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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 84


The Seven-inch Gold Needle

’’Hello, how can I help you?’’ Qing Shui heard a beautiful and melodic voice.

Surprised, he lifted his head. In his sight stood the young woman who had let out that angelic voice, but when he found the owner of that voice, he felt a strange sensation. The woman was not exactly stunning, as she looked more ordinary and plain. However, her slender and graceful figure added to her beauty.

She was about twenty with pale skin and had a pair of narrow, fox-like eyes. Although her features by themselves were nothing out of the ordinary, they gave off an erotic feeling when placed together on her thin oval face.

Her breasts were full but not oversized, with her two mounds pushing up into her clothes it would give any man the urge to reach out and grab them. Her butt appeared even more plump compared to her thin waist, and her full yet slender legs also added to her feminine appeal.

Altogether, she was more alluring than beautiful.

’’Hello, I wanted to see if you have a mold that can create an instrument that's as thin as a strand of hair.’’ In reality, Qing Shui had only spent a short amount of time to check out the woman.

’’Oh, yes, you have found the right shop. On this street, there are no more than three blacksmith stores, but this shop is the only one that can meet your needs. I hope that we have what you are looking for. Please come with me.’’ The woman chuckled as she replied.

Qing Shui looked at this chuckling woman and felt her enchanting charisma. Her se*iness was in her casual attitude. Although her appearance was only mediocre, her hands, neck, shoulder, and even the distance from her neck to her collarbone to the curves of her chest and her buttock were beautiful and refined.

One could stare at her for hours on end and not get tired, and her memorable figure would be branded into one's mind.

Qing Shui smiled as he followed behind the woman and walked towards the inner room, which was normal since he was looking for a mold and not a finished weapon.

They crossed a grey iron door, and entered one of many rooms on the north side of the shp. The room was not too big, about five meters deep, three meters wide, and five meters tall.

’’Here are some of the smaller molds and containers that we have created. Oh, and over there are the needle molds that you were looking for.’’ The woman pointed at tens of black unidentifiable objects that were sitting in an inconspicuous corner, which were as thick as an arm, and had many small holes in them.

’’Can these objects withstand high temperatures?’’ Qing Shui asked doubtfully while holding a mold that fit his demands. He was worried that the mold wouldn't be able to withstand the high temperature of the Golden Essence Extract.

The woman laughed at Qing Shui's question, which baffled Qing Shui. However, at the same time, he felt that the woman's chuckling expression was truly beautiful. Though her appearance was not astounding, there was a dull beauty about her. Though her face was not exquisite, it possessed the grace of any other beauty. Combined with that refined and se*y body, she gave off a strongly seductive charm.

’’Molds are basically all the same, as long as their specifications are suitable. Don't worry about its ability to withstand high temperatures. If you can find a way to melt fine iron, cold iron or darksteel, then this mold will help you shape the instrument. The material for molds are special, and all molds are disposable, so you don't have to worry about this problem.’’

The woman's voice which was filled with a light laughter seemed like music to Qing Shui's ears. Her voice was especially melodic with an addicting quality. What made her voice even more beautiful were the words that helped soothe Qing Shui's doubts.

’’Oh, so that's how it is! I'm just an amateur, so I don't know much about it. Thank you for your advice. How much is this?’’ Qing Shui picked up a mold that fulfilled his requirements and asked.

’’Haha, twelve taels of silver!’’ The woman said with a laugh.

Qing Shui was not sure whether it was expensive or not, but he since he had thousands of silver taels, he happily paid for it and walked out of the store. The woman walked him out with a smile.

’’Do you manage this Firecloud Blacksmith Store?’’ Qing Shui saw several other people in the store, but they were obviously newly hired because of their lack of grace compared to the woman.

’’Haha, my family has run this blacksmith store for so many generations that it is considered a landmark in the city. I'm just here to help out my father for today.’’ Her buttery voice had an almost supernatural quality.

’’Your voice sounds really nice!’’ Qing Shui complimented her while rubbing his nose and looking at the woman seriously.

Qing Shui knew from his past life that women loved to be praised, and that they liked to receive compliments from men. When men had figured out this detail, they would give out compliments like there was no tomorrow. Many women had fallen for these sweet nothings, which were dug up by men like how pigs dig up tubers.

In his past life, Qing Shui did not want to stoop to that level because he felt that that was fake. However, after thinking about it, it did not seem that bad after all.

The noble will always be noble, and the dishonorable will always be dishonorable. Life in the world of the living was just about making the most out of it. Why did we care so much about the means of getting there? In the end, the winner takes everything, and the one who can laugh in the end is the happiest!

The woman became a little startled after hearing Qing Shui's words. However, she quickly changed her expression and started smiling like a flower. ’’Thank you for your kind words, I like your compliment.’’

Qing Shui left with a smile. He didn't asked for the woman's name because he knew the chances of meeting her again were miniscule. He didn't wanted to leave her feeling melancholic and add more trouble to himself.

When he walked to a place without any other people, Qing Shui directly entered the Violet Realm, and put the mold for the golden needles down in front of him. Qing Shui observed the tiny holes for the needles. The distance between each of the holes was a little apart, but the needle holes were not transparent. They only stuck out a little on the other side of the mold. Qing Shui knew that was the tip of the needle. The mold felt a little cool, and the material unknown.

Qing Shui, activated the Ancient Strengthening Technique, and slowly circulated his Qi to the 48th cycle, after which he activated the Yin-Yang Flame Technique in order to refine the Golden Essence in his hands. Qing Shui could already control the primordial flame to a large degree.

When he had finally melted the Golden Essence Extract in his palms into a tiny liquid ball, he didn't stop. He kept applying heat until the liquid ball of gold reached a density so high that the liquid was giving off an enormous amount of heat.

Qing Shui then carefully filled the holes drop by drop. He saw the hot Golden Essence Extract liquid slowly fill each needle hole, which slipped in easily because of the inclined edges.

Qing Shui knew that approximately one drop could fill one needle hole. Although these needles were thin, they were dense, and each of these thin needles weighed about one or two taels.

Qing Shui kept activating his primordial flames, and carefully filled each little needle hole with a drop of the liquid Golden Essence Extract.

Nine. Qing Shui checked and saw that he had filled exactly nine needle holes.

After a while, the needles had completely cooled down. Qing Shui slowly shattered the mold, and nine shining seven-inch golden needles appeared in front of Qing Shui, They were only a little bit thicker than a strand of hair, but they were solid and sharp. Unlike silver needles, these golden needles were more dense and heavy. Qing Shui tested these golden needles, and they easily pierced a silver-coated wooden sword.

Weapons made with Golden Essence Extract must be really powerful!


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