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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 870-871


Chapter 870-871

AST 870 –Formidable 'Raging Blow'

Qing Shui remained silent and didn't look at the lady. She had already come over next to him. If he did not respond, he felt that he would be unable to accept it.

"Look, we've already found one stalk. Is that not enough?" asked the lady as she faintly knitted her black brows. Even when she was frowning, she maintained an air of elegance.

"I need at least one more stalk." replied Qing Shui with a bitter laugh, as he looked towards the lady.

"Look, we found a stalk from the Deity Statue. Let's search some more. There might be other Deity Statues, right?" the lady tried to console Qing Shui.

He knew that the lady was trying to dissuade him from entering the depths of the Sky Penetrating Mountains alone. Deity Statues were not at all easy to chance upon. Finding one today was already an enormous stroke of luck.

"Thank you, but nothing will happen to me." Qing Shui still did not accept the Sky Penetrating Grass from her, and instead passed her the "Raging Blow" and Sunstone.

"What's the meaning of this? Those are for you. Keep them. Although I won't prevent you from going, you should think over it clearly. You're not an impulsive person." Sighing, the lady took a step forward, stuffing the Sky Penetrating Grass in his hand before walking toward the exit.

Qing Shui hesitated for a while before keeping the items in the Realm Of The Violet Jade Immortal. Following her out of the inner hall, he saw the lady standing at the cave entrance. As if nothing had just happened, she said, "Let's go to another place to search. There just might be Sky Penetrating Grass there."

"Wait, here's something for you." Qing Shui hurriedly shouted towards her. These items were too precious, and he couldn't bear taking them for free. He had to compensate her, so that he wouldn't owe her, or at least owe her somewhat less.

The lady smiled as she looked at Qing Shui and replied, "It's alright. There's no need to be so courteous. Travelling here together, I can consider you half a friend. Treat this as me helping you this time."

"If you don't accept, I'll just return those items to you," said Qing Shui softly.

This sentence forced her to have no choice but to nod her head.

Qing Shui had already made preparations for this the previous night. Therefore, he directly threw an Interspatial Silk Sachet over to her. "It's inside. However it's best if you see it later. There's a piece of paper inside that has everything already written down."

"Okay, no problem!" replied the lady as she kept the Interspatial Silk Sachet. Although she did not know what he had given her, she felt that it was incomparable to the items from the Deity Statue. Therefore, Qing Shui had asked her to open it later.

When they exited the cave, it was already quite late. Hearing the whistles in the distance, Qing Shui, the lady, and the Treasure Hunting Pig rapidly headed to the gathering point. Qing Shui looked at the skies. As they were around the mountainside, the sun seemed to set exceptionally early. Since the surroundings were all tall mountains, the valley had long periods of darkness.

When they arrived, everyone was already present. Furthermore, there were two freshly killed wild mountain goats. Although this place was very dangerous, there were still some wild animals. Under this kind of pressure, most wild animals were not affected. Pressure was a thing that the more one could resist, the more one felt. Perhaps it could be said that the pressure here was a sort of intangible intimidation.

Regardless of how dangerous a place was, there would always be an uncountable number of low grade demonic beasts and wild animals. They were the lowest on the food chain, but the most numerous, as this was the only way for them to continue existing.

Making food was already a habit for Qing Shui and he would do it at least once a day. Within this period of time, he had obtained some ordinary spices from the mountains and taught the others how to use the spices. This made those old freaks start to love making food. Although they were far from Qing Shui's cooking skill, they were already able to create a flavor that made them slightly emotional…

Roasted lamb and stewed lamb soup. The meat was tender and soft, with a good taste. The roasted lamb was golden yellow in colour, and neatly arranged on a tray. The meat was flaky and soft, oily and textured, with a fragrant smell. It was extremely delicious…

This was a platform halfway up a mountain. The view was extremely good, and the air was fresh. Standing here, one would feel great. Pitching their tents up and finishing up their food, a few old men started to compete with each other over who had found the most items.

Qing Shui returned to his own tent, as it was about time for him to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to train.

Upon entering the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, he looked at the Eighth Portrait of Beauty on the ground. It was opened up, the cold and indifferent gaze of the woman in the painting staring at Qing Shui.

Sighing, Qing Shui picked the painting up and hanged it on the Magnificent Mountains and Rivers Screen. Eight portraits of Beauty were hung, mutually contrasting with one another, dazing Qing Shui for a moment as he looked at them.

Sunstone, a Grade Eight Sunstone that increased one's base strength by 200%. It was not the slightest bit inferior to the Violet Gold divine Shield, The main benefits of the Violent Gold divine Shield were its few supplementary abilities, or else it would be too inferior to this glorious Sunstone.

It was a pity that he had already inlaid the black gemstone and did not have the ability to inlay more gemstones now. Perhaps the Pentacolor Art of Forging would allow the usage of more gemstones!

Subsequently, Qing Shui took out the Peak Earth Grade combat technique, "Raging Blow". He never had any prejudice towards the grade of the combat technique. As a person who was able to master the Basic Sword Techniques up to the Early Heaven Grade, he would not be overly focused on the grade of a combat technique.

Combat techniques were differentiated into Houtian, Xiantian, Legend and divine grades. Within the Xiantian and Legend grades was the Earth grade, and the "Raging Blow" was of this grade. Although most people would call this a divine technique, experts would treat this as something of little value.

There were four stages within each grade of combat technique: Heaven, Earth, Xuan and Huang. Heaven was the highest and Huang was the lowest. The "Raging Blow" was generously classified as being in between Xiantian and Legend. To be more specific, it was a Heaven Stage combat technique of Xiantian grade.

Some combat techniques were slightly special, making them stronger than the Xiantian grade but far inferior to the Legend grade. Hence, some people deemed it as an Earth grade, and it was gradually recognized by that name.

Qing Shui slowly opened the Raging Blow. At first look, he already liked its name. Upon opening it up, he saw only one move. This meant that the Raging Blow was just a single hammer move.

Qing Shui carefully inspected this move and discovered its difference from other hammer moves. Originally, he had felt that this hammer move that had appeared in the box of the Deity Statue was slightly unusual. Upon seeing it now, he discovered the mysteriousness within.

The Raging Blow wasn't the name of some hammer technique. This technique had similarities to some of Qing Shui's hammer techniques like the Heaven Shaking Strike, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, Jolting Heaven Strike and his other hammer techniques with the greatest killing power.

However, there was something slightly different about this. Qing Shui stared at the Raging Blow and, unknowingly, his mind started sinking into it. Even the aura of his subconscious mind started to have a subtle change.

Suddenly, Qing Shui clenched his right hand, his left foot slightly moving forward, and smashed his right fist forward. This fist looked extremely awkward, but produced a surprising feeling when it was executed.

That was the feeling of power, the special feeling of violence!

Raging Blow!

So that's how it is!

At this time, Qing Shui was very excited, as he had discovered that the power of this fist had combined all the hammer techniques he had known. The Heaven Shaking Strike, Heaven Falls, Earth Rends, Jolting Heaven Strike, and the Mountain Splitting Strike were all combined together. However, although the current level of fusion was minimal, this kind of force still had 50% more might than any single technique.

"That strong?"

Qing Shui felt simply incredulous. The Raging Blow was akin to a divine technique to him. With just a small amount of training, it was already much stronger than the Basic Sword Techniques that he had trained for so long.

Qing Shui did not quite understand. The progress of his Basic Sword Techniques was ordinarily quite slow, but he felt that it seemed to have no end. In principle, that was probably true, but a human's potential and life span were both limited, so he did not know how many moves he could combine together.

This hammer technique, Raging Blow, was simply like sweet rain after a drought for him, causing Qing Shui to enter a feverish and fanatical state that he was unable to stop.

Displaying this move over and over again, the speed at which Qing Shui unleashed the strike gradually grew quicker and quicker. The strength of the fist also seemingly increased slowly, before he started to launch the fist from different angles.

Qing Shui knew that he had replaced the hammer with his fist as he displayed the strike. The flowing feeling of water was akin to entering a dream, and it seemed that he could not stop. It was like rocking on the the sharp edge of a wave. He didn't want to stop and if he did, it would feel like vomiting blood.

An unknown amount of time passed before Qing Shui slowly stopped, just like an intense fire burning out. He proceeded to immediately lie down on the ground and sleep. He had overdrawn his spirit, and the Yin Yang Image unexpectedly had not replenished the consumption, causing his spiritual energy to show signs of collapse.

When Qing Shui awoke, he did not know how much time had passed. He had already recovered, with his spirit full. He had originally thought of eating some pills to recover, but he was not facing an enemy at this time, so resting immediately would have great benefits for his body.

Standing up, he calmed himself down before clenching his right hand suddenly and sending out a fist. The fist still looked awkward, but it produced a feeling of stealing the work of a heavenly craftsman!

The great art conceals itself!

Qing Shui recalled the feeling he had gotten when he had launched the fist. He previously felt as if the blood in his body had instantly churned and boiled. The gigantic power that suddenly rose up made him feel as if in that instant, his entire body had an energy that was unable to be completely used.

Raging Blow!

However, this strike seemed to be especially wasteful in its consumption of spiritual energy. The most important point was that the move was a little slow. An expert would feel that it would be slightly too easy to dodge, and this might be the reason why it could not become a Legend Grade combat technique!

Medicinal pills and martial arts were the fastest ways to increase one's combat capabilities and power. This definitely applied to the current Qing Shui. The Raging Blow allowed his normal attack to increase by 50% in power. This extra 50% was calculated after all this power-ups!

The previous training wasn't comprehension but something that was even better. The improvements he made could be seen as a humongous leap. This allowed him to master the Raging Blow to a pretty high level in such a short period of time.

Time to make something to eat, because he was famished.

While Qing Shui was training in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, in another tent, a lady was currently sitting in a daze. She stared blankly at the items on the table. There were many things like the Peach of Immortality, Five Elements Fruit, Vermillion Fruit and many medicinal pills and even wine. All of these items were incomparably precious, especially those mysterious pills…

Who exactly is he?. The lady sunk into a deep thought. People were just inherently like that. Although curiosity killed the cat, people would still be unable to resist and wanted to know more and satisfy their curious hearts.

The lady knew that she had never felt anything like this before. In the past, if others wanted to talk to her, she did not have the mood to listen, much less having her curiosity piqued. However, the current her did not know what this feeling was.

Perhaps the two of them were the same type of people, and that was why they were so close…

The lady shook her head and kept all the things on the table. The value of these items far exceeded the value of the Sky Penetrating Grass, especially those few mysterious pills that were important to her.

Thinking of the moment he had insisted on giving them to her, she started laughing!

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AST 871 –A girl, Sacred Land: Lotus Realm, Acknowledging a Master

Qing Shui took a look at the Sky Penetrating Grass again. This thing was rather valuable to Qing Shui. If he had two stalks now he could try refining the Ren Meridian Strengthening Pellet and the Du Meridian Strengthening Pellet. He only had one stalk now, thus he did not plan to refine either of them. 300 thousand kilometres, even 500 thousand or 1 million kilometres, Qing Shui would take the risk just to try to search for it.

Suddenly Qing Shui felt that his heart was faintly in pain. This was a strange feeling. He had rarely felt this sensation. Perhaps it could be said that every since he got slightly more powerful, this situation stopped appearing.


While Qing Shui was feeling slight pain in his heart, in a far place within the Greencloud continent, Huoyun Liuli had given birth to a girl. The little lass opened her eyes and saw her mother, then Huoyun Liuli saw that her daughter quickly fell asleep

With a smile on her face, she too proceeded to sleep.

There wasn't any difference between a boy and a girl. The most important thing was that this was the child between her and Qing Shui. This child came quite late, which made Huoyun Liuli especially treasure her. It wasn't to say that if she came earlier she wouldn't treasure her, it was just that it was so difficult for her to come to this world…

Canghai Mingyue, Qing Yi and Mingyue Gelou were all waiting here. When Huoyun Liu-Li started sleeping, the little lass had opened her eyes and looked bewilderedly at her surroundings. After crying a few times with all her might, she proceeded to immediately go to sleep.

"To think that Liu-Li was worried that her child would be ugly. Look at that little lass's tender and soft skin, it's just like Liu-Lis, how beautiful."said Canghai Mingyue as she looked towards Mingyue Gelou with a smile.

"She's just saying it. How could the child of her and Qing Shui be ugly." replied Mingyue Gelou with a smile, as she looking at the little child happily.


Sacred Land: Lotus Realm!

This was a dreamy and illusionary like world;it gave a feeling that everything was not truly real. There was a lot of water here. Furthermore, there was ample "Spiritual Qi" in the water. Dense and numerous huge lotus flowers filled the surface of the water.

There were also many bamboo houses in the water. Between those houses were walkways made of bamboo. The houses constructed out of bamboo made it look refined and graceful, without a feeling of it being luxurious, however it gave a flavor of being detached from the mundane world.

There were many mountains here, with lots of water and many bamboo forests. It could be considered as having mountains on one side and water on the other.


The bamboo signified moral integrity. The people living here might have received the influence from the aura of the bamboo. A large majority of the people here exhibited the temperament of the bamboo. The Lotus Realm was a sacred place, and all the people here were unblemished women.

At this time the lotus peak was full of people, and they were people of the Lotus Realm. There weren't many people in the Lotus Realm, however each and every one of them were all elites. Most of them had rarely walked in the World of the Nine Continents, however many great families and powers all knew about the existence of this great power.

At the top of the lotus peak stood an extremely eye-catchingly gigantic lotus platform. As white as snow and translucent like jade, it was not large, however silvery light twisted around its surface, while it radiated a mysterious energy.

"Today's the day our Lotus Realm holds the once-a-century owner recognition of the Lotus Platform. Any disciples whose strength has reached Martial Saint peak stage can participate. As long as the Lotus Platform recognizes any one of you as its owner, that person would become the next Lotus Realm leader." said an old woman slowly, as she walked out with golden revolving crutch.

She was the previous leader of the Lotus Realm, and had continued for 4 terms. Being the leader for four hundred years, it was time she retired and become an elder.

"What if no one succeeds this time?" asked a youthful lady doubtfully.

"There's no need to worry. The Lotus platform would choose the person that is most suitable to become the next leader of the Lotus Realm. Once it recognizes its owner, the benefits that come with it would be enormous. The inheritance of the Lotus would let you all become peak experts in a short time. This time it had accumulated for 3 hundred years. Okay, let's begin. We'll go according to the number given to you. Come up one by one, there's no difference in being earlier or later. There's no need to worry. As long as your compatible, even if you get the last number, it would still choose you." replied the old woman before sweeping across all the people present with her eyes.

"Number one!"


Di Chen and her master stood at a place not far from here. Ever since she came here, Di Chen had been incomparably shocked. There were a lot of experts here. Currently she was already an early Martial Saint, however she was the most ordinary member here.

The Lotus Realm was splitted into tens of branches.For example, aside from the branch where Di Chen's master was in, there were 11 other similar ones. The Lotus Realm leader was the result of the competition between these 12 branches. The person who had created the Lotus Realm had set up this unchangeable rule for the sake of maintaining the strength of the Lotus Realm. Thus, the Lotus platform would choose the person with the best and most suitable talent for attaining the inheritance.

Only through competitions would it be able to guarantee that every Lotus Realm leader would be the most outstanding. After so many years, many rules had changed, however this one had never changed at all. As the Lotus Realm was for unblemished women, if one was married, one had to leave the Lotus Realm.

There were many women from the Lotus Realm that had married and gave birth. Although they were no longer people of the Lotus Realm, if the Lotus Realm were to have any problem , these people would not watch by the sidelines. Due to the fact that everyone from the Lotus Realm being beautiful women of the standard where only one could be found in a thousand miles, those who got married held great influence in the strong powers they married into, especially their men.

A large majority of the women who stepped into the platform had flowery good looks, with exquisite and beautiful curves. However as one went up, one went down. The Lotus platform still did not have any reaction. This was a sacred land, and the Lotus platform only opens once every hundred years, therefore wanting to have a chance to try on normal occasions were naught.

Everyone could only receive the Lotus inheritance once, and every Lotus inheritance would last at least a hundred years. Being able to absorb how much of it would depend on the aptitude of the person.

"Number 121!"

Di Chen looked at the sign in her hand. She had originally assumed that there would be people who would receive the inheritance very quickly. However now it was number 121 and there still wasn't anyone that had successfully get the Lotus platform to recognize themselves as the owner.

She was number 166,and it seemed to be the last number. She did not mind, however she got a feeling that this Lotus platform had a special kind of attractiveness to her.

"Number 142!"

The girl called out wore a white dress and had a cold and detached expression. When she stood on the Lotus platform, a faint white glow lighted up for not even a breath's worth of time before dimming down.

"Looks like the Lotus Realm leader this time would be obtained by the people of Chao Yang Xuan."said a girl who seemed very unwilling.

"Although senior sister Ding isn't very special, she's very strong. If she is able to receive the Lotus inheritance, We would no longer be able to catch up to her strength anymore." said a woman with a shallow smile.

"I hope that there would be a person more suitable than her!"

"The people remaining are getting lesser and lesser. That's hard!"


However this had already made many people turn feverish. After all, the people that had went up before did not even cause any reaction at all. After this girl walked down, the people behind continued the process.

There was still not a slightest bit of reaction.

"Number 158!"

This time the woman who walked up looked to be slightly older. This was a curvy matured woman, her seductiveness having a distinct difference from the other women.

Upon seeing this woman who seductive and bewitching, many people had ugly expressions.

"It's said that she's about to wed someone. What's the point of coming here to become the Lotus Realm leader. What's more if this vixen were to be selected, then the heavens are truly blind."

When the person had just said the blind word, the Lotus platform flashed with an every brighter glow, making the woman who had just spoke out cover her mouth.

"Did I see wrongly!"

"No, you saw correctly. Elder sister Mei is more suitable than senior sister Ding. This time it looks like you've hit a concrete wall. This eye piercing glow is stronger by many times compared to senior sister Ding's." said a seductive woman from another branch immediately, with thick despise in her eyes.

Her word was akin to a slap to the woman who had spoken up previously.

"Elder sister Mei is not only mature and beautiful, her talent is outstanding."


The voices of praise grew more and more, with people eager to let their voices be heard by the seductive woman.

At a separate place within the place where few hundred ladies had gathered, a woman who had a look of contempt on her face and was similarly dressed seductively said, "These people are in fact more shameless than me. Once they saw that elder sister Mei was able to become the next leader, they started to say words of praises without restraint, while they won't do such thing normally."

"They would scold us on a daily basis. Why would they talk good things about us?" said another woman with a mocking laugh.

"Let them scold. In any case what we train in is dual cultivation. Even our ancestors had never forbid from not finding men. They're just opinionated, and want to slander us."

"When elder sister Mei becomes the next Lotus Realm leader, she definitely has to beat them down."


"Number 163!"

"Number 164!"

As of now many people basically had already determined that the next leader would be that seductive woman.

"Number 166!"

When Di Chen's number was called, she nodded her head towards her master before walking to the Lotus platform. She felt that the Lotus platform seemed to be summoning her.

"This is Martial Aunt Jiwu's sole disciple. How beautiful!"upon seeing Di Chen walk out, a woman happily said.

"You’re right. There're quite a number of beautiful ladies in our Lotus Realm, however I've always felt that she's the most beautiful."added a woman with long bangs enviously.

"Now I wish that she become the next leader of our Lotus Realm."said a woman who was slightly older than the rest.

"Being beautiful doesn't equate to being suitable. However I also hope so, as I feel that anyone would be better than that seductress."

Soon this place was filled with lively discussions, as these people were clearly not at peace with that seductive woman.

Di Chen did not walk fast, however the transcendent aura she radiated gave an indescribable feeling to the surrounding people. It wasn't envy, as it had already exceeded their boundaries from envy. There was some envy, however, jealousy was not worth mentioning…

Many old people of the older generation and even the previous Lotus Realm Leader stared at Di Chen with with interest in their eyes: "Such a good Goddess Jade Bone Structure."

Di Chen slowly walked up the Lotus Platform . There wasn't the slightest reaction. She was the last person, and unexpectedly there were at least 80% of the people below that hoped that this beautiful woman would become the next Lotus Realm leader.

After a breath's worth of time, the Lotus Platform still had no reaction. The people below were very quiet, with many people holding in their anticipation.Seeing that there was no reaction, Di Chen turned around and walked down.

Even the previous Lotus Realm leader could not resist and sighed, as if she felt exceptional depressed.

Just as Di Chen had already taken a step of the Lotus platform, the platform suddenly started to fill with silvery light. A bright and eye piercing glow immediately enveloped Di Chen within it…

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