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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 908


AST 908 - Beauties everywhere, Improvement, Worry

The two of them traveled back and forth inside the formation. Qing Shui continually used his Duality Steps to chase after Mu Qing, with his speed increasing and his movements turning craftier. Mu Qing kept avoiding, however, there was danger everywhere. If she made a wrong move, she would step onto the 'Gate of Death' and would encounter a lot of danger. It would be like a natural disaster with an unceasing attack.

Mu Qing was very serious at this moment, but she was very happy as well. With just a short period of time, her formation techniques had improved vastly. From learning how to place a formation, she was now able to move freely within it. Although it had only been slightly more than two hours, without any knack of it, this improvement might require tens of years.

This was an improvement, and also the source of Mu Qing's joy!

After this round, she was incredibly familiar with the formation already. Qing Shui hesitated for a bit, then increased his strength and pushed her into the dangerous areas of the formation. Since he was around, he did not have to worry about Mu Qing getting injured.

However, once she was pushed in, a certain situation caught Qing Shui unprepared. Mu Qing suddenly cried out in surprise. That charming and graceful voice was clearly surprised but it was still extremely pleasing, it had a languid and attractive quality to it.

After that, Qing Shui felt Mu Qing tightly hugging him, followed by her horrified voice, ’’So many frogs......’’

Qing Shui took a look, the formation he entered was a poison formation. This was one of the Gate of Illusion of the Duality Minutest Formation. There were poisonous creatures everywhere - poisonous worms, poisonous snake and lot of colorful poisonous frogs. They look extremely disgusting that even a man would be frightened.

He held the woman in his embrace and with a flash, he appeared outside the formation, ’’Big Miss, its fine already, you can let me go now.’’

Qing Shui had to tell her this first. After all, the people trapped in the formation would be scared silly, it was not a good time to explain things. Thus, he could only exit the formation first before letting her know that it was already a small success for her to be able to protect herself and attack the enemies.

Within the formation, there were areas that aimed to trap or kill the enemies. The first usage of the formation is to kill the enemy directly, the other was for the user of the formation to kill those who are trapped. Comparing the dangerous areas and the safe areas, it was easier for the user to take action in the dangerous areas. An example of a dangerous area would be one that had many poisonous creatures.

These poisonous creatures were only illusions but they would feel like the real thing when they made direct contact. However, the victim would not be poisoned, this kind of attack mainly targeted the mind.

If they were surrounded and touched by these poisonous creatures, it would be a simple matter for these creatures to kill them. This was especially true to those poisonous creatures with cohesive nature.

Thus, they had to grasp the right way to avoid such areas or to not come into contact with these poisonous creatures.

’’I won't let go!’’

An indolent female voice said. Mu Qing raised her head slightly and looked at Qing Shui. Her elegant eyes had a faint smiling expression and her white, jade-like face had a trace of a blush on it.

Qing Shui could tell that she was a little shy but her voice also had a trace of playfulness. However, he knew she was forcing herself, this was not her usual character. She was doing this to send him a message.

This probably took a great deal of courage and determination for her.

Qing Shui looked at the girl hugging his neck, her pretty face was just about 33 centimeters away with her body stuck closely onto his. Although it was cold, cultivators usually wore thin clothes. He could faintly feel her body temperature through her phoenix skirt.

’’Alright, don't let the others see the apple of their eye behaving like this.’’ Qing Shui's heart was beating quite fast, as he said this.

An absolute beauty that had a multifarious bearing was acting spoiled in his embrace. It would be a lie if he said he didn't feel anything. However, he was not a playboy that would not let go a beauty when he saw one.

Still, Qing Shui had no idea what to do with this woman that delivered herself to him. It was easy to move a man's heart, sometimes all it need was an instant.

Men and women were very similar at times but women tend to be more faithful to one person.

’’Qing Shui!’’ Mu Qing's heart was beating very fast, as she shouted out gently. This was the first time she daringly hugged a man. She was very nervous, she had never expected that such a day would come.

Qing Shui could naturally feel her heart beating fast. There was a shy expression on her pretty face, he could only use the word 'breathtaking' to describe it. Even when he had seen many pretty girls, he still lost his wits twice.

Mu Qing seemed very happy. She currently did not understand exactly how she felt, she only felt an unreal feeling.

’’Miss Mu, have you truly fallen for me? How are you planning to fight for me, are you going to build a magnificent house for your lover?’’ Qing Shui shook his head and smiled at Mu Qing.

’’What are you saying? Magnificent house...’’ The blush on Mu Qing's face did not fade away after all this time.

’’I have a very poor self-control. If you still don't release me, I would no longer be able to control myself.’’ Qing Shui said seriously. However, he had a faint smile on his face. Despite that, his words were true. He hadn't had any contact with the opposite gender for a while, Qing Shui was starting to feel a reaction in his body.

’’Just hug me for awhile?’’ Mu Qing said with a gentle voice.

Qing Shui was stunned. Now that things had gotten to this stage, there was no need to shy away from this. He used some strength and carried her into his embrace until there was no longer a gap between their bodies. He could even feel the bounciness of her chest. However, he did not make any other moves.

Mu Qing moaned and raised her blushing face to look at Qing Shui. She looked extremely pretty.

’’Girl, I already have wives. Furthermore, I would be leaving after this matter is over.’’ Qing Shui sighed.

’’I know, for someone like you at your age, it wouldn't be normal if you didn't have any women. You told me before that you have wives already, and not just one.’’ Mu Qing smiled.

Qing Shui was stunned, he now remembered that he did tell her that before.

’’You already know about it, then why are you still doing this?’’ He looked at Mu Qing in confusion, as he asked.

’’Since young, this is the first time that I have any feelings for a man. Furthermore, I slowly found out that I have a strange feeling for you. I always want to see you, I feel that I like you. I wish to not lose this opportunity.’’ Mu Qing was still blushing, but she still said that to Qing Shui.

This could be considered a confession. She could be considered to have said it in person.

When a woman confesses, the man would feel proud. Furthermore, this was an absolute beauty. Qing Shui felt like doing it, but he did not want to do it. He felt very conflicted.

He did not love Mu Qing but he likes pretty girls. However, he did not have the intention of collecting pretty girls. The girls in his heart were more important than his own life. If his girls were in danger, he would go and save them regardless of the danger. Even if he could die, he would still go. All of the women he had, he would love and treasure them with all of his heart

After interacting with her for awhile, he had only felt that Miss Mu was a good girl. She could be considered as his good friend but they hadn't interacted for that long. However, he had enjoyed some benefits from her, regardless of how he felt, that feeling was priceless.

’’I do not love you!’’ He sighed again.

Qing Shui felt that he had let her down by saying these words. He felt a bit guilty.

’’If you said that you love me, you would not be Qing Shui. What I love about you is that you are willing to shoulder the responsibility of your actions...’’ she smiled before she gently released Qing Shui.

’’It's time to let me go.’’ Mu Qing touched his face and smiled.

’’Casting me away after you are done with me?’’ Qing Shui smiled, as he let go.

’’Go and die, who says things like this?’’ Although she did not have much interaction with men, that didn't mean that she understood nothing. There were still books about this after all, she could still understand Qing Shui's obscene words.

’’The matter now is the most important, we can talk about the other stuff later. If you think about me until you can no longer restrain yourself, you can come and hug me. I will not charge you any money.’’ Qing Shui was half lying. Looking at Miss Mu's expression, he unconsciously teased her. This was because her expressions were extremely attractive.

’’You scoundrel, don't be so frivolous with me.’’ Mu Qing hammered on him and was slightly annoyed. She did not expect that this steady and earnest man could be so frivolous with her. She irritatedly glared at Qing Shui.

’’I'm sorry, I did not have that kind of intentions.’’ Qing Shui apologized as he saw Mu Qing's shy expression.

’’Alright, just messing with you.’’ Mu Qing quickly smiled and said when she saw that Qing Shui felt guilty.

’’Then let us continue. Very soon, you will be able to use this formation alone.’’

Following that, he explained the positions of the formation to her once again, as well as how to deal with those poisonous creatures. He also explained the other situations of the formation to her before letting her go back into the formation to give it a try.


At the same time, the other people in the Mu Clan were training continuously in the Duality Minutest Formation. There were Duality Minutest Formations placed everywhere. Only by training within this formation could they make use of it to protect themselves and survive.

There was no need for them to place the formation, they only need to be familiar with moving around it or place the Five Elements Minor Formations. Right now, all of them were working on this, they temporarily cast everything else aside. Furthermore, learning these would ensure their survival in the future and would also improve their strength.

If they could get past this without any major damage, not only the Mu Clan, even the Dong Clan and the Sun Clan would become stronger as well. Furthermore, the relationship between the Mu Clan and the Dong Clan would be closer.


Greencloud Continent!

A manor within the Heavenly Palace.

’’Young lass, come here and give me a hug!’’

Huiyun Liu-Li knelt down and stretched her hands out to a young girl. This was the daughter between her and Qing Shui. Now, she had already started walking but Qing Shui hadn't come back yet.

The young lass slowly took a step, when she saw that Huoyun Liu-Li was near, she leaped into her embrace. Her baby voice was very pleasing to the ear.

The smile on Huoyun Liu-Li's face was like a blossoming flower. She carried her daughter and looked into her large eyes and tender face. She stretched out her meaty hands to grab at her face.

’’Lass, come and let aunt-mother carry you.’’ Canghai Mingyue said as she walked over and smiled before she received the young lass from Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’Where are Zun`er and Yin`er?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked while smiling.

’’I'm not sure where the two rascals have ran to. Are we really waiting for him to come back before we give her a name?’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled and asked.

’’It wouldn't be too late for a name, I just don't know whether he is doing well or not. I just want to know how is he doing.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li was smiling, but her face still was full of worry.

’’It has been such a long time, he should be coming back soon. With his abilities, he will be fine. Stop worrying.’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled as she said. Although she was consoling Liu-Li, she too had the same worries in her heart.


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