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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 874-875


Chapter 874-875

AST 874 –Soulshake Bell, Subduing the Dragons, Taming the Tigers, Berserk Dragon King Appears

Qing Shui and their group were sufficient to defend the place, however their hearts were a mess, as no one knew how many Demonic Beasts were out there. When this kind of situation appears, it is very easy to attract stronger demonic beasts.

This was the Sky Penetrating Mountains and it was not the least bit strange for strong demonic beasts to appear at any time. It could be considered unfortunate that they had met with Berserk Dragons. Although this demonic beast wasn't like the Berserk Blood Bear that would fight and never retreat, they would not retreat until you killed enough to make them terrified.

Roars shook the skies and coupled with the sharp screeches of the Vampiric Falcon Vulture, the entire area was extremely chaotic, making people flustered.

The ground was littered with the corpses of many Vampiric Falcon Vulture and Berserk Dragons, however they were quickly devoured by the Vampiric Falcon Vultures. Regardless of whose corpses they were, as long as they saw blood, even those that were still living would be met with their attacks, sucking their blood until they died.

Qing Shui held a shield in one hand and the Thunder God in the other. From time to time the shield would smash open a gap between the incoming beasts or the Thunder God would instantaneously destroy a Berserk Dragon.

He continuously dished out Raging Blows, which he had practiced within the Realm of the Violet Immortal, with his fists as a replacement for the hammer. Although he had later used the Thunder God to train, it wasn't as enjoyable as now, as at least this was considered a real battle.

He was getting more and more familiar with this practical combat skill and the resulting terrifying might of each hammer strike was enough for the lady beside him to shoot an astonished look at him. If not for the battle, she would definitely stare at him for a longer period of time. Furthermore, she seemed to feel that the hammer skill that he was unleashing definitely had some connection with the Raging Blow, as she could feel the rage building.

What made the lady especially astonished was Qing Shui's Shield Attack. The terrifying force of the shield bash seemed to be able to topple a mountain. Every single strike of it was able to smash numerous Berserk Dragons back and clear a huge empty space, with the smashed Berserk Dragon immediately exploding and dying. In addition there was Fire Bird in the air, terrifying flames continuously spewing from it. The Vampiric Falcon Vultures were immediately killed upon contact. This basically blocked the top part of the cave, preventing them from entering it.

The geography here was good, similar to the sort where one man can hold the pass against all enemy forces. Otherwise Fire Bird would not be able to hold back such an enormous cast of Vampiric Falcon Vultures. However, after 15 minutes passed the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens state was going to dissipate. At that time the might of Hell's Inferno would drop by half. Although it was still lethal against the Vampiric Falcon Vultures, it did not have any killing power towards the Berserk Dragons on the ground.

15 minutes passed very quickly and in addition this intense combat has resulted in enormous energy consumption for the Fire Bird.

Qing Shui's hand speed slowed down for a moment as he looked at the endless beastial horde and the dense and numerous Vampiric Falcon Vultures in the sky.

His mind was quickly thinking. Although the Vampiric Falcon Vultures were terrifying, their strength was comparatively quite low and could be easily killed. Furthermore, as long as they could run to the valley below, these things would not be anything to worry about.

Therefore the main problem was these Berserk Dragons. Not only did they block the ground, their group could not just fly up and leave, as these Berserk Dragons were also able to fly. Although they could not fly for long, they were exceptionally quick in short distances. Therefore, once they go airborne, they would be engulfed by these demonic beasts. They were better off defending this place.

While fighting, Qing Shui slowly inched towards the lady.

"Do you have any other ideas? Could it be that we have to kill all them?" asked Qing Shui, while his hands did not stop.

"Unless you slaughter their 'King', in most cases they will not retreat." The lady also did not stop her attacks, however she did pan her head over to shoot a look at him.

"Their 'King'?" asked Qing Shui without turning around.

"That's the king among the Berserk Dragons. As long as you can kill it, they will retreat," replied the lady softly.

Qing Shui understood.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant would unleash a Mighty Elephant Stomp from time to time. Within this kind of battle, the Vajra Subdues Demons was already useless. It continuously unleashed the Might Elephant Stomp, Diamond Sword Qi and Ferocious Diamond Attack

The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable had it the easiest, as it relied on its speed to continuously massacre the surrounding Berserk Dragons. For now, Fire Bird was the only killing the Vampiric Falcon Vultures in the air.

Qing Shui faintly wrinkled his brows, as he was unable to see the king of the Berserk Dragons. Without even trying he could guess that it was at the back of this horde. However, if he left this place, not only would he get attacked in the back, he would even get attacked from the sky. Qing Shui did not have the confidence to prevent this from happening.

"Let's try to agitate the king that is hidden behind these Berserk Dragons. We have to force it out, if not we're truly finished," muttered Qing Shui before clenching his teeth as he made his decision.

Shield Attack, Shield Attack…

Total Annihilation

Mighty Elephant Stomp…

Qing Shui's Mighty Elephant Stomp was stronger than that displayed by the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the instantaneous eruption created a stretch of empty space. In the next moment, Qing Shui brought out the Soulshake bell and gave it a fierce shake towards the large wave of incoming Berserk Dragons.

Its sound no better than wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves, however it did not have any effect to humans, although the sounds it produced were truly horrible to listen to. Fortunately it was still bearable, however it was a different story for demonic beasts, who were now in a miserable state.

Instantly the entire battleground turned lively, as Qing Shui started to inject spirit energy into the Soulshake Bell.

This caused everyone present to be completely shocked, as chaos erupted throughout the entire battleground. Of the demonic beasts, ten odd of them were immediately killed, while tens of them fled. The most important point was that roughly fifty that had turned hysterical and started attacking the Berserk Dragons besides them.

Due to the special geography of this place, over fifty of them were enough to completely block this place. Although momentarily they had unexpectedly entered a deadlock, the Soulshake Bell had sent the Berserk Dragons into a hysterical state, leaving them unable to differentiate friend from foe. Due to the hysterical state, they disregarded any end result and just attacked. Therefore, momentarily their combat prowess had increased some and the group was in a deadlock.

Unfortunately the hysterical Berserk Dragons could not recognize friend from foe. It wasn't a mutiny, nor was it because they accepted the commands of Qing Shui. They were attacking everything near them, humans and demonic beasts alike.

The lady looked at the pretty violet colored Soulshake Bell in Qing Shui's hand. She was a beast tamer and knew what it was, however she had not imagined that there actually was such a thing.

The ancient records had listed this as a nemesis to beast tamers, the Soulshake Bell. It was specially built to counter demonic beasts. Right now it truly was incomparably powerful. If a beast tamer only had a few demonic beasts, it was truly not enough to kill him…

The Mu family people were also looking at Qing Shui dumbfound. However, they quickly regained their wits. Now, they had seemed to feel that compared to their miss, the monstrous existence of this youth seemed to not be much inferior.

After refining the Soulshake Bell, filling it up with spirit energy require a bit of time, approximately an incense stick's worth of time. Therefore for this moment Qing Shui was imbuing it while clutching the Thunder God, preparing to enter combat at any moment.

The fifty hysterical Berserk Dragons were able to hold off for a while. Furthermore there were tens of them that had fled. This created a ripple in the enormous beastial horde, like a tidal wave.

Very quickly those hysterical Berserk Dragons were killed and were eaten clean by the Vampiric Falcon Vultures in the air. Those who had fled had disappeared without a trace. At this moment Qing Shui's Soulshake Bell was already fully charged and could be used again.

Another shake.

The previous occurrence appeared again in the battlefield. However, this time the results were even stronger than the previous time. The Soulshake Bell's realm was already at the seventh level, the realm of vanquishing dragons and tigers.

A level Seven Soulshake Bell was already strong and in addition it was quickly entering the eighth level. Qing Shui did not know how many levels could it be promoted to in this realm and in this world. The current might was considered pretty good but Qing Shui was anticipating the future.

The Soulshake Bell was able to control no more than ten demonic beasts. It produces a terrifying sound that would frighten and shake the soul. There's a 30% chance of causing the target to become flustered and flee. A 20% chance of turning hysterical, making it attack everything in its surroundings. A 10% chance of immediately causing death, regardless of the target's level. A few special demonic beasts are able to reduce the efficacy of the Soulshake Bell.

This percentage wasn't considered high, however it was absolutely not low. Furthermore its greatest effect was to disregard the target's level. Just that some special demonic beasts were able to lower these percentages.

He had displayed it so many times in an instant, therefore the success rate was still quite low. This time, the result had approximately doubled when compared to before. Therefore there was quite a spectacle created in the battleground.

Only now, after meeting with a strong beast horde did Qing Shui discover that the Spiritual Qi of the Soulshake Bell was insufficient. Due to its high realm, the Spiritual Qi consumed in every use was significant. Looks like he still needed to promote its realm.

Time passed by bit by bit just like that. At this time, it was already close to midday. The battle was still continuing. It was already the tenth time that Qing Shui had used the Soulshake Bell.

From the second time to the third time, there were still ten odd of hysterical Berserk Dragons left. After using the bell multiple times, the end result was pretty good, therefore after the last usage there were actually close to four hundred hysterical demonic beasts.


Just at this moment, a roar that pierced through the clouds suddenly resounded out from behind the beastial horde.

Roar! Roar!

Two consecutive roars followed and the Berserk Dragon group that was originally slightly hysterical immediately started to grow berserk again, charging towards the hysterical Berserk Dragons. Furthermore, after that roar, Qing Shui discovered that the combat prowess of the hysterical Berserk Dragons had declined. This was a sort of instinctive dread towards their king.

This made the situation where they could defend with difficulty disintegrate instantaneously, as the Berserk Dragons were mutually killing themselves. Qing Shui looked over to the origin of the roar. He knew that these roars were made by the Berserk Dragon King, as only it had such capability.

On a mountaintop far away, Qing Shui spotted the Berserk Dragon King's figure.

The scarlet red figure appeared more brightly colored than a normal Berserk Dragon, like an intense raging inferno. It was more than two times the size of a normal Berserk Dragon and was similar to that of an Earth Dragon Beast King. However, this Berserk Dragon King looked more violent. With a single look, Qing Shui could tell that it was very strong, as the imposing aura radiating from it could prove.

There was still some distance from him but Qing Shui still prepared to rush towards it. However, he was held back, the soft feeling indicating that it was the lady beside him. Turning his head back, he looked at her, causing her to let go of his hand in a fluster.

She had previously wanted to grab onto Qing Shui's sleeve, however Qing Shui had wanted to rush over. With a move of his hand, it had resulted in her grabbing his hand…

The lady's heart beat very quickly. Releasing his hand, she shook her head while blushing.

Qing Shui looked at the lady. Never would he have imagined that her blushing appearance would cause even his heart to beat faster. This was an unspeakable allure and belong to a refined and absolutely beautiful woman like her.

"We've already completely angered it. It'll come here quickly. Don't go, it's dangerous," said the lady softly.

The lady's mind was actually already in turmoil. She had already discovered it but what she discovered was not as intense as it actually was. This was the first time she felt such a sensation. She felt very confused and did not like such a feeling.

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AST 875 –Magnificent Violet Lightning Strike, Insta-kill, Refining Demons

Looking at that unnatural expression of the lady, Qing Shui hurriedly turned his head aside, not wanting to see that lovable appearance. He started to laugh mockingly at himself. It was easy for men to lose their self-control in front of women. Although he did not want to provoke any other woman, there were still times where it was easy for him to get distracted. In fact it was not a definite thing that he needed to possess her, however he was unable to control himself. This was the charm of beautiful women.

The lady quickly regained her composure. However she could not help but feel shameful for what happened earlier, in her heart. She was thinking about whether she had purposefully grabbed his hand, what would he think about this, would he think of her as…thinking about this, she felt that her heart was in complete disarray.

Very quickly she felt worried about her own thoughts and for a moment became stunned and at a complete loss.

The hysterical Berserk Dragons were once again slaughtered completely. When Qing Shui waved his hands to activated the Soulshake Bell again, the gigantic fiery red figure on the mountaintop suddenly ferociously launched itself over, obviously targeting Qing Shui.

Although the distance was too far its speed was akin to the speed of lightning.

Qing Shui put away the Soulshake Bell and took out the Descending Heavens Talisman as well as the two Ten Thousand Year Coldsteel Bead dipped in highly toxic poisons. Then, he stared at the gigantic demonic beast currently heading here at rapid speed.

The gigantic demonic beast did not fly, however its speed seemed faster than flying. Every jump and bound it made shoot it over hundreds of meters each time.

Qing Shui stared closely at it. At the same time, the lady and those old people from the Mu Family were also staring at that Berserk Dragon King. They were experts of a region and could feel how terrifying this gigantic Berserk Dragon King was.

Time did not permit them rest and if they continued on like that everyone would run dry. In addition, there were strong beastial roars ringing faintly from a distance, causing people's hearts to palpitate.

Qing Shui started to slowly calm down. This was a very strange feeling. He was quietly contemplating and waiting. The Berserk Dragon King was very fast and even Qing Shui felt that his speed was still inferior to it.

Suddenly, the Descending Heavens Talisman in Qing Shui's hand rapidly shot out.

It was unable to hit anything at this distance, however the Berserk Dragon King was still running over. Therefore it had arrived at just the right moment. Seemingly at the same time, Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi and Fiery Golden Eyes had already rapidly shot out.

At this time there was no need to be polite, furthermore the people in the surroundings could only see him sending out the talisman. At the same time, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant rushed towards the Berserk Dragon King as it activated "Vajra Subdues Demons".

Vajra's Glare!

After using his techniques, Qing Shui did not even bother to calculate his opponent's remaining strength, as he immediately summoned the Thunderous Beast while shooting forward at the same time.

Seven Star Armored Vest!

"It's dangerous, come back!" upon seeing Qing Shui's actions, the lady panicked and shouted in a loud voice.

Violet Lightning Strike!

After Qing Shui had shot forward for a certain distance, the Thunderous Beast sent a Violet Lightning Strike at the Berserk Dragon King, instantly locking it in the sky. At this moment, Qing Shui's two Ten Thousand Year Coldsteel Beads suddenly shot out. The most important thing now was that Qing Shui was within ten meters of the Berserk Dragon King.

The reason why Qing Shui rushed out was that he was worried about the duration of the Lightning Beast's Violet Lightning Strike. Also if he was too far away, he was afraid that the other Berserk Dragons would interfere. Therefore he had seemingly finished everything from weakening to attacking in an instant.

The two Ten Thousand Year Coldsteel Beads infused with extremely toxic poisons shot straight at the two gigantic eyes of the Berserk Dragon King. That was the weakest place in its body. Furthermore, the most important point was that they could shoot directly into its brain, causing lethal damage.

Qing Shui wanted to kill it in one strike, as time did not permit him otherwise. After a single attack, he immediately retreated. Within that short instant, Qing Shui had already been attacked for tens of times. Fortunately he had evaded any lethal attacks as he had the Seven Star Armored Vest, coupled with people supporting him for a place not far from him.

The Thunderous Beast stood at a distance and continuously used its Thunderbolt. Any Vampiric Falcon Vulture that was struck would instantly be killed. The high single target attack added to its base strength as well as the Spirit Gathering Lamp made it have a very strong effect.

Only when Qing Shui had returned to his original position, did the gigantic Berserk Dragon King start crying out mournfully and miserably. Its eyes were blinded, as the two Ten Thousand Year Coldsteel Beads entered its brain carrying along highly toxic poisons.


Immense roars rang out as the pain caused it to unceasingly go crazy where it was. All of the demonic beasts around it suffered a calamity, as they had a huge disparity in size compared to it, with their strength being even more so. Therefore a large number of them were instantly killed by the crazy Berserking Dragon King.


The Thunderous Beast's Thunderbolt continuously landed on the Berserk Dragon King's body. Added with the rapid flare-up of the poisons, it quickly collapsed.

The Berserk Dragon King died, which instantly disturbed the entire Berserk Dragon horde. At this time Qing Shui and the rest would naturally not give up on this chance, with him taking out the Soulshake Bell again.

Very quickly, the beastial horde became restless, they began to retreat and then fled. Along with those that had fled earlier due to the Soulshake Bell, the demonic beasts that fled quickly formed small groups.

These groups started to gradually expand as close quarter battles continued. The most important point was that their king was already dead. Gradually, the number of fleeing ones grew larger and larger. As for the Vampiric Falcon Vultures in the air, they seemed to be unwilling to leave, making sharp screeches as they stared at the corpses on the ground.

Qing Shui gave a stomp on the rock floor below him, immediately creating many shattered chunks of rock. Qing Shui's hand quickly swept across the rocks tumbling in the air. Every time he touched a rock it would rapidly shoot out, taking the life of a Vampiric Falcon Vulture in the process.

Qing Shui's actions were methodical and thoroughly and very quickly many Vampiric Falcon Vulture corpses fell onto the ground. At the same time, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant activated the Mighty Elephant's Recklessness and rushed into the cast of Vampiric Falcon Vultures.

Mighty Elephant's Stomp!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant had tough skin and thick muscle. Without the Berserk Dragon horde, these Blood Sucking Falcon Vampires were nothing to worry about.

"Let's quickly descend. We can't stay here for long," said the lady as she walked over to Qing Shui.


Qing Shui recalled his demonic beasts and quickly descended with the lady and the Mu family people. While traveling he conveniently threw the Berserk Dragon King's corpse into the Realm of the Violet Immortal and also a few Berserk Dragon corpses, in preparation for drawing talismans.

This battle made Qing Shui realize the might of the Thunderous Beast. Naturally there was also the mysterious usefulness of the Spirit Gathering Lamp. It could double the might of the demonic beast's magic. Not only could it double the might, in addition, it could double the auxiliary effects and intensity too.

For example, the speed reduction effect of the Violet Lightning Strike was doubled, as was the paralysis effect time!.

Qing Shui and the other people of the Mu Family followed the lady and rapidly traveled through the mountain valley, quickly reaching a place that was unobstructed on three fronts with a concealed mountain cave ahead. After battling for half a day, everyone was tired.

Upon entering it, they sealed the mountain cave with a gigantic stone.

The intelligence of demonic beasts was inferior to humans and most would simply not knock any rock they see. After sealing the cave, very little light could penetrate in. Fortunately, the lady took out some light stones and placed them at a few corners. After doing so, everyone took their time to pitch their tents, while a few old people placed cotton mattresses beside a wall not far away. Sitting down they started to chat.

Qing Shui had also pitched his tent, however he had finished it quickly. After saying his greetings to the others, he entered his tent. He still had things to do and he could not waste time.

For the Berserk Dragon King corpse that he had thrown in earlier, he had in fact wanted to subdue this kind of demonic beast. The only thing was that he could not achieve that, nor could the lady and she was a beast tamer.

However, the reason why Qing Shui had immediately killed it was because the king of a demonic beast horde is seemingly impossible to be tamed. The success rates were too small, especially when one wanted to forcefully tame it, which could just be neglected.

It was due to this reason that Qing Shui had killed it. He had planned to refine it later and the time of a demonic beast's was death was important, as it could not be too long. Therefore Qing Shui had hurriedly pitched his tent before heading into the Realm of the Violet Immortal.

A moment in the outside world was a very long time in the Realm of the Violet Immortal. The shorter the period since death, the better the results were. Therefore, upon entering his hand immediately started the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace up, throwing the Berserk Dragon King corpse into it.

After swallowing a Vital Essence Pill, he started his refinement. Now it was considered a walk in the park, as he was already very clear on the places that he needed to pay attention to. Added with the growth of his strength and spirit energy, this made Qing Shui feel relaxed and pleased with refining.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace slowly started to shrink, as the glow on its surface continuously sparkled. The demonic beast drawings were clear and natural, vivid and lifelike, even continuously producing faint beastial roars, showing its awe and prestige.

Qing Shui's hands gently patted the surface of the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace, spirit energy continuously entering it through his use of the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint. This made his refinement of demonic beasts seem as if it was a coincidence.

This was because he had tested this way ever since he had started doing this, all the way until he gradually discovered that his refining abilities were very strong. This might be due to the relationship between the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace and the "Buddha's Power" within his body.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace grew smaller and smaller as the various pure light halos grew more and more abundant. The drawing grew more clear and distinct as it slowly regained its original small size.

A familiar sound rang out, informing Qing Shui it succeeded. Every time he refined he would be excited. This time was no different, thus he had immediately taken a look at the furnace after its completion.

Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl!

In the first look he spotted the familiar demonic beast essence pill. Scarlet red in color, it was the size of a fist and radiated violent energies. In actual fact, when refining demonic beasts what Qing Shui had anticipated the most was the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl!

There were also three crystal cards, with the drawings on them being the image of the Berserk Dragon King.

Looking at its description, it was "Berserk". When used, it would add a certain amount of berserk strength.

Qing Shui thought the concept of it was slightly unclear, however he had the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl and that was sufficient for him. The value of it was absolutely the highest he ever achieved and it was the strongest Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl he had ever refined.

After putting all of these things away, he left the Realm of the Violet Immortal. After all it was still daytime. Everyone had come here to rest for a while. Walking out of the tent, he saw that there were still some people inside their tents, while the rest were outside.

He did not place the previous battle in his heart, as he had seen many similar instances and had already been used to it.

Now it was already noon and the previous battle had resulted in too much consumption of their energy. There was already a large piece of Berserk Dragon meat as well as an antelope in the cave. Although it could be said that the stronger the demonic beast the more delicious it’s meat was, there were people who disliked eating demonic beast meat.

It was time to roast the meat. Now there would be numerous people working together to roast the meat and prepare the food. An old person sprinkled some powder at the cave entrance. This could prevent the air within the cave from circulating to the outside and it lasted for 24 hours.

This battle had thoroughly caused all the old people not dare to look down on Qing Shui, especially after the Thunderous Beast had shown itself. The beautiful Violet Lightning Strike and Qing Shui's lethal attack had caused their hearts to palpitate.

This youth was a killer. In fact they still did not know that Qing Shui had used weakening techniques when killing that Berserk Dragon King. For now, they were unable to determine the extent of Qing Shui's strength.

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