies would be able to break through them very easily.

The positioning of the Five Elements Minor Formation was a circle, with the eye of the formation in the center. Dong Yan and Sun Yan stood in the center while the others formed a circle around them. When they were up against the enemies, they would always looked toward their front.

Even if they were to be in deep trouble, they would be able to hang on for a short period of time or even get out of the fix.

Duality Steps!

The two teams performed the Duality Steps in the formation and while they appeared to be slightly clumsy, they were able to pull it off. After all, these people were still quite strong and their learning curve was better than ordinary people.

The two teams dashed toward the opponents like two snakes, and when both parties came into contact, they quickly got into their formations.

To the people outside, they were moving at the speed of snails and it was hard to tell what on earth they were doing. Only the people inside knew how dangerous the situation was, with the place filled with killing intent.

Tianyu Liangyi was a very cautious person and he first sent out one team into the formation as a scout to check out its prowess. It would be even better if they were able to find out the method to break the formation.

Qing Shui also looked at the formation seriously. This first battle was very important and they couldn’t afford to lose. They must keep the opponent’s team in the formation, wiping them out.

Qing Shui didn’t wish to let Mu Qing and the other 20 over people take action. However, he couldn’t send the weakest teams either, and thus he let Dong Yan and Sun Yan to take action.

Qing Shui could clearly sense everything that was happening within the formation.

The location they were fighting in was the sea, and they were all above the water’s surface. However, tremendous gushing waves kept appearing in the surroundings and there would be an occasional appearance of a huge sea snake which would swallow one of them up.

Of course, those who were swallowed were from the Sky Prison Sect.

Dong Yan, Sun Yan, and the others knew the way to dodge such 'semi-real' things. The best way to dodge them would be to use the Duality Steps. The Duality Steps was also known as the Yin Yang Steps, and under this situation, everyone was basically half a step away from hell.

If they weren’t careful, they would be eternally doomed. They could dodge with the Duality Steps. Using the Duality Steps was like applying the right remedy to a disease and they were able to dodge even when they weren’t fluent with the use of it yet. However, it would be different for those who didn’t grasp the knacks of it.

This was the danger of the formation’s Killing Gate. After all, in terms of sheer numbers, they were far a match for the Sky Prison Sect and thus they would need to tap on the dangers within the formation.

Otherwise, Qing Shui wouldn’t have the confidence to let the 30 of them go against over 80 people.

Sky Prison Sabre Formation!

The people from the Sky Prison Sect quickly got into formation, standing in a curving arc before quickly dashing towards Dong Yan and Sun Yan.

The people that Dong Yan and Sun Yan led formed an oval shape since they were not dealing with enemies who were coming in on them from all directions. They rapidly closed in on the people of the Sky Prison Sect.

Both Dong Yan and Sun Yan stood in the center of the formation. Dong Yan’s weapon was a scythe which Qing Shui had given to him. It had been left in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for very long. The one which Qing Shui had given him was the Evil Dragon Tooth. The Psychotic Demon Scythe was still in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Sun Yan’s weapon was a longsword which was as clear as the autumn water. It didn’t look like an ordinary weapon either.


The people from the Sky Prison Sect gathered to the front to put up their defenses, but Dong Yan and Sun Yan attacked ferociously like a venomous snake, killing two of them.


The entire Five Elements Minor Formation started to spin. Although it was not fast, it immediately reflected the opponent’s attacks, which left an indescribable feeling. Then, Dong Yan and Sun Yan attacked once again.


A huge, towering wave gushed forth. Dong Yan and Sun Yan led their team to dodge it with ease. Such a situation was already normal to them in the practices they had been through.

Seeing that their opponents were scattered from their formation by the towering wave, Dong Yan and Sun Yan didn’t let this chance slip away from them. They once again dashed over while in the Five Elements Minor Formation, focusing their powers and killing people easily as if they were cutting up vegetables.

From the outside, it was hard to see the actual situation within the formation. Only those who had a certain level of mastery in formations or cultivators who were extremely strong would be able to sense something. Otherwise, from the outside, it would only seem as if both parties were moving around in the formation.

Very quickly, Dong Yan and Sun Yan led the 30 people and appeared once again before everyone. However, the rest of the people had all disappeared. The formation was still intact.

The people who had came out were extremely agitated. After all, the ones whom they had killed were the people from the Sky Prison Sect who were in their formations. In the past, they would have never even dared to think of pulling off something like this, but to think that they had succeeded just now.

In the past, formations were a legendary existence. None of them had expected to be able to create formations and kill their enemies one day.

Tianyu Liangyi looked at the scene before him and frowned. He had not expected that this young man would be able to put up such a top notch formation. It seemed that he had to be the one to lead the team in.

“Everyone enter the formation! Do not spread out, get into formation and advance! Everyone follow my lead!”After saying that, Tianyu Liangyi took the lead and dashed in. The other people didn’t dare to have any delays either and all of them quickly followed after.

Seeing that every single member of their opponents had entered the formation, Qing Shui frowned. He had planned on slowly reducing their numbers this way. However, it seemed like it was impossible.

“Miss, I’ll create an opening for you. You lead your men in and go for the kill.”Looking at the formation, Qing Shui said to Mu Qing, not even turning his head.


“As for the others, don’t stay too far away from us. Act according to the circumstance. Coordinate well while following my commands. Don’t panic. If the situation is grave, then enter the Killing Gate to get yourself out of the fix.”Qing Shui said slowly before taking out a formation flag and threw it towards Tianyu Liangyi who was in the formation.

It was because the formation flag there had been destroyed.

“Miss, lead your team and wait at the Qian position. The others set up formation at the Gate of Illusion.”Qing Shui gave it some thought and said before planting three formation flags at the Qian position.

Qing Shui then threw at least another ten formation flags into the formation, separating two of the teams. He then continued to replace the formation flags which had been destroyed.

There were only the old men and Mu Fengyang left with Qing Shui. Mu Qian followed Mu Qing’s team since he was most suited for the eye of the formation.

“Sir, let’s go in and kill!”Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Alright!”The Mu Clan’s old man appeared to be very calm, but at this moment, his eyes were very bright.

Before they left, Qing Shui threw in the formation flag he was holding, hoping to stop the enemies for a longer time before he entered the formation together with the Mu Clan’s old men.

They appeared directly before Tianyu Liangyi and the others. Amidst his opponents’astonishment, the formation flag in Qing Shui’s hand landed three meters before him. Suddenly, the Spiritual Qi in the formation went into havoc, as if the entire world had gone into a state of chaos.

Reversal of Qiankun!

Qing Shui smiled and disappeared before the opponents’astonished gaze. At the same time, the Sky Prison Sect’s 2nd Sovereign and a team of people in black formation attire also disappeared.

“Not good! 2nd Brother is in danger! Everyone, follow me!”Tianyu Liangyi’s countenance finally changed. It was only now that he realized how terrifying the young man was.

Qing Shui and the old men from the Mu Clan appeared in another location together with Sky Prison Sect’s 2nd Sovereign and a team of about 100 people in the Sky Prison Sabre Formation.

Their opponents were over ten times more in numbers compared to Qing Shui’s side. However, the people from the Sky Prison Sect had gone pale. Even the countenance of the 2nd Sovereign, who was wearing a green attire, had also turned slightly pale.

“Into formation!”The old man wearing green bellowed out to the people behind him and entered the formation as well. He was slightly anxious since the young man was too eerie. Furthermore, Old man Mu was there as well.

He didn’t have the confidence to take on Old man Mu alone, and might even have some concerns since Old man Mu was a Demon Refiner.

The old man in green stood in the eye of the formation and the other 100 of them were like a single entity. Qing Shui had initially planned on using the Mighty Elephant Stomp to break their formation, but it was now useless.

“Young man, let me have a go. I wonder if this works against formations.”

Mu Clan’s old man said, sending out some powder before saying, “Stop your breath!”

The people opposite smelled a faint acidic scent and tried to stop the powder, but it was already too late.

“Ah, I can’t move my arm!”

“The same for my leg!”


Qing Shui was stunned. It seemed that this was a type of powder from refining demon. He had wanted to use the Frosted Iron Balls tempered with poison to break the enemy’s formation with a Twin Dragon Explosion. Although such a formation was very powerful, it was defenseless against attacks like poison powder.

It could be said to be a great flaw.

In a short instant, the Sky Prison Sabre Formation was broken through. However, that old man in green was fine. It was just that right now, while glaring at Mu Clan’s old man, he was now holding onto a huge sabre that was like an anti-cavalry sabre that was used to slice off the legs of horses.

Translator Note: Qiankun can also mean Universe or Heaven and Earth or Yin Yang

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AST 913 –Formation Destroyer, Coordination, The Valiant Mu Clan's Old Man

The Mu Clan's old man didn't seem to be bothered at all by the other person's gaze, and chuckled instead. "Sky Prison Sect's Second Sovereign, you are afraid!"

In Qing Shui's palm was a 10,000 Years Frosted Iron Ball. Now that he had already broken through to Martial Emperor, it was naturally needless to discuss about his Hidden Weapons abilities further. Even for the Sky Prison Sect's Second Sovereign's strength, he could only evade at the mercy of Qing Shui's hidden weapon.

This was one of Qing Shui's trump cards. The moment he used it, he would be killing his opponent.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Qing Shui suddenly stomped towards in front of him. An enormous wave of energy spread forward, together with a big wave of flying rocks could be seen streaking towards the front.

"Make your move, old man!"

Qing Shui didn't wait for his skill to take effect after he finished his sentence, he immediately activated his Fiery Golden Eyes and Emperor's Qi before he dashed towards the old man in green attire. He could still sense the strength of the old man in green across him.

Although he couldn't exactly sense it, his strength should be about the same as the Mu Clan's old man. Now that he had been weakened by Qing Shui, there was basically no hope left for him at all.

The old man in green was startled. His face turned fierce as he brandished his broadsword and slashed towards the Mu Clan's old man.

While the Mu Clan's old man dashed towards the old man in green, he took out a crystal card with one hand and tossed it towards the old man in green that was in front of him. Qing Shui didn't manage to catch a good look at the crystal card either.

Sluggish Bear Crystal Card!

Additional effects –slow one's reaction and half the speed of the target…..

The crystal card in his other hand was slapped against himself. There was a wisp of a golden green smoke image depicted on it. It was a crystal card that could tremendously boost one's speed.

By the time the Mu Clan's old man had dashed in front of the old man in green, he had a silver rod that was at least four meters long in his hand. Its thickness was about the size of an adult's arm, but the handle part was slightly slimmer, about the size of a wrist.

He struck down with his rod. Although that strike appeared very normal, it was grand and magnificent. An afterimage and a black shadow could be seen. That strike seemed like it was going to split the mountains open.

The countenance of the old man in green greatly changed as he stopped dead in his tracks. He raised the broadsword in his hand with all his might to counter the rod because he realized that he wouldn't be able to evade it at all. It felt as if his body was weighed down by a mountain.


The dull noise that rang out could make one feel especially awesome. The old man in green, that had been weakened by Qing Shui, was quickly beaten by the Mu Clan's old man to the point that blood dripped out of the corner of his mouth.

After that loud noise, the long rod was brought down once again in succession!

Boom boom…..

The pitiful old man in green had half of his body sunk into the stone surface beneath him. That final strike bashed the head of the old man in green. He could not do anything but to only have a helpless look on his face as he got finished by that single bash. There was nothing he could do.

One with inferior strength and also an inferior speed could only be beaten…

After the old man in green was taken care of, Qing Shui breathed out a sigh of relief. Among the people that came, only three of them were difficult to handle. Without those three, Qing Shui felt that the opponents wouldn't be able to stand a chance against them because he was also knowledgeable in formation techniques.

The corpses of the old man in green and the others disappeared very quickly. Qing Shui smiled at the old man from Mu Clan. "We are going to hold them off for a little while. Senior and the rest should have started moving."


At the same time, Mu Qing and two teams from the Sky Prison Sect Sabre Formation were fighting each other. However, Mu Qing's side of more than twenty people was stronger. Mu Qian was also there and on top of that, he was also the eye of the formation.

But there were also strong people among those two opposing teams –two of the eight Sky Prison Sect's sovereigns. Their strengths were slightly stronger than the Sky Prison Sect's Fifth Sovereign. Mu Qian's strength was about the same as the Sky Prison Sect's Fifth Sovereign so they still had a chance to fight back.

Mu Qing stood by Mu Qian's side. The opponents were currently attacking Mu Qian and the rest from both sides. They were not only outnumbered, but also at a disadvantage in strength.

The two sides fought hand to hand and there was one casualty on the Mu Clan's side. For formations like the Sky Prison Sect Sabre Formation and Five Elements Minor Formation, a few casualties wouldn't affect the formation that much. Even so, this was still heart aching for the Mu Clan.

These were all the older generation of the Mu Clan and this team were especially important to the current Mu Clan, even to the future of the Mu Clan.

Two people were heavily injured again in succession. Although the casualties among the opponents were twice that of the Mu Clan, Mu Qian still issued a firm order to get into the Gate of Illusion.

Poison beings!

There were countless poison beings that would make one's blood run cold here. Mu Qing's face flushed crimson when she saw the poison beings here. They reminded her of the time when she first came here with Qing Shui.

Not only she was no longer afraid of them, but also felt a little cordial.

After Mu Qing and Mu Qian led the rest into the Gate of Illusion, they got into the formation immediately. The countless poison beings in the surroundings didn't move. As long as some specific spots were not stepped on, these beings would remain stationary.

The two sovereigns of the Sky Prison Sect clenched their teeth as they issued out the order to go after them. If they couldn't even take care of the younger generations of the Mu Clan, they might as well retire immediately.

They got into formation and entered the Gate of Illusion cautiously!

This was the moment Mu Qing waited for and this was also what Qing Shui had told her before. She stomped both of her feet on an empty spot with all her might. This sent a large group of poison beings to rush towards the people of the Sky Prison Sect.

Among them was a slippery poison mud python that was about 100 meters long. The entire body of this thing looked like a silt and appeared to be extremely sleek. Knives and swords were almost ineffective against it. It wasn't only highly toxic, but also possessed great strength that made it very formidable.

Furthermore, half of this place was a swamp. If anyone that wasn't a powerful Martial Emperor got caught by it, they would be basically done for.

Other than that, at least a hundred octopuses and poison beasts also rushed forward. The sight of the multi colored frogs drained the blood from the faces of some people. Just a little accident and they could get these poison beings sticking onto them. Some people hit or hack off those poison beings off their body with the Sky Prison Sabre.

These half-real poison beings felt just like real ones and they could even kill. Even people who had knowledge about formations would be afraid. Those that didn't know formations would be really scared to death, while those that knew formations would know that these things could kill.

Just when their opponents were in chaos, Mu Qing led her people into a Five Elements Minor Formation and intersected the enemies' Sky Prison Sabre Formation in a cross method. The lives of a few dozen men were taken away in a flash.

The Duality Steps and Formation Techniques of the people that Mu Qing led were at the small success stage. They were able to move freely here and evade these troublesome poison beings. Most importantly, they could exploit these poison beings as an opportunity to massacre.

In just a short amount of time, the number of their opponents were reduced by almost half. This greatly enraged the two sovereigns of the Sky Prison Sect, who had just calmed down not long ago. They couldn't wait to slay their opponents down with their blades any longer.

An enticing smile broke across Mu Qing's face. Two little formation flags appeared in her hands before she waved her delicate hand!

The two formation flags were planted on the both sides of the Sky Prison Sect's groups. In just an instant, an alarmingly enormous wave emerged in the surroundings. Mu Qing was also surprised. She didn't expect the effect to be this great. Qing Shui had told her that if they made it here, she must plant those two little formation flags on that location.

That enormous wave that was like a gigantic tornado rose up from beneath the people of the Sky Prison Sect and immediately swallowed up the crowd.

By the time everything went still, the people of the Mu Clan were once again surprised by the sight that greeted them. Only two dying sovereigns of the Sky Prison Sect remained while the rest had vanished. It would only be a matter of time before these two sovereigns of the Sky Prison Sect would die anyway.

The two sovereigns that were slightly stronger than the Sky Prison Sect's Fifth Sovereign stared at the people of the Mu Clan before they collapsed. Their eyes remained widely opened.


Just then, the formation shook. Mu Qing was startled, she knew that this formation had broken down. A gap had been opened in the formation that the Mu Clan was surrounding. Qing Shui's handsome face flashed across her mind, oddly calming down her mind that had been chaotic.

All of a sudden, everyone was exposed in front of their opponents. That moment shocked many, but some remained calm.

Tianyu Liangyi wasn't surprised, but he was grieving. It only took him a glance to know that the Second, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Sovereign of the Sky Prison Sect were dead and the nearly 1000 people who were brought here had been reduced to only half.

Qing Shui was very calm too. However, he was extremely tensed up, just like a bow that had been pulled tautly back because the situation right now could very easily turn into a hopeless situation. Both parties were only about 50 meters apart from each other. They were simply too close to one another.


Tianyu Liangyi suddenly yelled. He was dressed in gold and had a dazzling golden Sky Prison Sabre in his hand. He rushed towards Qing Shui and the Mu Clan's old man. The Third Sovereign, who was dressed in a brown robe, also rushed towards them furiously.

At the same time, the others also rushed towards them.

Petal Rain Under the Skies!

Qing Shui quickly reacted. Without any hesitation, he performed the most destructive technique of his hidden weapons which was also the one that had the most chance to force his opponents back.

The Mu Clan's old man pushed Qing Shui away and slapped a card against his body. He performed a 'A Horizontal River breaking the Current' technique as the long rod in his hands struck down abruptly. The might of that bash was world shaking. He was able to perform all of this in just the blink of an eye.

Qing Shui looked at the old man with gratefulness in his heart, he was also able to catch a glimpse of that old man's card. It was a crystal card that had a 'gigantic tortoise shell'. Not only that, it was five-colored. Qing Shui knew that this card should be able to temporarily bring the old man's defense to its peak.

Qing Shui's poison needle also struck its target. But a tinkling noise rang out, letting him, know that his Petal Rain Under the Skies didn't work. However, it was able to obstruct the opponent’s attacks.

Qing Shui was rushing into it a little. The opponents were also covered in cold sweat from being surprised by Qing Shui's poison needles. If it wasn't for the Sky Prison Sabre, they would have been in trouble. They were able to tell how terrifying those poison needles could be.

While they were fighting, the rest also got into formations and prepared to fight. The moment when Qing Shui was pushed aside by the old man, he summoned all of his demonic beasts out without any hesitation.

Since the formation had been broken now, the Duality Minutest Formation effect was gone. They would have to fight the enemies head on. For their side, they were clearly at a disadvantage so he would rather prefer some of his demonic beasts get injured.

The surroundings were instantly filled with demonic beasts. There were countless Jade Emperor Bees, demonic spiders, birds and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. There was also the Thunderous Beast, which was concealed on the ground. The Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly was also partly unnoticeable.

Qing Shui's action had completely made everyone dumbfounded on their spot. The people at the scene were all strong cultivators, and some were even top-notch cultivators. Even so, no one had ever seen a Beast Tamer that had this many demonic beasts……

Qing Shui would not let his opponents have the chance to be amazed right now. The Five-Headed Demonic Spider had immediately lunged towards the weaker sovereign standing across it. Even among this many demonic spiders, the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was unstoppable. It rushed forward in just a flash and immediately dispatched a person –the Fourth Sovereign.

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AST 914 –Killing the Third Sovereign, Changes of the Realm

After killing the Fourth Sovereign, the Five-Headed Demonic Spider immediately spun some poison webs around the surroundings….

The Fifth Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect didn't come as he was crippled. The Second, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Sovereign had all fallen. Now, the Fourth Sovereign was dead as well.

Out of the eight Sovereigns, only the Eldest Sovereign, Tianyu Liangyi, and Third Sovereign remained as of now. Those from the Sky Prison Sect, the ones who were stunned by Qing Shui's flock of demonic beasts, weren't able to collect their thoughts, since they were once again caught by the gigantic Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

Once again, there were ten casualties in the surrounding. Qing Shui held a 10,000 Years Coldsteel Bead in his hand as he stared at the Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect. As long as he settled the Third Sovereign, he could basically consider this battle won.

Tianyu Liangyi was now on the verge of spurting blood. He was feeling grief, fury and some other indescribable feeling. His heart felt desolated to the point where life or death no longer impacted him.

Tianyu Liangyi stood dazed on the spot with an enormous golden sabre in his hand. Although, his aura slowly oozed from his body into his surroundings, especially into that enormous golden sabre.

"Oh no! He is about to breakthrough!" Mu Clan's old man suddenly yelled before dashing towards Tianyu Liangyi in lightning speed. He swung the long rod in his hand towards Tianyu Liangyi's head.

"You are courting death!"

The Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect immediately stood in front of Tianyu Liangyi. The Sky Prison Sabre in his hand blocked the blow from the long rod. Furthermore, he actually managed to repel Mu Clan's old man.

He repelled him very agilely. This surprised Qing Shui, who was standing at one side. The Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect seemed to be much stronger than the Second Sovereign. He knew that this was a chance and he must kill his opponent. It would certainly bring him a lot of troubles otherwise.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Fiery Golden Eyes!

Emperor’s Qi!

Mu Clan's old man dashed ahead once again and swung his rod downwards.

"Sky Prison Trap!"

A trail of Dark Qi was seen surrounding the Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect. A brutal wave of energy rose fiercely and his sword struck towards the Mu Clan's old man.

A violet thunderbolt abruptly streaked across, locking the Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect on the spot. While Mu Clan's old man swept unrivalled through a thousand enemy troops just like before, completely annihilating them.


Just like the sound made when a watermelon was smashed, a dull noise rang out. A terrified look flashed across the Third Sovereign's face for a split moment before his head got smashed in….

The Third Sovereign of Sky Prison Sect died!

Poison webs!

Right at this moment, the poisonous web that Qing Shui had the Five-Headed Demonic Spider spray towards Tianyu Liangyi was about to catch him. Just then, a golden light flashed out from Tianyu Liangyi, and the poison webs that were about to trap him were held still in mid air.

Mu Clan's old man once again raised his rod towards Tianyu Liangyi without any hesitation.

The long rod struck out with dark clouds. This was a full force blow from Mu Clan's old man. He knew that Tianyu Liangyi was breaking through. It would've been disastrous if he weren't able to kill him before he broke through. Therefore, he struck out with all his might. Even if it couldn't kill him, it should've at least heavily injured him.


A golden light flashed and knocked Mu Clan's old man back, so much that blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. This made Qing Shui realize that things were getting a little bad.

He put away his Thunderous Beast and most of the demonic beasts, then handed over a bottle of medicinal pills to Mu Clan's old man. He ordered Mu Qing, "Quick! Send everyone into the formation!"



Qing Shui held the Poison Dragon Dagger in his hand and sped towards the remaining people. The Five-Headed Demonic Spider followed closely behind him.

Nine Palace Steps!

He took out the Thunder God. Under the state of his full strength, Qing Shui was like a tiger among a flock of sheeps. He exhibited the Nine Palace Steps to its peak. The massacre had begun.

He was feeling very relaxed even though the situation was tense. This was because the so-called Sky Prison Sabre Formation was no match for Qing Shui's current Nine Palace Steps. By the time Qing Shui returned to his original position, those people had only started to collapse.

Mu Qing and the others hadn't even entered the formation yet. They were stunned by Qing Shui's action, and the Mu Clan's old man had an inconceivable look on his face. That move was like an art that was so divine that it could rival mother nature. It was also executed skillfully, as if done by the spirits. Within its profoundness was a desolate killing intent. It was a move that shouldn't have appeared among humans….

Qing Shui held the Thunder God in one hand and the Poison Dragon Dagger in the other. He had put away all of his demonic beasts after he returned.

"Get in quickly. Old man, you get in too!" Qing Shui spoke slowly to Mu Clan's old man.

He seemed to have realized something when he saw Tianyu Liangyi break through earlier. It made him understood a little more about his Nine Palace Steps. He had discovered that it had only really been raised by a huge step in its realm when he exhibited the skill earlier.

He now understood the things which he didn't previously. It was as if he was looking through a thin sheet of window film previously;able to see, yet unclear. Now, the window film had been ripped and he was able to see everything clearly. This was akin to a huge breakthrough in the realm.

This was also the reason Qing Shui wished to battle Tianyu Liangyi with his own strength alone. He felt that he should be able to defend himself, and could even fasten on him. He wasn't sure if he could kill him though.

"I'm an old man, I don't have much time to live. Perhaps I can help you out a lot. This is for you, it might come in handy." The Mu Clan's old man handed over ten demonic beasts' crystal cards to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui and the others stood at the entrance of the formation in a distance. The rest had entered the formation, except for Mu Qing. Qing Shui knew there was no point in saying much, thus he gave up on trying to persuade her.

He stared at Tianyu Liangyi, who still had a faint layer of golden light on him. The Sky Prison Sect had deployed about a thousand elites and there was only one remaining. Regardless of everything, he was already considered defeated.

He would still be defeated even if he were to kill everyone in here, since Sky Prison Sect was basically considered gone. Although he still had some energy left in him, and there were two more powerful members in the sect, the Sky Prison Sect would vanish in the next ten years or so.

That was because those two elderly men's days were numbered. Nowadays, the Sky Prison Sect had to rely on Tianyu Liangyi, the eight sovereigns, and their underlings. Now, they were all dead. The link binding the chain had been broken, and was the most important link.

Meteor Smash!

Qing Shui unleashed an extremely poisonous hidden weapon on Tianyu Liangyi, who was standing very still. He was hoping to find out if he was able to kill his opponent, but the outcome made him feel helpless.

He didn't expect that Tianyu Liangyi would be put into an invincible state during his breakthrough. It was similar to Qing Shui's divinity Protection, but the time for this was surprisingly lengthy. It had been more than three breaths of time.

Qing Shui might as well stop and silently wait for his opponent to breakthrough. It should be very quick. This Tianyu Liangyi was the strongest among the few of them, so he felt a little uneasy. Now that he had broken through, he should be as powerful as the two super powerful men within their sect.

Another two breaths of time passed. The golden light on Tianyu Liangyi's body suddenly became even more magnificent. A wave of powerful energy erupted abruptly in all directions!


A frantic shout as Tianyu Liangyi opened his eyes. He scanned the surroundings with his bloodshot eyes and stared dead into Qing Shui's eyes.

Although he was immobilized during his breakthrough, he was well aware of the events occurring around him. He now hated this young man to the core, so much that he wanted to hack him into pieces. Nothing could diminish the hatred in his heart.

"Damn you! Everyone in here shall die!"

His voice was chilling to the bone and overflowing with deep hatred. Tianyu Liangyi's heart was bleeding. When he came here, he wasn't bothered by the Mu Clan at all. He didn't take them seriously at all. But now…

Qing Shui could feel Tianyu Liangyi's killing intent from the distance. The feeling was so intense that it was almost about to come true. He didn't dare to be reckless, as he knew the next attack from his opponent would be extremely incisive.

"Haha! Didn't you plan on doing this from the very beginning? Damn it! Who exactly should be dead?" Qing Shui stared at Tianyu Liangyi and said scornfully.

"Go to hell!"

Tianyu Liangyi shouted. A golden light flashed from his enormous golden sabre as it struck towards Qing Shui at lightning speed.


Too Fast!

Qing Shui shifted his body and had barely avoided it. He then swallowed the Gale Pellet without any delay. He felt a chill down his spine and was covered in a layer of cold sweat. Due to the previous strike, it felt like a bit of gamble to use the Nine Palace Steps.

Next, he took out an Agility-Enhancing Fruit and ingested it.

This young man had unexpectedly dodged a heavy strike from Tianyu Liangyi. It was a little unbelievable. The footwork of his opponent was too miraculous and inconceivable.

Tianyu Liangyi once again slashed dozens of times towards Qing Shui, only to discover that his opponent had easily evaded his every slash. This angered him all the more and he was in disbelief. He had broken through to the strength of Grade Two Martial Emperor and assumed he would manage to cripple him with a strike. Such a result was very normal with the disparity between their strengths. He thought the first dodge was just pure luck, but after dozens of consecutive slashes, he felt that this young man in front of him wasn't even a human. He was a heaven-defying monster.

Qing Shui was burning inside now. The thrill had calmed down. Although he would've been slightly faster under the effects of the medicinal pill, the most important one was the Nine Palace Steps. Within the Nine Palace, the distance seemed like it could be remote or near. Qing Shui now felt the frightening speed from before was just so-so. He didn't feel that he was fast, but he slowly discovered that his opponent was not fast either. Mu Qing and Mu Clan's old man, who were standing outside, stared blankly at Qing Shui's illusionary and calm figure. Their mind went blank.

The miraculous Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui had now taken control of another level of the realm. Perhaps one level deeper into the realm. He was the Lord of Nine Palace!

This realm would make him the Lord of Nine Palace. In the Nine Palace, he was the king, the Lord. For the current Nine Palace Steps realm, Qing Shui could easily defend himself as long as there wasn't a large disparity between him and the opponent.

Qing Shui hid calmly. The smile on his face was getting more relaxed and satisfied. To be tempered under such circumstances where one's life was deeply threatened, it was the most convenient to breakthrough. Easiest to improve by leaps and bounds and to achieve realization.

He had even forgotten what he wanted to do right now. He only wanted things to stay like this longer because he felt that his Nine Palace Steps realm was still growing slowly. It was very important to slowly strengthen it.

"Is this all you've got?" A scornful voice came from Qing Shui.

Tianyu Liangyi felt powerless and despaired right now. He was so old, his eternal peaceful mind was now extremely restless. No one would be able to calm down when such incident had befallen them.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His fury had caused damage to his heart and internal organs. It could only be caused by extreme furiousness. Tianyu Liangyi calmed down and stopped going after Qing Shui. He held the golden sabre as if he was building up his power.

Qing Shui didn't weaken his opponent because he lacked the time from the beginning. But as time went on, he grew accustomed to it. Moreover, this was a chance to especially temper himself. It was only now that Qing Shui felt like he reached the stage of half-step Qiankun.

Translation Note: Qiankun can also mean Universe/Heaven &Earth/Yin &Yang

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