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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 876


AST 876 - Complex Women, Thoughts, Mu Qing

Only when it was time to eat did the lady appear. Still wearing her golden phoenix gown, a faint smile on her face. Her beauty was noble and elegant, elegant to her core.

Taking a properly roasted leg of meat from the firepit, she took a seat beside Qing Shui, as that was the only empty place left.

There were tables and chairs within the cave, which were Qing Shui's. He had bought a few in the Southern City Furniture Store and they had been brought into use now. These tables and chairs were precious, very clean without a single speck of dust.

When the lady had just come out and noticed all of these, she was in shock for a while. After that, she proceeded to look towards Qing Shu. Only this man would be able to have such luxurious behavior.

Exactly how big was his spatial storage device. This set of table and chairs took up a lot of space. Although the lady thought about all this, she still sat beside him. Taking small bites at a time, she continued to ponder.

The soup, stewed meat and such not far away emitted an enticing fragrance, which entered straight into the bottom of their hearts. With a whiff, they were already feeling slightly unable to wait and were itching to immediately eat everything.

Everyone else was all wolfing down their food, simply not caring about their image. Only the lady was not hurried or rushed. Although she was eating faster than the previous times, she still was graceful and elegant. It was to the point that it made other people unable to resist looking at her eating, as it was a kind of enjoyment. This was a feast for one's eyes.

Just like her speech and her appearance made people feel that they haven't seen or heard her enough. This was a kind of beauty where it was not necessary to possess. When people come across a perfect existence, for example scenery, environment, construction, object or person, they would be a feeling as if they haven't seen enough and appreciation that comes from the heart.

This was considered appreciation, at least for a while.

When talking about furniture, Qing Shui thought about Di Chen and the Immortal Bed. That bed had always followed along with her and would go wherever she went. It was considered a pretty good thing, it was a pity that he did not get to practice his ’’workmanship’’.

He he could not be bothered to deal with it recently and did not have that thought. Good furniture, cabinets, tables and chairs, curtains, carpets, beds were all incomparably priceless, as the majority of them were made using precious wood, with some of them even having some profound principles within.

Qing Shui decided he could research this in the future and not now.

After eating that oily meat, Qing Shui discovered the lady's eating posture was still the same without any change. Not like those old people, who did not speak much, hands covered in oil.

So much meat and soup was consumed. A few of the old people went to wash the dishes, as it would be embarrassing to just eat by relying on ’’seniority’’. Furthermore, they did not have the qualification of playing the senior in front of this youth, as the youth was not a Mu Clan member...

After cleaning up everything, everyone decided to rest for the afternoon before heading out the next morning. Qing Shui decided to walk around in the vicinity, familiarizing himself with the environment of the Sky Penetrating Mountains.

The lady watched as Qin Shui's figure walked out and returned to her tent. She could see that he wanted to get used to the environment here, as he wanted to head deeper in.

Upon leaving, Qing Shui followed the mountain valley. The valley was broad below and got progressively narrower as it got higher, where it finally became a single person pathway.

After walking for a period of time, Qing Shui shook his head and sighed, ’’Big miss, there's no need to follow me like that. It's better to walk together.’’

After saying that, Qing Shui turned around.

Behind a large stone, the Mu Clan girl walked out with a slightly embarrassed expression. Looking at Qing Shui, she slowly walked over. She was worried about him and she now wanted him to remain as safe as possible, as after all he was brought along by her and the other family members.

’’You're worried about me meeting with danger?’’ asked Qing Shui with a smile as he looked at the elegant and absolutely beautiful lady in front of him.

’’I know you're strong and you're insistent on finding the Sky Penetrating Grass. I still consider myself familiar with this place. Furthermore, you can also see that I've a thing that's slightly strange. Is it alright for me to go together with you?I promise that the Mu Clan will do their best to ensure your safety’’ asked the lady after thinking

’’No!’’ replied Qing Shu straightforwardly.

Hearing his immediate answer, she was startled;she had never been rejected liek this before.she gawked for a while before smiling. She seemed to have suddenly discovered that she had already subconsciously lost the freedom and principles that she had in the past. She felt that she currently seemed to not be herself.

’’Don't tell me that one more person doesn't equate to having one more piece of hope? Furthermore I'm more familiar with this place and the Sky Penetrating Mountains than you.’’ replied the lady softly as she looked at Qing Shui.

’’I know you're doing this for my well being, however you don't need to take this kind of risk. Relax, if there truly was any trouble the Mu Family won't blame you,’’ said Qing Shui as he shook his head.

The lady laughed bitterly for a while. She did not know what mood she was in now, after being ignored by this man again and again. Furthermore she had unexpectedly done such things. This was something that she would absolutely not think about in the past.

She did not know why? Could it be that she was curious? The Mu Family had asked her to take care of him. This wasn't a reason, therefore the current reason was herself.

She felt conflicted. This was the first time she had met with a man that she did not hate and in addition was very strong, much much stronger than that group of boastful geniuses at the county city...

She definitely had not fallen for him. She was very rational. In addition, she knew that she would have to wed someone in the future, therefore she had to hold her future in her grasp. And this was her trying to give herself a chance.

From the previous time, especially before in the tent, she had thought about it many, many times, before making the decision. However, this man seemed to not have any intention of getting close to her.

People were like that. In the past, wherever she walked to, people would revolve around her. In fact, many males would treat getting acquainted with Big Miss Mu as a form of glory. Being able to speak with her would make them excited for many days...

However, she did not have any feelings for those people, just like how two people standing in the arena that were not opposite ends, destined to never be together.. There was no way to get close and intimate and will always be in a situation where be either one of them stepping on the other person's head. She did not want that kind of life.

Although she currently did not know everything about this man. She knew that she could stand together with him on a stage. She had an idea of trying this out, as she did not wish to let go of this opportunity. However, this man seemed to not have such a plan...

’’Are we considered friends now?’’ the lady looked at the surroundings while asking Qing Shui, however she did not look at him. She was afraid of him seeing through her.

’’Yes we should!’’ replied Qing Shui with a smile. He did not wish to lie to her. Maybe they were friends now, however when he left he did not know whether he would come back here again. After saying goodbye, the transformations of the world might make her forget who he was.

After hearing Qing Shui's words the intelligent her could naturally hear the half-heartedness within his tone. He had given her those items and had insisted on giving to her before she had even demanded anything from him.

She truly had no plans to demand anything, as she did not believe that he was able to take them out. Therefore only now did she know why was he so insistent on giving them to her.

He did not wish to owe her. He must have taken all his precious things out, as she thought about the medicinal pills, the wine, the spices...

The two of them remained silent. The lady was also very prideful. After encountering such a situation, which was that she had thought clearly about it and wanted to chat with Qing Shui, however, she did not know how to open her mouth to start the conversation.

Qing Shui's actions made her very happy. If he was to take the initiative and chase after her, like the other disciples from the aristocratic clan, she would not have a favorable impression of him but she would not be troubled by this. However, it was her turn to feel difficult to talk about her feelings.

’’It's easier for me to flee and run by myself. I've a fleeing technique. I've come to the Eastern Victory divine Continent for the sake of finding for the Sky Penetrating Grass. I'm a person of the Greencloud Continent. Perhaps I might never return to the Eastern Victory divine Continent again,’’ said Qing Shui slowly with a smile. Even if he were to ever return, there seemed to be no chance of them meeting in such a big place like the Eastern Victory divine Continent, furthermore he could just avoid her.

Qing Shui had seemingly spotted this point, however it was just that he did not believe it. Although it could be considered that he and this lady had basically been cohabitating together and they had even eaten their meals together, he did not believe that this lady, that would make Dong Yan and Sun Yan feel inferior, would take fancy to him.

If it was that easy for her to like a person, she wouldn't wait till she met him.

However, Qing Shui still said those words. Although he did not say it clearly, he wanted her to act as if he had many relationships, as he thought about the previous time the lady had grabbed his hand.

He did not know whether it was unintentional or on purpose. Qing Shui shook his head, matters about relationships are the most tiring.

’’Let's go together!’’ said the lady as she smiled towards Qing Shui, indeed seemingly having let go of a lot of things.


’’We can be considered to have some predestined affinity. Our names are both two words, in addition we both have a Qing in our names. I'm called Mu Qing,’’ said the lady by walking.

’’I'm called Qing Shui and I came from Greencloud Continent,’’ said Qing Shui with a smile. He had said so much previously just to let her know about his intent. Now that she knew it, being a friend was not a bad thing.

Now, it was different from before. Now it was making friends.

The two of them followed and walked along the mountain valley. There was very little vegetation growing on the mountain rocks. If there was vegetation, it was located halfway up the mountain or at sheer cliffs and precipices. Qing Shui slowly spread out his consciousness.

This was the Sky Penetrating Mountains and they could meet with danger anytime.

’’You definitely love your wife!’’ said Mu Qing in a seemingly casual question.

Qing Shui's body suddenly turned stiff. He could only laughbitterly while replying, ’’Yes, I love them very much.’’

Qing Shui did not wish to hide it from her. He had hoped that this would allow an prideful person like her to lose her interest towards him. The question she was asking about should be the lady in the crystal coffin.

Hearing Qing Shui's reply, the lady was startled as Qing Shui had said that he loved them. However, she understood it very quickly. It would be too unordinary for a man like him to have only one woman. She was able to think about that, however subconsciously she did not want to think about that.

Very quickly she thought about the point that she was the one with thoughts and he did not have thoughts about her. In addition, he had also rejected her. Thinking about that, she had an indescribable feeling.

She had always assumed that she was not lacking when compared to that woman, as she would not feel inferior before meeting that woman. She had seen the portrait that he had painted. That woman was very beautiful and was even the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, however, she felt that she was not lacking either...

Women are obstinate and the more beautiful one was the more obstinate she was.

She was also following this trend, in addition she had believed in that firmly. She felt that she was still very rational. She believed that she was able to clearly understand what kind of person a man was. She would fight for the person that she had chosen, in addition it did not mean that she had to wed him.


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