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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 - Entering into the second layer

A year has passed since Qing Shui lifted the stone lock of 800 jin, he is now aware of what path he need to take to refine his body. The ancient strengthening technique was to make your body healthy and strong and the Yin and Yang picture in his mind doesn't stop never to refine his bones and internal organs. And now appears that in his ocean of consciousness, the Yin and Yang picture was making his spirit a lot stronger and matchless!

A year has passed and although he continued looking thin and weak nobody in the third generation had muscles like that instead they had extremely well shaped ones. Qing Shui is aware that because the ancient strengthening technique and the yin and yang picture is the cause of it. Now a year has passed and now he was able to lift many stone of 1000 jin, and of course he did everything in private so no other person has found it!

A year has passed and now Qing Shui practiced the Blue Lotus to the Warrior third layer but as long as he didn't practiced martial arts for three years he would be considered to be in the martial servant stage. And as result of separating waste from his name, now with the majority part of the disciples of the third generation was possible to be in contact with them peacefully. Nobody longer despises him although he didn't care about them in the first place because in his mind he was an adult!

Merely he feels that being friendly with these small children was not good because when he was with them, he felt like he returned to being pure and innocent again. But with the nature of Qing Shui was improbable that he bothers about them.

As for the eldest grandson Qing Zi and the talented Qing You, Qing Shui didn't had any interaction with them. After all the past year they didn't have any more to practice in martial field, so he only saw frequently Qing Yang. Qing Yang was sixteen now and with his height reveled that he was now calmer. In the continent when you reach sixteen you are considered a fully grown and not long ago Qing Yang breakthrough the Blue Lotus fifth layer entering into the warrior's sixth layer, and stepping on it was a major part of one life, so he didn't need to come here to train anymore!

As congratulation from breakthrough, the Qing Family intentionally gathered the whole family to have a meal together because was a happy occasion. After all if he had his breakthrough one year late, then it wouldn't be of great importance. The sixteen is a critical point of the life, because, surpassed sixteen would prove that he only would be able to reach the Wi Shuai eight layer at most in all his life, and not mention the nine and less the tenth layer!

But if you don't surpass the sixteen years is another story, you would be able to step on the ninth layer approximately in your forties and of course, under the premise that you great effort in it. And as for the tenth layer, you have to leave it to your small luck, to your fate!

The best talented in the third generation is Qing You, the eldest grandson Qing Zi is the second, and Qing Yang is also a well-known figure. The rest are yet to find their talent, however the small girl Qing Bei, his aptitude was not bad. Merely she was a girl so you must know woman training in martial arts are very restricted in many ways unless they have many precious medicines!

Early in the morning, Qing Shui returned to have a meal with Qing Yi, because after he was able to recover his health. Now Qing Shui was able to see her smile more frequent, this graceful woman was like water and also his closest person. It was for her meticulous mother love that he was aware that she suffered hardships. But now her expression was radiant!

In his hearth, Qing Shui is already aware that because of his small age he doesn't have the capability. But he is secretly determined. He must make his mother happy, and fulfill her most cherished wish, even if it was difficult!

’’Qing Shui, I will return in half of month. When we finishing eating I will return to the city. I will gather medicines so you would be able to cultivate in good terms. Our future depends of you, fighting for our interest against those blood sucking vampires!’’ Qing Yi kneels down and patted the head of Qing Shui. She doesn't conceal to his bright son the importance of this matter.

Qing Shui gently nodded. In his eyes showed reluctance to let go her, but he is aware that he need to focus now in cultivation because only then he would have the ability to help his mother. But when he heard that is about looking medicines, he remembers about the technique to let him refine medicine with the Dragon Tomb but it's a pity that he is unable to do it because he doesn't have the strength at the moment!

He originally intended to go with his mother but thinking that he wouldn't be of help and he would distract her, he can only nod!

’’Mother, although you are going you need to be careful. It's important that you protect yourself so you don't need to care about money. Because you must know that your son in a few years would turn mother into the happier person under the heavens!’’ Qing Shui said that in order to leave an impression in her, to let she know her that her life is the most important thing and that her son although is a small kid, in the end he would grow into an adult!

Qing Shui found a few years ago that Qing Yi was in charge of the trading company and not only that, he doesn't know much but he is aware that his mother do business with people which far surpass the strength of the Qing Family. And although they take the major part of the profits they still are quite greedy so many people don't want to do that work. So although it's not comfortable they have no choice but to kneel down!

So if he could grasp the refinement technique, he would be able to make some good pellets. A small pellet, a golden fragrant pellet, a golden sore medicine, a femme fatale and even the legendary Buddha relic, but not forget the nine revolutions resuscitation pellet! Then it would be easier to obtain, money, woman, wealth, power and strength! Qing Shui looks forward to that day!

You can said that Qing Yi is the goodness of wealth, more than half a year of income is all thanks to her, being in charge of the medicine company. In addition of the Qing Family, she have a little of manpower helping her if not she wouldn't be able to return in couple of weeks and live like this!

Qing Shui worked the ancient strengthening technique for more than a year. Regardless if it had wind, drizzle or snowed he hadn't taken a rest. Although in the Qing Family, especially the third generation is somewhat strict, they must cultivate in a fixed time every day, and the rest of the time you would do what you want!

Although he was eight-nine years old but in his mind he was already an adult, so he knows the importance of the strength plus he knows what he cannot do to his small body. Therefore he throws himself all time into cultivation!

Inside of his body, the yellow flow of qi was tangled together and it was not much thicker than before. Thanks to one year of hard practice Qing Shui was now in the second layer and so the ancient strengthening technique became strange, and it was as long as he surpassed one level, like the last time, he would benefit from the cleansing of impurities and letting his body benefit from it. Not anybody can experience the cleansing of impurities!

But more than a year had passed and he painfully he reached the peak but couldn't breakthrough it!

More than one year had passed and he was not aware if the cause was the ancient strengthening technique but now Qing Shui unexpectedly could activate at the same time the Blue Lotus and the ancient strengthening technique. This allowed him to save more than half of time needed!

Qing Shui in his basement was practicing again and again. Outside was already covered with many sparking stars. Qing Shui feels that he must have a breakthrough, that he needs to break through the obstacle, but every day he feels that he has insufficient strength to do it. Qing Shui was covered with many beads of thin sweat!

’’I must breakthrough, even if only for my mother. I won't give up. I must become strong. I must not become a waste. I must stand at this world peak...

He didn't know how much time passed but in the east horizon was turning pale.

’’Peng!’’ The sound was like the cork was pulled. In that moment he feels a refreshing stream of qi covering his whole body. The three hundred and sixty acupuncture points and pores all over his body were all open!

Originally, when I breakthrough the second layer, the thin and slender flow of qi that was like a thread of hair became like a knitting wool, but this time almost grew tenfold times more!

Slowly he ran for thirty-six days. He felt that his body was brimming with explosive power. Even his spiritual power was soaring. He could see the whole world quite bright, so much that he could even see far away and very clear the legs and feet of an ant walking! In the surroundings about ten metes he could hear clearly the wind swaying the grass!

’’Perceptiveness!’’ There was a smile in the small face of Qing Shui. But at this moment his mind looked like it was seeing more things, and when his consciousness was sinking, suddenly he looked surprised.

Qing Shui sighed. It was already five years from his first run, now thirty six weeks until the forty-eight weeks. In what time he would reach the one hundred and eight weeks? Or Three hundred and sixty?


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